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Gloryhole Adventure

High School

Just down the road from me, there's a little country bar that it seems everyone is at on the weekend. I've only been there a few times and that was always with the hubby. Of course, I always enjoyed

Inmate 9873-74-a6


I sit there in the court room in shock. Guilty. Guilty of killing a cop, guilty of a crime i didn't comment.I hadn't even got a speeding ticket before. As the cop come in from the back room and grabbe

Sarah's Interracial bukkake and gangbang

Big Tits

As she enters the circle some of the guys compliment her and eye fuck her up and down. She enjoys the attention so much! Craves the horny bastard attention, lusts for their eyes to undress her compl

Dogging...?? This is non-fiction.


Angel did not doubt, it was just something that happened, and that's not something to be repeated.Me .. I'm not so sure, because it was really HOT.Things happen, sometimes it's spontaneous.On a campin

Your dick is sooooo big


It had been a very warm summer. I was coming back home from my office very early that afternoon and outside the heat was really unbearable…I got my car and soon I was at home… alone again, naturally,

First Swing Turns Bi


By Eve Curtis This is a true story of our, actually my husband’s first bisexual swing experience. My husband and I had never done any swinging before but had talked about it many times. It was just ki


Old & Young

In my wandering`s here on hamster I came across a lady we are going to call Fiona, well the ones who know her already know her full name, but sometimes it`s better to keep the old ID`s a little to our

Summer Break


She began her class by passing out treats and kool aid. It was corny but the cookies she baked were so yummy. Then one by one she called on us to tell everyone what we were planning for the summer.

Sweet Girls Lesson.


When the door finally opened she looked up and smiled has he walked in. This might be the moment of relief for her. As he walked over she knew better than to speak and just moved to her knees. “That’s

Bisex 2

Group Sex

I got out of the bathroom from Peter after bob me to dilate my ass. On leaving I still had the ass dilated, he had fister with his hand, putting practically all the forearm in the bottom of my ass.I g

BLACK l****a 4


THE FRIENDSHIP FACTOR She felt the trouble brewing. But what did she really expect, after she let Jeff Wheeler fuck her. She was not some innocence little girl who didn't know what the repercussions o

Caught out at the party.


The hosts however were lovely people, a youngish Irish couple Mike and Oona. It was Mike who worked with Olly my husband, and he was quite the host with the gift of the gab and a handsome face as well

What I want


What I wantWe've planned this meeting and I know what you want. As I enter the room and the door closes behind me, there you stand in tight bluejeans and a tee shirt that show your muscular arms and l

The Substitute Chapter 2


The Substitute Chapter 2: The Next Day The next day, I eagerly awaited my class with Michelle. I wanted to speak to her and ask if she was serious about wanting to have sex more. Part of me was afraid

Wife's wants New Shoe's Pegged


I don't know about that babe. Do I know these women? Yes you do, each and every one of them. God how can I face any of them next time I see any of them? You'll be able to, you're an exhibitionist, you

NOT Aunt Meg


A Sissy pussyboy story Her finger wiggled deep in my ass. I squirmed like a c***d would and whimpered a little. This was as much from the deed as it was from knowing my pretend Aunt and fake sister we

Swelling Belly!


Now that is the situation. My Mandingo stud and I know what he did to me, but we keep our little secret from hubby, well for now!I had been seeing my hard core African boy for 2 weeks and he had blown

Jennifer Teil 43 kurze Version aber in der Öffentl


Wir rauchten eine Zigarette zusammen. „Beim nächsten Mal will ich, dass du mich auch in den Arsch fickst,“ hauchte Diana mit glasig verklärten Augen der Erregung. Ich grinste, griff ihr fest an den Ar

pool lust


But 2 days later and I had relaxed right down. I stretched my naked body out to its full 6ft length and admired it from a prone position. Not bad I thought a little plump, big rounded breasts with ju

Original Sotry by J Boswell and


My wife and I are both in our early thirties, and although she obviously wasn't a virgin when I married her, her claim is that I'm the only man in her life. I didn't really care who she had fucked, or

Former Mother In Law Went Shopping (Part 1)


I'd been having a bit of a fling with my former mother in law, (step-mother in law, technically), Gail for a couple while now. It started when she & I went to a baseball game one night and she blew me

A Tasty Halloween Treat


By: Azkadellio "Oh, fuck!" A busty girl with medium length light brunette hair with blonde highlights calls out, her back arching off the Queen size bed as her hands go to grip the head between her th

A tease too far, found on net


A Tease Too FarJoel paused for a moment, wiping the sweat from his brow. They had finally reached the shade of the trees on their woodland walk and he was glad of the break from the sun's rays. His wi

My jodhpurs fantasy


I was out walking my dog in the countryside, and as we cross into a field, I see a woman riding a huge horse towards us.As she approaches I pop the lead on my dog, and tie him to a post, not wanting t



Fantasy is just that - fantasizing. I LOVE to fantasize!I make it a point to say, 'Yes Ma'am and No Ma'am and Yes Sir and No Sir'.But, in my mind, I add things.....'Yes ma'am I wanna eat your husband

First time humiliated


Mike and I walked along the street with his arm around me, he would grab my ass and pull my skirt up at times, we made it to his barracks room, it was a large room with 4 beds in it, he said his room