A story to get you off.

I had been seeing this girl for a few weeks. To protect her identity I'm going to call her Sarah. Sarah was quite adventurous in the bedroom. The first time she spent the night, she finished before me, and got me off with a finger in my ass while she sucked me until I shot in her mouth - pretty adventurous for a first date. After a few nights together, and some heated mornings after, Sarah asked if we could try something a bit different. Now, Sarah had done some absolutely crazy stuff at this point, and she usually did it without asking. She had a very take control attitude in the bedroom. So when Sarah asked me to do something different, I really wasn't sure what to expect. Sarah proceeded to tell me about some of the online shopping she had done. Before long she had explained to me in detail, about the strap on dildo she had purchased from pinkcherry. After she had explained the dildo, she then asked me if I would let her use it on me. She said that she hadn't had he chance to use it, and that I would be the first guy she would ever fuck in the ass.At this point in my life, I was still pretty new to the idea of things being in my ass. Sarah had slipped a finger in a few times, and on one occasion managed to get two in, and there was a girl before Sarah who once stuck her little black vibe in my ass the morning after a hookup, but a whole dildo! That was a bit frightening. But Sarah had given me some of the wildest no limits sex I had ever had. How could I turn her down? I told her I would do it under one condition, she couldn't tell anyone that she did this with me. I'm a pretty social guy, I have lots of friends from all sorts of different groups. I didn't want her telling a friend who tells a friend who tells my friends. It's not that I'm ashamed of my sexuality, but sometimes it's easier if people don't know certain things. Not everyone is so open.So after agreeing, she told me that her roommate was going back home for the weekend and we would have her apartment all to ourselves if we wanted to fool around with her strapon. I agreed to spend the weekend at her place, and we spent the rest of the week getting ahead in our schoolwork (we were both second years at U of S) so we could spend a distraction free weekend trying out her unused toy.The weekend came and I was feeling pretty nervous. All of my Friday lectures were a blur. I told my buddies I was t feeling good and that I wasnt going out this weekend. Immediately after my last lecture I hoped on the bus and went to Sarah's apartment. She was done classes a lecture period before me and was already there waiting for me. I had been texting her on the bus ride to her place and when I buzzed she rang me up instantly. I got to the second floor and she was there waiting with her head out the doorway. As I walked down the hallway towards her room she began to grin and blush. I could tell she was nervous and excited. once we were both in the apartment she asked if I wanted a beer. I was shocked! Sarah drank beer, but she wasn't one to keep beer in her apartment. She said it wasn't her favourite drink, but was ok with it every once and a while. I accepted the beer and we both went and sat on the couch.After about 15 minutes of awkward small talk (we usually could chat for hours, but it was tough knowing what was about to happen) she asked me if I was nervous about what we planned to do. I told her I was but I was also a bit excited. In my mind I knew that I liked butt play, however I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to handle it. I really wanted to do this for her, she had done so many crazy things for me, I wanted to repay her. I asked her if she was nervous. She told me that she was very nervous, but more so because she has wanted to do this for so long, and the nerves were probably because it was finally going to happen. She then asked if I wanted to get in the shower with her. I excitedly told her yes.In The blink of an eye, Sarah got up off the couch and began taking off her clothes. She walked out of the living room and around the corner in to the washroom. I heard her ask if I was coming, and I eagerly followed. When I turned the corner I saw Sarah, she began bending over to take off her panties. She looked so sexy bent over. Sarah was 5'3" tall, and about 135 lbs. she was not what I would call petite, but she was definitely not overweight. Sarah was fairly well endowed. I'm not very good at guessing bra sizes, but she was probably around a D cup. she had a very shapely ass, I thought it was her best feature. She often comlained about her body, and I always told her that she shouldn't be so worried and that lots of guys i knew used to talk about how hot she was. After she had finished bending over to take off her underwear (which she clearly did to tease me) she said it was my turn. There was no games with me, I took my clothes off in record time. I was way too excited. She went to the shower and turned the water on. After the water was running, she turned and started kissing me passionately. We stood there making out for about 2 minutes while the water was heating up. I always felt that Sarah was the perfect height for me, it was so effortless for us to kiss. I was not particularly tall at 5'9". I was in pretty good shape back then. I worked some pretty physical jobs to put myself through school and I kept up with my sports after high school. I was never the gym/body builder type. I was/am the the typical farm boy build.Once the water was warm we both got in to the shower where we continued to make out, water running down our bodies. After another minute she told me that there was something we needed to do to get me ready for wha were about to do. In her hand she was holding her razor. I looked down, I was already pretty clean shaven down here. She caught on that I was looking at my clean shaved man parts and wondering what she meant, because the next thing she did was shake her head and asked me to turn around. Once she said that I clued it to what she was asking me to do. I reluctantly turned around so she could shave my ass. I wasn't overly hairy, just a few random hairs really, but I understood why she wanted to do it. I wouldn't want to play with a hairy ass. She proceeded to shave me while she told me about a guy she once went home with from the bar, who asked her to rim him. She was more than willing to do that, but when she saw his hairy ass, she said she was so disgusted that she put her clothes on and left. I laughed and told her I understood. Sarah and I were fairly open about our past sexual experiences. We weren't really serious about each other and were more interested in exploring each other's bodies, so there was no jealousy when we talked about past partners. We often shared funny stories from our sexual past.After Sarah had finished shaving me, she told me to stay turned around for a second. About 10 seconds passed and then I felt an incredible sensation against my asshole. I let out a deep moan and I felt a hand on my semi hard cock. It took me a second before I realized that Sarah was giving me my first rim job! I became instantly hard. She tugged me lightly while she probed my ass with her tongue. It was so hot! I almost couldn't believe it was happening! After about 5 minutes of her licking my ass and tugging softly at my now rock hard cock, she told me to turn around. We kissed again for about a minute, I grabbed her ass for a second, then brought one hand around to try and rub her. Before I could get close to her sexy pink pussy, she grabbed my hand and pulled it away. She told me that tonight, I don't get to touch her pussy. The only hole that was going to see any action was mine. Something about hearing her say that really got me excited. I grabbed her head with both hands and pulled her towards me in to a kiss. We had one more long passionate kiss in the shower before we got out and dried off.Sarah led me in to her bedroom down the hall. I sat on the end of the bed while she went in to the closet. She told me I had to keep my eyes closed for a minute, which j was ok with. Almost exactly a minute later, Sarah came out of the closet wearing a black and white corset, with tightly woven fishnet stockings, and a strapon harness, equipped with a 7" long, and fairly thick, skin coloured dildo. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen, including all the porn I had ever watched on the Internet. I was shocked at how turned on I was by the 7" dildo swaying side to side as she walked towards me. She stood in front of me at the end of he bed. I asked her if it was part of her fantasy that I suck her dildo. She responded that she had never really thought about it, but it seemed like a good spot to start. I had never sucked a cock before, and had no idea what I was doing. It is probably a good thing that it wasn't an actual cock, I'm sure I would have hurt it with my teeth. After about 30 seconds of me awkwardly trying to suck her dildo, she stopped me and said that this wasn't doing anything for her. I told her I was relieved because it was doing absolutely nothing for me. It's just sucking on a peice of rubbery plastic substance. She told me what she really wanted to do was just bend me over and fuck me hard, no mercy, like she begged me to do to her so many times. She had me get on all fours, the doggy style position. This was our favourite way to fuck! I had my head against the pillow at the end of the bed. I heard a squirting noise behind me which I was pretty sure was her squirting lube on to the dildo. She asked me if I was ready for what was about to happen, to which I responded yes. What she said next still shocks me. She said "good, because it's too late to turn back!" And with one swift motion she placed the dildo against my asshole, and pushed the first 3 inches in! It was a bit of a shock, and was a bit uncomfortable because she did it so quick, but I never felt the excruciating pain I was expecting on entry. She stopped after the initial entry, then pushed the rest of her strapping cock in to my ass. I let out a deep moan. She hit something once she got a little deeper and it felt so good. She leaned in to me and in a whisper, asked if I liked having her cock in my ass. I let out another moan. She must have taken that to mean yes because she began to jump at my ass. It was so intense once she started to fuck my ass frantically. When I am inside a girl, I usually find that it feels really good with the first insertion, but then the sensation goes away, and it takes a bit before it feels good enough to cum. When she was fucking my ass it was completely different. It started out intense as hell, and just kept building. She humped my ass about 50-60 times and then paused, she said she has no idea how I do that for so long, she was panting out of breath. I told her it might be easier if I lay flat on my stomach and she does me from behind, laying on top of me. She agreed, so I laid down on my stomach. I was so hard and precum was oozing out of my cock. She got on top of me and placed her cock at my hole. Before she pushed her cock in me again, she whispered to me, thanks for doing this, it's so fucking hot, my pussy is dripping. She moved her hips a bit, so she was grinding her pussy against the back of my leg. She asked me if I felt her soaking wet pussy. She wasn't k**ding! It was absolutely soaking! This turned me on even more. I swear if she even flicked my cock I probably could have cum. She then with one swift motion pushed her dildo cock in to my ass. We both let out really loud moans. It felt so good for me, and at first I kind of thought she was just moaning because she knew it would turn me on, but after about 15 thrusts she started to pant and moan like crazy, she muttered that this position felt so much better, and that it was hitting her clit or something. We were both so turned on. Our moans both got louder. I begged her to fuck me and she kept moaning louder, and louder.It got to the point where I'm sure the people in the apartments above and below could hear us. For those of you who has lived in Saskatoon for a bit, I'm sure you all know the Brown apartments off of 115th street. The walls are fairly soundproof, but I'm sure our noises were getting through. She fucked me harder and harder, and I was sure I was about to blow my load, and then I heard her scream and then thrust her cock all the way in. She shuddered for a bit, and I realized she had just came. She laid on top of me for a minute, panting and attempting to catch her breath before she finally gave me a kiss on the back of the head. She told me that was the hottest thing she has ever done and was probably the best orgasm she has ever had. I'm sure she must have squirted some because everything was soaked. It might have just been our sweat and her dripping pussy, but there was a lot of wetness.I was still horny as all hell, but I wasn't worried. Sarah and I had a deal, neither of us would ever leave the other high and dry. We would always find a sexy way to get the other off. Sarah got up and took off her strapon. She left her corset and leggings on. She looked at me and said just give me one minute, and I will make sure you cum so hard your dick hurts. I grinned and laughed, and looked forward to what was next.The rest of the story is pretty cool too. But I'm going to stop it here. This story was supposed to be about the first time I was fucked with a strapon. It is still one of my favourite memories. I know the story probably has some grammatical issues, and I will come and fix it later. I'm on the road and am doing this from my phone. I hope it makes you horny and helps you reflect back on some of your fonder experiences. I never realized how hot this actually was until I wrote it out. I promise you I didn't add anything or fudge any of the details. I'm on her to share stories. Made up stories are cool but the really hot ones are the ones that are true.