An American Prayer


Is everybody in?Is everybody in?The ceremony is about to begin.Wake up!You can't remember where it wasHad this dream stopped?AwakeShake dreams from your hair, my pretty c***d, my sweet oneChoose the d

Mother-in-law Fantasy Ch. 03


I stood up to answer the telephone and that placed my soft cock at Betty's mouth. She began to kiss and lick the head as I put the handset to my ear."Hello." I said."Oh! Dad!" I almost cried out.I loo

Mother learns vaginal fluids can cure acne.

Big Tits

It was an article about the use of vaginal fluids to remove acne. While the idea seems preposterous her son Johnny was in serious need of any possible solution. With multiple visits to several dermato

Seeing Krystal again


I replied, " Hey babe, I'm good thanks and you? That was Cassi my ex, we met up for the day. Yes I'm still keen to see you on Tuesday if you willing still? "She replied. "I'm good thanks babe. Oh ok w

The Banquet, the panties,the Agent, the wife


Friday nights are usually our date nights. Pizza and beer are the standard go-to's and off we went to our favorite place. I asked her several times that night if everything was OK and she always res

Dinner Date


One day hanging out at her place, we decided we would go out for supper together at a nice restaurant. I went back home and cleaned up, changed into some nicer clothes and headed back to get her. I pu

first bow job in public

Big Tits

After a few months working for BR I was sent to Cardiff for training. The guys there weren't any different from the ones in the dept that I worked in. Every mess room had heaps of European porn mags

A Bets A Bet Gay


Well, she was sort a right. And if it wasn't bad enough that he'd gone to jail, it certainly was bad enough that he'd went in and fulfilled all the jailhouse rumors. It'd been five years since he had

Sissy for life


I had come upstairs to the bedroom with the boots I’d just polished. Her boyfriend Max would be by shortly to take her out for the evening and there I was the obedient house-husband helping her get re

Pokémon Catcher......Get's caught.

Big Tits

The recent Pokémon craze has taken our planet by storm but this little story will make you all go checking your gardens at night time..It was really humid last night and I was out in my garden as per

MILF B and B


MILF B and BThis is a true story and I’ve changed the name and not fixed the location to protect a lady.I travel throughout Britain and carry out land inspections. It’s very weather dependant. If it r

Slut Olympics Part 2


“So, now that we’re all here, it’s time I let y’all in on what the next challenge is,” Lauren said grabbing her notebook. “So, this one will take all weekend, and it’s pretty simple, we need to have s

I'm Free of my EX.


I moved into a highrise near downtown where I worked. Not only for convince but I also wanted to see the sights, maybe go to a nice restaurant for a change & possibly a bar.I painted it the colors I w

She Has a Ladder In Her Nylons...Should I Tell Her


She was obviously a manager or someone higher in the company, maybe even the boss,as her style of dress wasn't cheap, and of course my eyes were drawn to her legs, which were covered in a very shiny

Giving away control part 1


For me it’s all about trust. I trusted Tamara explicitly and when she asked if she could bind me so she had full control, I had to say yes. I’d never done anything like it before and was exited, if no

The Last Weekend before School


From Part 1:--------- Chapter 1Early Friday EveningPamie and Billy wrestling……The last weekend of Summer had Kim feeling good; school would be starting on Monday….Yeah! She hadn’t waited to the last m

Rachel Rosenbaum


Rachel had finished loading her cart, so she pushed it out onto the shopping floor. Reaching the fruit section, she began the laborious task of restocking the huge bins that housed all the selections.

Whitewash High Ch.6


“Fuck, this is going to make teaching tomorrow annoying.”He didn’t have to go. People wouldn’t blame him for taking time off after getting stabbed but he wanted to make a point, a statement to the stu

Legaturi periculoase (I)


Enjoy it!………………………………………………………………………..Buna, ma numesc Radu, sunt brasovean, am acum 30 de ani si va voi povesti intamplarile prin care am trecut in ultimii ani si care mi-au marcat in mod dramatic exi

Wife And Best Friend After Our Party

Hairy Pussy

When I decided to tell the stories about my wife fucking my best friend, I naturally chose to start with the first time they fucked each other, as the first story, and then continue adding new stories

The Unknown Risk.

Big Tits

The next day being 25th, I sent her pics of my dick and she went gaga, she became horny and desperate begging me to come to Port Hacourt, saying she would pay my flight fare to and fro, I said I cant

She want a Black Baby


Her shy yet romantic smile blossomed into a truly blissful kiss between the lovers. It was electric, intense yet a soft contact between their two lips. He ran his open palms up her soft arms teasing e

Christmas Day (part 7)


I thought I was up early for Christmas (it was only 8am) but Lisa had beaten me to it. I’d left her in charge of buying gifts for friends and family – if she’d left it to me it would have been Amazon

From the files of another single neglected MILF


I’ve always been attracted to not my mother. She’s 5’0, shoulder length brown hair, a BBW, very curvy with 34DD breasts (yes, I checked one of her bras back then), a full fleshy ass and wide hips. At

Sharing my GF


We headed to bed and started making out, always a turn on having sex in someone else’s house. She was super horny and was on her knees before I got my boxers off. She started blowing me and I was rock

Kelly Woods : The Young Secretary


another victim of the worst economy since the Great Depression. With onlyher income now, the newly married couple barely made their rent and carpayments. If she lost her job too, eviction from their

My Step mom Ch2


"What the fuck mother fucker? Seriously? You fucked my wife?" "Um correction asshole, I'm fucking your wife. Obviously, you can't do a good enough job.", I replied to him "That's it! I'm cutting my tr

Weird sisters : Threesome


For reasons beyond my understanding, Deb's initiation to anal sex had sent her libido into overdrive. Deb always had a major oral fixation, much to my enjoyment. It was a sort of daily ritual for her