The Waiting Game

Big Tits

“Do you trust me?”Those were the last words she told me before she lifted my arms over my head and bound my wrists to the headboard of the sleigh bed with a silk scarf. Before she slipped the blindfo

Alone with Melissa D PART 1


So me and my wife go over their house and as we knock on the door, Melissa answers the door and im already hard before even entering the house. Melissa was wearing this strapless dress and her medium

The Widow (Part 2).


I had become a widow at age 28 after a 10 year marriage. Two months after that I was still in a cloudy haze, not sure of anything. People had been so very wonderful to me, but after a few weeks everyo

Fun With Girlfriend’s Mother


I am not ashamed to acknowledge that I could get to touch her bare books only twice and sucked them once for hardly one minute. She complained I was rough. Let’s break up, I thought. We moved on. Anyw

My urologist

Girl Masturbating

I had a problem with my testicles, sometimes I felt a pain that made me uncomfortable, so I decided to check a urologist, this was the first time I visited a urologist, I had left my work early that d

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Kyle didn't realise it was raining cats and dogs until the mall was closing; it was pitch dark and pouring when the teenager stepped outside, shivering as the wind whipped gusts of spray around under

You're Going to Eat My Load Today Gay

High School

He walks through the open door and turns to shut it. I cannot wait any longer and need to kiss him right away. I step closer and lean in; he puts his hand on my chest, holding me back, and says firmly

How I became my Roommate's Bitch Gay PT2


The anger soon became shame. He had forced very little on me. I had agreed to the handjob, and when he asked me to use my mouth I had willingly complied. He may have broken his promise and cum in my m

Avrils second gangbang


And now she sat there, naked on the floor in the bars back room with with hands and feet chained. Around her stood 10  men, all in their 40s, all stroking their big cocks. She was a little afraid and

The Naiads: Chapter Four


In previous chapters, Wendell met Ashley, the exuberant blonde of the trio, and quickly developed an attraction to her after she tripped and fell into his arms when her heel broke. Wendell offered to

Seduced by my son


I hadn't meant to stay long as I had just wanted to show David my new see through brazier I had bought to surprise his father. It was black nylon and I let him feel how soft it was, and how well it he

Bulging with a Black filled Belly!


Junior knew his daddies deep Afro voice, he kicked and kicked when daddy was up me. Joe said Junior had a party trick...haha and was joining daddy pleasuring his mummy! What he meant was Junior could

Why I Love Gloryholes

Hairy Pussy

You can go with no commitment. No identity.I would wait for a finger then stick my cock in the hole and feel lips on my cock, what a thrill, men seem to be able to suck in more hard cock than woman. M

Met a Couple for Rollenspiele (A Big Wish from me)


He said he was the Master most of the time in this relationship with his wife. I wasn't sure of what he meant by most of the time but as a slave you don't ask questions.After we got back to the house

Debby the whore's office submission


He smiled down at her and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "I think we should take a walk," he said in a way that suggested she didn't have a choice in the matter.Fear sluiced through her in that



When Meg learned that the whole family was headed off to Denny’s to take advantage of the Saturday Night “Two for One Dinner Special”, she knew that would be the perfect time to invite Glen Quagmire o

Kunta's VIndication


He smiled with a sense of palpable satisfaction, listening to the hungry slurping sounds rising up from below. Justice. Sweet justice. Memories came as goose bumps prickled the back of his neck. H

Becoming His Again Part Two


I arrive home after work and find only Sir at home. I was hoping this was the case as I really wanted to talk with him. I go into the house and walk into the living room forgetting about the rule of r

Harold Saves Her Husband Part 03 and Last


*************************************************...Harold’s Note: In this part my friend Jane tells about some of the activities while I was otherwise engaged. Thank you, Jane, but please stop giggli

Used at a gay sauna


Despite that, it was all I could to not to watch gay, bi and T/S porn all of the time, and as most guys do, fantasise it was me having my face fucked, or being ridden by a huge aggressive masterI had

Cheating Together - Part 1 of 3


"So are you excited or nervous?" Ken asked."Both! Are you sure you want this to happen? It has only been a game till now." She asked but she knew she would be disappointed if he backed out now.Jenny r

Fucking My Friend's Flatmate

Big Cock

Not to let the situation get the better of me I invited a coursemate called Louise out for a drink just to pass some time before having to go back to my flooded room and have a good moan about it whic

The Rota Of Big Ones


Newly single at 32, I went on a big tits rampage. I’d spent years with a set of C cups but throughout I’d harboured an increasing desire to get hold of some really big ones. By the time I moved away f

First time giving the BBC to a cuck couple in Vega


I had recently taken a new job in a small town in Utah. I enjoyed the job and the increase in pay but the lack of social life was killing me. I checked for locals on Adult Friend Finder (AFF) but noth

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Group Sex

We couple din't have any more c***dren, though we cherished having a son. We still mate on alternate days and nights for another baby boy, but Qaiser has a big circle of friends. We also have a nice F

Two find comfort - for M


Over the past few months Charles had gotten into the habit of waving and smiling. Every so often he would walk past and they would briefly share a few words. Charles was in his early thirties. He had

Almost got caught..


Sandy was generally conservative in public but she could be a real wild cat when we were alone. One summer weekend evening we watching tv in her apartment. We had been out earlier and she was wearing

Robbed and Nude Pictures


One day around noon I was home alone and decided to take a hot shower. When I got out of the shower and dried myself off, brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I opened the door to walk out of the bath