a surprise for Lydia


Lydia entered the house and spotted Kevin, across the way, seated in the living room finishing a beer. With a cheshire grin and a “hi honey” Lydia moved swiftly into her husband's arms kissing him dee

My first bi-guy. (parts 1 - 4)

Girl Masturbating

I realised I was bi-curious in my late teens, but it took until I was about 25 before an opportunity finally occurred. I had a small collection of straight hardcore porn mags, remember this was in the

You Can't Suck it you gotta Fuck it CreamPie


You have to understand that Jenny is a beautiful gal. Actually, at 5'4", 135lbs, long blonde hair and hazel eyes, she's a stunner. And believe it or not, she's got HUGE tits (38F) and yeah, they're re

"Getting Pregnant By My Uncle Todd"

Old & Young

My Uncle Todd used my parent’s house to store some of his construction equipment for his contracting business. He often came by early in the morning with a crew of guys to load stuff into their big 4x


High School

=========================== When Beth walked into the room and I was standing there rubbing my cock with her panties, I thought I was dead. I thought my wife Tina had taken our son and his new bride

The baby shower party


I knew those meetings were boring, but she insisted until she convinced me. I asked who would be the lucky pregnant girlfriend and Helena said it was Lucia, in her seventh month.Helena laughed at my s

Slave to the Mountain


The taller, leaner, blue woman writhed as she was hilted in, the tumescent member spreading her taut asshole wide as it were slid in. The guards had already stripped, several of whom obediently keepig

forced to be Female Pt1


I had won quite a bit of money on the Lottery, enough to change my life. I was unaware just how much my life was going to change.I had just reached my car door when I felt someone bump into me. Then e



It's tough having a sexy older sister. Growing up, she was always the center of everyone's attention. She was perfect at everything she did and everybody wanted to be around her. Even when my friends

My Name was Andy

Hot Gay

now it's Amy. This is my story.When I was twelve, I became fascinated by women and their clothes. Istill don't know what caused my fascination. I do know that myinterest increased with each passing

How I became a BBC slut. (Part Two)


I dressed, it was early evening. I hadn’t cleaned the house, hadn’t cooked dinner for the twins, or that useless piece of shit. I looked in the mirror. A big black cock slut looked back. I wore false

drown on her eyes.

Big Cock

my story start about days ago when i lave the work place on the Libyan desert and went to Spain for 2 weeks vacation, for me and how don`t know me i`m just that guy how have normal look and crazy Thou

The birth of a young whore – pt3 – tortured deflor

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sequel of : As mom lay in this straw, 15 yrs old, weak, trembling all over after my uncle destroyed her ass, after he fucked her with his big 8 inch cock ballsdeep in that asshole, that has been virg

My Sexual Odyssey Part VI: A Working Girl


I decided to go to the club again that night, and talk to some of the people there. As nothing much happens until fairly late, I waited until an hour before midnight, then drove downtown. I entered th

Ana playing again in Jamaica

Hot Gay

My sweet Ana insisted that summer holiday to spend few days again at the sandy Jamaican beaches. But I knew she was thinking not in the sunny days, but in some black dicks she would meet there…We arri



See my blog for that story.The whole week we had been talking about her, because she was so hot so snt her a few emails.Yesterday we got a reply.She wrote she had a booked a room in that hotel and tha

Into The Trees


We chatted through the messenger for over an hour, which was frustrating as it seemed an eternity before I received a reply. Nancy surprised me as she came across as a lady who knew exactly what she w

MrsC helps my friend


Now because his partner was having none of it he knew we would still give him a treat to watch, in the short time we thought we had MrsC instantly unzipped me and started stroking my cock smiling away

Watching my stepsister


I was 17 at the time and was dating a lovely girl name Cassi. My stepsister was 19 just out of school and was dating a guy name Marc. Our parents went away for the weekend on a with two of their frien



“I’m great thanks, I am going out tonight with a friend, so help yourself to a drink as I get ready”I watch as Joy scoots around the house, diving into the shower and then into her room to get changed

Home Alone with Sissy Toys, pt. 1


I squatted down to pick them up. Now any time I squatted, I made sure to use good form: Keeping a slight curve in my lower back, tightening my abs, and using my butt as much as possible. I had been do



************************************************* *************************************************When my wife Elaine left me I sank into deep despair. She had been the dominant partne

Trouble in class VI

Group Sex

She started mumbling something, as I sat her on her bed. Why can't I said no, she finally said. To far to stop I pushed her legs open and knelt down between them. Her freshly shaved penis was coming t

The pub (part two)


My thoughts of regret were interupted as one of the guys took my hands and pulled me upright into a sitting position on the pool table .. i raised my hands in surrender and told him "i need a time out



She is 5'6" tall and 36C-30-32 vivacious, and attractive, a divorcee and lives over 100 miles away from me here in Stoke.She is right, handed. Her sex has no hair is waxed with small lips She believes

Cuckold Husband Accepts It

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Joyce was 5'6" tall and weighed 148 pounds. Her body was full and solid, with nice 36C cup tits and a 31" waist and a great 38" ass that was round and well shaped and very sexy and it swayed incredibl

Cocksucker, A Journey..


My sex life had seen diminishing returns ever since she'd said 'I do'... before we were married we were shagging each other like rabbits, but afterwards it seemed like the thrill of the chase was gone

Threesome with Beth and her Daddy together.


Beth was a daughter of a single parent, a daddy's girl and daddy threw the party and invited all his mates without their wives to come to the party especially since she had invited all her friends, in