Fathers nipples -Taking off his shirt (Part 4)


Both father and son had completed their duties for the day. Lee had takentime to prepare a special steak and candlelight dinner for Steve. He alsohad stopped and bought more champagne. He selected som

Another cuckolding night....


Nicola had arranged her usual Saturday night out with the girls in our local town, which is only a small town with a relatively small nightlife. The type of place where everybody knows you in some wa

John's Not Gay


(MM, exh, mast)"Doesn't it feel good John? Oh god you look so sexy lying there jacking off. I love to watch you doing it John, your cock is so big compared to mine," I said as I slowly pulled at mine

Daddy gets daughter pregnant


At this hour he knew that his wife would be asleep, as usual. Seemed she was always asleep, or not at home, when ever he wanted to have sex. He quietly moved up the stairs and noticed some light flick

CUM DIARIES: Venice & all its beauties part 3

Old & Young

I jolt up, my body as if falling down an elevator shaft. As I catch my breath, quickly I come to the realization that this girl is keeping my occupied during the day with her company and at night in m

Alice T.

Big Cock

Elle venait d’avoir 18 ans, et son bac en poche, devait aller en fac de lettres fin septembre. Blonde aux cheveux mi- longs un peu rebelles, yeux verts, quelques taches de rousseur jusque sur son nez

The Formula


chuckled as it began to 'almost' flouresce an antifreeze green. He wondered ifit would really work and decided there was only one way to find out - and hewould have to be the guinea pig. Scott was

Mom's Kisses


"I'd really like to give you something extra special for your 18th birthday," said Mom, as we stood in the kitchen in the early evening, "but I don't know what."Well, I could think of something extra

My Eighty Year Old Granny


She was sprightly for her age, tall and big bodied but with typical granny type looks, short curly white hair, a few pounds over weight and always wore dresses for as long as I can remember. She move

Helping sis


I moved up and gently kissed her lips. My hands were pinching andpulling on her nipples. My kiss was returned with a much harder kiss.Her tongue touched mine and pushed it back in my mouth. She surpri

Best friends sister part 3


I  moving my cock slowly in and out of her ass all the time being lubed by her dripping pussy . I slowly worked my cock as deep as it would go then as i pulled out i let the dildo rest against my groi

"Jungle Fever"


--------------------------------Hot. Steamy. Sticky. All were words to describe the lithe woman who skulked in the shadows of Stranglethorn. She was following a raptor, and had been tracking it for da

Daphnis and Corydon


‘I have rescued a manuscript from an orthodox monastery that is about to be abandoned and transformed into a community centre.’ He explained while taking out a black box from behind his wardrobe. ‘I s

Friday With Fatima.


At the end of the days work, I left for home and on arrival I called him on the phone. He picked up and told me to come directly to his flat. I did as instructed and knocked on the door. He opened it

Very cuckold afternoon


When I got to the pool I found my wife's favorite bikini laying on a lounge chair. I picked it up and it was dry. I went into the pool house and grabbed a cold beer from the fridge. I sat down and lai

From Saint to Slut in 9-1/2 Weeeks

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I can't believe I am writing this but I felt I had to because if I can become enslaved to black cock anyone can. I was about as conservative as they come, raised properly in the Christian faith, and a

Enslaved Chapter 31


Quentin heartily concurred in this decision. After all, was he not the one who had been ‘deceived’?“How did you enjoy dealing with Julia?” he asked. “As much as you expected?”“More,” replied Glenda. “

Poolside Posers

Beach Sex

After we’d dumped our stuff in our hotel rooms we met to explore the hotel. We found it had a swimming pool. By the pool entrance was a big notice showing a nude man and a nude woman from behind, and

Awakening My Trans Nature, My Seventh Experience


The next day I went to a sex shop sufficiently far away I would not be recognised. It was an Aladdin's cave and I must admit I got quite hard seeing the toys, lingerie, BDSM and other paraphernalia. A


Group Sex

However in November last year I celebrated my 48th birthday by taking early retirement from a very demanding career by selling our business to our other two partners, and my wife decided that we shoul

First anal pounding with a friend - fantasy no 3


After watching some facials and mouth cumshots I felt my cock started growing in my pants, it got rock hard and I asked "Hey Mark, do u want to see my tool?" He replied "Yes". After unzipping my pants

Only A BlowJob? "I'm not Done Yet Blacke


I opened the first response. It contained three photos of a very large, in-shape black man, 39 years old and only about 10 miles away from me. I shot a message back to him immediately. "Thanks for you

Muslim Wife Cuckold's Hubby with a White Man


Story by AlhenaMy name is Afif and this is a story about the first time my Muslim wife, Saria, cuckolded me with a white Christian Frenchman. We were both born and raised in Alexandria Egypt, and move

An Unexpected Threesome


At the Matthews’ apartment Topanga was with Riley and Maya for the weekend. Cory and Auggie were away. Topanga was watching TV until she heard some moans coming from Riley's room. She wanted to check



Around 9 pm I heard a knock on my door, I opened the door and saw an old man. He was around my height, average built, he had reddish tan skin color probably from working out in the field all day long,

Dressed like a girl V


So we walked to my house in a group. No one noticed that I was wearing a dress,they just seen a group of girls. When we made it to my house Ann and Megan helped me climb the fence. Ann said they'll kn

157. Mandy`s Adventure with a master.

Big Tits

Another true story by happy-cuck ghost written by EddyMandy my ex, she was to be my long-term partner in total for 14yrs she was a beautiful mixed race curvy sub and her father is from Jamaica, She is

Cruise Encounter (Episode 2)


I arrived at Carol's cabin, and hesitated before knocking. Was this a good idea? It had been a very long time since our affair.My cock was stiff at the memory of Carol riding me, she was a good lover