Memories of Kissing You


your hands held high above your head anchoring you crushing you against the large blue door hiding from the street lightskissing you like there's no tomorrow tongues tango, breaths quick

My Sex Story.

Big Ass

years old. This story is all about how Ilost myvirginity. I got a job in a reputedCompany andwas asked to join in marketing. Thecompanyarranged for a 15 day stay in ahotel. Onthe first day When I l

Elizabeth's Fall From Grace


The early morning spring sunshine lights up a pretty country scene. Whitewashed cottages line a neat and tidy village street. ElizabethSchmidt is in the local shop to buy provisions, but times are ve

Halloween party III


A couple of weeks later we came back to visit, and I asked if I could walk around the building. She said ok, and I took off down the stairs and headed for the pool area. Hearing music around the corne

Whorehouse Chapel


*************************************************It started several years ago when Tom, one of our older widowers, found that Maria, the professional lady he visited two or three times a month, was on

Forth of July surprise anal MMF again


I pumped mine into her ass his cum was dripping everywhere while I rammed my little whores ass and added my cum to her already full ass. What a holiday that was we all went to the bedroom for the rest

The Desert Part III


Jessie and I took and nap, and just after 10 PM, we heard voices outside out room. When I opened the door – still nude of course – Dan from the store was standing there. He had a shopping bag and th

On Vacation


Another true story.Wife and I went to Florida on a little get away. We decided to do the Para-Sailing tour. When the boat came we swam out got in the boat and noticed 2 - 30 something black guys oper

December holidays at my parents. part 1


Once arriving down at the coast and staying with my parents for 3 weeks, my husband and i normally have very little time for any sexual fun while in the house together.We arrived on the Saturday eveni

A Changed Man


It had to happen one day I guess. I had such a collection of porn on my hard drive, that it was inevitable that one day my wife would stumble across it. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was average,

Time Share Three-Way Part 3


===============================I felt Nikki get up off of the bed and go into a room where I heard her pee and then swear and say something I did not understand. Victor laughed. “She says that you c


Big Cock

I've been in the Navy for several years now, almost 10 to be exact. I met my wife, Beth, about 3 years ago when I was on recruiting duty in Idaho. She was a small town girl for sure…for those of you w

Cyber Lover : Part 3


He framed her face with both hands, lightly kissing her all over. “Good morning beautiful,” he whispered. “Come with me.”He took her hand and pulled her from the bed into his arms and stood for a mo

My (First) Cuckold Experience


I used to drive my fiancé Elizabeth (Beth), crazy with talk about my fantasies of seeing her engage in a sexual escapade with a black man. She would always laugh and pass it off, not really paying me

In the woods


One day I was walking down and my schools bully was walking from the other direction. He was this skinnier taller black k** and for some reason always like to torment me at school but I rarely see him

The peak hour rush.


It was the end of a long working day.Getting into the train, all she wanted was to reach home quickly.As there was no seat on the train, she resigned herself to having stand throughout her journey.Pus

Man fucking horny needs woman so badly need a woma


The hotel TV has been connected to my laptop and is now playing the vision and sound that will be the backdrop for the night of fun ahead. I have chosen a very hot porn mfm porn film where the babe an

Stacey's lez experience


“OH.MY.GOD! OH.MY.GOD! OH.MY.GOD!” With a loud moan, Karen’s orgasm rocked her body as her hips pumped a steady rhythm. Darnell tightened his grip on her hips and threw his head back as his balls star

Sex on the Beach- Second Life Style


The following is the log of a roleplay between myself and my sex partner in a roleplay in SecondLife. My partner is 6-2, 200 lbs of pure muscle, and looks HOTTTTT! Hairy body, mustache, and 10 inche

Studying with Caitlyn


She stood up and handed me her body lotion and then while facing away from me she remove her dress straps off her shoulders and lowered her dress down. Her back was slightly red from the burn and I st

Fucking a married Hijabi coworker

Old & Young

Wow, where to begin. My name is Ahmad. I am 5’9 roughly 155lbs and this story happened a few years back. I had recently graduated from University and secured a position in the Risk department of the b

All the way down Bitch Gay


Before long I saw him parking across the street and walking up to the front door. I opened it before he could knock and said hello as he walked in the door. I had closed the blinds in the front room a

192 Avis and jerry go visit carol


192 Avis and jerry go visit carol When visiting down south with my black lover Jerry, I decided to call my friend Carol and ask if we could stay with her for a while. “Carol, this is Avis” I said a

Making Me His


It's our only disagreement, and that only because he allows me to disagree with him. In all other things I must agree.So yes, there you are, I am a gay man totally submissive to my boyfriend, especial

My Wife an the Black Security Guards


but at that age and having had two k**s, her mid section was a bit heavier than she would have liked. Our anniversary was due and I asked her what she would like as a present. I was startled by her re



Anyway she gave me directions to get to her place just as his dumb white ass, was pullin out. I had been checkin out her pics and shit, and had got up. I packed a few things and off I went, all the wh

My favourite niece!


A few weeks ago I was on call so the wife did the usual and left early on Saturday morning! Around 10am I got a telephone call from Lucy, my wife's brother's daughter. She goes to uni not far from u

Sex With My Boss.


However, the most ravishing feature of my older manager was her chest. Normal work attire may have hinted at her proportions and sometimes even showed a hard nipple, but this cocktail dress displayed