A Chastity Story

Even with the lateness of the hour, (with my zip done up) the casual observer wouldn't have suspected anything, dressed in a jacket and black joggers. The people fast asleep in the houses I walked passed would never know the reason I was there. Nobody would ever know that under my jacket I wore no t-shirt. That under my joggers my cock was locked in a chastity cage. Another sign of my purpose for walking down to the second lamppost after the entrance the His street.My instructions were to wait here, by the lamppost, next to three bins. Not knowing if my shivering was caused by the chill night's air or by the anticipation of what may soon happen. I had no guarantee that he would show. I had only spoken to him for the first time a little over an hour ago.My online ad explained what I was looking for. What I needed. He excited me from his first message. He was firm and dominant, exactly what I needed. He promised to give me everything I craved, so long as I was obedient. Usually there are messages that go back and forth for too long, so that I gain more information: what they like and what they'd do to me. Usually I decide that they're not for me and move on, horny and desperate, with my fantasy unfulfilled but this was different. After a short conversation I found myself getting in my car and half an hour later here I was, standing under the lamppost that He had indicated.Following His instructions further, I slipped the joggers down slightly, so that the top half of my ass was exposed to the night's air. I had worn no underwear. I was to wait until He came to collect me. I looked around nervously. There were several houses with a view of where I stood with my ass exposed, illuminated by the glow of the street light directly above me. I hoped He was watching from one of the many windows, just to see if I could do as I was told, waiting to let the panic set in when He didn't show immediately.And He didn't show. Five minutes waiting seemed an age and gradually the excitement faded and I began to feel the autumn cold. This was why I usually get to know somebody before driving half an hour to meet them. I had no way of contacting Him once I was there (which had been against my better judgment) and had arrived with only good faith the he would show.Not wanted to give up too easily I walked ahead round the corner and back to affirm that I was at the right spot. I then decided to abandon subtlety and pulled my zip and joggers further down, exposing my collar and entire ass. After another long five minutes I had nearly decided to give up. There was a service station I had to drive past on the motorway that I thought I could try... maybe the trip wouldn't be a total waste of time...Before I had made up my mind, He appeared.As I turned around I saw the front door of the nearest house open. A man appeared in the shadow of the doorway. In the dim light I could see that he was shorter than I expected but clearly muscular wearing nothing but a pair of grey shorts. I thought he would come over to lead me back to the house and maybe, barely dressed as I was, do something in the street. Instead he beckoned me over to him silently and, with some trepidation, I approached the house.He opened the door wider as I reached the threshold and I could see him clearly. A foot or so shorter than me he had a shaved head and broad shoulders with a well-developed chest. He had a handsome face and smooth black skin with just a little bit of chest hair. My excitement grew: He was exactly what I had been looking for.He spoke as I stopped in front of him. 'Are you alright, mate?' he asked. I was taken aback as this was not what I had expected and didn't know how to proceed.'Just waiting for someone', I answered as casually as he had spoken, sure that he could see the collar even with the closest streetlamp now behind me. Was this not Him? I thought. Surely nobody else would be up at this time? Then again it was a Saturday and I had been standing outside this guy's house for a while.He spoke again, 'Need any help?' he asked. He had a strong, manly voice and seemed completely unphased by the fact that a stranger was standing on his doorstep in the middle of the night wearing a SLAVE collar with his ass hanging out. I thought it must be the man I had arranged to meet but nothing had been mentioned about the strange role-play he had initiated. I mumbled a response that I was fine and repeated that I was waiting for someone. 'What are you looking for?' he asked.This was it. He was going to make me say the words when I wasn't even sure I'd be saying them to the right person. After the initial uncertainty had passed I was enjoying the situation and decided to go for it: even if this wasn't THE guy (though I was sure it was), I decided I'd still like to have this stud use and abuse me for his pleasure and amusement. I'd driven for half an hour to be there and didn't want to waste any opportunity so I went for it. I spoke clearly but not loudly, looking him straight in the eye the whole time: 'I'm here to suck cock and drink piss'.His facial expression didn't change but he stood to one side holding the door fully open, 'Come in quick' he whispered. I stepped past him and into a living room as he shut the door behind me. The glow of the lamppost filtering through the blinds was the only light as he turned to me and asked, 'How big is your dick?''You can't tell. It's locked in a cage.' I answered.'Show me.' I pulled the front of my joggers down to match the back, revealing my white chastity cage. The first time anybody had seen my locked dick in real-life.'On your knees.' Was his only response, again whispered.I immediately fell to me knees as he walked towards me, reaching into his loose lounge shorts. My mouth watered as he stood in front of me, letting his shorts fall to the floor.