Der Busfahrer mit dem Riesenschwengel Teil 3


„Das hätte ich nie im Leben gedacht daß du meinen Kleinen so gut verträgst…es ist schon eine Weile her daß den mal jemand weggesteckt hat und das war kein junger zarter Bursch wie du. Wenn du nicht de

Brigit Part 02 - Brigit sends a woman


********************************************************************************************************************* BRIGIT TOOIntroduction to Part Two.+++Br

~ Ice Queen ~


"Claire, please!" Jim whines pathetically.I throw him a dirty look and, like a dog trained to obey, he shuts up. The bastard has been sleeping around behind my back.I feel angry. Angry at myself at no

Annette by request


She asked if I’d like a drink and brought out some coke. “You’re getting on well, it really needed cutting didn’t it?” I agreed, drank some coke and started back mowing. There was quite a breeze and s

Trick and Treat

Old & Young

"I'm not talking about trick or treating, I'm talking about something different. You know of my friend Josie?"I've never met Josie but Michelle has mentioned her a few times. Josie is 18, just out o

Being educated - Melody's Rules

Group Sex

Melody took my hand, my towel fell to the floor. She led me out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. Melody kissed me at the foot of the bed, then pushed me back onto the bed. She crawled up ont

Submissive girl I met outside a bar in Chiswick ar

Group Sex

Here is a what happened to me with a girl that I met at a bar. I met this girl outside of a bar in Chiswick with her friend and she started to talk to me and asked me and my friend if we wanted to g

Help from IT pt4


Chapter 4 Charlie stepped back to the side of the desk and leaned against it, half startling Danny in the process. "You sure are tense aren't you Danny? You must not have gotten laid in a while, maybe

Exploits part 1


I went out to walk the dog one morning and met up with one of the neighbours walking her dog in the park. She was probably about fifteen years older than myself and had blonde hair and typically dress

A Not So Prim & Proper Wife


This story is solely a work of fiction, and no resemblance or other identification is intended or implied.The author retains full-copyright, effective May, 2017.This completely fictional work is a sto

A welcomed intruder.


I told them to look at me, and show me their face. As they turned towards me, I saw that it was a VERY female looking young man. He looked straight at my shotgun, his eyes going extremely large as he

Holiday Cuckold


Having such a small penis has made it very difficult for me to satisfy Helen. It wasn't long after we first began having sex that she started asking me to perform oral sex on her after I had fucked he

Break a Leg

Girl Masturbating

"A good looking k** like you is still a virgin? Wow Jack, I would have figured you would be knocking them dead. If I was your age I would begging you for it!" Janet said with a sexy smile. "Too bad as

Killer Tuna Redux - Chapter 7: Jeddie 2


They finally finished their meal and arrived back to Jade's house a little after nine o'clock. The teens felt mildly exhausted with all the running around they had done during the day, but both were c

Whilst Mummy sleeps


Amy was thirty-five--having had her daughter at sixteen, and her son at s*******n--and was still a gorgeous lady. Her hair was a raven’s blue-black color, and it flowed almost down to her perfectly fo

Transition to Vikki, part 4


Daylight flowed in through the still open curtains and I was slowly woken by early morning traffic outside in the town centre, wind through the trees and birds calling. I checked my watch for the time



He hadn’t noticed, at least not yet, the set of tentacles behind him. There were three of them, forming themselves out of the mold of blue gel that this creature seemed to be made out of. Two of them

Part 6 June School Holidays


Cassi and I messaged each other a bit as I was dying to here that she started her period but by the time I said good night to her there wasn't any such luck yet. I had also been messaging Jessica who

Self Cock Teasing


Download a whole bunch of sexy images.Run a program that will display them in a random order.Set the program to display each random picture for 10 seconds.Before you start, make up a rule about what y

First story


so I am sorry if it looks like a lot of run sentences as well I have never done this before So now to get on with it hope you enjoy and send feed back He sits on the edge of the bed as he watches his

A Merry Ho Ho Ho

Big Cock

The 21 year old brunette whimpered as she thought about her new husband's big cock. Tiffany had been a virgin on her wedding night, now almost a year later, she craved her husband's 9 and a half inch



When hubby gets home, he is surprised that I am sat in his living room at your invitation and you introduce me as EDDY just that, no explanation, nothing. He knew I was your on-line lover, and you cou

Fired! A few loads of Cum in her


My job performance is slipping, Janet can tell. It's no surprise that this is not my career. Even though it pays well this isn't what I really want. So with my heart not fully into this job my perf

Bi Buddies Having Fun Part 3


I turned the TV on and we watched some of the golf tournament as we finished our second beer. I got up and told John, I gotta take a piss. Our master bedroom was down a short hall off the living room.

A college party leading to a very great night


I arrived at the apartment with my friends and we immediately start to consume as much alcohol as we can. I was twenty three at the time and I can admit that I can take a shot or two back then more so

Ugly June


Her body from what I could see at the time was very out of shape. She was small at the top then widened out as it went down to her big hips thighs and ass. Pear shaped I guess you call it. There is no

Amazing natural tits


She was just continuing to talk to me asking me where i live what i do for a living and making small talk. I thought to myself has she really not noticed me starring or is she just teasing me? Because

My Big Cock Cravings Gay PT3


Not too many days passed before I emailed him wanting to connect. I knew that the next time we met he would be burying his cock in me and I wanted to make sure we had enough time to plan it so we had