145. HOLIDAY i****t AND MORE.


Well we were lying in the sun, in the aftermath of a sexual adventure, both me and the boy having just fingered the lady wife to a goodly climax the lazy bees buzzing in the bushes nearby, the odd fis

My Wife Gets Trained

Beach Sex

I looked over to my wife, scarcely believing that the woman beside me, my wife of 19 years, would ever think to do this. For all those years and a c***d, she'd steadfastly refused to entertain the not

DONNA-My drunken threesome

Hairy Pussy

A good five years before I met my husband I was massive, weighing in at 16 stone with 46DD tits, no-one wanted to fuck a whale like me, my self-esteem was low and I was used to wanking myself off a fe

The Making Of family Slut – Part 2


But before that, let me tell you that those days I spent with my two favorite uncles had been some of the best days/weeks/months of my life. It took me a little time to realize that I do genuinely lov



30 minutes later, my door bell rang. I saw Carl at the door. I was tempted to run out the back but slowly opened the door. Carl was red in the face and noticeably uncomfortable. He said he was sorr

My Wife Testing me - a Fantasy


I recently had a frank discussion with my wife. She knows all about my swinging past and to be honest our sex life is a bit ‘vanilla’. She knows I like seeing her naked but she is very body conscious

Sex With Ngozi.


And now, finally, I had to return Shola's laptop to his apartment which was quite a journey, meaning a lot of money had to be spent. . . I arrived at Shola's front door, sweating profusely due to the

Pat And Fred's Swinging Initiation


We had been corresponding with a couple, older than us, but seemed a real nice couple and the photos that we had seen of them were very inviting. After numerous email and photo swaps it was arranged t

It Was My Host Father's Fault


I was still scared, but as the days passed I began to love the family and my new room. I began to blend in real well and the same went for my new school. I spoke good English, but still had a bad Poli

Gloryhole surprise


After a week of my last 2 friends on Earth nagging me about taking care of myself, shaving, etc and insisting I go to a party in the neighboring county on the outskirts of the biggest city in the 4 co

The continuing tales of Joyce, my second wife


It took a couple of weeks for us to get together with Terry, work schedules made it difficult. But it gave Joyce and I a chance to talk more about it, what she wanted and what I wanted to do also. She

Visiting my Uncle Eddie part 5

Big Ass

Friday :So my Name is Willy.I'm 19 years old. I often share my personal problems with my cousin Gary.He's just sixteen but he's a lot smarter and mature than the other guys of same age.I told him my p

Bumping into an Ex Boyfriend


Gavin and I dated for about 5 months when we were in school. We didn't do many sexual things at that stage as I was still rather young. And after he matriculated I hadn't seen him till now. The day we

Fake Break-in Gay


“Hey, faggot,” the stranger growled. He’d seen the pictures on my monitor. I could make out a sinister toothy grin through the mask.“Wh-what do you want?” I blurted out.“Whatever you got that I can ca

My GF Broken Me In Part 2


Katie had done just this with Jamie twice since we had all been in bed together, he had told her that he had enjoyed the threesome but it was a one-off, he just wanted to fuck her now. Concerned that

Wearing her panties


When I'm done it will be sniff my new found panties .

Hotel exposure


We went to the hotel bar...dimly lit now that it was after 10pm....I took a seat around a small table in the soft chairs and he sat opposite me. I again took of my jacket and even in the dim light he

The Pew With A View (loyalsock)


Susan's ass was slightly bigger than most women's, but I was enjoying a full handful as she slept beside me. Realizing where my hand was I slipped my fingers a little deeper inside. She barely moved a



With the descriptions out of the way, on to the story. I work in the construction industry and as luck would have it, we got a job in her town about a year ago. As you could imagine, we were getting t

Valentine's Present


I moaned softly as I felt her ejaculate into my anus and as I came onto the bedsheets. I felt her tits squish against my back as she slumped over me. “You’re licking that up” She whispered. “Fair eno

Sex with a stranger I met in the park


I'm 42yrs old and ex Army, I have always maintained en element of fitness, but now needed to really work at it to stay in trim. The thought of this woman who was I'd say mid 30's fairies hair (could h

Tracy the Vicar and her lingerie

Old & Young

I thought you might enjoy reading about a lady vicar that lived in the village where I live. I was a bout 6 or 7 years ago now but still fresh in my memoryIts a bit of a long story to be honest and st

I take 4 cocks (written by Themeparks and Db-11 (m


this a joint story by me and Mel:ThemeparksIt had been a long week at work and me and some of the other blokes went to a local bar for a few drinks. After about an hour there were 4 of is left as blok

Episode 67:Jack and Jill


Jack and Jill shared a birthday, both were slim and blonde with cheeky grins. Most people thought they were twins - perhaps they were just cousins that loved to kiss. Every day after school during the

New Neighbor Makes Me her Bitch Pt4

Hot Gay

[/image] The text said, “NOW”. I knew what she wanted. It was 10:30 Saturday night. I had just showered after my workout. I wanted sleep. I put on shorts, pulled a shirt on over my head, stepped

It's never too late for sex


Although he's been fairly good throughout the divorce, she's been left high and dry with her young, 12 year old daughter Maisie and the future looked hopeless until just a couple of months ago, straig

My Virginity Lost To My Aunt


From earlier days itself I was staying in my grandpa’s home when ever I got vacations.Because I love that place.My grandpa has two wife one my grandma and other.Its happened with his 2nd wife’s daught

Day two with my Uncle

Big Cock

As I walk out of my room I notice the time 10am in the morning that means my parents and brother are at work, which means I get Uncle Dave to myself again.I want to his room where he was still asleep