Did you like your Christmas Present Pegged


I was giddy with excitement; I was nervous as hell.I'd tried on the strap-on cock a few times and felt a rush at just seeing a cock poking out in front of me. I tried each cock, from the small, thin b

A wonderful wake up call

Hairy Pussy

He then let go of my right hard nipple and place kisses down my belly. Reaching my pj pants I lifted my hips into the air so that he could remove them, exposing my shaven wet pussy to him.He spread my

Ana's graduation party

Big Cock

"Ana, why did you start calling me dad?" puzzled by our new relationship."Well, you kinda are my dad for the next few months, so I may as well call you daddy. And it's hotter. Seriously. So much hotte

Something that really turns me on!!

Beach Sex

What I came to talk about is something that has really really been turning me on so much lately that I am pretty much in "horn dog" mode all day! I was kind of wondering if anyone else get's turned on

Late one Saturday


His fingers left my pussy and he moved to sit on top of me. He left hand crashed into my right cheek as he slapped me and then asked, "are you ready for me? "Yes I am babe I replied and his right hand

A hot quickie with Helena


I read she was horny, because she had not been fucked during the last two weeks and she needed a dick deep inside her wet cunt; so, she suggested we could meet up before she started her work in the sa

Something I have always wanted to do.


I want to be dressed in my sexiest outfit/s when it happens. I will be a girly as I can. Face shaved. Makeup but just not “overkill”. Hot long haired wig. Finger & Toenails done. Body completely shave

Whitewash High Ch.1


This was not her student that was eagerly ramming that tight cunt with a generous helping of white meat. It was the new teacher the school hired over the summer. It was hard enough for a ghetto school

Bus Ride with sister


My sister had two expensive tickets for a private bus tour through Southern California. It was the romantic kind of tour where couples would be taken from destination to destination on a large bus. An

Angel's loan (pat 1)


Ken was beginning to feel desperate. He needed a short-term loan for a business venture which could more than double his investment. He had tried all the banks, the loan companies, and even some o

She Hire's Ted The GayMaker


"You're going to love it. Ted is a professional.""A professional?" I asked, "What kind of professional are we talking about?"Susan refused to give me too many details and looked at me with a smile, "T

First time glory hole for me and her.


Things didn't escalate very quick after that. Some talks with couples and single men but it's hard to find the right people. Finally one day we said fuck it. I had gotten an email from a couple who ha

My horny neighbors


Later that evening there was a knock on the door. It was the lady next door. I opened the door for her. She introduced herself, and asked me if I wanted to join her and her husband for dinner tomorrow

Telling Victor about the black neighbor


One night, after fucking in a very wild way, we both were recovering our breath as we looked to the ceiling; when he finally dared to ask me directly:“How did you get with that black guy Fred?"I prete

Cinema fun


When Lucy came back, we had another couple of glasses of wine and got ready to go out for the evening. There was a highly recommended restaurant nearby which we had booked for 8pm so we had plenty of

Sub slut roleplay


Marie xYou called me at work and asked me to meet you later, and told me to look especially good since you had a special night planned. I wore a black mini dress over black seamed stockings held up by

First Job in Highschool


Abc rental party supplies storeIn high school I went to the guidance counselor to see about getting a job outside for some extra money. I didn't have a license yet so I had to be dropped off and picke

lesbian office


Scarlett was working late on a Saturday. Heather, her beautiful boss had a huge project that had to be completed by night. Scarlett loved working for her boss, Heather, a strikingly beautiful woman, i

10 Rules for the Perfect Cum Loving Husband


Rule 2: Let your wife fuck and suck anybody she wants to, as long as she brings her cum filled ass and cunt home to you so you can lick and suck it out of her pussy and asshole. The real winner here i

My First Doll Sex


I'm not talking about blow up dolls, or simulated faces with mouths, not that kind of thing. Nothing wrong with it, huge turn on... and if you look at my list of faves you will still see dolls like t

More than a Handful - An Adult Story


The first time I saw her. She was sunning herself out back of there house near the pool. I immediately jumped into the deep end to hide my ever growing erection. She was stunning in a two piece yel

Harry's Interlude With Snakes


“What are you looking at Potter” Pansy snarled. “You,” Harry said “and I must say you are certainly worth looking at.” Where did that come from? Harry thought. “But what are you doing and what has go

Erica's Adventures: Anal Cocktail

Big Ass

It wasn't very often that his parents went away and left him alone in the house, and Ben, who was 23 and not too happy about living at home anyway, had decided to make the most of it and invite some f

lifestyle of choice 2

Girl Masturbating

My phone pinged at 10am & I check my messages, from Vicki, I opened the attachment & my cock went from half hard to blast off. Vicki's face was contorted with her eyes rolled back in her head, her han

Soccer teams trip away


We went to the central coast and booked into a motel the team was sorted so many to a room and the adults in theirs, when the players were allocated I was the odd one out and the coach Karl said “You

A Surprise visit


Once I left the shower and dried off I went to my old room and laid on the bed, I remembered the phone call and tried to listen to the message, my folks had changed their password so I could not get i

Slut: Dating Again Part 3


Slut: Dating Again Part 3We climbed in to Neil's car, a 5 series BMW, with Neil insisting that my dress be above my waist revealing my pussy and stocking tops, and inserting the handle of my hairbrush

The Steam Room

High School

My parents house is near a well-known and well-equipped spa hotel which is open for paying guests, I visit it every now and then in evening, when its ladies only night normally between six and eight p