A Web Ad Creating Results

To my great surprise, I received 13 responses in the first hour. People varied in age from 29 to 67. Until that happened, I had no clue as to the pulse of gay/bi males in my community of ~70,000 people. I responded to each one, briefly exchanging particulars of each other - and our sexual preferences. Some respondents were describing themselves as "experienced." Several indicated they'd tired of their marriages, and were considering alternative exploits.I made a selection, based on the availability of each respondent. Fred was available the rest of the day, and so I prepared to host his visit to my condo. We'd decided on what would and would not happen. We'd also exchanged a few photos that satisfied each of us. When Fred arrived and knocked on my door, I welcomed him. Since we'd already agreed on a Step One of several possible steps, I had already turned on the 55" TV and had my Internet set for browsing. I offered Fred a drink - he accepted. Bringing the drinks into the living room, we had some light chit-chat while enjoying our drinks. I asked if he had a preference of video porn for our encounter. He asked for heterosexual, and I obliged. Queuing up a previously-viewed video, we relaxed on the sofa. We'd already kicked off shoes and sox, so it broke a bit of ice.As the video began (I knew it would be a hit for him), I watched Fred with my peripheral vision. He was already breathing a bit hard, as he was one of the guys who'd never stepped off the heterosexual line. Between us being alone in my condo, and the performance on the screen, he had his hand on his crotch almost immediately. He massaged his cock, through his pants, and I watched it grow. Since he initiated masturbation, I joined him as soon as I saw his growing bulge. I duplicated his motions, and soon was hardening as well. He made no more aggressive moves - simply massaging his cock through his pants. I took the liberty of vocalizing with a "This part really fucking turns me on!" (in truth, it did not, but I wanted to get his thorough attention). I opened my waistband and pulled down my trousers - leaving boxer shorts exposed. He looked - gulped - and simply stared. I removed my cock from the fly, and stroked my now-hardened shaft. He gulped again as he tried to keep his eyes on the TV and my cock. I moaned as I stroked, and suggested he begin to strip. He slowly - somewhat reluctantly - removed his pants, exposing his tidy-whities. He did nothing more, so I reached over and pulled his elastic waist below his cock and balls. He'd described his cock, and sent a photo of it, so I knew what to expect. He is about 5" (erect) and is cut. I am about 5.5" and uncut. My hand brushed his cockhead when I pulled down his waistband - he gasped a bit, as he'd indicated only women had ever touched his cock. I reached up to his face, and softly stroked his cheek with my hand. My hands are very soft and smooth, as I've always taken very good care of them. I then reached down - pulled his hand from his cock - and took over the stroking, while I pumped my hard-on with my other hand. Fred gulped and gasped like he couldn't breathe. I now was focused solely on his cock, while listening to the audio of the video porn. I actually wasn't going to stroke him first time around, but it seemed he was being inordinately shy. I used long, slow strokes - full length. I didn't want him to cum right away, but it would have been ok for me if he'd done so. After several minutes of stroking both his and my cock simultaneously, I stopped - reached for his closest hand - and placed it on my cock. He simply held it as I continued to stroke him. I whispered "Your turn to join me!" With the video still playing, we were now stroking each other, and it got progressively better. Since he'd been masturbating since he was 12, I had told him to simply do with me what he did to himself all his life. We were now very involved in serious stroking - the video serving only as sound effects. He was staring at my cock, pumping all the while. I was doing the same with his. Each of us became extremely turgid, and precum began to ooze. He went a bit ga-ga over the precum thing, so I reached over to his cock slit - retrieved his precum with a finger - and plunged the wet-tipped finger into my mouth. I sucked on my finger like it was a cock, in and out of my mouth. His cock began to twitch, and I was sure he was about to cum. I removed my finger from my mouth, and slid it into his mouth. He immediately released his load onto my hand and his lap. He began to apologize with a stammer, and I quickly silenced him. "You've done nothing for which to apologize! I loved it!" He began to relax again, and I coached him on how to stroke my cock to optimize pleasure for me. He dutifully followed my instructions, and continued to pump the base of my cock - as he stared more closely at my cock head. The head of my cock is full - engorges nicely when my cock gets hard. The tip is pointed. If you imagine one of the spades on a deck of cards, you'll have an idea of my cock head being full at the base, and tapering a bit to a point at the cock slit. He seemed in awe, as his cock head was very much rounded from base to end. He continued to stroke my cock as I told him some of my other cock exploits - in graphic detail. He seemed to be responding to that, and began to more vigorously pump my hardened member. So we didn't drag the experience out too long, and perhaps make him feel inadequate, I allowed myself to let go and orgasm in his hand. I exaggerated my vocal accompaniment of the orgasm, to let him know I was about to blow my load. I suggested he get his face even closer to my cock, so he could watch - up close - as the liquid spewed from my cock slit. He did so - I released - and he shouted "Oh, Fuck!"As my orgasm subsided, he didn't let go of my cock. With my cum covering my cock and his hand, he continued to stroke me. Of course, this was a bonus. We were both covered in cum, but I made no move to break off his hold. I began to speak of my experience with him, and he began to respond to that. "I had no idea it would be this hot" he said to me. "I almost chickened out, but you were so awesome in our e-mail exchange, I had to follow through!" I suggested a shower, and he could either shower by himself or I would join him. He opted for a shared shower, so we entered the surround together. We soaped up, and as we did, I leaned forward and kissed him gently on his mouth. He didn't pull away, but did not return the kiss. I whispered "Next time, we'll include foreplay!"After our shower, I toweled him off - and he reciprocated. We got dressed, and I suggested he return home to reflect on the experience. I also invited him to text me when he was comfortable - so we could discuss his comfort and pleasure. I love being a guy's first - especially an older guy (Fred is 55). I have no doubt we'll be connected for awhile, as he lives only 10 minutes from me. I look forward to connecting again, and seeing how we play together - and advance him in his new-found sexuality.