A Bicycle Ride at the Beach – by SBarak1

It was late spring and the weather was warming up. I had driven down to my beach house on Friday night after work to give the place a bit of a spring clean, ready for summer, and try out the water. This time of year the water at the beach was still cold, however I had a wet suit if the water proved to be too cold. The sea temperature along the southern coast of mainland Australia takes a while to warm up in our summer which is December through to February – March.I was up early on Saturday, had a quick breakfast and was making good progress cleaning things out, cleaning windows and giving the garden the once over. It was about 2pm and I thought it was time for a bicycle ride. I would ride to the next sea side village about 10km’s away and grab a late lunch. I got out my bike, oiled the chain and pumped up the tyres. I filled up my water bottle, put on my bike helmet and set off. I decided to go the back way and see what might have changed along the way over winter. They were always building new houses along the back road.Most of the holiday houses were still closed up, not many people were around. Except one old house about half way along the back road. There were a few cars out the front and a number of people on the front balcony enjoying the afternoon sun. As I rode up I could hear mainly women’s voice chatting and laughing. They looked as though they were having a good time. As I rode past they waved and called out to me. I waved, said “G’day” and kept riding. They’re a friendly bunch I thought as I headed off to the next village. Once I got there I grabbed a sandwich and a drink and sat in the main street watching the world go by. These little seaside villages and very quiet until the summer holidays I thought. It was time to head off.It was about 4pm by the time I was approaching the old place with the people on the balcony. I thought I would get home and go for a swim down at the beach. As I neared the house the people on the balcony started calling out again so a slowed to a halt out the front of the property, had a sip from my water bottle and said “Hi”. One of the women, a blond, walked over to the balcony rail, looked across at me and said, “Looks like thirsty work, would you like a drink. You are more than welcome to join us”. “OK”, I said, took off my bike helmet and walked around to the side of the house, propped my bike up, and climbed the stairs to the balcony. As I got to the main balcony area everyone stopped talking to look at me for a second. The woman who spoke to me first came over, held out her hand and said, “Hi I’m Penny, what’s your name”? “I’m Alan” I responded. “His name is Alan everyone and he rides a bike. You can do your own introductions. What do you want to drink Alan”? I looked around. There were 5 women in their early to mid-forties on the balcony including Penny. Penny was a bit tipsy from the way she was speaking and walking. I guessed the rest of the party was a bit the same. “Whatever is going “, I replied to Penny, who promptly walked off into the house to get another glass. I watched her as she swayed and wiggled her shapely ass. Yep, definitely ‘a few sheets to the wind’ I thought. She arrived back quickly and put a glass of champagne in my hand. “Thanks Penny”, I responded. Not my usual tipple I thought but it looks as though that’s what they were all drinking.One of the other women called me over. “Alan, there is a spare seat here, come over and sit down”. I stepped around a few chairs and a table and took a seat. “Hi my name is Allison, nice to meet you Alan”, she said I we shook hands. Her friend, who she had been talking to, introduced herself as Monica. They asked where I was from and did I spend much time around the area. The conversation went on as I chatted and introduced myself to everyone. It turned out I had dropped in on a girl’s weekend away. Penny’s brother owned the house and had let them use it for the weekend. The women came in all shapes and sizes and from different backgrounds. It turned out they had all gone to high school together and would catch up every now and again for a weekend away. Penny was divorced with the two k**s. She worked in real estate. Was about 5’6”, nice big boobs, shapely ass and great legs. Allison was also divorced, no k**s and was a receptionist at a hospital. She was tall and slim brunette, almost 6’ tall, nice pert boobs and long legs leading up to nice ass. Monica was married with a k**. She was a stay at home mum. She was about 5’4”, blond, fantastic ass, medium sized boobs and definitely on the chubby side. Next was Lara, single, living and working in the city. I didn’t catch what her job was. She was auburn haired with a nice figure, about 5’6” tall. It looked like she worked out her, arms and legs were toned and she had medium sized boobs with an ass to match. Then there was Rose, married with 2 k**s and a stay at home mum. Rose was a big girl, about 5’ 4”, huge boobs and ass. She had a pretty face and mousy brown medium length hair.We had been on the balcony for a few hours. The women were getting progressively drunk and chatting away. I had knocked down about 4 or 5 champagnes and felt relaxed. By now Penny and Monica were in the kitchen preparing something. I had found out this was Penny’s brother’s beach house. She would spend summer holidays here regularly with her k**s and her brother’s family.I noticed the time and stood up. “It’s been a pleasure ladies but I should get going and leave you to have your dinner”, I said. One of the women called out to Penny and Monica. “Hey, you two, Alan’s leaving, come and say good-bye”. Penny shot out of the kitchen. “He can’t do that. I mean, Alan, would you like to stay for dinner. We have a heaps of food. It’s a BBQ”, she said. “Are you sure I am not imposing”? I asked. “I insist”, she replied. “Besides we need a bloke to cook the BBQ”, she went on. With that all the women laughed. Penny then bustled me into the kitchen and presented me with an apron, tongs and a scrapper. “The BBQ is at the end of the balcony. The gas bottle is full, I checked. Just fire it up and I will bring the meat to you shortly”, she said. “OK then”, I replied and headed off in the direction of the BBQ. By now the conversation on the balcony was getting a bit raucous.While I was setting up BBQ Rose came over to chat with me. She explained how she really looked forward to these weekends as she didn’t get many chances to get away from her husband and k**s. Before I knew it Penny had arrived with a big plate of meat. There were steaks, sausages and beef patties. I busied myself cooking the meat. Rose went back to join the others on the balcony Penny checked what I was doing and said, “Looks like you have done that before. I’ll be back in 10 minutes to see how you are going”. She gave me a playful pat on the bum and headed back inside. As soon as she left I sensed someone tell behind me, it had to be Allison. She stumbled into me. She was more than tipsy. Pressing against me from behind she was giving me a good touch up. Her hands were all over me. I turned and put my hand on her shoulders standing her upright. “There you go”, I said. “Looks like you are enjoying the evening”, I continued. She mentioned something about me having a nice ass. Lara arrived before long and dragged Allison back to the balcony. A few minutes later Monica and Rose walked past me hand in hand, not exactly in a straight line. As they passed Monica said in a slightly slurred voice, “We’re off for a piss”. Fair enough I thought, as they walked around the back of the house giggling. I was turning the steaks when I heard shrieks of laughter coming from the backyard. I looked around the corner of the house to see Monica and Rose squatting in the corner of the yard urinating. Their dresses were pulled up and there panties were on the grass nearby. “Everything OK”, I called out. “We’re OK”, they called back. Then Rose almost fell over while they both continued to shriek. The parties starting to warm up I thought as I went back to the BBQ and started to take the steaks and patties off the grill. Penny came back to ask how it was going. “Just about done”, I told her. “Good. These guys need to eat something soon otherwise some of them will get a bit untidy”, she said. I nodded in agreement as she stuck her head around the corner of the house and told off Monica and Rose. “Will you two keep it down. I don’t want the neighbours complaining”. I lifted the sausages off the grill and switched off the BBQ. I then followed Penny back on to the balcony. Everything was laid out on the table ready to go including big bowls of salad, tomato sauce and large glasses of water. I put the plate I was carrying down and grabbed an end seat next to Lara. Monica and Rose came back and sat down with slightly sheepish looks on their faces. Plates and bowls were passed around as we loaded up our plates and started the meal. The rest of the meal was uneventful as we chatted to each other. Allison regained her composure and the overall volume level went down. As the sun went down we got up and carried the dishes into the kitchen, rinsed them, and moved to the lounge area. All 6 of us sat around chatting to each other about such topics as diverse as families, politics, religion the price of holiday houses. We were drinking either red or white wine. I had a very pleasant glass of Coonawarra shiraz in my hand. It was getting close to 1am. Lara and Rose had gone to bed. Penny was sitting close by me on the couch with her feet curled up underneath her. Allison and Monica were standing in front us. “Time for us to head off to bed Penny”, said Monica, as they both gave Penny a stare. I took the hint. I stood up and said “It’s late and I should go. Thanks very much for dinner and the wine ladies. I’ve had a great evening”. I noticed Penny returning Allison and Monica’s stare. With that Penny filled my glass and said. “Goodness, Alan hasn’t finished his wine. He can’t go yet”. Allison and Monica turned on their heels and left the room. “What was that all about”, I asked Penny. “Don’t worry”, replied Penny. “Just sit back down. They can be overly protective sometimes. Here’s your glass”. I sat down and Penny moved over next to me and lifted my arm around her shoulders. “Do you mind if we just sit here for a while like this. Your arm feels good around me”, she said. With that she snuggled in and sighed. I took a sip of wine and wondered where this might be heading. Sure I was attracted to her but this wasn’t the time or place to get amorous with her considering we were in a house full of her friends.We continued to chat about things and then I felt her kiss my neck. I turned my head and she kissed me on the lips. I felt her shudder. She pulled back, took a deep breath and reached over and took my glass from me. She took a large gulp from my glass and put it down on the coffee table. She then climbed over me and sat in my lap. Holding my face in her hands she planted a big kiss on my lips. It wasn’t long before we were both exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. Penny undid the front of her blouse exposing her magnificent breasts. She was braless. I reached out and caressed her breasts and touched her nipples. She stopped kissing me. Looked into my eyes and then closed them and we continued to kiss. I could feel a bulge starting in my pants and I was sure Penny could to. We had been kissing and fondling for at least 20 minutes when Penny stood up, motioned for me to stand and took my hand. “Follow me”, she whispered in my ear. I quickly removed my runners and socks with my other hand. Quietly we headed across the lounge, down the hallway and into the main bedroom. Penny closed the door. It was dark. “They’re going to hear us”, I whispered. “I know” she giggled. Penny then removed her blouse, kicked off her shoes and hugged me. I lent down and kissed her passionately. She reached up and removed my tee-shirt, then dropped down in front of me and pulled down my shorts and attempted to pull down my jocks. My, by now, fairly hard cock, was catching on the band on my jocks. “What have we here”? I heard Penny say as she attempted to free my still hardening cock. With a snap of the band she pulled down my jocks and my cock bounced up and slapped her on the face. “Whatever that was that hit me it better be part of you”, said Penny as she giggled quietly and lowered my jocks. I flicked my shorts and jocks aside with my foot. I could feel Penny’s hot breath on my cock as she searched it out with her hand. Once she was holding me firmly I could feel her tongue exploring the head of my now very hard cock. Then I could feel the warm sensation of her mouth as she enveloped me. I savored the moment as I received a slow sensuous blow job. I then lifted Penny up. “It’s time we got into bed”, I said. I reached down and slide Penny’s jeans over her shapely ass and down her legs. I lifted her feet out of her jeans and then slide her panties down. I kissed her on the stomach and stood up. She then led me over to the bed and stripped off the bed covers. We lay down on the cool sheets together.Neither of us said a word. She lay on my right arm as I pulled her close. She kissed me on the lips and searched out my cock with her right hand. I fondled her breasts with my left hand and pinched her nipples. I then ran my hand down, over her stomach and searched out her pussy. She immediately spread her legs and pushed her pelvis towards me. I slipped a finger inside her. She was very wet. I heard a faint moan from her. I was thinking about what her pussy would taste like, when she took matters into own hands, or thighs as was the case. She straddled me, put her finger over my lips and whispered, “I want to do this slowly”. With that she reached down and pushed the head of my cock between her pussy lips and slowly pushed down. My very hard 9” circumcised cock slid into her a few inches and stopped. I felt her shudder. “That’s big”! she said. She was tight. But I could tell she knew what to do as she gently lifted up and pushed down slowly, again and again. By now my cock was deep inside her pussy. She then proceeded to rock back and forwards as I reached up holding her breasts and explored her nipples with my tongue. She must have been rocking back and forwards for 15 minutes before she picked up the pace. It didn’t take long before I felt her gently shudder once then twice. She kept moving back and forwards. Then she came. She stopped rocking and shuddered from her head to her toes. I heard her sob and then felt big warm drops landing on my chest. She then collapsed on top of me continuing to sob and holding me tightly. My cock still deep inside her. This was a first. I had got a lot of different reactions from women I had fucked over my 43 years. This was the first time I had made a woman cry. I stroked her hair not being sure what to say. After a few minutes she lifted herself up and pushed down on my cock. “That was beautiful Alan”, she said. “I haven’t been made love to for such a long time. I think I can still feel my orgasm making my toes tingle”, she went on.After a while Penny slipped off my cock and lay down beside me. She nuzzled in and went to sleep. After dozing for a while, I eased myself away from the sleeping Penny, got up and headed off to find the bathroom. Halfway down the hallway I found a likely looking door. I had a leak and was washing my hands, when the door opened and in walked Allison. Allison looked at me and I looked her, she didn’t register any surprise. We were both naked. Allison quickly closed the door behind her. I couldn’t help but run my eye over Allison’s tall slim body and nice pert boobs. “Still here are you”? asked Allison. “I hope you have been gentle with Penny”, she went on. Our nakedness didn’t seem to worry Allison. She stepped around me and sat on the toilet. She looked across at me. “Nice ass, I wondered what it might look like”, she said. She got up, flushed, washed her hands and pressed herself up against me. “You better come with me”, she whispered in my ear. With that she switched off the light and we walked into the now dark lounge room. She pushed me down on the couch and straddled my lap facing me. “I want some of what you gave Penny right now”, she said. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my cock. My cock immediately started to respond. Allison gave me a searching kiss, then reached down to position my cock against the lips of her pussy and pushed down. “Put your hands on my hips and push”, she whispered in my ear. I slowly pushed down and could feel my semi rigid cock inch its way into her tight pussy. If I had been hard she wouldn’t have been able to take me. I stopped at about 6 inches in. “My god that’s big. You are stretching me. I can feel it”, she whispered. “Not as much as you will be stretched by the time I’ve finished”, I whispered in her ear. She gasped as I tried to push into her some more and stopped. I moved my hands, lifted her hips and slowly started to fuck her with two thirds of my cock. I then thought I heard a noise in the kitchen. I continued to listen as I went on fucking Allison. “I can feel it growing”, she whispered. “Please stop”! I stopped as I felt my cock become harder inside her. My cock was expanding inside her already tight pussy and I became concerned I may hurt her. “I don’t know if I can take it”, she whispered urgently. Before I could take any action she pushed her face into the cushion, next to my head, on the couch and let out what sounded like a muffled “FUUUUUCK” and a grunt as she came. The extra lubrication in her caused her tight pussy to eject my cock with an audible plop. She was looking at me panting. She continued to look at me for several minutes as she recovered. “That’s what I needed”, she said. She kissed me on the forehead, stood up and headed off to her bed. OK I thought. That was short and sweet.Next I walked out onto the balcony, the air temperature was still mild. I looked up at the night sky then around and noticed the glow of a cigarette. Another woman was sitting in a chair on the balcony. A voice said, “Give Allison a good fucking then”? It was Lara’s voice. She stood up and moved towards me. I could just make out she was wearing a big tee-shirt. She could make out my naked profile as she approached. “Allison always gets what she wants. I wonder what she tastes like”? Allison said. “I think she got a bit more than she bargained for”, I said with a grin. With that Lara knelt down in front of me, grabbed my cock and wrapped her lips around it. “Hmmmm, sweet. Let’s go over here”, she continued. She stood up and still holding my cock guided me across the balcony, and down the stairs near the BBQ. This time she squatted and stuck my cock back in her mouth while reaching down and fingering her pussy. After a short while she stood up and whispered in my ear. “Big cock Alan. I like it, and my hungry pussy is going to like it even more. Take me from behind”. She lent forward and placed her hands on a table beside the BBQ and stuck her ass out. I moved around behind her. I separated her legs some more and then fingered her pussy. She was getting very wet. I slipped in a finger, then two. She gasped. I could feel she was ready. I positioned myself and gently slid my hard cock into her. She was very wet and relaxed. She easily took my 9 inches. I grabbed her hips and commenced to pump my cock into her picking up speed. Just then I thought I heard some movement nearby. I didn’t have a full view of the backyard but couldn’t see anything in the dark. I turned my concentration back to Lara and focused on my rhythm. It wasn’t long before Lara started to respond with little gasps and groans. I could feel her body respond. I picked up the pace. Lara convulsed and came with a quiet grunt. I stopped and waited for her with my cock still deep in her. I heard something like a muffled sneeze somewhere in the backyard and looked up. Lara didn’t notice. She then pushed me back and slipped forward off my cock. “Nice”, she said, as she give me a kiss on the cheek and headed off into the house.I was left standing there outside by myself. My cock was still hard and I was feeling frustrated. I had fucked 3 women that evening and not cum. I started to stroke my cock thinking about fucking Penny. I felt a presence beside me. A hand reached out and placed it over the hand I was stroking my cock with. “Hmmmm, very nice. Let’s not waste this. Come over here”. The voice said. It was Rose. “I’ve been watching”, said Rose. “I saw you fuck Allison and Lara. I can guess that you have had this big fat cock in Penny as well. I am so wet and horny from fingering myself and watching you. You have to fuck me now and come on my tits”, she said. For the fourth time that evening a different women led me to a place to have her way with me. Perhaps an exaggeration. I certainly didn’t consider myself a victim and I wasn’t complaining. Rose grabbed my hand and led me into an old shed or garage in the backyard. On the ground there was rug laid out. Rose had planned this. “Lay down on the ground”, she whispered urgently. I lay down on the rug as she slipped off her night shirt. It was hard to see but she had definitely had huge boobs and a big shapely ass. As I lay down she almost jumped on top of me. She straddled my face with her pussy and reached down to grab my cock with her hand and devour it with her mouth. As she ground her hairy pussy onto my probing tongue I could feel her pulse racing. She was sucking my cock hard and slamming her pussy into my face. I held her hips to try and slow her down. I couldn’t control her. She was very excited. I found her clit and sucked hard. She shuddered and then kept slamming down on my face. This little thing is going off like a fire cracker I thought as I did my best to keep my tongue in her now very wet hairy pussy. She shuddered again and rolled off me. “Fuck me! Fuck me as hard as you can and cum all over my tits, NOW”! she ordered in a loud whisper. I moved around and knelt between her legs. She spread wide with her hands holding her legs wide open. “NOW! NOW”! she whispered urgently. I moved forward as my cock slid all the way, to the hilt, into her sopping hairy pussy. I grabbed a mound of wobbling breast flesh and clamped my lips over a nipple. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME”! Rose kept saying as I pistoned her pussy as fast as I could go. I felt her shudder. Breath expelled out of her as she went “AHHHHHHHH”! and came. I kept going. It wasn’t long before she said, “OH MY GOD”! as almost a grunt. She came again. I kept going. It didn’t take me much longer I could feel that familiar tingle as my seed prepared to eject. I knelt up pulling my cock out of her with a slurping, suction sound. I grabbed my cock in my right hand. I didn’t need to stroke myself as my cock erupted. Long strings of cum arced out in front of me. I couldn’t see where they were going. By the squeals from Rose it sounded like they were hitting the target. I was spent. Rose lifted herself up on her elbows. “I said come all over my tits, not drown me”, she said with a giggle. I was still kneeling. My cock dripping on her belly. “You can’t blame me”, I said quietly. “That was my fourth fuck for the night and I had been primed by the other three. Besides your huge boobs really turn me on”, I went on. My hands moved forward to find her nipples. All I could feel was my sticky mess covering her chest. I rubbed my cum into her breasts as she giggled. “I need to clean up and we better get back inside”, said Rose. “Are you sure it’s safe”? I asked. “What do you mean”, replied Rose. “Well I’m half expecting Monica to jump me somewhere between here and Penny’s bedroom. She the last one”, I said with a laugh. “Don’t worry about Mon. She’s a very sound sleeper. Always missing out on the fun on these weekends after we go to bed”, Rose said with a giggle.I awoke next to Penny at first light. The house was quiet. I could hearing snoring from somewhere down the hallway. Penny was snuggled in next to me. I gave her a kiss and got up to dress. “Going so soon”, she asked in a sleepy voice. “Probably a good idea that I get going”, I replied, slipping my shorts on. “I can make breakfast for you”, Penny offered. “Perhaps not this time. We don’t want an awkward situation at the breakfast table with the rest of the girls”, I said. “Maybe you’re right”, she replied. Awkward in a number of ways I thought. “What’s your mobile number”? I asked getting my mobile phone out of my pocket. Penny told me and I keyed it in. “I’ve just sent you a text. Give me a call when you are next having a girls weekend here”, I said with a smile. I gave her another kiss and went off to find my runners and socks.Dear Reader, These stories are all my own work. I draw from real life experience, stories I have heard and my vivid imagination. If you like what you read please let me know. For those of you interested I am open to your suggestions. Ladies, if you want to become part of the narrative, let me know.