188 AVIS AND TIFFANY Mutual pain

188 AVIS AND TIFFANY Mutual pain My black lover Jerry called and told me he would be coming by to pick me up and he wanted me to dress in a blouse and skirt, no bra and with hose and ankle strap stiletto heels and to bring along my white sheer nightgown. As he drove up I went out to meet him, got in his car and leaned over and kissed him hard and long. As I settled back he looked at me, “You love me?’ he asked. “With all my heart” I replied. “You’ll do whatever I ask of you tonight?” he followed. “Yes my love” I started, “Whatever you want of me”. We drove for a bit and soon I realized we were headed for Tiffany’s house, a black girl and her husband whom I had previously met and had sex with. Jerry saw my look and “Tiffany’s alone tonight and needs some special treatment’ he said to me. I knew I would be sucking on her huge tits and sucking out her luscious cunt and I could feel the excitement starting to build in me. When we arrived at her house Jerry quietly said to me, “Kiss her long and hard” and I replied “Yes my love” eager to feel the softness of her lips on mine. Tiffany opened the door and I saw that she had on a bathrobe with her stiletto heels showing beneath. I slowly moved up to her, “Tiffany” I whispered and leaned forward and placing my arms around her, planted a long and passionate kiss on her lips, probing her mouth with my tongue as she dove into my mouth with hers. When we parted she looked at me, “Oh my favorite white whore” she whispered back to me. We all went inside and Jerry immediately told me and Tiffany to head for the bedroom. Once there he had us stand next to each other, slapped my face hard then Tiffany’s, “All right whores” he began, “Let’s see some love making”. I had previously made love to Tiffany and I was now so wound up that I led her to the bed, laid her up against the pillows and climbed in next to her. “Oh Tiffany” I said softly as I leaned forward and again planted a long, deep kiss on her lips. We now began to kiss passionately, exploring each-others mouths, tasting each other, the passion building steadily in us both as we held each other tightly. I now began to kiss her neck, kissing her ears, running my tongue over her neck and near her upper cleavage. After a few more minutes I rose up, took off my blouse to reveal my tits to let Tiffany reach up and caress them. Back down I went, laying across her and reaching around her with my arms, I began again to kiss her more passionately. When I finally backed off, we both sat up and I watched as she removed her bathrobe revealing her lovely tits cupped in a black lace bra and black panties covering her beautiful cunt. I slowly moved down towards her legs, spread them apart and inched my way back up to her head and kissed her some more. After a few minutes I rolled over to her side, had her sit up a bit and undid her bra to let those gorgeous tits fall free. I now move over a bit and began to suck on her erect nipples, running my tongue over them, licking her tits and sucking on them, biting hard on her nipples as she squealed, pulling her nipples out still clinched in my teeth, knowing it was causing her pain while my hand went down and going under her panty, I began to caress her cunt lips. I could hear Tiffany moan with pleasure as my fingers dove into her wet cunt and I jerked her cunt like a cock fucking her. “Oh fuck” she cried, “Suck my cunt you fuckin’ white whore” as my fingers drove deeper into her cunt. I leaned up a bit, kissed her again and then moved slowly down to her cunt, licking and kissing her body as I did so. Spreading her legs open more, I moved in and began to lick around her cunt lips, gently teasing her as she grew more and more turned on. “Fuckin whore” she cried out, “Suck my fuckin’ cunt you white bitch” as she reached down and grabbed my hair. I drove my face into her cunt, shooting my tongue deep into her already soaking cunt and began to lick and suck her clit driving her into a more frenzied state. “OH FUCK” she yelled out. I thought I heard Jerry say something and the next thing I knew, Tiffany pulled my head up and leaning down a bit towards me, slapped my face hard several times. “You fuckin’ white whore” she started, “You like that black cunt don’t you whore?’. Looking up at her, “Fuck yeah” I answered, “I love your fuckin’ black cunt”, then I said, “Your fuckin’ black juices”. Slapping my face hard again, “Suck my fuckin’ cunt you filthy white whore” and she drove my face back into her cunt and I resumed eating her luscious cunt, the sensation coursing through my brain as I tasted a black cunt and it’s tangy juices, now flowing over my face and in my mouth. I don’t know how long I suck on her cunt, I really didn’t care. To taste another woman’s cunt, to drink her flowing juices put me in seventh heaven and I just relished in my role of being a whore for cunt. Pretty soon she pulled my head back up and pulled me towards her, “You like sucking black cunt don’t you whore” she asked. “I fuckin’ love sucking black cunt” I answered back. We began to kiss again as Tiffany wanted to taste her juices on my lips and in my mouth. I then rolled over onto my back and looking at her, “Suck my fuckin’ tits whore” I said to her and she immediately leaned over and began to suck on my tits, licking around them, then taking my nipples in her teeth and biting hard, pulling my nipples out as I cried out in joyful pain. “Oh Fuck” I cried. “Bite me harder” I begged as she clamped down on my nipples even more, the pain shooting through me as I squealed in sheer delight. After a bit more she then moved down my body and getting in between my legs, opened them wide and placing her hand on my pussy, began to caress it. Still high from the pain, it took me a second or two more before I felt her caressing my cunt lips. Looking down she had now rammed her fingers into my cunt and was starting to finger fuck me hard. After a minute I rose up a bit, reached down and grabbed her hair, pulled her head up, “Suck my cunt you fuckin’ nigger” I said. I knew she and Jerry liked me to use that term on occasion. Soon her head was buried in my cunt and I leaned back and fell into a deep ecstasy as Tiffany pounded my cunt with her tongue, bit on my cunt lips and clit, sending me into deep frenzy of my own. “That’s enough” I barely heard Jerry cry out as he moved over towards us. Tiffany rose up from my cunt and after a bit I came around and saw him standing at the edge of the bed, his hard cock sticking out at attention. He then grabbed Tiffany’s hair, pulled her head up and slapped her hard several times across her face. “Fuckin’ whore” he started, “Time for your treatment”. What he had in mind I didn’t know, but I was about to find out and what lay ahead was even more than I expected. Jerry stood there next to the bed and all I could do was stare at his huge erect cock, wanting so much to wrap my mouth around it and suck him silly. Jerry pulled Tiffany off the bed, slapped her face hard several times, “You ready to be punished whore?” he asked her. Looking meekly at him, “Yes master” she started, “I’m ready”. Jerry slapped her again, “You’re ready what you fuckin’ whore?”. “I’m ready for the white whore to punish me master” she replied and I knew what Jerry had in mind was for me to abuse Tiffany for whatever she had done. “Come over here whore” he said to me and I crawled over the bed next to him. “Suck my cock you fuckin’ white whore” and I nearly jumped off the bed reaching for his cock. I rammed his hard cock into my mouth and began to pump away on it, thoroughly enjoying having his hardblack cock fucking my mouth when he slapped my face hard several times almost making me lose his cock. He grabbed my hair and pulled me off his cock, “You love me whore?” he asked. “Very much” I replied then felt the sting of his palm as he slapped me hard again. “You ready to do as I ask?’ he said. “I will do anything you want of me” I answered. Several more slaps to my face followed as he jerked my head back after each blow. Letting go of my hair he turned to Tiffany, slapped her tits hard, “On your knees you fuckin’ nigger” he demanded of her and down she went. Moving in front of her, he looked back at me, “Get a chair and some rope” he said and off I went. Looking down at Tiffany, “So, you like white cunt nigger?’ he said to her. “Yes master” she replied, “I like fuckin’ white cunt” I heard her say as I returned. Placing the chair behind her a Jerry directed, he had her stand up and face me. Moving over to my side he whispered in my ear, “I want you to fuckin’ punch her tits and slap them hard” he began, “Then when I say, lay her down and stand on her nipples and tits with your heels”. I had remembered this from before, having had my tits treated the same way. “Yes, my love” I replied. “Beat that fuckin’ nigger good” he ended saying and backed off as I moved in front of Tiffany. One hard slap to her face was followed by more as I relished in the idea of abusing this black woman and knowing she was willing to take whatever I dished out. I now switched to her tits and began to punch them hard with my fist, watching her massive flesh sway with each blow, relishing in the fact I was beating another woman’s tits. Tiffany tried to stand still, but the more I punched at her , the harder it was for her and her cries of pain soon filled the room. After several minutes I stopped, “You like that you fuckin’ nigger” I asked as I took hold of her tits and pulled on them hard. “Yes, yes” she cried, “I like you beating my fuckin’ tits”. Letting them go, I balled up my hand, “Spread your legs you fuckin’ whore” I demanded and after she had done so, i now began to punch at her cunt. Several blows later, “Lay her down” Jerry ordered and I turned to Tiffany, “On the floor you fuckin’ whore” and down she went. “On your side whore” I demanded and I watched as she turned to one side, her big tits flopping that way. Moving in I positioned myself over her tits and lifting one leg up, “Hold still you fuckin” nigger” and slowly I lowered my heel down until it was over her big nipple. Down went my heel, squashing her nipple perfectly under the tip of my heel. Her cry of pain echoed in the room as I grounded my heel into her nipple, “You like that you fuckin’ nigger” I demanded. I knew the pain was intense and let up a bit as she continued to cry out in pain. Not giving her a chance to recover, I now placed several well aimed kicks to her tits and drove my heel into one tit hard enough to break the skin and draw some blood. I kicked at her tits a few more times, “You fuckin’ black whore” I called out, “You fuckin’ worthless piece of shit nigger” I added as I got so absorbed in kicking her I barely heard, “Sit her down” Jerry ordered of me and I stopped, took hold of myself and reached down and helped her get up and moved her to the chair. I tied her hands and arms behind the back of the chair as Jerry ordered, put a blindfold over her eyes and stepped in front of her. “Go ahead” Jerry started, “Slap the whore some more” and I now began to slap at her face and tits with such vigour that I got completely lost in my punishment of this black whore. “You fuckin’ whore” I said as I took hold of her hair and pulled her head up, slapping her back and forth across her face as she cried out in pain. Letting go I turned to her tits and slapped them hard in downward strokes, punched her tits from side to side, getting her blood on my hands before I finally stopped to catch my breath. Jerry walked over to me, handed me a many strapped whip, “Whip the fuckin’ whore” he demanded. I grabbed Tiffany’s hair, pulled her head up, “You like me beating you, you fuckin’ nigger whore?” I demanded. “FUCK YES” she yelled out, “Beat my fuckin’ tits you fuckin’ white whore” she added. With that I backed off a bit and across her tits the whip flew, lash following lash as I whipped her tits as hard as I could, seeing more blood run down her tit. Her cries only made me want to whip her harder. “You fuckin black piece of shit whore” I said at her as I tired myself out soon and pulled back away to again catch my breath. I stood there and watched as Tiffany cried from the whipping, my heart racing a mile a minute as I tried to calm myself. Jerry came over to me, placed his hands on my cheeks, leaned in and kissed me long and passionately. I simply melted under his lips touching mine, feeling their firmness and his hot breath on me. When he broke off, “You did well my little whore” he told me. “But now it’s your turn”. I untied Tiffany and getting a washcloth from the bathroom, put it on her tit and wiped her clean. Once she had gathered herself together Jerry moved over to her and kissed her gently, “You did well my sweet big whore” he told her. “Now it’s your turn”. Jerry ordered me to change into my white nightgown and the three of us headed down to her basement. Tiffany had set up the basement with some hooks and bondage equipment about and a varied collection of whips, crops and leather paddles hanging from the walls. Jerry came up to me, placed his hands on my cheeks again, “You still love me whore?”. “Oh yes my darling” I replied. “You’ll take whatever punishment I order?” he asked. “Yes my love” I began, “I’ll take any punishment you want me to”. Slapping my face hard several times, “What are you?” he asked. “I’m your fucking white little whore” I answered back. Caressing my face gently he smiled and said, “You’ll let Tiffany whip you won’t you my fuckin’ little whore?’ Looking lovingly in his eyes, “Yes my darling” I started, “I’ll let Tiffany whip me for you love”, knowing in my mind I would always do what Jerry wanted me to. With that he led me over to the center of the room, reached up and pulled down a pair of cuffs tied to a rope and proceeded to strap my hands into them. Once done he gently kissed me, “Enjoy my little whore” he whispered softly and turned back towards Tiffany. “Use the bull whip” he told her and I watched as Tiffany went over to the wall and lifted off a nasty looking bullwhip. Moving in front of me, Jerry whispered again to her, “Thirty lashes” he said and backed off to one side. Tiffany slowly circled around me ass. I hung there bracing myself for the first blow. It came as Tiffany whipped it across my midsection, followed rapidly by blow after blow as she continued to circle me, lashing at my back, stomach, tits and legs; the pain searing through my body. When she stopped for a moment she came up and grabbing my nightgown by my tit, ripped it down exposing my tit before she moved back and again began to whip me hard. “Fuckin’ white bitch whore” she yelled as she lashed across my tits, the welts turning my tits red. I was now crying out in pain with each blow, but yet it was now starting to get me totally aroused. When she reached thirty lashes, she stepped back and I was just too engrossed in the feeling of pleasure that I blurted out, “Whip me some more you fuckin’ nigger”. Tiffany looked at Jerry who nodded okay and again the lashes fell across my body until I actually passed out. How long I hung there I didn’t know. Tiffany had gotten Jerry so turned on he had her suck his cock and then he fucked her mouth, fucked her cunt and finished by fucking her ass, then shot his load into her mouth. I came around and found myself lying on the bed as Jerry sat at my side caressing the welts on my tits while Tiffany caressed my cunt and soon went down to suck on me some more. “Did you enjoy that my little whore” he asked me. It took me a minute, “Oh fuck yes my darling” I answered. “It was pure heaven” I finished. “You’re a good fucking little white whore” he told me and I just laid there savouring his words as Tiffany sucked on my cunt. “Thank you darling” I started, “I love you so very much”. We kissed long and passionately then he let me kiss Tiffany a while longer when she moved up from my cunt. We all dressed and sat around for a few drinks and then said our good-byes. I kissed Tiffany at the door, “ I love you so much” I whispered in her ear “And I hope we can do this again soon”. “You are one beautiful white whore “ she told me and I hope the day will come again for me and my black lesbian whore.