A story with a young Chinese woman III

She passed the landing where she had been sucking Mr. Schmidt and made him come in her mouth. She would have to find a way to ask the other girls from the office if this really was normal in this company.Then she hesitated for a second, before opening the heavy steel door to the top floor, where all the executives resided and where the regular office workers rarely came. There was a thick, soft carpet on the floor and the door to Mr. Jones´office stood ajar. There was no people to be seen anywhere. She quickly crossed the hall and knocked lightly on the door, before entering. People would start to talk about her, if they saw her waiting outside his office, after normal working hours. He was nowhere to be seen. She put her bag and jacket on a chair and leaned against the wall. She knew that her blue pullover was not hiding that she was wearing anything under it, she had checked in the mirror, when she had taken her shirt off just minutes ago. She felt a little slutty, but it was also exiting, in a strange way. Bai Jie held her breath when she heard the sound of footsteps approaching outside.A man´s footsteps.Mr. Jones entered the office, apparently without even seeing her. He closed the door behind him and headed for the refrigerator.“Are you wearing your shirt?” he asked.“No, sir” she said quickly.“good”He got a beer out, just one, just for himself. Opened it and took a sip. It had been a tough day for her, she could have used a drink herself.“Take your skirt off...”Her jaw dropped. He was so forward and almost rude. If any other man had ever talked to her in that way, she would either have slapped him or contacted the police or security.“yes, sir...”The sound of her zipper was very loud in the quiet office. She stepped out of her skirt, folded it and put it on top of her jacket on the chair. She was not wearing stockings. Her legs was hairless, but there was a small bush of black soft hair on top of her pussy. Shaving there was not very normal in her circle of friend.“You were unable to find a substitute wife for Mr. Schmidt..?”“Yes, I asked 2...one was not free tonight and one...had another problem”“That is not good, Bai Jie, He is very important to the company..Please try Again tomorrow, and if you are not lucky, you will have to take the spot...And that will be a lot of work for you.”“Yes, I understand, Sir. I shall try much harder”There was sweat on her forehead now. This situation was so unusual. “But you will of cause still be my property, do you understand that?”Property?!?“Yes, Sir!She suddenly felt weak in the knees. Was she his property, like a car, that a good friend could borrow?“Come over here, bitch”She was getting a little dizzy, but she was quick to do as her wanted, walked towards his large, antique desk. There was no good reason for him to talk to her in that way.Or was there?Maybe there was some kind of executive etiquette that she didn´t know about.“You know, you are a very beautiful young woman, but I am not sure that you are ready to...be with a guy like Schmidt...not yet, anyway.”She nodded. He put his arm around her hip. She pressed her body gently towards him. His large hand was clutching one of her buttocks.“And you was...very good earlier today...very, very good!”“Thank you, sir”Then she felt his fingertip. She stiffened. Mr. Jones placed a soft, gentle kiss on her forehead and stroked her hair.“Schmidt kept talking about you behind” he said. His fingertip slid into her rear, just a few millimetres. She nodded quickly. Didn´t really knew what else to do. This was normally off limits, way off limits, but she had heard that some did this, and that some even enjoyed it, too. “Are you my girl, Bai Jie?”“Yes, Sir” she said quickly. Well, she was, but she did not know if she was ready for THAT, at least not right now!She did not know what to do and what to do with her hands. Would it be considered too forward, if she put them around him?There was still many things she did not know about the habits of these Europeans.“Lean over the table, please...”This was easier for her, being told what to do. She as he asked, even though it made her rear become much more exposed. Her lefts were straight and she was leaning on her elbows. The finger grew deeper into her. “Are you...used to being fucked in your rear?”“No, Sir”“I will not let Schmidt be alone with you, before we know how you...react”“I..am most thankful, Sir”Another finger, from the same hand was playing around her pussy now. She was wet. Had been for the most of the day. She parted her feet a bit more.“I think that he is a...back-door man...”She made a tiny, soft sound as his other finger penetrated her pussy. This was better for her, more her thing. Both fingers grew deeper up into her. “You look so incredibly hot right now...”She could see his reflection in the widow. He was doing something with his phone again. Taking pictures again, but now, at least, no-one would be able to recognize her. She was wondering how normal days like this would be. “I can tell that you like this” he said and put the phone away. She made a tiny noise. This was humiliating. She was a good girl from a very decent family and she was not used to these westerners and their moral standards!“So wet..There is really no need to deny it, Bai Jie...”She let out a heavy sigh. She had had a day full of adventures and she had spend the last hour or more without half of her clothes on!That would make most women just a little exited!“You have it all, you are smart, beautiful AND horny.”She wanted to object. A descent woman would object to his sentiment, but she didn´t. She closed her eyes. “Very horny!”This was accompanied by the sound of his zipper being pulled down. Then the soft sound as his pants dropped. “Are you my horny bitch, Bai Jie?”“Yes, sir”“Say it!”“I...am your horny bitch, sir” she said. Two finger now, in her pussy and a single up her rear. She closed her eyes. She was not used to being treated this rude. Why did it have turn her on so much?“Do you want it, my bitch?”“Yes, please, sir”He slapped her but. Not very hard, but it made a loud sound. “You have to learn to talk like a bitch, Bai Jie”“I...i am very sorry, sir”She could feel the stiffness of his member against her thigh. She cleared her throat. She was glad that they was talking in English and not in her native Mandarin.“Ffffuck my...pussy!”“Again..!”“Fuck my pussy”She said it more relaxed this time. It was very demanding for her to talk like this. The 2 fingers slid out of her, but the single one stayed up her ass. She could feel his prick between her thighs. They both gasped as he penetrated her. “So wet...so tender..”He took one of her hands, kissed two fingers. Sucked on them. He was not fucking her, he was just inside her. Then his finger slipped out of her rear. “Want to help me, Bai Jie?”“Of cause, sir”She knew what was coming. She reached behind her. Pulled her but-cheek with one hand, and gently began to press her finger up her rear.“No, both of them..“Ohh, sorry, sir”“A cock is bigger than two of your fingers.”Then he began to fuck her. Very gentle, very slowly. Not getting in her way. One hand was holding her wrist, the other was under her. “You are being very good, Bai Jie...”She twitched. The tip of one of his fingers found her clitoris. The side of her head was on the tabletop and she was frowning. She really would prefer to take care of THAT herself, but she didn´t say anything. He was holding her wrist (very firm!); her two fingers were buried almost knuckle-deep. In her own arsehole!No man had ever treated her so rude. She was unable to be silent, her soft moaning grew louder. “I think you like this...dirty. Little whore..”She tried to shake her head. But she knew that it was going to happen anyway. She would not be able to fight it much longer.“Dirty, dirty whore...”“Noooo” she moaned. He was humiliating her and calling her names, treating her so rude and yet she climaxed!Had one of the best orgasms in a long, long time. Drained her, left her passive under him, It took him a while to realize that. He slid out of her, but he didn´t let her go. Kept the grip on her arm. She opened her eyes briefly, caught his. Made the smallest of nods.“Sure..?”“I..must be of service, sir”His now greasy member was against her buttock. “And you are!...Your boss has told me of your excellent work...Are you sure that you want to do this?”“Yes, sir..”“Then...tell me, bitch”“Please...fuck my...rear…“Are you sure?”“Stick it up, use me!She almost sounded a bit aggressive. He helped her fingers away, then pressed his cock against her ass. She snapped for air. Slowly, very slowly, he conquered her. Her forehead was rippled, but she didn´t mutter a sound. She had never felt conquered like this. He was large and it did hurt some, but not more than she could manage. “Dirty, little whore..”He stuck two of his fingers into her mouth. They tasted of her own juices. None of the men she had known, would ever do such a rude thing!“Men will adore, because you are such a dirty, dirty woman...”That might be true. But her co-workers would look down on her if they knew what she was doing right now.“We need more women like you, Bai Jie...”She let out a heavy sigh. She was no fan of..this, but she was obedient and trying to please him, because that was the way she was. Especially when around her superiors at work. “Whore” he whispered as he came after a few minutes, leaving her behind full of his semen.