A Surprise You Definitely Wouldn't Anticipate

It’s you and me and someone I know but you don’t. We are in Seattle. You meet me at my hotel room, the kind with the huge window and the ledge that made me shiver all over from fear of heights and passion for you.I just finished in the shower and you enter the room while I am still drying off. I am looking at how high up we are and you come behind me and start to kiss my shoulders and neck and ears. When I turn to you, I let my towel slip … “God I missed you” you growl and you kiss me hungrily while grabbing my face in your hands. We step backward toward the window ledge and you pick me up by my ass and put me on the ledge … I am already wet just from your kisses and smell. You slide your hands down my shoulders and waist and then to my inner thigh and slowly trail your finger over to my tight pussy … its clear I want you.Then you hear a knock at the door. I grab my towel and answer it not letting you see who is there but I am talking quietly for a moment or two and I leave the door cracked with the jamb in it. You ask me who it is and why I left the door open seeming alarmed and almost annoyed. As I slowly walk back toward you, “do you trust me?” I ask. “Yes but who the hell was at the door?” Looking you in the eye, “I want to please you in a way that I don’t think you have ever been pleased but I need you to trust me completely and tell me if you aren’t comfortable with what is happening mister.” You look confused but sigh as if to accept this deal. I take your silent consent and grab your hand and slowly lead you to the bed where I have the straps. I begin to undress you … dropping your flannel shirt and then your black t-shirt … kissing your collarbone, neck and shoulders and lingering on your candle and rabbit foot tattoos … then I begin to unbutton your jeans and remove your socks … sliding off your jeans and boxers, your rigid cock bounces up, ready for me.I push you back onto the bed and as I kiss you, I slowly strap you down, whispering “I adore you and don’t want to hurt you but you can’t fight me mister. If you aren’t comfortable then tell me ‘Stop’ and I will.” You nod your head and stare into my eyes with all the trust in the world. After strapping your wrists and ankles to the bed, I gently blindfold you and kiss your lips. “I am bringing another guy in here. You won’t be pleasing him in any way but he will please you when I tell him to. Do you understand?” You are silent for a moment but then whisper “Yes Miss” … you are about to ask another question when I interrupt you – “I may let him fuck me but if it bothers you then you must say so” Without hesitation you announce, “I don’t want anyone else to fuck you Miss.” I take note of your wishes and then I leave you for a moment, long enough to make you question where I have gone.When I return, he is with me. I climb onto the bed on your stomach and rub my wet pussy very slowly over your stomach and then lean in to lick your nipples. They are rock hard from excitement and you groan with pleasure.Because of the blindfold, you can’t see me motioning to him or giving him instructions but I tell him to remove his clothes. I slide down to your groin and begin to rub your inner thighs, massaging and kneading the muscle and kissing your octopus tattoo … I finger for him to move closer to us and then I climb onto your cock and slide from the tip very slowly all the way down to the base then raise up and then thrust back down once more. After the second time, he replaces me and starts sucking the tip of your cock and slides his tongue up and down your shaft, licking my juices off like an ice cream. He cups your balls and takes your cock in his mouth, in it’s entirety, all the way to his throat and I have to admit that I am jealous of him and his ability, The pleasure is intense for you and while at first, you questioned this, you eventually relax and begin to moan with the sheer delight of him knowing exactly how to suck you off and massage your balls … while he does this to you, I continue sucking and nibbling on your nipples and kissing your ribs and arms and every piece of you … cherishing every part of your body … “Are you enjoying this mister?” I whisper into your ear and you mouth “yes” but its barely audible … While he continues to slowly suck you off and play with your balls, I position my pussy over your lips .. “I’m going to fuck your mouth and your tongue until I cum a few times. Do you understand?” to which you nod in agreement.The sensation is amazing … your nose sometimes bumps my clit, my G spot touches your chin and your tongue is inside my pussy like a small cock …. It doesn’t take long before my cum is on your chin and I lose myself in how intense you feel … Fuck I am so wet and aching as I type this … I feel his hands on my ass as he reaches for me, I look back and motion for him to make the next move … his drool and your dribble has made your cock so slippery and wet that he won’t need lube and neither would I … he grabs your cock .... and very slowly begins to slide it into his ass …. I stop riding your mouth and move back to your chest … I put up my hand to him and tell him to wait … “Mister, he is going to fuck your cock while I fuck your mouth. Tell me now if you want him to stop.” But you say nothing so I take that as consent and motion for him to continue and I move back to your mouth. He slowly slides his ass down to the base of your cock and I raise up enough to give you air and hear you moan “oh fuck”.... To see you have this much pleasure turns me on and I move back to your chin and tongue … coming again. Still being very slow and careful, he rides up and down your entire cock from tip to base and every time he pushes down to the base, you moan into my pussy, the two of us riding you is heaven … your moans and breathing are becoming faster and louder and I think you are going to cum so I tell him to stop … “don’t cum inside him mister. That is for me. Do you understand?” … reluctantly you mutter “yes Miss” and then your body relaxes. I motion to him to move off of you and grab the lube from the night stand. He complies and puts a large amount into the palm of his hand … he slides his lubed hand back and forth over your hard cock smothering it completely, bringing you to the edge again … I motion for him to stop and push him down onto his knees at the edge of the bed on the floor where he waits quietly … I undo your blindfold, kiss your lips, and then move over your cock with my ass facing toward you and my pussy facing him … I slowly slide my ass down your cock, moving an inch at a time until I am able to take most of you inside me … I look back over my shoulder … “I’m going to fuck you and I want you to shoot that hot load in my ass.” You acknowledge me and then I look to him “watch me fuck him and jerk yourself off” to which he nods and slowly begins to stroke his own cock. As you look down to the edge of the bed, you see my ass inching down your cock and him staring at your cock moving into me, jerking off his own hard cock … I slowly slide back up your cock and then down again, losing myself to the intensity that only you can give me when you fuck my ass … I only slide up and down your cock four times before you beg me “Please Miss, can I cum?” … I ignore you and finger my pussy feeling your cock pushing through me and watching him jerk off his cock violently … as I cum, you can’t wait anymore and I feel you release that load in my ass. I push all the way down to the base of your cock as you pump two more times and relax inside me and I notice he came onto the floor.I motion to the mess in front of him “Clean that up. And we are done with you for now.”