Wife goes black

Group Sex

So a perfect life you might think but I had a burning desire to see Sheryl screwed by someone else we talked about it every time we fucked, both of us cumming when we talked abt it, but we both agreed

First meeting part 1


The cab door opened and out got Kathy,she was petite,but her body was just right,he had told her to dress slutty that night, so she put on a gold alter neck top,black pencil thin skirt and hold up bla

A Hot Morning In The Office

Girl Masturbating

Amanda walked over to the sink, the cramped kitchen meaning she had to practically push herself against Jamie to get there. She decided an ass-to-ass passage was best and turned against the wall as sh

Never Bet your Wife! Blacken

Old & Young

Because we're not well off I'd thought these were "nickel-dime" card games. However, one night I was home in the den reading while my husband played with his friends in the kitchen when my husband sud

(FANTASY) My wife lending more than a hand


(Some Background)Ever since I got engaged I have been having these thoughts of my wife Amber doing things I would once consider taboo, I'm not into her actually banging somebody else, but I wouldn't m

arkadası annesını sıkmıs


Slm ben sedat izmirden 19 yaşındayım. benim başımdan geçenler dünyanın en iğrenç durumu diyebiliriz. ailem kusursuz bir ailedir babam 50 yaşında avukatlık yapan biri annem 44 yaşında ev hanımıdır. als

My mother turned me into a cum slut (PT4)


I can't figure out what to wear. What are you wearing? I liked the outfits you made for us last week. We couldn't find them remember? Megan said I'm out of ideas help me come up with something. I lik

Becoming a Slut.


I was chilling at home one day when there was knock at the door. I opened the door and found a UPS delivery driver on the step. He was holding a box which he thrust ito my hands, he turned and walked

A Weekend Away

Big Ass

He shared a joke with her and she laughed whilst at the same time putting her hand near the top of his thigh. She left it on there as he looked at me. I looked back but again was unsure what to think.

The Policewoman.


As I approached the front door, I heard a radio squak outside. I tried to peek through the sidelight glass, but it was frosted, so all I could see was a shadowy form close to the door, and a flashing

Sissy and Wife get Black Trained PT1


There was a knock at the door. "Come in" said the young man. The door opened to reveal a tall, thickset, old man, with white hair. He was wearing a tight black t-shirt that showed off his muscled phy

212 A young Soldier returns


the last days Mother caught the bus from the end of the drive, Ellie and John saw her off, then strolled back along the long road between the tall walnut trees, John remarking that “her sister had a

The Husband, The Wife, and The BBC Bully.

Group Sex

Reggie would walk around and tease all the non black boys with his penis size. He once approached me with just underwear on as I bent down to tie my shoes. He proceeded to grab the back of my head and

The train


We are strangers on a train sitting opposite each other only us in the carriage I am in white shirt tight buttoned jeans and brown brogues.You are in black high heels stockings holdups knee length dar

Isabel Part 1


After a few months, I began to talk with her a little and we started chatting more and more in private. One night we were both feeling horny and she showed me her beautiful small tits while I jerked o

She Stole My Wife Ch. 04


I slept well that night, and awoke Monday morning with my mind still in overdrive. I took the day off from school, and spent the day writing, recording, and sending finished material to a friend in th

Me and Internet broadcasting

High School

Her parents decided to go out shopping at the mall for the rest of the afternoon and left the daughter behind so I could continue to work. After they left the daughter started looking at me strangely,

Alice The Dirty Whore Part 6


By Mad Jack69Synopsis: This is a fictional story of a sex addicted whore and her depraved sexual cravings. It covers most perversions. In this the sixth chapter Jack becomes Jackie, Alice starts a new

The Sunday before my husbands overseas business tr


Unfortunately I was on my period that weekend and waking up Sunday morning early my husband was too awake and while I laid cuddling him my hand moved over his handsome body. My hand eventually made it

sissy and her Daddy - Chapter 2


Huh? Don’t recognize that number – fuckit… let it go to voicemail. Probably someone begging for money. Monday mornings suck enough already, I sure as hell don’t want to be putting up with beggars. I g

Hi, I'm Laurie


Basically, I like to be submissive to male authority, which all guys possess through their dicks. No, I am talking about whips, chains, leather, or any of that kind of shit: Hey, if a man can't domin

An Italian Prostitute in Naples, Italy


Maria was a prostitute in Mamacitas, just off Via Roma, Naples, Italy in the off limits area. In the fall of 1978 I would go up there usually while fleet ships were in although I would also visit sev

Pee For Me


"Pee for you?" Janet asked. "You mean, so you can watch me... or did you mean... well, something else." Paul looked away, his face lightly flushed, and Janet had her answer. "So... would you want it i

The Cornholing (Part 2)


(Part 2) About ten days after the first time, I got an opportunity to watch Fred and Tom go at it again. This time started when I driving home after running some errands. As I drove past Fred’s house,

How i lost my virginity (imagination)


While sipping my second glass of wine, the bartender came up to me with another glass of wine and told me it was compliments of the gentleman in the corner booth. He hoped I would join him. Being extr

The first argument (MF true story)

Beach Sex

I hate fights but Kristen always knew how to push my buttons and there was one time in 2010 that was no different. Me and Kristen had been having issues pretty much since December (I should of known t

Trumped Up Punishments - Chapter 8: Fundraiser I


The ‘Friends of Millennium High’ (‘FoMH’) was the fundraising organization of the school. Its chairman was Mr. Witner. The FoMH had hitherto confined themselves to cake sales and Christmas Bazaars to

0051 Big Ones – Deidre


Willy was a work-at-home guy who had his own on-line business. The locals thought of Willy as their candy man. He was a supplier of lollypops and other candies to many young people from the nearby pr