The Contractor


One Monday in February of 2001, I was at work at the Bothell facility and I met a guy named Rick while outside for a smoke break. He was allot taller than me, about 6 foot 5, bearded, and looked a lit

IT Office Adventure


Most times, being a telecom/IT specialist can be real boring and by most times I mean 95 percent of the time. I mean let's be honest it's just running cables from point A to point B and jacking them

An exhibitionist wife - University truth or dare.


After a night out Mrs O and Olivia brought four guys who they knew back to their shared house for a few after hours drinks. As the night wore on the guys kept suggesting that they all played strip pok

My Web Sex Goddess.

High School

As the plane landed they made the announcement, and Whitney bounced where she stood in excitement, causing her massive breasts to bounce up and down. She knew she was getting looks, but she didn’t car

A wife's fantasy - finally happens


I am in a classy bar with my Husband, we're drinking champagne cocktails, I'm tipsy and getting horny (I always do when I drink champers)and we're discussing how excellent it would be if we booked a r

My Total Chastity Enclosure


A multitude of conflicting feelings fill my mind as I await whatever Mistress has planned for me today. Anticipation and apprehension vie for prominence. She says that this will be the final evolution

John's Diary


7/4/16I hate having Stephanie as a stepsister. Since she’s older she won’t let me hang out with her or her friends. They go to the mall and the park all the time but never take me. It’s not fair! Mom

4 Pregnant Pauses


“Mom... I scared…”“Don’t be afraid baby, every woman goes through this. It is truly a ‘rite of passage’!” “I know we’ve talked about this for years. I’m really want to do it, but now…”“I understand ba

Jury Inn Birmingham October 2016


Quite a lot of PM interest in what we got up to on the above evening so rather than repeat everything I’ve written it down as truthfully and accurate as I can remember.Jayne and I had tried for a good

mums lovely body


“well” she asked smiling,I didn’t know if the smile was she knew that she had caught me looking at her body or was it she had deliberately done this just to give her boy a flash of her sexy body, what

Tell Him Pussy Training


Here's some advice about what you can do to get your man to adore eating you for as long as you can stand! First of all,1. Initiate Sex:Are you horny? Do you want his cock, his finger, his ass or espe

Stepmom's Fantasy Come True


My name is Marlene and I just married a very handsome andvery rich man who had a daughter age 19 named Amy.I tell this story to you all in hopes that others likeme will not feel corrupted. At first I

Party Time

Big Ass

I was getting ready to call it a night. Sarah, who I would usually chat with all night at these sorts of things was on holiday with her family and the conversation was starting to run dry with the ot

CUM DIARIES: Poker Games & the Berber Girl.


This is Chapter 1 of the Poker Games introducing the Berber Girl of Morocco. I had stared at him for a little while longer than the usual gaze on throws towards his dealer. Unafraid how this would mak



This is what I heard as I leaned over to grab a drink of water from the fountain near the locker room.I turned around to see who this vaguely familiar voice was coming from. I was shocked to see Calvi

Sylvia's mom part 8


Both girls were aching for sex and when I suggested we have a threesome they both agreed to try it. I did not expect them to engage in anything with each other unless they chose to do so and, sadly, t

The awakening.of an innocent wife 7


" you naughty man,getting your lovely shy little wife involved,I'm so pleased it'll such fun helping with her training.ive brought some lovey underwear for her"Tina had set up a business selling pvc a

The Teen on the Train

Big Tits

We were the only 2 to get off at my station. It was after rush hour so it was quite quiet, and with autumn coming in it was already getting dark. I made sure I stayed behind her as we left the station

FSD Episode 8: Practice Makes Perfect


You get the get the feeling the Dungeon Master is annoyed, and fear your foolish adventure outside the Dungeon of Delicous Debaucheries without permission has ruined everything, but you push these tho

My Camping Trip


Around 1am my aunt got up, and went outside. Few minutes later she came back in, I was watching her. She took off her shorts and her panties, and she climbed back into bed. I lied there thinking ok, I

Tonight, I'm making you mine Gay


Damian's baritone voice emitted an alluring presence in Joseph's ears. "I know about you and my wife."Joseph, a twenty-year-old white man, didn't know what to do. He breathed through his nose before a

My Kind of Charter


I was waiting for the girls one morning as usual – on the veranda of the good old King Christian Hotel, in St. Croix – there was a charter boat captain having coffee. I wasn’t really at my best or, lo

Exposed Hotwife Part 03


'Oh my God,' her mind panicked, 'What are they going to do to me?'When the compressor reached its set pressure and kicked off; It got eerily quite. The large man climbed onto the bed carrying a yellow

Megan's Mardi Gras Fantasy - Pt 4/5


As Megan's dress floated to the floor! She stood proudly displaying her black satin corset, bare breasts, garters and stockings and was recognized as the flasher from the night before!Then Megan took

Monday eve before my husbands business trip


We then went back to bed where he gave me a passionate kiss before falling asleep with him cuddling me. Waking up early the next morning as my husband was going away on a business trip for a few days

trip to mexico pt III


turned as the images of her nursing from Carmen's incredible breasts keptplaying in her head. Her pussy was flowing constantly keeping her pantiessoaked all night long. She woke up several times cov

What's Gotten Into You - Xmen fan fiction


as she made the final adjustments that prepare Cerebro to interface with her mind. Dr Xavier's technological marvel amplified her psi powers and enabled her to reach out and find...well everybody. But

Working with Trista Ch. 05

Big Tits

byamberbmaid©This is the final two days of my trip working with Trista. If you haven't read the other portions of this story, I would suggest it.Feedback is welcome, especially of the message variety