A Castle Love Story

An hour later, Ryan knocked on Esposito's apartment door. "I got us a pizza,"Esposito said as Ryan walked in. Soon, they were busy playing Madden and eating pizza. All of a sudden, Esposito said, "I have a better idea of what we could do." He stood up and told Ryan to follow him. They went into the bedroom. Ryan went in first. When Esposito had shut the door, Ryan turned around to ask what he had in mind. The words never came out. As soon as Ryan turned around, Esposito grabbed him and started to kiss him. Ryan was shocked at first, but soon he was kissing as hard as Esposito was. He felt Esposito slide his hand up his shirt and start to squeeze his nipples. Ryan pulled away and stripped down to a pair of boxers while Esposito stripped to a jockstrap. "Damn Javi," Ryan said as he caught sight of Esposito's big package. "Why don't you open it?" Esposito said. Ryan fell to his knees and pulled down Esposito's jock. Javi's 10" dick jumped out and slapped Ryan on the nose. Ryan was nervous as he first took it in his mouth, but soon he got used to it and could almost take it all. "Fuck yeah b*o," Javi moaned as he guided Ryan's head up and down." When Javi started to get close to his climax, he said,"Let me suck you now." Ryan looked up at him and slowly stood up while Javi knelt at his feet. He saw Ryans huge boner trying to break through his boxers. He ripped them off and started to suck Ryan hungrily. "Ohhh fuck Javi," Ryan managed to saw between gasps as Javi feverishly sucked. "Let me see your ass," Javi growled. Ryan turned around and Javi slapped his ass until it was cherry red. Ryan cried out every time and soon his eyes had tears in them. Javi grabbed some lube and lubed Ryan's ass and his own cock. "Fuck condoms," Javi growled as he slid into Ryan's tight virgin ass. "Ohhh FUCK, Javi. Fuck, it hurts," Ryan screamed as Javi plowed through his ass. Javi grabbed him and flipped him over onto his back. Ryan could feel that he was getting close to his climax, so he started jacking. "Oh fuck, Javi. I'm gonna cum!," he gasped ans he shot his huge load on his abs. "Ohhhh fuck, FUCK!!," Javi shouted as he cummed deep in Ryan's ass. Javi fed Ryan's cum to him as Javi slowly slid out. "Fuck man, that was amazing!" Ryan gasped. "Yeah,"Javi replied, "Not too bad for a virgin." They both laughed. Ryan looked at the clock. "Oh shit, Javi. It's 11:30! I have to get home!" Ryan tried to get up, but Javi held him down. "Just stay here tonight. You can borrow my clothes,"Javi said with a wink. They crawled under the covers, and Ryan fell asleep with his head on Javi's chest.