Jamaican Vacation Gay


With his rubber gloves on he searched through my clothing etc. then he found a toiletry bag, fuck I suddenly thought of what was in it, please don't open it, I was thinking. He unzipped the bag, out f

Another Saturday in Bondage!


I went into her apartment and waited for her to get home from work. She had a list of stuff for me to do but mostly household chores that otherwise were not to hard but I was to do them either in the

Milwaukee Cuckold's Wife and the Neighbor 2


Cindy laughed and said, “That’s not fair, we can’t let him go back out like that.” She got up and walked over by the two of them and got down on her hands and knees and lowered his pants and took out

Episode 73: Jennys Gangbang


Jenny had fucked the heating engineer last summer to adjust the air-con in the lobby and it needed servicing again - so did Jenny. He had been pretty rough - bending her over the boiler, hands tied be

My First Exhibitionist Experience

Big Cock

I was working most nights and Saturdays, sometimes Saturday nights, stacking supermarket shelves to survive and pay my way through Uni. Sunday was the only day I had to myself. My breasts had finally

Dominating Neighbors 2


The next morning I had great difficulty focusing upon my work. My mind forever wondering back to those erotic scenes of the day before. I was sure Sophie would be in the same state of mind, so I picke

room service

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She was naked on her knees, her wrists handcuffed behind her. Blindfolded, she could smell the deep new carpet of the hotel room and hear the movement of staff up and down the corridor interspersed wi

My first bi-guy (part 2) - a true story.


Please excuse any bad grammar and spelling mistakes, or totally wrong words that may pop out at you – oh, the joys of being a dyslexic cnut! Setting the scene – so, I am working away from my old home

Wife Made Me a Cock Sucker


A few months ago, I let her start using a strap on. Sara had always been the more dominant one so it fed my need for female domination fantasies. It took awhile to actually enjoy the strap on, but onc

Girl friends hot mom part 2

Old & Young

I was lying on my bed lightly stroking my pussy lips and waiting for Jim. I decided that instead of rolling around in the cramped space on my floor, we should spend this evening in our king size bed i

Marrying a cuckodress.


It wasn't that Alex wasn't a nice guy, he totally was and he was the sweetest guy i'd ever met, but i was just used to being with dickheads, a lot of dickheads , and didn't know if someone like Alex c

Hope Your Hungry White Boy Cuckold

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Over the years I had joined a band and was playing music and working. I kept up with Brienne online, and she too had joined a band singing. She had put on maybe 5 pounds since her softball days, but m

A Wife's Secrets


It is past midnight, but I'm not certain of the exact time. I just know that it has been more than an hour since Carl brought me home. The wetness still coats my thighs as I have not showered. There w

Office Intern


Work has been very busy as of late, so my boss decided to hire an intern for the summer. I thought it was an excellent idea so we set it up that he would start on Monday. When Monday rolled around, he

Help from IT pt 8


Chapter 8 Saturday was such an odd experience, Charlie couldn't remember the last time he slept so well, and when he woke he was full of ideas an inspiration. The morning flew by as he worked through

Preacher's Wife's & Jane visit Jonny

High School

This is the continuation of stories with the minister or preacher* in the title.Angela went home to cook the tea for Preacher John. She was constantly thinking about the butt plug that she was to try

The Slaver's Retaliation

Group Sex

Dark Fantasy, Authoritarian, BDSM, Bondage and restriction, Discipline, Humiliation, ****, SpankingIntroduction:Two girls pissed of the wrong guy in town and punished for their transgression.Story con


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- Spread your legs.Frightened look at her husband. He tells some long and convoluted anecdote at the other end of the table. As if hypnotized opens her thighs, immediately I felt like my fingers slipp

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انا اتخضيت على استغربت من اللى فالشنطة كان فيها .مجموعة حبال ملفوفه بعناية شريط لاصقسلاسل نيكلمشابك معدنية نيكلمشابك بلاستيكفلافرعصايا ضرب عريضهمشابك خشب شمع ملون خرزانةكرباج طوق كلبكلابشاتحلقة فم بحز

Messaging Skyler the escort


The first semester of 2nd year was going well although still being single I wasn't getting as much sex as last year, although I had slept with both Caitlyn and Cassi a few times as well as once with K

Amazonian Princess


Breathing in raggedly through her delicate (if flared) nostrils, his progenitress leaned down, rubbing her swollen-pink glands against his small cock-head rhythmically; smearing some of her seed acros

A Neighbor In Need Is A Neighbor Indeed

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I was laid there with the hardest cock in the world listening to them fucking away . I reached over to the chest of drawers and pulled out one of my dildoes and a pair of Ellie's panties that she had

A weekend away with Jessica.


After my exam I went home and pack my bags. Once my stepsister and parents were home, we chatted and ate dinner and before I knew it, it was 9pm and I headed to shower and bed. I chatted to Jessica a

All Blacked Out.


our 2nd day again we walked over to the beach paid for our beds and the same bloke walked over, I said look mate what is your name, he said Jamal, well Jamal if I buy a pair of sunglasses will you fxx

Rima's adventure with the Tailor


He looked quite strong and muscular, with a well-proportioned body, his slightly hairy chest was partially visible through the 2 open buttons of his shirt. He was not bad looking, not at all. In fact,

Watching Them That Night

High School

Part 1:My name is Josh. I grew up in rather small two bedroom house located in a less populated area, nothing but grass and tress for miles. Up until I was elevin it was only me and my Dadd living tog



Nick was the best Boss, I never thought what my new Venture in finding a better paying Job. I did like my job, but worked my butt into the ground, Heating and Air cond. great certain times of the year

A Walk In The Park


Once we got to the park it was great to see lots of other couples embraced and displaying their affection sprawled out on the grass making the most of the sun.We found a spot after getting some ice cr