Watching A Mom and Her Danny boy.


***This is a work of fiction that is taboo**** If you are not REALLY into Taboo, then please do us both a favor and skip this. This story is based loosely on a role play that I shared with another p

Nick thursday morning


I sat down on the bed as he stood in front of me and I took his hard cock into my mouth and started sucking it. I deepthroated him a few times before stopping and moving to lay back on the bed. Nick m

Last Part of the Beach Story....?

Group Sex

We picked up all of our things off of the beach and make our way to Imelda's car parked just further down the Sea Front Promenade, and then she's driving us both back to her house for what I hope wil

Muslim woman's first gangbang

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Hafsah's tight pussy and arsehole were waiting to be rammed open and she couldn't wait to suck a couple of black cocks dry. Hafsah would find herself just thinking of being used by black men. Hafsah's

Susie teaches Sherry how to be a Slut


Sherry was my girlfriend at the time, she was 22, short and plump, about 5'2" tall, with short brown hair, and brown eyes. She had nice 40D tits and was very pretty, especially when she smiled, which

Face the Music


I did fly home the next morning, and told my husband that these business trips were a killer. "My neck and throat are sore". My husband said "poor baby, maybe you are catching a cold or something" Yo

Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 9


The Meet ContinuesDonna looked down at the pretty boy on the bed and noticed the wide pink aureoles and fat nipples for a slim boy. Then her gaze continued as he looked at the nice cock which Joie tri

Shoe Clerk Sweeties.


I'd gone to the Mall late on a Sunday, looking for a little fun-time w/ my fuck-buddy Kimber. She worked in a remote corner-located discount shoe store of an indoor shopping mall. The kind w/ high she

Mr. Greig and the Boys: Part Three


(This is the third chapter of the sexual adventures started in "Daddy's First Bukkake" and "Will Strikes Again". I would heartily recommend reading those before continuing here.)Pulling my 57-year-old

The Night My Wife Was Blacked!

High School

She had several glasses of wine and was getting a little flirty with me and ask me ( her husband) if I wanted to dance. I am not much of the dancing type but when one of her favorite dance songs was b

My Sexual Odyssey Part VII: Turning Tricks


The next day I went to work as usual, but skipped my noon time ‘date’ with Brad. When I got home, I called Cindy and confirmed the party invitation. Then I called Tracy and asked if she could use me a

Horny sister in law

Big Tits

. * 2 months back *We celebrated Amber’s birthday in night at 12. We means Yasmeen, me & of course Amber. Only we both husband wife live in house & Yasmeen had came for one day. I re

The Hair Salon.


"I could use a trim." I told her, smiling inside at my double entendra."That is what got me in this condition in the first place." she laughed.I laughed along with her, thinking, wow she got me, as sh



(This is a story I wrote many years ago and which is in my Hamster stories but in French (called Tante Germaine). I wanted to translate it into English for those who don’t read French. I am not a prof

Muslim woman fucks black lover whilst husband is a


Hafsah had taken a selfie of herself in the Islamic garb whilst she is licking her black dildo and sent a picture to Patrick with the caption 'Osman is going to Friday prayers come on over and I can w

First taste of being a cuckold

Hairy Pussy

They seemed to share information on which women would tolerate this behavior and which would not. They would freely avail themselves of female staff members who were tolerant, and I do mean "tolerant.

Apartment next door


She had a nice job as a bookkeeper and very steady hours. She was 5'10", slim and nice looking, she did not date a lot. She was waiting for me at my front door, seemed the doors were locked and she n

Sylvia's mom part 4


"We're going to fuck in every room of the house including on the front porch in the middle of the night. I even want you to fuck me in Sylvia's bed before you take her virginity in it. I have decided

The First Time Sharing My Wife

Beach Sex

The next couple weeks went by. I was working as a cab driver here in Vegas. I was sitting outside a casino, New York New York, to be exact. She texted me this mind blowing text, I remember it almost w

The Lapdance bar ...part1


The Cork from the champagne bottle rattled across the table as Andy opened the 2nd bottle," Champagne ladies?""Oooohhh yes please" came the reply Katie sat watching the bubbles as they came up the sid

-Lexi- chapter 03


I had just been fucked for the first time, and I was still going over it in my mind. There was nothing else to do - Dressed like a slutty schoolgirl, handcuffed, tied, blindfolded, face down on a stoo


Girl Masturbating

It was Jon's birthday and a couple we knew invited us to go to a local club for some fun and more. We met Brian and Sue at their home and the four of us then went to the club once inside we settled d

Fun With A UK Couple


I was browsing the messages on an adult contact site when one ad caught my eye. It read “Mature UK couple looking for well endowed male to join us on our holiday for sexy fun. Preferably white, fifty

First Strap-On with my Girlfriend

Group Sex

Dave showed me the strap-on he had bought. I handled it gingerly, and examined how it worked. Dave sat on the edge of the bed in his robe as I did. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him down his wine



Béa was sexy femboy when she found a wild runaway boy. She raised him and together raised their feminine side to grow up as sisters into beautiful transvestites girls. Discovering each others body and

My Night Visito Returns...


I was startled and quickly went to the window to see Charlie placing a small wood box beneath my window. Charlie stepped up on it and lunged into my window, He looked at me and said "...thought I for

My first experience with mature woman

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sides of passanger seats so there was some distance between us. At that point i was so horny i wanted to fuck her right there in middle of bus.Enveloped in fog of lust i got my cock out of my shorts a


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Mollyann finished her moves in front of the camera, then straightened up and walked round behind it.She hit playback, her large blue eyes studying the small screen at the back.“Oh shoot!” she swore, t