a new experience

A New Experienceby the shootistAfter agreeing to meet down the street from your house, you hopped into my truck, we gave each other a quick kiss and took off down the street. You’re sitting next to me when you reach out and start to slowly run your hand up and down my leg, gradually getting closer to my crotch. “Are you going to do it for me?” “Remember when we talked on ICQ, I said we would see.” “I think I’m really ready for it and I really enjoy talking with you.” “We’ll see.”You continue to just play with my leg but avoid my crotch (and very hard cock) as we continue on down the road and getting on the interstate and just making small talk. Turning on the ac, I “accidently” let my arm brush against your left breast where I can feel your hard nipple pushing against your blouse. “I have something for you when we get there, by the way.” “Oh? What is it?” “It’s just a swimsuit I picked up, well, ordered, from Sunup/Sundown.” “Can I see it now?” “Sure, turn around and look in the truck bed and turn on your x-ray eyes. It’s in the bag back there” I tell you grinning. You just playfully slap me on the arm then lean your head on my shoulder as I put my arm around and hold you next to me. “Go ahead and get a little sleep we have quite a ways to go yet.”Feeling the truck slowing down, and going into a turn, you wake up and groggily realize that the sun had already set. “We’re here finally.” Looking around you can see trees and a narrow road leading up to a rather large cabin looking building. “I thought you said we were going to the beach.” You say with a strong sense of disappointment in your voice. “We are at a beach. I just didn’t say which beach. Just on the other side of the trees is our cottage for the weekend with our own private beach.”After checking in, we get back into the truck and drive behind the cottage and past the trees and down a dip where you can see three cottages very widely spaced apart on what looks like sparkling white snow but with it being almost 95 out right now you know it’s really sand. Gripping my arm tightly you can feel a chill, not of coldness, but of excitement, run down your back making your nipples strain harder against your blouse.Parking the truck, I grab the bags from the back and we walk hand in hand to the front door. Unlocking and opening the door, I reach in to flick on the lights where we stand at the doorway and look into our home for the weekend. You start inside but I ask you to wait as I bend down and pick you up in my arms and carry you inside. Holding you tight, I carry you to the center of the room and rotate slowly so you may look around the room.You can see a big screen tv with a VCR on top, a stereo system in a corner, a wet bar in a corner, a small kitchen area with a table setting for two and on a raised platform a king size four poster bed with what looks like red silk hanging from the ceiling surrounding the bed.“I want your first time to be something special. Something which you can look on with a fond remembrance.” I say as I put you down but still holding you next to me. “Go ahead and change into something comfortable. Better yet, get your new swimsuit out and wear that. After dinner, we can go out to the beach for a bit if you prefer.”Looking up at me you have tears in your eyes, I wipe them away as I tell you “Everything will be just fine. Let’s get ready for dinner.” Looking around, we realize we forgot the bags at the door. Going to the door to retrieve our bags, we’re met by room service with a push cart and our dinner.“Good evening Sir. We have your dinners ready for you right here. Please allow us to set your table.” You stand there in awe as they uncover the plates showing that you have a king-sized lobster on your plate and I have a very thick looking rib eye steak on my plate. They also pull out a bottle of Blue Nun, opening it and pouring a small amount for me to taste and after nodding my approval they pour us each a glass and put the bottle in an ice bucket.“We can change later, let’s eat while it’s hot. Okay?” You just nod your head numbly as I help you to the table and pull your chair out for you and while pushing the chair in I nibble quickly and very lightly on your neck. Making some small talk while eating you seem overwhelmed by it all as you continue to look around the cabin.Finally, getting our fill of food, me with an empty plate and you with your half-eaten lobster, I raise my glass, “A toast. To your happiness. Forever more.” Clinking our glasses we intertwine our arms together before drinking, looking in each other eyes as we drink the last of the Blue Nun.“Lets go outside to the water before it gets too much later. It took longer to get here than I thought. It’s already after nine.” Pulling you to me, I wrap my arms around you and hold you tight next to me, hugging you and giving each other a nice long kiss; our tongues slowly exploring each other. Your eyes light up as you feel my cock slowly increasing in length and hardening against your lower stomach.“Let’s go out for a bit” I say as I put my arm around you and steer you toward the door. We can feel a slight breeze as we open the door and look up into the crystal clear sky, seeing thousands of stars as if for the first time.“Brrrrrr, it’s a bit chilly out huh? Let’s just go down to the water and see if we can see the moon before it sets.” Walking arm in arm we move slowly toward the water’s edge and look at the moon well overhead when we realize that it’s almost a full moon out.“Let’s not do anything here tonight. Remember all those stupid horror movies where the couple make love at night then end up being killed by some crazy.” With that said, you get a little chill through your body you say “Let’s go back in, please?”“Okay.” I say as I again pick up and give you big bear hug, letting me feel your pointed nipples pressing into my chest and you feeling my hard cock pressing against your crotch as I hold you up and we kiss again for a long time as you feel my moving my hands slowly around your back as I hold you up next to me. “We have the whole weekend. There’s no hurry is there.”Putting you down slowly, you feel my cock slowly pressing against your crotch then your stomach as your feet reach the ground again. You look around as if you’re afraid someone will come out of the dark and kill us as you grab my arm and start walking back to the cabin. I give a small Freddie Krugger laugh as I start walking with you. Hearing that, makes you walk a bit faster causing you to trip in the sand but I snatch you up and carry you the rest of the way into the cabin.“Let’s get a shower then crash out okay? You want to go first or would you like to take one together?” “I’ll go first if that’s okay with you.” You open up your bag to pull out your nightgown and your bathroom things. Going into the bathroom you see a king size tub with bathrobes hanging there for each of us. One is a dark blue satin full length one with the other a dark red satin one about half length.When you come out, you’re wearing a short diaphanous white nightgown with some white satin bikini panties. “You look lovely.” as I hug you and kiss you yet again. I can see your nipples, so hard and standing out as you move to the bed. I had opened the bed covers already so you can climb in. “I’ll be right back” kissing you then going into the bathroom. Hearing me in the shower, you resist the urge to come in there with me.Watching me come out, you see me wearing some bicycle pants with my cock and balls clearly well defined. “Ummmmmm” you say as I get nearer the bed. “Miss me?” I ask you. “It seemed like forever you were gone.” “Well I’m here now. How about a massage to help you sleep. I’m sure you probably need one after being cramped up in the truck all day.”Reaching up, I take your gown off you and as you start to take off your panties, I say “We’ll leave them on for now okay? Remember I like seeing my ladies in panties. Hides, yet reveals. Okay, lady on your stomach now and I’m going to give you that massage I promised when I sent you that first story way back when.”Getting on your stomach, you feel me straddle your lower body with my cock resting between your cheeks just slowly pressing lightly into you as I reach up and put a couple of the king size pillows under your head to make you comfortable.You feel my hands slowly massaging your temples, in gentle circles moving slowly down over your cheek bones then back up to your temples and back down very lightly; barely touching your skin. Then my hands are on your neck gently massaging the from of your neck working to the back and onto your shoulders. Always lightly touching you, then pressing down and moving in circles then gently back to where the pressure started.My hands move over slowly across your shoulder blades to your left shoulder. Feeling me pressing down in circles and slowly moving over closer to your shoulder. I reach down to adjust my cock a bit, making it fit a little better between your cheeks then lean up to nibble lightly on your neck and your right ear lobe. You can feel my cock even harder against you as you raise your ass slightly and try to spread your legs but my legs keep yours closed. I rub very lightly up and down your side as you realize you can hear the patter of rain coming from the stereo. You hear the light sound of the rainfall coming over the speakers as you feel my body pressing the length of your body, feeling how hot my body is against yours.“Go ahead and go to sleep if you want to. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do while you’re asleep.” I say softly as I raise back up but move down slightly so my cock is just pressing a bit further down now. My cock just barely pressing against your mound through your panties and my bicycle shorts.I continue to gently massage your left shoulder, then reaching down to wrap my hands around your arm. Squeezing and moving down; squeezing and moving down as if I were drawing the tension out of your arm down towards your fingers. Squeezing and moving down slowly; down to your elbow; squeezing your forearm and moving down towards your wrist. Running a finger lightly up and down your arm; first on one side then another then back to squeezing your wrist then down to your hands. You feel me squeezing your hand then easing up the pressure as I move to each finger. Wriggling one at a time then back to your wrist and down to that individual finger. Moving to the next one and the next till finally your thumb is done also.I gently massage your arm again as I move back up your arm towards your shoulder. Rubbing very gently with an occasional squeeze as I leave your arm and move back across to your other shoulder and repeat the process again with this arm. You are getting very drowsy now as you feel the tension slowly leaving your body.You are barely awake now as you feel my hands back up on your shoulders, pressing down and moving in a circle then back up lightly. The last thing you feel as you fall asleep are my hands very light running up and down your spine.You wake during the night notice it is totally dark now; wondering what time it is but feeling my arms around you holding you tightly to me. You can feel my cock still hard pressing against your ass. You reach down between your legs, pulling my cock from the bicycle shorts to press it against your pantied crotch feeling the wetness of your panties against your skin. As you press my cock against your pussy lips, you close your legs holding my cock against you and go back to sleep with your hands on my arms as they hold you next to me a very contented sigh.The next time you awake, it is daylight but you still can’t move from my arms still holding you tight. You lay there thinking about what lay ahead for the rest of the weekend. Wondering “Is it really what I want to do? If I change my mind will he be mad at me? If he gets mad would he go ahead and do it anyway?” All these thoughts go through your mind, but then you love how my arms feel around you, feeling so safe and secure, knowing that the decision to go through with it will be yours.Laying there, you reach down between you legs and realize my cock is still between your legs but is no longer hard. You remember how it felt last night, so hard and firm; thinking how it can change so dramatically. You think back to previous dates you’ve been on where you allowed the boy to finger you while you stoked him. Remembering how the boy squirmed so much before shooting his cumm all over your hand and the car seat. How hard the cock was in your hand and feeling it jerk and how the boy tried to force you to put his cock into your mouth. You thought that was so disgusting to do. You couldn’t ever imagine anyone wanting to do that on their own.With these thoughts going through your mind, you’re absent-mindedly playing with my cock when you feel it getting hard again. Just like a snake slowly coming to life you can feel it slowly getting thicker and longer in your hand. You can also feel yourself getting wet as you press the head against your lips again and just like last night you close your legs, trapping my cock.“Good morning” I say as I slowly nipple of your neck when I realize where my cock is and how it got there. I push slightly with my hips causing my cock to press against your pantied pussy. You reach down to press my cock against you and use your other arm to wrap around my arm which is wrapped around you.I move my hand slowly around your stomach, feeling your muscles twitching with my touch. I move my hand up slowly, brushing lightly against your right nipple causing it to start swelling. Moaning slightly, you reach down and press my cock against your pussy making my cock get even harder.I say “Not yet, we need some breakfast then we have to check out the beach.” as I reluctantly extricate myself from a most desirable position and open your legs slight so I may turn you around. Looking each other in the eyes I tell you “later” and pull you to me giving a giant bear hug and letting my cock press against your clit.You reach down, squeeze my cock “You sure you can wait?” loving how my cock feels in your hand. You notice your fingers don’t quite reach around it and feel it throbbing in your hand. “I waited last night didn’t I? Think YOU can wait?” I say smiling at you while making my cock flex in your hand. You can feel your pussy getting wetter thinking about what I said and with my cock throbbing and flexing in your hand you wonder how it would feel right now deep inside you.Seeing that you’re having a hard time stopping I break the moment by making us both sit up in bed and removing your hand from my cock. “Let’s get a shower and some breakfast before we loose too much of the day. We still have much more time together.”Letting you go into the bathroom first I tell you “I’ll order breakfast and hopefully it won’t be here before we both are ready.”When you come out of the bathroom drying your hair with the short bathrobe on, you see our breakfast has already arrived and set up on the table with a single red rose in the middle in a crystal vase. Grinning at you “I lied. I wanted the table set up when you came out.” and seeing you had a question on your mind about the rose “I had it stuck behind your seat in the map holder thing there.”Running to me you give me a big hug saying “Thank you”. Returning the hug I tell you “You’re welcome. I went ahead and got the swim suit out for you and was going to put some lawn chairs out by the door but there are already some out there.”Looking at the swim suit you see it’s one of those Brazilian type ones with a tiny strap going in the back and the top was not much larger! You stare at it a few minutes when you hear me laughing in the bathroom then hearing me say “Look on the end of the bed, there’s another one there”. Looking at the end of the bed you see two more black suits. One is a one piece suit and the other is a regular bikini. Chuckling to yourself, you decide to put on the Brazilian one after all then put your robe on over that hiding the fact which one you did pick. You put the other two back into the bag so I wouldn’t be able to tell which on you picked until you decide to let me find out.With the Brazilian suit on you can feel the strap between your cheeks and how the front is cupping your mound. You think to yourself “I’m glad I trimmed my hair a bit yesterday morning” as you see a little bit of hair still sticking out alongside the thin strip of material.Hearing the water being turned off in the shower, you make sure the robe is closed to ensure which suit you have on is hidden. Then you pour some OJ into two glasses and sit at the table waiting for me to come out. I’m wearing the other robe and come to sit down with at the table. “I love OJ but it doesn’t love me. I can’t drink too much of it.”While eating our breakfast you notice my robe slowly opening and discover I hadn’t put any clothes on at all. You slowly follow suit and start permitting your robe to slowly open also allowing me to see in your swimsuit. Seeing you in your swimsuit has a noticeable effect on me as you my erection slowly returning.“You fell asleep last night so I wasn’t able to finish what I started.” “Oh? And what was that you didn’t finish?”“Lemme show you.” as I pick you up and carry you to the bed. Laying you down in the middle of the bed I lay down next to you, kissing and nibbling on your next and ear, with an occasional trip to your left breast. Your breasts very noticeably hard and erect with your nipples sticking out nearly an inch in your excitement.“Hmmm I love seeing a bit of hair poking out the side like that.” I run a finger slowly up and down the thin strip covering your vagina area. I look down and see the thin strip of cloth making its way in between your lips as you spread out your legs and move your hips up at my hand trying to get more contact.I slowly move your body kissing your stomach then over your pubic hair as you can feel my hot breath on your flesh. To your horror, you realize what I’m about to do and you tell me “No, no, you can’t do that! It’s not clean to do that.” Ignoring your pleas, I pull teasingly on the strip of material making it rub against your clit making you moan some more. I press my tongue over your clit through the material and I moan as I taste you for the very first time. I can smell how hot you are as you spread out your legs even more for me as you run your fingers in my hair.I move aside the strip of your suit and I push my tongue deep up into you tasting you completely. You then start shaking as you climax from the new sensation. I put my mouth over your vagina tasting your cum as you continue to shake and press my head into your crotch. Latching my lips over your clit, I begin to hum softly, then deeper as I move a finger slowly in and out of your slit feeling that indeed you are a true virgin with your maidenhead intact.I continue to feast on you for the next 30 minutes with you climaxing every few minutes until you finally push my head away and moan “enough!” Moving back up next to you on the bed I notice you have tears in your eyes so I ask you “What’s wrong?” “Nothing at all. You’re making me feel so good.” As I lay next to you, you make me roll over onto my back and you straddle me, reaching down and putting my cock between your lips as you slide your vagina back and forth on me. It’s now my turn to moan as I feel your heat and wetness directly on my cock. Again I stop you as I say “Not yet. Wait for the right place.”Looking at me questioningly, I nod towards the direction of the beach. You understand what I mean as you lean forward pressing your body against me as you feel my cock pressing against your clit, making you cum yet once more. I can feel your hard nipples pressing into my chest as I wrap my arms around you and hold you on top of me. I move you ever so slightly but then you climax again as the movement causes my cock to rub against your sensitive clit.Feeling your juices covering my cock and crotch area you lean down to kiss me long and hard. I run my hands slowly up and down your back as we continue to kiss. Sitting up, you say “Now we have to take another shower.” “No we don’t. Let’s go into the water.” “But we’re all wet.” “So. The water out there is wet too. Let’s get you back together and let me get some trunks on.”I help you out of the bed and onto your feet as you look at me in all my glory. You see my cock still so hard and thick but now covered with your juice. I help you with your suit realigning the strip of material to barely cover your lips (and “accidently” running a finger the length of your slit). You nipples are barely covered from standing out so much and the fact there isn’t much material to cover them anyhow.You see my put on my swim trunks and see me struggle to fit my cock in there too. “Here let me help you.” You reach over and stroke my cock as you playfully pretend to fit it in the trunks. “I don’t think its going to fit. Maybe we shouldn’t go out right now.” “We’ll make it fit.” as I stretch out the material, force my cock down and let the material of my trunks come back over my cock.Looking at me, you can clearly see my cock through my suit but then you think its just as obvious about yourself. We grab a couple of towels as we exit the cabin and are immediately blinded by the late morning sun. The beach sand is even more bright now with the sun beating down on it.You are a bit hesitant about walking out to the water in your suit but you see me just striding out as if walking down a street. This gives you the courage to catch up to me, though you were only two steps behind and grab my arm so we can walk arm in arm.“See, no one is even out here. This is our own private beach.” Looking around, you see I’m right then you notice some movement way down the beach and you can barely see another couple on the beach already and they appear to be in a very intimate position. You gasp slightly at the realization of what they’re doing. “What’s the matter?” I ask. You just point down the beach at the other couple. “Oh, they’re just having fun. They won’t bother us and we won’t bother them.”“Let’s go in the water.” Dropping our towels we went cautiously towards the water. Stepping near the edge a wave came up, splashing our legs. “Brrrrrr The waters’s still a little bit cold.” “When I checked in last night there was a sign over the desk that said the water was 76. Probably last night it would felt a lot better. Maybe if we.....” Walking into the water as I was talking, we both suddenly drop in over our heads.With my eyes still open I can see you making a recovery and swim to the top and start treading water. Before coming up to join you I see that we stepped off what appeared to be something like a chair cut out the hardened beach. Coming up next to you, I put my arm around and softly pull you towards where I saw the chair.“Lemme show you something.” I tell you as I continue to move us. Suddenly I can feel against my arm so I swiftly pull myself into the chair and pull you on my lap. Sitting on that chair, puts my lap a bit less a foot under the water and with you sitting on my lap the water is lapping softly at your thighs.“Not so cold now is it?” as we both laugh at what happened to us. I start slowly to kiss you as my hands move slowly up and down your back then along your thigh. You can feel my cock slowly rising in my suit as you swing a leg on either side of me with your butt just inches away from my cock.“This was made with you in mind I think” as I slowly move the bottom of your suit to the side and play lightly with your lips. “Ummmmmm I want you to take me NOW!.” You reach down and pull my cock out of my suit and stroke me slowly as you feel me do the same to you. “Are you absolutely sure? There’s no changing back once its done.”I put my under your ass and slowly raise you up as you rub my cock my cock against your lips letting me feel, even in the water, how hot and wet you are. “I want it! And I want you to do it” you tell me as you look into my eyes after putting my cockhead bewteen your lips.“We have to go slow, it’ll hurt when it first goes in.” “I know but I’ve been wanting you ever since we first talked on ICQ and you sent me your stories. I knew then I wanted you to be the first.” I could feel my cock spreading you as it went in, feeling your tightness and heat slowly encircling my head. “Ugggghhhh You’re so tight on my cock.”Looking down, you can see the head of my cock at your entrance feeling so thick down there and so hard you reach down and slowly stroke my cock. Out of no where, a wave washes over us with the result of forcing you down on my cock. You scream out, partly in pain and partly in surprise as you feel my thick cock is forced inside where you’ve only had your finger before.Holding you still with my cock completely embedded in you, “Baby, sit a minute, it’ll stop hurting soon.” I hold you against me as you feel me flex my cock inside you and almost immediately you notice the pain is indeed going away. I run my hands up and down your back lightly carressing your skin as we sit there with my cock buried deep inside you. “Thank you. Thank you.” As you kiss me wildly, I raise you up slightly and slowly then let you settle back down allowing the waves around us to slowly rotate you on my cock. “Uggggggg” is all you can say as you feel your stretched out clit being slowly rubbed. You then feel yourself in the biggest orgasm you’ve ever had as you feel my cock being forced in and out slowly from the water rushing around us.Recovering from your orgasm, you reach down again and grip my cock as you slowly raise up. My cock is so thick and deeply embedded in you can feel it suctioning on your cunt and again making you orgasm. Unable to keep yourself raised you drop back onto my cock feeling the head pressing against your cervix so deep in you. “Ohhh..you’re so tight. You feel so good.”Leaning back slightly with your hard nipples pressed into my chest, I reach down grabbing your ass cheeks and start to raise and lower you on my cock. Gradually increasing the height I raise you then bring you back down on me. After a few minutes you can feel the head of my cock right at your entrance before I lower you back down. On each downward trip you can feel your lips being pulled in around my thick cock.One time on the rise with my cock nearly out of you, you look down at our union and see my cock covered in an almost white sheen and your clit standing out so proudly then pulled in close to my cock as my cock re-invades your cunt. You shudder again in orgasm making your cunt tighten even more around my cock.“Ugggggg baby I’m going to cummm” as I continue to raise you and lower you quickly on my cock. You can feel my cock swelling even larger inside you. I slam you down on my cock and hold you there as you feel my hips jearking then you feel a heat deep up inside you as you realize I’m filling your cunt full of male cum for the first time in your life. You scream out one more time as another orgasm runs though your body.You feel my cock jerking slowly deep inside you as I fall back holding you next to me with my arms wrapped around your back pulling you onto me as we both regain our breath. We kiss each other tenderly while you stroke my face. “That was great baby! You’re so tight on me it almost hurts.”Slowly raising yourself off my cock, you feel me still hard. That immediately makes you lower and raise yourself on me again fucking yourself on my cock. Looking down this time you can see my cock covered with both our cumm and can see some leak out around my cock as you raise up only to be washed away by the splashing water. “Uhhhhhh, you’re still so tight on me and every time you cum it feels like you’re going to bite off my cock. Let it sit for a minute.”You slowly lower yourself down on my cock as you tell me “I want it in me all day long. If I knew it was like this I would have been fucking long ago.” Settling on my lap with my cock deep inside you, we start making our own waves as you raise up and slam yourself down, squeezing my cock with your muscles harder each time you cumm. Finally after another 10 minutes of frantic movements, you go stiff as you cum a final time and collapse on me. Your body is very limp as your breathing and heart rate are racing.I lay back in the water letting you lay on me and recover. Every so often I make my cock, still hard and deep inside you, jerk causing small whimpers from you and small spasms of your cunt muscles on my cock. “No more. No more..” you tell me weakly. “Okay baby, just rest.”With you resting on my chest, I can feel your pulse and breathing slowly returning to normal. After a few more minutes it seems as if you had fallen asleep with your breathing very light but I can feel your cunt muscles twitching around my cock every once in a while.While you’re resting, I slowly caress your face and your back until you open your eyes and say “ohh, that was wonderful! I need to stand up.” “Step this way so you don’t fall in the hole again” as I help you step over me to stand near the waters edge. I see the crotch of your suit is still moved to the side and can see your lips so swollen and red with a trace of my cum just barely leaking out.You look down at me still sitting in the water with my cock just breaking the surface occasionally. “I can’t believe I’ve had that all the way in me.” you say pointing at my cock. “Why not? A baby comes out the same place and that’s much bigger than my or anyone else’s cock.” “I know but my first time I wasn’t expecting something that thick.”“Regretting doing it?” “No, I’m happy, very happy. You made me feel so special. Thank you so very much.” “Trust me, it was MY pleasure. I’ve never been with a virgin before so I guess it’s a first for us both.” When I start to stand you reach down to help me but I pull you down on my lap, tickling your sides making you squeal out in laughter while your ass rubs against my forgotten but still very hard cock.“Hmmmm....you’re still so very hard. I’m so glad you were my first.” “Me too. Wow! We had better get inside, we forgot about suntan lotion and we’re both getting pretty red.” “How can we be red? We’ve only been out for a short time haven’t we?” “Well we came out about 10 and it’s....” reaching for our towels to find my watch “almost 1230 already.” “1230??!!” How can that be?” “I guess it’s like they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Let’s get inside any ways and get something to drink. Are you hungry? I can order lunch.”“No, I’m not hungry at all. I would like to just go to sleep for a while though. I don’t know if I can walk to get into bed though.” That said, I stand quickly with my cock bobbing up and down in front of your face and snatch you up in my arms and carry you back into our cabin. Before putting you down, I raise and lower you against my cock then put your legs down and let you slide down my body with my hard cock rubbing against as you descend.Kissing you before going to the wet bar I fix us some Pepsi in some ice and bring the ice bucket over to the bed where you’re sitting. “How about a quick shower before our nap?” “Good idea. I don’t like feeling that water drying on me.”We both go into the bathroom where I remove your swimsuit and flicking my tongue over your nipples as I take the suit down. You reach down and grab my cock through my suit feeling it only semi hard but getting longer and thicker in your grasp. Taking my trunks down you run your hand up and down the length of my cock and play lightly with my balls.Reaching in to turn the shower on, I pick you up with my hands cupping your ass and pull you to me. Stepping into the shower you can feel my cock bobbing against your cunt making a slight slapping noise and you can feel your juices running down your legs. I hold you up with one arm as I put your left leg over my shoulder, switch arms and do the other leg. In this position, your legs are on my shoulders while my hands have your ass and I slowly lower you so my cock is against your cunt.Moving your back against the wall, I slide my cock in slowly, an inch at a time letting you feel my thickness in you again. Going so slow, my cock rubs deliciously against your clit and flodding my cock with your juice. Pulling back then back in a bit deeper you feel me invading your body once again. With your back against the wall, I release one hand to squeeze on your left nipple making you cum once again all over my cock.“Oh you’re so tight on my cock.” as I continue to drive my cock deep into you. With you cumming almost continuously, your muscles are making it even tighter on my cock making it difficult for me to continue on. Finally not able to stand it any more, I shove my cock deep into you so my balls are against your ass and shoot you full of my cum.I continue to press my cock into you but am very quickly losing my strength so I quickly let your legs down but keep my cock in you for a few seconds longer before falling to the shower floor. With you standing there in front me, I can see your cunt so beautifully displayed in front of me, with your little tuft of hair, lips so red and swollen still and my cum leaking out of you.“Thank you. It was a long time waiting for that one.” “You’re welcome. I think I owed you that any ways.” Finally regaining my strength, I stand back up next to you and we soap and wash each other. Before we are finished, you soap up my cock feeling how it’s no longer hard or long like it was. “Be careful or you may get something started again.” “Would that be so bad?” “No. I don’t think I would complain. You?” “Not at all!”We then stand under the water feeling it start to get a bit cold to rinse off. Getting out, I pull you to me and wrap a towel around us both and dry your back but keeping your breasts pressed against me allowing me to feel your hard nipples.Picking you up my arms, I carry you to the bed and lay you down on it then climb in next to you. Looking up you can see our reflection in a mirror placed over the bed. “Look” you say pointing up. “Ummmm you like that? Feels like we’re watching someone else making love doesn’t it?” “A little bit but I’ve never seen anyone do it before. A girlfriend told about some of the things she’s done with her boyfriends but she never said it was this good.” “Think you would have believed her if she had?” “Probably not.” “Some things you just have to find out for yourself you know.” “And I’m so very glad you are showing me some of them.”We fall asleep in each others arms with the thought going through your head. Later you turn on your side and reach down to see if my cock is hard again like it was last night. Finding that it is, you open your legs like last night but this time you put my cock into your cunt as much as you can and close your legs back on me. I wrap my arms around once again as you fall back to sleep.We make love throughout the rest of the weekend then on Sunday night we load up the truck to leave our paradise. As on the trip down, I allow you to sleep as I drive you home. You ask me drop you off at your best friends house and we kiss a long time before saying our good byes.Almost dancing to your friends door and after you are inside you turn to see me pull away in my truck. You and your friend immediately run to her room so you can tell all about your weekend with me.