157. Mandy`s Adventure with a master.

Another true story by happy-cuck ghost written by EddyMandy my ex, she was to be my long-term partner in total for 14yrs she was a beautiful mixed race curvy sub and her father is from Jamaica, She is 5'6" tall about size 14 with 36d tits and a great big fleshy arse, a real hour glass shape and a deep seated need to be used and controlled... We had involved other people in our games but I told her I wanted to take it a step further. I had said I wanted to place an ad for an experienced older man or couple and if she agreed she would have to submit to them just as she did to me. She didn’t say a word so I put my hand on her very hairy pussy and she was soaking, she was very turned on by the idea and she agreed as soon as I touched her bush with my fingers. Next day, I placed an ad in the personals of ‘the loot,’ a local advertising magazine in the Manchester area. In the month it was in I got over 250 replies so many in fact that it was a job sorting them out but I did and eventually I started answering each and every-one, most of them with a standard slip saying no thanks, all bar one or two whom I short listed, and together we reviewed my choices One of them stood out, he said his name was Charles, late fifties and very Dom, bisexual as I asked (I do like sucking a cock). He said he'd like to talk with me, and that he already had a sub girl who was bi but he wanted to try doming another more mature woman. His reply referred me to an ad of his and told me to leave my name and number and when to ring, and this I did; looking back he was showing his dominant tendencies straight away, but I hardly noticed. He rang me as arranged on the following Saturday. He started by asking me what besides just a play partner we were looking for, I told him we wanted someone for the longer term, a genuine friend and partner we could trust implicitly and if this person was also well hung, un-shockable and dominant all the better, He laughed too and said you've found your man but maybe you won't like how I look or whatever. I assured him that personality was the main thing and that we should soon know if we met, which he seemed happy about. He then asked what we did sexually. A big question; I told him of the spankings, tit slapping`s, nipple pain and public showing off and with that he seemed delighted. He then asked me to meet him in a small pub in a southern area of Manchester...but said “if we met him that was an agreement that he would enjoy at least that one session with us!” also that “she must be absolutely totally submissive to him for that whole session!” I agreed immediately. That decision was to change our lives completely. I told Mandy of the agreement and of my decision that I had already made. She seemed excited, but said little above asking “when?” I told her it was a case of strike while the iron was hot but for safety sake I would go alone to the meet him that very afternoon, I knew the pub in question and she could drop me off after dinner and go on to her family for a visit. I would call her up later if I was happy or to collect me I had doubts or if it was not for us. Thus I was outside the pub quite early that afternoon Mandy having dropped me and gone off to visit her family in Moss-side about 20 minutes away through the afternoon traffic. As instructed I asked in the bar and the landlord a fat greasy looking individual who obviously knew my mission, pointed to the room at the side of the bar saying “we would have privacy there, with a leering smile on his face, he drew me a pint, said it was already paid for and gave me a second one saying it “was for Charley!” I collected the pint`s and then walked in to the side room to meet Charles for the first time, he was an average looking chap, I guess, tidy about 6'2" longish greying hair but smartly dressed with a firm handshake. We chatted generally for a time and then he came to the sexual point. He said he'd “been in the swing scene for many years”. He was naturally very dominant and had, had other couples he had played with from time to time but nothing long lasting, he now wanted something more regular with a genuine long-term friendship. I said “that that sounded like more what we were looking for” and then explained why she was not with me as we had been a little worried as to what we were letting ourselves in for. He seemed impressed that we had been so cautious, though he said “he still wanted have today with her as we had arranged regardless and then it would be up to us then, to say if we wanted to continue together.” I felt that was as fair as it could be and as I was here and as sure as I could be I said “I would call her up” He stopped me and asked “First though, what was Mandy wearing today, and to list it all! I luckily had helped her dress choosing her attire myself so I told him that is what I had done and that she was dressed in a tidy business type tweed suit with a shortish skirt fitted with a zip up the front, as I had thought that would be easier to open, a pretty white satin blouse and underneath a white corset, with white quarter cup bra and knickers with black net stockings. I told him “that I had only allowed her the jacket because with her lovely tits being almost on show and with that bra her big nipples could be seen through the blouse, and she was after-all visiting her family!” which made him smile. We had another drink and he asked what we enjoyed most. I told him that “she ran a company and was a real ball buster at work but sexually she liked to give total power to me as a sort of relief valve.” I told him “that to that end I spanked her often, usually with my hand because I liked the feel of that plump black arse but I also occasionally used a paddle and strap.” I added that “I also enjoyed slapping her big tits and twisting and pinching her long almost black nipples.” He asked “Does she get wet then” I laughed and I replied, “very, very wet”. “What about the cane?” I hesitated; he saw this and said if “we're not honest this whole thing won't work!” So I took my time and explained that I didn't cane her but our elderly next door neighbour and his wife would send for her every couple of weeks and they did cane her.” He was more than happy at that. He smiled; “It's time we met her Phil, don't you think? But I still want to be sure she will do as she's told so ring her and introduce me and I will tell her what to do exactly.” I did just that checking Mandy was out of earshot of the family then telling her to do exactly as she was instructed by Charles and handing over the phone to her new master who didn’t even introduce himself just saying “You will drive here as soon as you can; ring as you leave there. You know the place it’s where you dropped Phil off, you can park your car in the pub yard. The publican is my friend and knows what's going on. On arrival close the back parking area gate, you will then get out of the car; remove your jacket and your knickers, placing just the jacket in the car. Lock it then you will then unzip the front of your skirt to just below your cunt. Understand? She said she did. She was then told to phone us so he could time her standing outside, she was to stand statue still outside for a full four minutes before she came indoors.” (It was freezing outside so I knew why he wanted that!) Then she was to go up to the bar and ask the landlord for a drink and directions to this room. A few minutes later she rang, she was going to be a while getting to us so we carried on chatting and having yet another drink. We were very open and I told him perhaps more than I thought I would, he later said he did the same, perhaps it was the drink or just the moment. He took me over to a rear window overlooking the lower rear park where we could see her no more than a few feet away below us, “I want to see that she doesn't cheat and will obey instructions” he said. Mandy arrived, parked, then she closed the gate doing exactly as she was told (I was so proud) she looked round looking as if to see if she was being watched, she did not see us. Behind the open car door, she removed her panties tucked them into her skirt pocket, she then removing the warm jacket and locking it in the car, she unzipped just as she was told till after the time was up., He laughed; “She's a beautiful woman Phil and look at those nipples pushing through, she looks so pathetic shivering,” we waited the full four minutes watching her standing shivering in the cold wind while we sat in the warm. Then he rang her again and just said “come in.” She zipped up and went from sight into the pub I found out later that when she approached the bar and asked for Charles, Trevor the landlord greeted her by saying "you must be Mandy, Charles has told me about you. Your husband`s going to let him use you, you dirty fucking slut. Now what do you want to drink, it’s already paid for.” With more than a little blush, she asked for a gin and tonic.” “You want ice?” “Yes please” “Right, Charles has told you to obey hasn't he?She nodded, “Come here then and put your hands on the bar and don't move.” She nodded and put her hands where he indicated. “I can see your tits are cold by the way your nipples are sticking out but just for my own amusement let's have the ice on you tits first,” He had ice in the palms of his hand, he grabbed her tits and started roughly mauling them, that this fat and unattractive man had been horrible and crude with her straight she told me she felt totally humiliated and was close to tears,. He let go of her tits and said “look at those fucking nipples now, you dirty cunt, now they are really on show.” She looked down and the water had made her blouse see through. His greasy finger pointed to the door “Take your drink and go in there, they're waiting for you, don't you worry darling after I close up I'll be in to fuck you as well soon,” he laughed, she cried a little but she did as she was bid.She came into the room and Charles went over to her, “was Trevor very rude Mandy?” she replied quietly “Yes sir!”He laughed...”good, but you're turned on though aren't you,” she reluctantly nodded through watering eyes. “Right I'm not wasting time on chit chat Phil and I have already done that, take off the blouse!” she did immediately and without question. “Now the skirt, you weak willed slut,” she went very red but did so, the skirt dropping to the floor and laying round her ankles for but a second, till she bent and retrieved it folding it and placing all the items on a chair. He reached out and started feeling her big tits, cradled in the platform cups “Phil These, are fantastic, do you get the whore to show them off”“Oh yes” I replied, “often”“Then I will too,” he said, “I've got a feeling we will be together for the long time.” I agreed! “I have lots of friends into this sort of fun, they will love you two” I smiled; Mandy, still a little tear-full said nothing. He then started pulling and twisting her large and long nipples making her wince though she stood her ground. He looked her in the eyes, “did you always know you were a loose nickered weak willed slag Mandy, did you start young?” Mandywent to answer and he let go of her nipples and slapped both her tits, they swayed and wobbled “That was a rhetorical question; I don't expect an answer from a stupid slag who; because her husband decides he wants her too, lets herself be used!” He walked round behind her feeling the cheeks of her firm big arse, “Now where was I,” By now I was so turned on and as hard as iron watching this, it was unreal, and he really knew what he was doing. “Oh yes, I bet you started young, you sluts get a wet cunt at an early age, how old were you when the first cock was pushed up your dripping cunt, just like its dripping now,” I looked over and his hand was cupping her cunt from the rear... “About 10 or 11 maybe, certainly, no later than 12 because I suspect that's when your friends mum and dad caught you licking their daughter`s twat! (that`s something I must have let slip) Mandy looked shocked, and shot me a look that said traitor. Again he laughed. “Bend over that table,” she did, near naked, her nipples on the cold marble top, her hands gripping the far side of the round table. He pulled out his cock; a good sized thick one of 7” or thereabouts but with a big bell end and giant balls. With no warning he drove it right up Mandy`s soaking but tight puss. We had agreed that he was going to fuck her as soon as possible because he reckoned that her submitting to him so soon would encourage her to go wholeheartedly into being his sub, he was absolutely right.After fucking her for just a couple of minutes with good hard strokes she orgasmed heavily, he slipped his hard cock from her and motioned me over, “you suck it Phil, clean me up” he ordered, I instantly went down on my knees and swallowed his prick, sticky with both of their cum, licking the big helmet while going back and to on it. He said to her, “your husband has been very open today you slut, and not just your secrets, Phil's told me how his own mum`s lover used to spank and fuck him! Also how another man has helped him with your punishments, that’s a man by the way who I really want to meet, and I will one day soon too he laughed. ” “Phil has agreed that I'll be in control this weekend although we'll always both be your doms.” Mandy still lay on the table quietly accepting all this so he pulled his cock from my mouth and then stepped to the side to deliver a stinging slap to Mandy`s arse, saying; “I'm going to spank you until you cry, you filthy slag, and Phil is going to photograph it all on my phone, including your face. He's told me where your offices are, so from now on you had better do just as you're told or your own employees will be seeing these pictures”. He then instructed her to; “turn round, sit on the edge of the table and spread those lovely legs.” She immediately did as she was told, “Now pull your cunt lips apart.” She did that and he turned to me saying “My, my Phil, you didn't tell me her clitoris was like a small prick, I`m going to have fun clamping that soon!” then he laughed and I took some pictures of her while he posed while twisting her nipples and roughly mauling her tits. He made her turn round again, grip the far edge of the table and move her legs back while spreading them out, she did this very compliantly until most of her weight was on her arms. He waited a moment or two while I got some more pictures and then the spanking started. He held nothing back, he was relentless, brutal even and just like he said she cried. I gleefully took more pictures as the face contorted and the tears fell. When he finished, he wrapped his arms round her and said, “you know you had to have that just to show you who's in charge,” Mandy nodded while hugging him back she understood completely and she said so… “Now just to be fair its Phil`s turn and to show you I mean what I say,” he turned to me, “Phil you come here.” I did as I was bid, “Did you agree to me being in control today?” I replied “Yes sir, just initially for this meeting”. “Good, now take off your jeans and underwear and bend your-self over the table like our slut did.” I noticed the ‘our.’ I did his wish and then felt the first slap to my big chubby arse. The blows came steadily and the memories came flooding back of Roger, my mum`s long term dominant lover, spanking me when I was just 15 or so. He and his wife were the people who introduced me to this BDSM world of pleasure some 25 yrs before, they also taught me to have no guilt or hang ups over sex, it had been his cock that I sucked first it had been his cock that fucked my arse for the very first time. The memories came flooding back with every hard slap that Charles administered. I looked over at Mandy; as she could see my equal discomfort she was wanking furiously and seeming to be ‘Cumming’ continuously. My arse was on fire, my cock stiff as iron. “Now you both know who's in control here.” He smiled “So now I'll tell you what's going to happen,” he checked his watch, “Tonight Trevor is having one of his swinging parties; Mandy will be the barmaid and you, Phil the waiter. We must go out before the shops close and get you something to wear, so get dressed and come with me.” When we entered the main bar Trevor was drawing the curtains and the tables had been moved to the edges of the main room. He was with a very pretty older woman, a BBW for sure, who we later found to be his wife Connie, “I've solved your staff problems for tonight” said Charles, “I'm off to buy them something to wear!” “What she's got on underneath would do said Connie with a smile“You looked then” replied Charles and we all had to laugh, “Trevor, I'm looking forward to fucking this slag and I can't wait to give those tits some attention!” said Connie, I was laughing with them, Mandy was flushed with humiliation, three strangers discussing her and her fate as well as calling her horrible names“Now my new slut and you, you red arsed cock sucker let's go”“Can I get my coat?” said Mandy“No ,let's see those tits wobble round this old town, eh? Show them off to the public?” and with that we were through the door. Our first stop was Marks and Spencer's ladies dept. He told us to wait and he approached a middle aged assistant, after a brief talk, both of them looking over at us, both smiling, she went over to the under-ware section holding up two suspenders belt and knicker sets, one purple and one deep red. After Charles took the red one off her she then showed what I presumed to be stockings, after a few words she handed over two pairs and he paid. He came back and gave me the bag,” right, next stop”. We walked out and turned down a side street, people were having sly looks, though some were some not so sly at Mandy`s wobbling tits with the dark nipples poking through that thin material. We heard the odd comment from men, look at those tits, fucking hell, I`d fuck that etc, etc. It was music to our ears as we walked down the near deserted street He suddenly stopped, looked at us and asked “Is this really what you both want? Mandy and I exchanged looks, then both smiled and said in chorus “yes please”! “Well, it's what I want too, so what would you say about extending this trial period to a month, but understand that for the month your wife does what I say when I say it and you ,too, you will have to be second in the pecking order for the whole month though!” We both agreed in unison, and the three of us hugged, he kissed both of us and said “let's have fun then” He then took us to a sleazy looking sex shop, I knew it, as it was where I had bought the corset she was wearing. The younger guy that ran it was about to close when we arrived, but he was a friend of Charles (we later found out that Charles had help set the shop up and was a silent partner) He locked the door telling us he was Steve and in turn Charles told him our names,” Phil is a bi Dom with the girls but does enjoy being sub to a man, and this is his wife Mandy who is an out and out slut who will do anything she's told!” he chuckled and Steve laughed along , “ I shall hope I get to use her at some point, are you bringing them to our party next week?” “Definitely, she's actually working behind the bar at Trevor's tonight, that's why I've brought them, I want a pvc Basque, with quarter cup bra for her tonight, I want her big tits, arse and hairy cunt on show all night, I'm going to tell all the guests they are free to play with her whenever they want, although she's not to be fucked without either her husband or I having said so!” He turned to Phil who was blushing with embarrassment, take all your clothes off and let Steve dress you, she straight away stripped her clothes off completely, Steve whistled, “She's gorgeous; I want to fuck her now!”Charles smiled and said; ”you know I'd never refuse you, do it too her whenever you want.” Steve reached out and started playing with her tits, squeezing and pulling her nipples he reached down his hand between her fleshy thighs, he came to her clit, “Fucking hell, and look how big it is he shouted as if he had found the Holy Grail. He let go and went to a drawer pulling out a length of fine chain, he dropped to his knees backhanded the inside of her thigh, growled “open up” and he slipped the thin chain like a noose over her clit, pulling it tight, Mandy let out a squeal “That fine chain is like sandpaper, as her little dick swells up the more it will hurt, my Natalie hates it but always asks for more after, (Natalie we later found out was his 24 yr old girlfriend) He then ordered Mandy to kneel, legs spread, he got behind her pulled his very large cock out and rammed it up her, she gasped, he said “she's fucking dripping!” he looked at me all the time he was banging her hard, and said, “I hope you realise what a dirty cunt we will turn her into, if you let us have her long enough, she'll refuse nothing.” she came heavily, said “see, the filthy slut wants it,” after she came again, he pulled his cock out saying “we don't want spunk dripping out of her when she's working tonight, so Phil come and suck my cock.” I couldn't wait and sucked him till he came in my mouth, my first taste of spunk for 20 long yrs...... I liked it Charles pulled her to her feet and reached down to take the chain off her clit, it looked painfully swollen, and she gasped when it was removed. They picked a red PVC Basque for her to wear tonight with a short black skirt which didn't cover her arse, and with a “see you next week” from Steve we returned to the pub When we arrived back at the pub we entered through the yard and back door. He turned to Mandy and told her to strip naked and put her hands on the wall and open her legs as wide as possible, she did this unquestioningly. He turned to me, “get down there and lick the spunk out Phil.” This was something I'd enjoyed with my first wife too, I cleaned her thoroughly. Then we then went into the bar proper. Connie the landlady was working behind the bar getting ready for the party, “Well, she looks gorgeous naked Charles, I can't wait to have some fun with her,” she reached out and started feeling her tits, “Those nipples look sore darling, has he been hurting them?” Mandy nodded her head, “But you liked it, eh,” again a nod this time with a gentle smile.“You can play later Connie, for the moment will you must take her to freshen up and get her dressed?” handing over the bags “Yeh it will be my absolute pleasure!” She took Mandy`s hand and they swept out Charles got us both a drink and said, “now, about these neighbours of your, how did that all start?” We then had a long chat about how come my neighbours caned Mandy, [which is another story on Alibodge`s site as story 156.] After I finished my explanation and he said “I sense more Phil, or am I wrong?”I hesitated, then quietly said “no, .......I want perhaps even need, to be dominated sometimes as well!” He smiled, and quietly said “that’s good!” Then he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, his tongue snaked out and I opened my mouth, the first time I'd kissed a man, he put his hand behind my head kissing me deeply. He pulled away but kept close to me. “I'm going to spank you both kneeling side by side, I'm going to fuck our slut while you lick my balls and lick my arsehole, I'm going to lie you both in my shower and I'm going to piss all over you. I'm going to introduce you to my friends and family and tell them exactly what our relationship is, my son knows what I'm like and he's met my friends, but if I'm honest he's not a pleasant man, arrogant and nasty, I've spoilt him. He's also a racist, so I might just hand our slut over to him as a treat now and then!”I noticed him calling my wife our slut, he knew I was hooked “Now Phil, I'll tell you something, the suspenders and knickers I bought today? Well, they're for you, that's why the sales assistant was smiling!” My stomach was doing backflips I desperately needed to get some control back. listening to all this; I said to him, “I want to be dominated sometimes, but not all the time. and I'll go along with most things, but if your son or anyone else for that matter uses any racial insults on my wife I will give him a good hiding right there, so let`s be clear about that!”Charles moved in again kissing me with wet lips and tongue, nodding gently “But the rest Phil?”, he said“Yes please” I replied kissing him back “oh yes please!”