A Neighbor In Need Is A Neighbor Indeed

I was laid there with the hardest cock in the world listening to them fucking away . I reached over to the chest of drawers and pulled out one of my dildoes and a pair of Ellie's panties that she had given to me . I dipped the dildo into the jar of lube and worked it up into my own arse . Nice and slow I started fucking myself with it . I mimicked Ellie's voice , but a bit louder hoping they could hear me "Oh Ryan your cock feels so good up my arse . Fuck me Ryan , I want your cock spunking up me" My own cock was solid as an iron bar as I fucked myself with the dildo . I heard a lot of muffled sounds coming from next door . Ryan must have had her face pushed into the pillow . I heard a few smacks from next door . He must have been spanking her sexy arse . "Oh fuck Ellie , I have missed fucking this cunt of yours . Your arse is going to get it next" It all went quiet , I was wondering what they were doing . 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Then as I started rubbing it into her she woke up and asked if I liked what I saw . Just look at my cock I said to her and she took me in her mouth and sucked me until I cum again . Thus time all over her face , then I licked it off and kissed her" I replied "I'm glad you like it . I can get more done if you want , and at a reasonable price" "Come round and we will talk about it . The front door is unlocked . And Ellie is downstairs in the kitchen" I got out of bed and threw on a t-shirt and shorts and headed next door . As I walked in Ellie came out of the kitchen , naked as the day she was born and a big smile on her face . She walked up to me and kissed me full on the lips and her hand went down to my shorts and started rubbing at my hardening cock "We want you in bed with us Ricardo . Come on get those clothes off and get your cock and arse up stairs" I have never taken clothes off so quick in all my life . I followed Ellie upstairs staring at her sexy arse . 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We both pushed deep into her holes and spunked up her at the same time . Ellie was moaning through another orgasm as we stayed still , both cocks pulsating deep in her cunt and arse . I was the first to pull out and I could see my spunk leak out of her arse . I scooped some up with my fingers and got Ellie to lick them clean . I moved away as she got up off Ryans cock and she gave it a lick to partially clean it . Our spunk was running down the inside of her thighs as she stood up at the side if the bed . We both reached out and scooped some up and offered it to each other to lick clean . "You pair of dirty fuckers" said Ellie as she done the same We went to have a shower together . Then we went downstairs to the kitchen , all of us still naked . I put the kettle on and made us all a coffee . We sat there drinking it and talking about what we had just done in bed . Their maritial bed , which made it even better . We were touching each others arms and legs as we sat there talking . I told them both that I had to go and get some shopping or else I would starve . Ellie said that she would come with me , and Ryan could cook us a chicken curry while we were out . I went upstairs and got my clothes and put them on . I told them I would only be a couple of minutes while I nipped home and got some fresh stuff on . I put on a pair of chino shorts (no undies) and a t-shirt . As I walked back into their house Ellie was stood there in a white dress , only just covering her sexy arse and a pair of 4 inch heels . She lifted her dress to show a miniscule g-string . She may as well not have bothered . Ryan had put a pair of shorts on and was in the kitchen starting the curry . We asked if he needed anything and he said he had all he needed . So off we went to the supermarket . Ellie was teasing me by opening and closing her legs as we drove along , and the odd feel of my cock . Her nipples were rock solid . At the fruit and veg stand she was sexily rubbing her hands up and down the carrots and cucumbers . Then she put 2 cucumbers and half a dozen carrots into the trolley . Next was the bananas , a bunch of 8bwas in the trolley . I told her that I needed some bread and milk , and some meat as well . "You have got plenty of meat" as she squeezed my cock . "Watch what you are doing you dirty girl" I said to her and knocked her hand away . We went and finished the shopping and as we were waiting to pay she said she had forgot something and dashed off , and came back with two canisters of scooshy cream . She put them on the belt and just smiled at me . We paid and set off for home . "I love bananas and cream Ricardo" she said , licking her ruby red lips .