A fight with my husband

The next morning I got my daughter ready for crèche and after dropping her off at crèche I went back home. My husband waited at home for me to try sort out our disagreement form the night before. We were fighting about the fact that I wanted to buy myself a new car with my own money which I had from selling houses in my spare time but he couldn't understand why I wanted a new car. We continued fighting and eventually we were screaming at each. He eventually stormed out the house and left for work. The night he came home and we barely spoke to one another. After putting our daughter to bed we made our way to separate rooms again. Thursday was the same we continued fighting with each other and that evening again we fought and slept in separate rooms. Once i was in the spare room I decided to message Gavin and see if he was free for lunch on Friday. He replied back asking coffee shop lunch or hotel lunch as he is able to take a few hours of work. I replied back to him saying, hotel lunch as I'm fighting with my husband then I could speak to you more freely and raise my angered opinion without anyone hearing. He replied back saying that he's sorry to hear that we fighting and that it will be same hotel and he would let me know what room number and time tomorrow morning. The next morning once awake and my daughter was ready for crèche, my husband came to apologise to me saying that he was wrong to fight and shout at me as I want to by a new car with money that I had earned. We spoke for a while and ended our fight before he left for work and myself to drop my daughter off at crèche. Gavin message me after 9h00 say room 8 at 11h30. Even though my husband and I sorted out our disagreement and fighting I decided I would still go see Gavin. It was still winter and rather cold so I got dressed in tracksuit pants a top and a warm jersey not wearing any underwear tho. I left at 11h30 and went to the hotel. Arriving at the hotel at 11h50 i made my way to room 8. It was open and on entering Gavin had bought hot chocolate for me in a take away cup. We first sipped on the hot chocolate while I told him about the fight I had with my husband. He agreed with me my husband was being dumb. Once our hot chocolates were finished and I moved to sit on top of Gavin. Our lips met and we started kissing. He removed my jersey and top and made his way to my boobs. He started sucking my hard nipples, pleasuring me. I soon pulled his top off so I could have the pleasure of seeing his well built chest. He then stood up lifting me up with him and put me gently down on the bed. He placed his hands on my tracksuit pants as I lifted my legs for him to remove them. He then kneeled down and made his way to between my legs. He started muffing my wet horny pussy. Licking my clit and pussy lips. I started moaning from the pleasure he was giving me. He then stood up and dropped his pants to the floor. He lifted my legs up over his shoulders and entered his big long cock into my wet pussy. He started thrusting back and forth in and out of my pussy. I soon was moaning as he made me orgasm while fucking me with his big cock against my back walls of my pussy. After I finished orgasmning I pushed Gavin away from me so that his cock left my pussy. I sat up as he stood in front of me and I took his cock into my mouth. I deepthroated him and soon he started to moan as he shot his cum into my mouth. He moaned from pleasure of me sucking his cock as he came. Once he finished his load into my mouth i swallowed his cum  and then laid back on the bed.Gavin joined me laying next to me as we chatted for a short while before he started playing with my boobs. My nipples soon became erect and I could feel my pussy was getting wet again. Gavin soon started fingering me. He stimulated my clit with his fingers bring me to orgasm. After I finished moaning from my orgasm, Gavin made his way to between my legs again and started muffing me. He was licking my pussy when my phone rang. It was my husband calling. Gavin briefly stopped for a few seconds as I answered the call. I started chatting to my husband as he now wanted to know if I want him to take me too look at a few cars tomorrow, as I started to reply Gavin started muffing me again, licking my pussy while I told my husband that I would like that. My husband apologise again for the dumb fight and said he would be home by 17h00, and that he loves me and would see me then. Gavin moved up and entered his big cock into my pussy and started fucking me slowly while I was still on the phone to my husband. As I said I love you too and goodbye to my husband, Gavin gave me a deep hard thrust. I then put the phone call off, making sure that I  switched the call off properly as Gavin thrusted his cock deep in and out my pussy. I put the phone down on the bed and Gavin then stopped to ask me how it felt to talk to my husband while having my pussy eaten and fucked by him. I said rather difficult but I'm rather horny now so fuck me hard.He started thrusting rough and hard in and out my pussy in missionary position. I soon started moaning as he brought me to orgasm again. After i finished cumming he removed his cock from my pussy and told me to kneel on all 4s. He pushed his cock back into my pussy and started fucking me hard and rough in doggy style. He soon started moaning as he neared cumming. He then fucked me harder as he shot his cum into my pussy. His big cock hitting up against my pussy walls until he finished. He then removed his cock from me and I fell down onto my belly. He soon joined me and we laid catching our breath, before going to shower. After showering we slowly got dressed as we chatted and discussed to see each other soon again. It was 15h30 when we both left the room and walked to parking lot. Gavin walked me to my car where he have me a hug and kiss goodbye. I hopped into my car as I was driving off to fetch my daughter I thought about how much of a stress relief the good rough sex I just had was.And that was the story about my fight with my husband about me wanting to get a new car.