A Kitty's Revenge

As would be normal in a young girl my age, had I only been born a girl, I was also starting to look at boys and feel new urges and desires for them. Avi knew he was good looking and knew that all he had to do was turn his attention on a girl and she'd do anything for him. He was also the very worst bully of the lot of them. Like many good looking, tough guys, he felt a need to assert his masculinity and his dominance over the other guys at school and he mostly did this by putting down any of the easier to pick on k**s.I don't know whether he chose me as the brunt of his worst behavior because he sensed the way I looked at him, the way I lusted over him when he wasn't looking, my shy glances like those of so many of the girls. Whatever the reason, if he wanted someone to sling insults at to impress people or boost his own self esteem, it was usually me he called a dirty fag or a sissy. The whole class joining in to try and impress him, pushing me around and teasing me about my pathetic girlishness was bad enough, but for it to be the boy I so wanted to like me that was doing it was especially painful to me.Still, I got through high school and after years of grappling with my identity and sexuality, I finally was able to truly express myself as the real me and was completely transformed. I was born again as a new person, a beautiful, sexy woman, the kind that drew the kind of attention from guys that I had always yearned for. More than that, I was finally confident and comfortable in my own skin. My feminine body, slender waist and long legs, my pretty features, long lashes and full lips, the very things that had encouraged the high school bullies were now what I loved so much about myself and took all the chances I could to show off in glittering make up, high heels and short skirts. I was also finally comfortable with my sexual desires and, having missed out for so long on the pleasures of being a girl and then a woman, I pursued men with a passion, desiring all the ecstatic sexual pleasures I could get, I became the mistress of my own desires.Where as a young guy I had been so insecure, becoming a woman had unleashed a new side to me, one that liked to take control of any situation, especially being the boss when it came to men. In my experience, it had been the case that most men when faced with my beautiful body and aggressive approach became pretty easy to manipulate and willing to do anything to please me. They didn't even seem that bothered when they discovered the truth about me. In fact, they didn't seem to take much encouragement at all to get down on their knees and take my swollen dick in their mouths. Yes, I had kept one part of my old masculine self still very much alive. My cock was the source of so much of my sexual pleasure that I couldn't be without it. Besides, at a thick seven inch length, it was one part of me that had always been impressively masculine, even more so when compared to my mostly petite girlish body.As usual on a Friday night, I was out in a bar looking for hot straight guys whose lives were about to be turned. I was dolled up in the kind of clothing that made me feel sexy and drew no shortage of admiring glances from around the bar, a short black, pleated satin skirt and a sparkly silver top. My long legs were shown off in nylon hold-up stockings and a pair of five inch heeled black patent pumps. My long lashes were enhanced with glittering mascara and sparkling blue eye shadow. My lips were painted a wet pink that also shimmered in the light.So far, the talent in the bar had been nothing special, until a group of lads about my age walked in. They were a bunch of toned, athletic guys, just my type, and they quickly drew my interest. Maybe this night would turn out better than I had anticipated. I sauntered passed the group towards the bar, swaying my hips in the short skirt that brushed against my stocking tops, feeling their eyes watch my movement, lustfully taking in my long legs and pert little arse. Suddenly, I was stopped in my tracks by a voice I thought I recognized but couldn't quite place."Woah, check out that nice piece of ass," he said, obviously the ringleader of the little group, speaking loud enough that he clearly intended me to hear, "I wouldn't mind hitting a bit of that!""Nah," said one of the other guys, as I was still trying to place his friend's voice, "She's out of your league, Avi."Avi! That was it, the name recalled to my mind instantly the owner of the voice. As I turned to give him a quick once over, checking him out as he had me, I could now see that it was unmistakably my high school bully, looking better than ever. The ten years since we had graduated school had allowed his tall, athletic frame to fill out with muscles in all the right places. As he turned from me, I could see the kind of tight, toned arse that was just what I looked for in a man. Confusingly, as all those feelings of anger at the way he had humiliated me in school came rushing back, so did feelings of lust arise in me."Hi guys, I'm Kitty" I said, turning slowly to give them the full benefit of my hot, womanly body, my curves and long legs in stockings and a very short skirt, I could see from their expressions that they liked what they saw, "Are you guys checking me out?" I asked flirtatiously. "You're kind of cute," I said, addressing Avi, "Maybe I'll let you buy me a drink."I didn't quite know what I was doing but a plan was forming in my mind, something was telling me that maybe I could find a way to get back at this bullying, homophobic arsehole and get some great sex with a hot guy at the same time. I could tell that he certainly didn't remember me at all, I guess I'd changed a bit since then.I could also tell that he was pretty into me. As I beckoned him over from the group and had him buy me a drink, he was totally compliant, no more of his brash posturing. I was already in control of the situation and this made me feel pretty good about it.His friends looked pretty astounded that I had made a move on their boy and seemed to be enjoying his company. As ever with groups of lads, they were both egging him on and laughing and mocking him at the same time. After a couple of drinks we began to dance together. By now he was no longer so completely under my spell, and his brash, showing off side came back as he began to grind his body against mine, running his hands over my pert arse."Look at those fags," he said, indicating his friends, "So fucking jealous, they could never get a hot girl like you to even speak to them. None of them are real men, just a bunch of queer sissies."The way he spoke about the other guys brought me back to how he treated at me at school, even while the closeness of his fit, athletic body began to make me a little hot and flustered. Unlike at school, when he used to drive me to tears, now I smiled inwardly at the thought that even while his talk was all gay bashing, he had completely failed to notice the cock hanging beneath the skirt of the gorgeous girl he was pressing his body close against on the dancefloor. Well, I was now pretty convinced that before the night was out, he was going to know about it. I was going to turn him into the cock loving queer he liked to bully.At one point, when Avi went to use the bathroom, one of his friends came over to talk to me."Hi," he said, being kind of shy and cute and polite, "I just kind of wanted to ask what you're doing with Avi? I mean, a stunning girl like you is way better than a guy like him. I know I'm sort of his friend but he's an arrogant, bullying prick. Just thought you needed to know really.""Oh, don't worry honey, I already know that pretty well," I grinned."So, what are you doing with him?"I glanced around the room to see that nobody was watching and then decided to take a chance. After all, part of what I wanted here was to humiliate Avi with his friends. So, I took the guy's hand in mine and brought it under my short pleated skirt, placing it on the bulge in my panties. His eyes widened and his mouth fell open with shock as he simply stared at me for a few seconds, his hand still feeling my cock, struggling to comprehend what this meant. Then, at last, a nasty smile grew on his lips as he understood that his bullying queer bashing friend was about to go home with a pretty girl with a dick.After Avi got back, I grabbed his arm and whispered in his ear about wanting to go back to his place and we left pretty quickly, he was obviously as eager to see what was inside my panties as I was to show him, of course he was in for something of a shock. As we left the bar, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, Avi's friend pointing something out to the rest of the group. They were trying to stifle laughter. I smiled to myself again. Whatever happened tonight, I had done some damage to his reputation as a stud even while he was seen leaving the bar with a gorgeous girl.Avi's place was a large flat in a nice part of town. It was clearly the bachelor pad for his single existence as the furniture and decor clearly had little of a woman's touch. The furniture was bland and functional and the place was a bit of a mess. Never mind, I wasn't really interested in interior decoration. My mind was going wild with lustful thoughts for the hot guy who owned the place and the fact that I was so much desiring revenge on my high school bully was just even more of a turn on.Pretty soon we were making out, our bodies pressed tight together, our lips locked in passionate kisses. I decided to take control, invading his mouth with my tongue, running my hands down his back to clasp that nice, firm arse of his. He didn't seem to mind, he obviously had no problem with a girl who likes to be in charge. As for me, I could feel a telltale stirring in my groin as we kissed, as my breasts pressed against his hard chest, my cock was becoming hard and still he didn't seem to notice quite the sort of girl I was."Take your clothes of honey," I said, pushing him away from me, "I wanna see that nice arse completely naked."I've never seen a guy strip quicker. In a couple of minutes, his firm, toned body was completely naked. I drank it in with my eyes, licking my lips. He might be a bit of a dick, but he was certainly hot. He had nice, rippling abs, strong thighs and a middling size cock (not as big as mine though), already growing quite hard just from kissing me. He grinned at me as I pulled my sparkly silver top over my head and unclasped my bra to let my nice, round breasts fall free."OK, now it's your turn," he grinned dirtily, "I wanna see your hot body before I fuck your brains out. Don't worry, Kitty, it's gonna be a night to remember.""Oh, yeah, I'm sure it is," I said, smiling to myself, "But first, turn around, let me see that cute arse of yours."He did as I said, turned his back to me and bent slightly over, showing me that naked, firm arse. Just the way I like it, I was going to enjoy fucking that. I landed a playful slap on his arse."Nice," I giggled, "We are going to have some fun.""Oh yeah, baby, we're going to have plenty of fun," he said, turning back around, "How about you get down on your knees and wrap that pretty mouth around this," he began to wave his semi-erect cock in my direction."I think I've got a better idea," I said, as I unzipped my short, pleated skirt and let it fall to the floor.Underneath, my black satin panties were already becoming stretched a little by the strains of holding in my growing erection. I could see Avi do a double take as he looked down my beautiful, curvy body and saw something he didn't expect in my panties. As I let them drop as well, leaving me dressed in nothing but stockings and heels, showing off my long, sexy legs, my cock sprung free and left him in absolutely no doubt as to the kind of girl that he had brought home with him. I grinned naughtily at him and began to stroke my dick, making it even bigger. I looked down at his hard-on and then at my own."Looks like I'm the one that's more of a man where it counts," I smiled, "Maybe it's you that should be on your knees sucking me off!""Oh no. No no no," he said, shaking his head as if he couldn't quite believe it, "No..that's not...I didn't want that...I'm not some kind of fag. I don't like dick.""But you like me, don't you Avi?" I smiled, nice and seductively, "You like beautiful girls, well look at me. Tell me I'm not one of the most gorgeous girls you've ever seen. It's ok to want me, it doesn't make you gay. Look at my long, sexy legs in stockings and heels, my nice round breasts, my pretty girlish face. Don't you want to show what a studly man like you can do to please a hot girl like me?"I could see he was wavering. He didn't come over to me but neither did he back off. He stood there staring, still completely naked. I noticed how obviously his gaze ran over my feminine curves but lingered most of all on my thick, hard meat. He was obviously thinking quite deeply about it and, if his own arousal was anything to go by, some part of him obviously liked what he saw. I could see from experience that it wouldn't take much to push him over the edge. He had already been so easy to control and do what I wanted this evening and now he seemed fascinated by my sexy feminine body and hard masculine cock together, he couldn't draw his eyes away. I could tell that in his struggle between the desire not to appear like the sissy queers he had always hated and the intense lust for my beautiful body, the latter was beginning to win out."Come on Avi," I said, putting on my most pleading,seductive tones, licking my lips and playing with my breast with one hand while I continued to slowly stroke my cock with the other, "I'm sooo hot and horny, I really need a man to get me off. Won't you be the one to do it for me, pleeease? Come on over here, lover, and help me out..."That seemed to do it. He walked over to me and, when he was standing right in front of me, I pushed him onto his knees."Oh, Kitty, you're such a sexy girl," he sighed, with his face just inches from my hard cock, "I'd love to be the one to please you.""Mmm, what would you like to do to me?" I grinned, standing over him in my heels, looking down on him kneeling in a position of supplication, "You'd like to suck this nice, thick cock, wouldn't you, honey?""Oh yes, Kitty, let me suck your lovely, tasty meat. I'm not gay but I'll be a cocksucker for your beautiful member, Kitty."He leant forward and wrapped his lips around the head of my cock, flicking his tongue across it. He opened his mouth and tried to swallow as much of it as he could, but, obviously not being much experienced at this, he only managed a couple of my seven inches. Still, his oral attentions were turning me on and my cock was growing harder and more excited. Although I think this was more from the position of standing over my former high school bully while he sucked me off than any of his cocksucking skills. Trying a different approach, he let my cock slip from his lips and began to lick it, running his tongue up from my balls along the base of my cock right back up to the tip, which he kissed. While at first he had been tentative, now he began to eagerly lick all around my cock, which was by now rock hard and extended to its full length."Mmm, oh, Kitty, your cock is so big," he moaned, "I've never seen one like it before, especially not on a beautiful woman. And it's so good to eat it. I love to lick your big hard cock."As he began to once more suck on the swollen purple head of my large member, he reached out and began to stroke the shaft with one hand while the other went to wank his own, slightly smaller, dick. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him down further on my cock."That's it, swallow my big cock," I moaned, "I can see how much this is turning you on, my submissive little cocksucker. You might say you're no fag but you sure seem to love the taste of cock."He gasped as I let up my hold on his head and let my cock out of his mouth for a second."I admit it, Kitty, I never thought there could be something better than a hot girl's pussy until I got a taste of your cock!" he said, "I'd love to suck your pretty meat whenever you want."With that he opened his mouth and managed to swallow about half of my full length. He was so eager that he was really quickly becoming a much better cocksucker. I'd never have thought it of the macho posturing he usually put on but he was so quickly manipulated into being completely submissive to me and this thrilled me every bit as much as having a hunky guy going down on my cock. But I kept thinking about his nice firm arse and what I really wanted to do to him, even as I continued to push his mouth down onto my dick, fucking his face."Mmm, oh yes, oh fuck, that's it, suck my cock, bitch," I moaned, "You're getting pretty good at this, honey. I can't believe you've never thought about how great it could feel to suck a nice juicy cock before now. You just love playing the submissive bitch don't you, honey? Submitting to the power of a girl with a nice hard dick.""Mmmm, urgh," was all he could grunt and gag as I shoved my cock right down his throat.As I let his head slip from my cock and allowed him to gasp for air again, this time I stepped back away from him, so when he leant back in with his mouth to try and envelop my cock once more, he got nothing but air. I laughed at him."God, you're so eager for it aren't you," I smiled, stepping back again as he reached up to try and touch it."Yes Kitty," he gasped, "I want it, I want your beautiful cock, please give it to me!""Oh, don't worry boy, you're going to get it," I smiled, "But you're going to take it how I say. You got that? If you want my cock then you'll have to submit yourself to whatever I ask.""Yes Kitty, I'll do whatever you want, you're so gorgeous, what a hot girl and what a lovely cock, I'd do anything for it.""Well then," I smiled, "Turn around, bend over and let's see that nice, toned arse of yours."He looked nervous and hesitant, as if he had suddenly realised quite what I meant to do to him."No, I can't...I won't do anything like that," he said, trying to sound tough and masculine, but when he was there pleading on his knees, with that same mouth that had just begged to suck my cock, his own dick still rock hard at the thought of it, he didn't really convince."Don't forget, my cock loving submissive boy, that you promised to do whatever I want," I said, "Don't be so nervous, I can tell you really want it, want to feel my hard cock sliding inside you. You've already told me how much you love cock, how much more will you love being completely dominated by it.""I'm not sure," he said, trying to regain some control and dignity, "I'm not gay, I'm not having a cock stuck in my arse, even by a hot woman."I saw now that the time had passed for me to be the beautiful seductress, I now had to be the dominant, in control woman, making him do just what I wanted."I wasn't asking you. I'm telling you," I said, changing my rich, soft tones to a commanding, angry voice, "Turn around and show me that arse. NOW. You say you're no queer but here you were a few minutes ago begging for cock. Don't k** yourself, honey, I know guys like you. So desperate to prove yourself a manly stud, but all you need is a big hard cock up the arse."I could see from the shock on his face that he didn't quite know what was going on but still he did just as I said, getting down on his hands and knees and presenting that firm, toned arse to me. I licked my lips. I was going to enjoy this. It was a while since I'd seen an arse that fine and to be the first one to stick my dick in it was going to be quite a thrill."Urgh," he grunted as I shoved two wet fingers up inside him, exploring his anus. God, it was tight, I didn't know quite how it was going to fit my massive, thick member inside.After a while trying to loosen him up a bit with my fingers, I leant over him so my breasts were pressed up against his back and the head of my cock nestling in his arse crack. My face was next to his, and I was able to whisper in his ear."Don't worry, it'll hurt at first, but soon you'll be loving it and I guarantee you, once you've had a cock up your arse you'll never go back."There was a real expression of fear and panic on his face as he turned his head to look back at me standing over him, standing tall in my heels, long legs in stockings, my breasts and cock naked and exposed and a very naughty grin spreading across my lips. I spat on my hand and used the saliva to lubricate my cock a little before kneeling down behind him and pushing up inside his arse. With just a couple of inches inside, the tight grip of his virgin anus on my thick hard-on was already incredible."Aarrrrh," he cried out, "God, it hurts, please don't. Stop, I don't want this."He seemed about to get up but I grabbed him violently by the waist and levering myself like this, pushed much deeper inside him."OH MY GOD! AAAARGH!!!" he cried out even louder."You wanted my cock, well now you're getting it," I said nastily, pushing deeper and deeper until he was completely impaled on the full length of my shaft.Completely inside him, I had to pause for a minute, my head was swimming, I was stimulated in ways that I hadn't been in a long time. The tight clench of his arse on my cock, the feeling of totally dominating this arrogant stud who had made my teenage years a misery but now was bent over with my cock stuck up his arse. He was almost in tears now, not really sure how the situation had got to be this way so fast. One minute he was picking up a hot girl in a bar, the next she had a cock bigger than his and was forcing him to take it up his virgin arse, understandably it was all a bit much for him.Slowly, I slid my cock back out of his arse and then rammed it back in causing him to cry out again. But I wasn't about to show him any mercy, as I began to get into a rhythm, withdrawing from his tight anus and ramming my dick back in, harder and harder, deeper and deeper, tearing into him, violently taking his cherry."Oh no, Oh God, fuck, don't! Please, I don't want this, I don't deserve this. Please, Kitty..." he cried."Don't deserve this, sissy?" I said nastily, as I shoved my dick inside him, my balls slapping his arse, his own cock swinging beneath us, "You asked for it. Besides, I know you, how you bully people, calling them fags and sissys. You made my life hell.""What?" he said, still in tears, not understanding."I wasn't always beautiful Kitty," I said, angrily, almost in tears myself, "I was once Andy Read, we were at school together. You made my confusing teenage life a misery. Well, now it's you whose going to be so troubled by your desire for a nice thick cock.""Oh, I remember you," he said, trying hard to regain his nasty bullying ways and macho strength, but it was quite hard when on his knees with his arse being ploughed by my cock, "You really did turn out pretty fucked up, you dirty fag.""That's pretty rich, honey, coming from you," I said, fucking him as hard and violently as I could, my cock almost ready to explode, "I grew up to be a beautiful, confident, in control woman. And here's you, begging for cock from somebody you just met in a bar, having your sissy arse fucked. Who's the dirty fag now?""Urh, ahhh, mmm," he grunted and groaned as I fucked him, "No, aaah, this isn't what I want. Oh, God, Kitty, no.""Mmmm, don't play that game with me, fag, I can tell you're loving this as much as me," I sighed, seeing his dick was still so hard, "Oh yes, you're arse is so tight, it feels great to be the one taking your cherry and my cock must feel sooo good up inside you.""Aaah, oh, fuck, yes, yes Kitty it does," he gasped, "You're right, it's urgh, ahhh, sooo amazing, feels soo good. I can't help it, I love your cock and it feels so good inside my arse.""That's right, my cock loving sissy queer, it's you who loves cock in your arse but don't worry, I'm gonna give you just what you want. Your tight arse is gonna make me cum.""Oh sweet Kitty, yes, I want to make you cum, let me feel it. Let me taste it. I'm sorry for whatever I did to you before but I'm now your bitch and you can do what you want with me.""Mmm, fuck, that's good," I smiled, this had gone so much better than I'd dared hope, my former bully now my submissive bitch, "I think you deserve a reward for admitting what a closet cock loving fag you are, for getting that hot arse fucked well for the first time, I'm going to feed you my cum."I took my dick, almost ready to explode, from his arse, and pushed him to the floor, turning him so he lay on his back. His cock jutted up in the air, harder than it had been all evening, he began to feverishly masturbate as I crouched astride his chest and jerked my own cock off within inches of his face."Ahhh, God, here it comes," I gasped as my cock exploded, shooting streams of my warm cum across his face.It made me smile to see that face formerly so smug, arrogant and macho, now covered in sticky white cum, his mouth desperate to catch what I spurted out of my hard cock, licking whatever he could from his lips."That's it, my sissy bitch," I smiled, "Drink it down, taste my hot tranny cum. You're hooked on cocks for life now, fag. There's no going back.""Oh fuck, urgh," he grunted, as, stroking his own meat, he too came all over his naked, muscular chest.Finally, I finished cumming, soaking his body in my sticky juices. I put my clothes back on and left him there, sticky and cum drenched, my school bully turned fag cum bucket. It certainly had been an evening to remember and it was always nice to think that right here was a hot, hunky guy who would worship my thick cock. A week or so later, I ran into his friend from the bar again who told me that Avi had continued his usual macho posturing and homophobic bullshit when out the following night but that after the violent arse fucking I had given him, he seemed to have a bit of trouble walking. I told Avi's friend everything that had happened between us that evening. Even though he'd been a great submissive fuck, it still thrilled me to know how this in denial closet cock loving fag was going to be exposed and humiliated in front of his friends, just as he had once done to me. Hell, the thought of it was getting me quite hard and aroused right there. Fortunately for me, I had a grateful and eager to please guy right there. Oh well, I guess my teenage years had been bad but as an adult I was getting all the luck.