A Weekend at Kate's

I rested my head in my hands as I stared up at the clock."3:48?" I muttered in disgust.I was twelve minutes away from beginning my weekend, but it seemed asthough time was grinding to a halt. I had finished with my last clientan hour earlier and was simply waiting out the rest of my shift. Igroaned again and looked out over the gym. To further my disappointmentthere were not even any half decent women to look at. I dropped my headback into my hands, content to simply waste away the final ten minutes.I was so wrapped up in my own boredom, I didn't even notice the sound ofthe door opening."Nick?"I almost jumped as the voice spoke my name. I quickly raised my head tosee where it had come from and, to my delight, I laid my eyes upon themost attractive girl I had ever known."Kate!" I exclaimed. "What are you doing here?""I'm a member here now," she stated, smiling exuberantly. "I joined lastweek.""Really?" I asked. I haven't seen you, and I've been working almostevery day.""Well, I guess I haven't been coming enough then."I was about to make a dirty joke but I held my tongue."Geez, How long has it been?" she asked, cocking her head to the side.I pondered the question for a moment before answering."About two years I guess."Kate placed a hand on my arm and looked straight into my eyes."It's been way too long" she said with a smile. "I almost forgot howcute you were."I smiled back but couldn't think of anything to say. Kate had alwaysmade me nervous, and after two years, nothing had changed. Back incollege I had wanted her so bad but I never made a move, firmlybelieving that she was way out of my league."So," she continued. "You're a trainer now?""Just during the summers," I responded, still a little thrown off by herprevious comment. "I'm actually starting med school in the fall.""Wow", Kate exclaimed. "Look at you!"I smiled again, cursing myself for not coming up with something witty tosay."Well, Dr. Nick," she joked. "I'm going to have to sign up for a fewtraining sessions with you. I'm so out of shape right now."I furrowed my brow in disbelief as I gazed at Kate's flawless body. Shehad always had issues with her looks even though she was as close toperfect as any woman could ever get. As she stood before me she wasdressed in a pair of black spandex shorts and matching top that exposedher impossibly tight stomach. She was tanned to perfection as always,and her hair was even more perfect than I remembered, shimmering andsilky, although it was a lighter shade than before."Absolutely", I answered, trying not to stare too hard. "I'm off now,but you can make an appointment with Stacey before you leave today.""Great", she said with a wide smile. "I guess I'll see you soon."I said goodbye as Kate turned and headed into the gym. As she began towalk away, my eyes drifted down to her ass, which was and always hadbeen, Kate's best attribute."Oh, Nick?" she said, suddenly turning back and catching me in the actof checking out her ass."Y..Yeah?" I stammered, a little embarrassed.She gave me a sly look and sauntered back towards me."You don't make house calls do you?""Well, not usually, but...""Well then how about drinks then? My place? Tonight?""Uh...Yes! Sure. Absolutely.""Good," she purred.She then grabbed my hand and scribbled down an address on my hand. I wastrying not to shake with anticipation at her touch."There," she said. "Be there at about eight. Okay?"I nodded in agreement. I was trying to remain calm on the outside eventhough I was going crazy on the inside. I bit my lip and watched Katewalk away again. She looked back over shoulder catching me again, but weboth just smiled.I hurried home and jumped in the shower. I couldn't believe it. Afteryears of jerking off to the thought of fucking Kate all throughcollege, I was actually going over to her house for drinks. I rememberedthose days. I used to sit and watch her at cheerleading practice just soI could 'conveniently' offer her a ride home afterwards. She had actedquite flirty towards me but she had always been dating some assholeboyfriend so I never even got the chance to make a move. Not that Iwould have anyways. As I mentioned before, she had been so very, veryfar out of my league!The time dragged on as I waited. I passed the time watching a little TVand soon fell asleep as I usually do after work. When I woke it wasalmost time to go, so I got dressed, trying to make myself look as bestas I could, and headed out the door.I tried to read the smudged writing on my hand as I drove through thewinding streets, looking for Kate's house."This can't be right," I muttered to myself, looking at the houses oneither side of the street.This had to be the richest area of the city. How could Kate afford tolive here?When I finally came to the address that was scribbled on my hand I wasastounded. Before me was a massive house surrounded by trees with acircle driveway passing under a large balcony held aloft by two immenseGreek style columns."What the fuck?" I blurted out loud, staring at the mansion. Did Katewin the lottery or something?I parked my car on the side of the street and walked up the driveway,still in utter awe. As I got to the door I rang the doorbell, hearingthe hollow sound reverberate throughout the house inside. Some timepassed and I began to suspect that maybe I had come to the wrongaddress. I was about to ring again when the large oak door swung openbefore me to reveal Kate standing there, looking completelyirresistible in a very tight, very short white dress."Good evening," she said with an inviting smile. "I was beginning tothink you weren't coming.""Wow," was all I could say. "You look amazing!""Thanks," she answered in a cute little voice. "I thought you might likeit."With that she gave a twirl, showing off the dress and the incredibly hotbody within it. Her legs looked even better, with her flawlessly tannedskin contrasting beautifully with the pure white fabric. In the back, itbarely came below her ass, with the tightness of the material firmlycupping her taut cheeks. The dress was low cut as well, showing amplecleavage although I was more preoccupied with the bottom half.I stepped inside and closed the door behind me, tearing my eyes awayfrom Kate only to gaze around at the splendour of the house."Kate?" I asked, following her into an adjacent room. "How in the helldid you get to live in a place like this?""It's my husband's." she answered matter of factly.I stopped dead in my tracks."Husband?""Yeah, I got married last year."I was stunned and trying to think of something to say when we entered aroom with a large stone fireplace and a couple huge red sofas. Againstthe wall was a fully stocked bar."So....You're married?""Uh huh. Why? Does that bother you?" she asked flashing me a sexy smile."What? No. Not at all!""Good. He's away on business anyways. He won’t be back until Monday."I started to relax a little more with that little bit of information,although I was still in a state of shock that Kate had a husband. And avery rich husband from what I could tell. I was about to ask some morequestions but I thought it was a better idea to mention as little abouther husband as possible."Have a seat," Kate suggested, as she walked over to the bar.I sat down and waited patiently as she fixed us a couple drinks. Whenshe was done she came over, handed me mine and sat down right next tome. We immediately began to reminisce and soon one drink turned intofour or five. I could tell Kate was getting a little bit buzzed andwith each new drink she moved a little closer to me. I was also startingto feel the liquor and our conversation began to move in a new direction."So Nick," she began, placing a hand on my leg. "How come you nevermade a move on me in college?"I took another large sip before answering."Well, I never thought you were interested.""What?" Kate scoffed in amazement. "It was so obvious that I had acrush on you!"I was taking another large drink when Kate's confession came out,causing me to cough and sputter. I quickly tried to regain my composure."Are you joking?" I asked, hitting my chest, trying to prevent my rumand coke from entering my lungs."No! You mean you never noticed?""I never noticed anything. I mean..You always flirted with me and stuff,but I thought you were just k**ding around.""Nope," Kate stated bluntly, sitting back and taking another drink. "Iwanted you. Bad."I couldn't believe my ears. The girl I lusted after for years had wantedme just as much! I shook my head, cursing myself for being such a pussyback in those days."I can't believe this," I said, still shaking my head. "This would havebeen nice to know two or three years ago."Kate leaned forward and smiled."And why is that?""Because I wanted you too! You have no idea how bad I wanted you! Everytime I was around you I just wanted to rip your clothes off!"Kate let out a giggle, and moved her hand higher up on my leg. I had afull on-on erection but luckily it was not visible from the outside."Well," she began, tossing her shimmering hair to one side of her head."Maybe it's about time we made up for lost time."I looked into Kate's smouldering eyes and almost melted. She was closeenough for me to smell the faint scent of vanilla, the source of whichwas probably some cream she had applied to her luscious body. My eyesdrifted down to the hemline of her dress which was riding so high up hershapely thighs, I could actually see a portion of her firm, tanned ass.I looked up again and our eyes locked. A second later her lips were onmine, her sweet little tongue darting around inside my mouth.My hands immediately went to her waist and subtly drifted downwards toher ass as she straddled me, climbing aboard my lap. In anuncontrollable frenzy I groped her ass as she moaned into my mouth. Herhands were running through my hair as she ground her pelvis into mine.Then she stopped.I looked at her curiously as she pulled away, still staring intenselyinto my eyes."Fuck, you're hot," I blurted out.Kate didn't flash her usual sexy smile, but instead dismounted from mylap and stood in front of me. I started to stand up as well, but she putboth hands on my shoulders, pushing me back down to the sofa. She thenbit her lip and reached down, pulling her tight white dress up hersmooth tanned legs. My mouth was watering just at the site as she slowlyexposed more of her legs to me."You like my legs?" she asked in an innocent voice, revealing just a bitof the white fabric of her underwear.I nodded.Kate then lifted a leg onto the sofa and nuzzled her foot into mycrotch as she sensually ran her hands up her thigh. Reaching out, sheput her hand behind my head and gently pulled my face to her innerthigh. Along with the vanilla, I could make out a faint erotic scent,telling me that she was just as turned on as I was. I could hear herpurr like a kitten when my lips touched her skin.Gently and softly I kissed her inner thigh, slowly moving my way up. Herbreathing was becoming more and more labored, but then she grabbed myhair and pulled me away."How about my ass?" she asked in the same innocent voice, pulling herfoot from my aching crotch.With that, she spun around to show off her best asset. Arching her back,she turned to look at me over her shoulder."You like it?""God yes!" I stammered as she began pulling her dress up again, thistime from the back, exposing just the bottoms of her cute little asscheeks.She continued teasing me, pulling the skin tight dress up further. Icould now see both globes of tanned flesh separated only by a thin whitestring. My cock was straining against my pants, just begging to bereleased. Cautiously, I reached out to touch Kate's ass, but sheslapped my hand away with a playful giggle."First," she said. "You have to kiss it."My mouth watering, I leaned forward planting a soft wet kiss on herfirm, muscular ass. Kate moaned in appreciation as I traced my tonguetowards inwards. I wanted to do more, but Kate had other ideas."Unzip me." she ordered.With great reluctance I pulled my face from her perfect ass and tookhold of the zipper on the back of her dress. Slowly, I pulled itdownwards, exposing more of her sexy back. She then took a step forwardsand turned to face me once again. Tossing her hair back, she slipped thestraps from her shoulders and pealed the tight dress down her eventighter body."There." she said emphatically, kicking the dress away from her feet."That's much better.""Yes," I agreed with a huge grin. "Yes it is."Kate was now standing before me wearing nothing but a tiny whiteg-string and her wedding ring. I took a moment to take in thespectacular sight as she sauntered towards me.Putting her hands on my lap, Kate leaned in, kissing me again. As ourtongues entwined, she subtly moved one of her hands inwards, giving mycrotch a gentle squeeze."Mmmm," she moaned in approval, feeling the hardness in my pants.She moved to my neck, sensually sucking at my skin as she climbed ontomy lap, pressing her firm little body into mine. Again, I grabbed herass with both hands, pulling her tightly to me. Kate moaned again, andthrew her head back in pleasure as I took one of her nipples into my mouth.I played with it for a while, flicking it with my tongue and gentlysqueezing it between my lips, before Kate began unbuttoning my shirt."And just what do you think you're doing," I asked, joking of course."I want to see that sexy body of yours," she replied, throwing my shirtopen."Oh fuck yeah." she said quietly, biting her lip and running her handsdown my chest and stomach.With that, Kate climbed backwards off my lap coming to rest on herknees in front of me. Her hands immediately went for my pants, undoingthe button and zipper in one second flat. I lifted my ass so that shecould pull my pants down, which she did with more enthusiasm than Iwould have expected."Mmmm, hello!" she said, tossing my pants aside and eyeing up my dickwhich was now standing at full attention about a foot away from her face.With her eyes fixated on the area below my waist, Kate reached outeagerly and wrapped her tiny hand around my shaft. I closed my eyes,relishing the feeling of her soft hand as she began to slowly pump upand down. With every movement of her hand, her pace quickened and asmall droplet of pre-cum began to form on the end of my cock."You have a beautiful cock!" Kate exclaimed, moving her face a littlecloser as if to tease me."Thank you," I gasped in the hope that it would soon be between hersweet lips."You want me to suck it don't you?" she asked, smiling up at me."Yes.""Tell me. I want to hear you say it."Kate then flicked out her little pink tongue and licked the droplet ofpre-cum from my dick."Tell me," she reiterated, staring up me with her dark, sultry eyes."Suck my cock."Kate smiled as I spoke the magic words, and an instant later her sweetlips were wrapped around my shaft, sucking it into the back of her mouth."Oh fuck!" I moaned, as I felt her tongue swirling around the head of mydick.I reached down and placed a hand on her head, stroking her silky brownhair as she began to slowly slide her lips up and down as her handremained firmly grasping the bottom of my shaft. I was just beginning torelax and enjoy the feeling of Kate's warm, wet mouth when she suddenlystopped."I have a better idea," she said, pulling my cock from her mouth. "Laydown."I was a little disappointed that my blowjob had ended so early, but Iwas sure that whatever Kate had in mind would be pleasurable enough.I swung my legs up onto the couch and laid down on my back as Katearose from her knees. I turned my head to watch as she tucked twofingers into her g-string and pulled it from between her legs and let itdrop to the floor revealing the most perfect pussy I had ever seen. Shewas completely shaved and without a tan line in sight.She stared intently at me as she approached the sofa and rested a kneebeside my head. Just as I was wondering what she had planned, Kateswung her other leg over to the opposite side, straddling my head in the69 position. I was now face to face with her tight little ass anddelicious pussy which was already glistening in anticipation. Shiftingher hips downwards a little, she brought her dewey lips in contact withmy mouth as she gave the underside of my cock a long, wet lick, runningher tongue down to my balls.I moaned in appreciation and opened my mouth fully to cover her littlewet hole, my tongue snaking its way inside her. Kate moaned herself, asshe felt my tongue push past her delicate lips and up into her hotlittle pussy. Running her tongue back up my shaft, she wrapped her moutharound my head and lifted my dick off of my stomach and sucking it deepinto her mouth once again. I placed my hands on her ass and pulled herhips downwards initiating a gyrating motion which Kate continued to do,grinding her hot pussy into my face."Yesss," she hissed, giving my cock a few quick pumps with her hand.As good as Kate's lips and tongue felt on my dick, I was doing my bestto center my attention on her pussy instead of the amazing blowjob I wasreceiving. That last thing I wanted was to blow my load and put an earlyend to this incredible experience.As Kate continued to fuck my face with her wet pussy, I staredlustfully at her little pink asshole which was winking at me with everygyration of her hips. Using my hands to pry her tight cheeks apart Ipulled my tongue from her pussy and lightly flicked it across her tinypuckered opening. Kate responded by inching forward a little andrunning her nimble little tongue over my balls. I gave her butt hole afew more licks before returning to her pussy which was now soaked withher juices.She slipped my cock back into her mouth and began bobbing her head upand down faster than ever before as her free hand continued to work overmy aching balls. I was afraid I was about to cum, when Kate stopped,gasping for air."I want to fuck you!" she said between breaths. "I want this cock insideme now!"Without waiting for a response, Kate jumped off and ordered me to sitback up. I did as I was told and she quickly climbed onto my lapreaching down to grab my pulsating dick in her hand."I've been waiting for this for so long," she said, rubbing the head ofmy cock along her slit.Lowering her body, Kate then pushed my dick past her swollen lips,closing her eyes and throwing her head back in ecstasy as her tightlittle pussy slid down around my shaft. I placed my hands on her tinywaist and helped guide my cock inside her. Her pussy was impossiblytight and gripped my dick like a vice."Just so you know," I said as she nestled down. "I may not be able tolast very long."Kate smiled and leaned in to kiss me."That's okay," she said. "We have all weekend."With that, she wrapped her arms around my neck and began to gyrate herhips into mine."Oh my god!" she moaned. "Your dick feels so fucking good in my pussy!"Reaching down behind her, Kate began to play with my balls, keeping onearm wrapped around my neck as she ground her clit against my body. Shewas beginning to work up a sweat and her skin was starting to stick tomine, especially her tits which were pressed firmly against my chest."Fuck!" she said through clenched teeth. I think I'm going to cum soon!"She was grinding herself against me even harder as she stared directlyinto my eyes with her penetrating gaze. My hands gripped her tightsweaty ass as she continued to talk."Make me cum!" she blurted out. "Make me cum all over your cock and thendo whatever you want with me!""I can do whatever I want with you?" I asked, sliding a finger downbetween her ass cheeks."Yesss," she moaned. "I want you to fuck me in every way possible!"Kate's words turned into incomprehensible moaning as I began to massageher asshole with my finger. I was just starting to think about all thedirty things I could do with her, when her body began to shake. Herfingers dug into my shoulders and her thighs locked together, pressinghard against my legs."Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!" she squealed, as her pussy convulsed aroundmy cock.Kate's cursing soon turned into slow, quiet moaning as her orgasmsubsided and she eased her self back into a gentle rhythm."Wow," she exclaimed, brushing her hair from her face. "That was so good."I managed to crack a smile just before she wrapped her arms around meand pressed her sweaty, sticky body against mine, kissing me withrenewed passion."Now," she said, breaking away from me and staring back into my eyes."Fuck me!"I needed no further encouragement.Kate's eyes went wide as I gripped her ass tightly and rose to my feet,her juicy little cunt still impaled on my cock. She gave out a startledshriek and wrapped her legs around my lower back as I walked across theroom holding her with her tiny body suspended off the ground. Our lipslocked again with Kate grabbing the back my hair and stuffing hertongue into my mouth.forcefully, I slammed Kate against the wall, driving my dick deepinside her and eliciting a surprised squeal from her lips as they brokefrom mine."Oh fuck yeah!" she moaned as I began sucking at her neck and driving myhips into her again. "Fuck me hard!"Her nails were clawing at my back as I continued my relentlessthrusting, slamming her repeatedly into the wall. Her pussy was nowslick with her cum and my cock was sliding in and out effortlessly,causing her pert little ass cheeks to tense with every thrust.Stepping away from the wall, I turned and dropped to my knees, layingher down on the soft carpet. I then grabbed her ankles and pushed herlegs up into the air in front of me. Kate then did me one better, bygrabbing her own ankles and pulling them down to rest on either side ofher head.I looked at her in surprise before I remembered that she used to be acheerleader, and that moves like that required next to no effort on herpart. I then resumed fucking her tight little pussy, causing her body toslowly inch across the floor."Uh! Uh! Uh!"With every thrust of my cock, Kate would let out a sexy moan althoughthe subtle sounds of her enjoyment were soon drowned out by the wetsound of my balls slapping against her ass. I slowed down a little, butKate reached down and clawed at my ass, urging me to continue."I'm going to cum soon," I groaned, driving my dick back into her hotlittle hole. "Do you want me to cum inside you?""No." she replied between moans. "Let's be dirty."I was intrigued."How dirty?" I asked, sinking my cock up to the balls in her tight, wetpussy."I want it all over my face! Cum on my face! I want to be a little slut!"Kate's words sent me to to the edge. A couple more pumps and Iunsheathed my dick, holding back the irresistible urge to release."Oh yeah." Kate said, licking her lips. "I want that! Give it to me!"I crawled over and knelt beside her head firmly gripping my cock in myhand. As my body tensed I could see the head of my dick swell beforefiring forth a creamy stream of white cum onto Kate's perfect face. Sheclosed her eyes and moaned as it was followed by a second and then athird stream, splashing off her lips and outstretched tongue.By the time I was finished, Kate's beautiful face was a slimy mess,coated and glistening with my cum. I sat back and took a deep breath asshe propped herself up onto her elbows."Wow," she said, wiping a thick gob of jism from above her eye. "Thatwas a lot of cum!""Yeah, sorry," I returned only to have my apology brushed off."No, no. I loved it!" she said before licking the cum from her finger."Tastes pretty good too. Well, for cum anyway."I gave a laugh and reached for my underwear, suddenly feeling very exposed."Well," Kate said, hopping to her feet. "I think I need a shower. Justmake yourself at home, but don't you dare sneak out. I have more plansfor you.""I wouldn't dream of it," I responded, sliding my underwear back on.Kate then blew me a kiss and turned and headed for the neareststaircase. I slumped back down on the couch exhausted, wondering whatother "plans" Kate had in store. Needless to say, I had not intentionsof "sneaking off."I noticed a massive big screen TV on the far wall and began to look fora remote control. I figured I might as well watch a little Sports Centerwhile I waited for Kate to come back. After a few minutes of searchingI found it jammed into the couch underneath were Kate and I hadrecently been engaged in a 69. I pointed the remote at the gargantuan TVand pressed the 'power' button.My jaw dropped open as an image appeared on the screen showing a womanon her hands and knees getting fucked from behind by man wearing apolice man's uniform. I stared in amazement at the massive sexual imagebefore it hit me. Kate had been watching porn before I came over!I quickly turned the volume down and continued watching. Gradually Icould feel my limp, lifeless penis begin to stir within my pants.Although the sex scene on the TV was very hot, I was more turned on bythe fact that Kate had been watching it. I watched the woman on thescreen getting fucked and it made me realize how bad I wanted to fuckKate from behind. I closed my eyes and tried to picture her bent overon all fours with my cock sliding in and out of her tight little pussy.I started to reach my hand into my pants before I came to my senses.Turning the TV back off, I quickly took off up the stairs.When I reached the top of the staircase, I listened for the sound ofrunning water and navigated myself through the hallways until I came tothe bathroom. The door was open a crack and I could feel the warmth ofthe steam from the shower as I peaked in.Like the rest of the house, the bathroom was very large. The floor wasadorned with sparkling white tile and an extravagant octagonal shapedshower (which was about as big as my entire bathroom) was situated inone of the far corners. Through the frosted glass, I could make outKate's sexy silhouette cleansing herself of the mess made by ourprevious activities.Slowly pushing the door open, I crept across the smooth floor, slippingmy boxers off in the process. When I reached the shower, I pulled thehandle down and opened the door. Standing before me was one of the mostglorious sights I had ever seen. Kate was facing the opposite directionwith her back arched as the hot water cascaded down her perfectly tannedbody."I was wondering when you were going to get in here," she stated,obviously not surprised by my appearance.I smiled to myself and stepped into the shower."I just couldn't stay away," I said pressing my body up against hers andkissing her softly on the neck."Mmmm, hello," she sighed as she felt my dick pressing into the creasebetween her ass cheeks.The feel of her firm, wet body against mine sent a rush of blood surgingthrough my cock causing it swell and press hard against her ass. I pacedmy hands on her hips but they soon found their way up to her pert littletits, cupping each one as I gently kissed and sucked at her neck. Katemoaned and pressed her ass back into me."So," I said, running my fingers over her erect nipples. "Do you let allyour friends cum on your face?"Kate let out a cute little giggle before responding."Only if they're extremely hot," she said, taking hold of one my handswith hers. "Did you like it?" she asked, as she pushed my hand downbetween her legs."Oh yeah," I affirmed, stroking two of my fingers along her slit. "Didyou like it?""Uh huh," she moaned, as I slipped a finger into her tight pussy. "Itmakes me feel dirty.""You like feeling dirty?" I asked, pushing my finger farther up inside her."Yes!" she gasped, bringing her hand up to pinch and pull on her nipple."I love it! I love acting like a dirty little slut."My fingers soon found Kate's clit, causing her to moan louder, reachingup behind her to grab the back of my head. Our wet bodies were writhingin ecstasy as the steamy water shot down onto us. My cock was nowcompletely erect, and pressed up tightly between my stomach and Kate'slower back. She was moving her hips in a circular motion, grinding herass into me as I continued to run my fingers over her tiny button."I love your pussy," I whispered, flicking her ear lobe with my tongue."Mmmm, and my pussy loves you," she moaned back, turning and throwingher arms around my neck.Our lips locked as she lifted a leg grinding her hairless pussy into myhip. I reached down and hooked a hand under her thigh, holding her legin place as my other hand found its way to her ass, gently squeezing andfeeling her incredible firmness. As my hand touched her ass, she let outa low moan, showing her appreciation.Kate then did something that nearly drove me over the edge. As herlittle wet body squirmed under my touch, she reached behind her andgrabbed my hand, guiding it between her ass cheeks. A little surprised,I pressed a finger against her asshole to see if that was what she wanted."Oh Yessss," she hissed, answering my question."You like that?" I asked, pressing two fingers against her tight littlehole rubbing in a slow circular motion."Yes, she replied quietly, wiggling her ass backwards onto my hand. "Itfelt so good, when you were playing with it earlier. It made me cum sohard.""Have you ever been fucked back there?" I asked, wiggling the tip myfinger past her tight muscular ring.Kate inhaled deeply, closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip."Uh uh," she shook her head."Would you like to?"She opened her eyes and stared directly at me as I forced my finger alittle further into her ass."Yes."That simple word was like music to my ears. Pulling Kate tighter to mybody, I kissed her deeply as I began to wriggle my finger in and outslightly, although the range of motion was still quite limited due tothe tightness of her hole. I wondered to myself if I could even get mydick inside her.Reaching over, Kate turned the shower off leaving us with only eachother's wet, naked bodies to keep us warm as we stood embracing in themiddle of the steamy shower stall. After a few more minutes of makingout, I slipped my finger out of her ass and she turned and exited theshower, stepping gingerly through the doorway. She was in the process ofgetting a towel, when I stepped out after her, grabbing her from behindand bending her over at the waist."Ooh, Nick!" she cooed, allowing me to move her body as I wanted.She was obviously turned on by my forcefulness, so I gave her a littlepush, sending her to her hands on knees on the cold hard bathroom floor.As soon as she dropped, she arched her lower back, sticking herbeautiful ass out and up in the air. I followed, dropping to my kneesbehind her placing one hand on her ass and using the other to push herhead down towards the wet tiles."Oh yeah," I said quietly to myself licking my lips and giving her firmlittle ass a light slap.I then leaned down and planted a kiss on one of Kate's muscular asscheeks, causing her to purr with delight."You have no idea how fucking sexy you look right now!" I exclaimed,running my hands all over her firm flesh, as I took in the unbelievablesight of Kate's soaking wet body on her hands and knees on the bathroomfloor."Take me Nick!" she moaned loudly. " I'm yours! Do whatever you...Ooohhh!"Kate's lewd words turned into an incomprehensible sexy groan as Ipressed my tongue against her tight puckered opening. I smiled to myselfand wiggled my tongue against her wet asshole."Oh my God!" she said, throwing her head back in ecstasy. "That feels sofucking good!"Encouraged by her words, I used both hands to splay her ass open andplant my lips around her hole in a deep wet kiss. Kate tilted herpelvis giving me better access as I continued attacking her ass with mytongue. Her hands clenched and unclenched in futility, clawing at thewet tiles as her body squirmed under me. Inserting two fingers into herpussy, I stabbed her tight little rosebud, forcing my tongue inside her.Kate squealed and her ass clenched tight, squeezing the tip of mytongue as I tried in vain to snake its way farther into her asshole.From her mouth began to spew a non-stop stream of profanity as I sawedmy fingers in and out of her pussy and continued tongue fucking her butthole. When I had had my fill of Kate's delicious ass, I lifted my headand pulled my fingers out of her pussy."Do you want to go to the bedroom?" I asked, sucking her juices off myfingers."No." she stated, gasping with lust. "Fuck me here on the floor! Justlike a dirty little slut."I was more than happy to oblige. Bracing her body with my hand I used myother to work my dick into her wet, warm, inviting pussy. Kate moanedand pressed her face against the floor as she reached under her body andspread her lips for my invading cock. Once I was about halfway in, Itook hold of her hips and pushed the remainder inside, pressing my ballsup against her engorged pussy lips. Slowly I began to build up speed asI gazed down at her asshole which was glistening wet with my saliva."Baby, I can't wait to fuck that tight little ass of yours.""Oh yeah, Nick. I want it so bad!""You want it now?""Yes! Fuck Yes! I want your cock in my ass!"I gave her pussy a few more quick pumps, before withdrawing my dick."Do you a have anything we can use as lube?" I asked hopefully."There's some lotion on the counter. Will that work?""I don't see why not."With that, I hopped up and grabbed the bottle from the countertop,anxiously opening it and pouring some of the white cream into my hand."Mmm, Hurry Nick. I can't wait to get that thing in my ass!"Kate then surprised me again by reaching back and running her fingersover her spit soaked asshole."Oh yeah," I encouraged, rubbing the lotion over my shaft. "Play withit. Play with your ass!"She was purring like a kitten as she used two fingers to slowly massageher anal opening which was beginning to relax after the thorough tonguefucking I had just given it. I smiled down on her prone body as Istroked my cock, coating it with makeshift lubricant as I watched two ofher fingers slip into her ass. One of the fingers was adorned withKate's wedding ring, and there was something highly erotic aboutwatching the massive gemstone glimmer in the light as she used it tofinger fuck her own asshole.As I resumed my position, kneeling behind her sexy body, Kate slowlywithdrew her fingers from her virgin ass. Pressing the head of my cockagainst her little pink star, I pushed forward using my thumb to helpwork my head past her tight muscular opening. Kate let out a strangesquealing sound as her sphincter clamped down around the head of mycock, trapping it within the confines of her tight little asshole."Try to relax," I urged, holding my cock by the shaft. "Play with yourpussy. It'll make it easier."She did as I suggested and almost immediately her ass relaxed enough forme to guide my dick slowly inside. I looked down and smiled at the sightof my cock disappearing into Kate's most private hole."And I thought your pussy was tight," I exclaimed, pulling back an inchjust to slide it in deeper once again."Fuck!" she cursed. "Your cock feels so good in my ass!"Wiggling my hips, I managed to work the rest of my dick into Kate'sbutt, until my balls were firmly pressed against her pussy. Her assholewas now firmly clamped around my shaft as I spread her cheeks wide toget a good view of the lewd scene. Pulling back, I then freed my cock,inch by agonizing inch until just the head remained planted inside her."Oooooh, put it back!" Kate begged. "I want it deep in my ass!"Complying with her wishes, I pushed forward sinking the entire length ofmy dick back into her tight, slippery hole. I was amazed at how quicklyshe was adapting to getting fucked in the ass. It had been only a matterof minutes and already she was begging to be fucked harder!"i'm gonna cum soon!" she gasped, wiggling her ass back into me. "Fuckme hard!"The steamy bathroom was soon filled with the sound of my hips slappingagainst Kate's firm, muscular ass as I repeatedly drove my cock intoher tight hole. Her moans of pleasure gradually turned into screams oflust as her body trembled though its second orgasm of the night. Bitinginto her arm to prevent herself from screaming too loudly, Kate'sasshole began to pulse around my shaft and her muscular cheeks tensed somuch I thought she would break my dick off in her ass! After a briefmoment longer, she relaxed, dropping her head to the floor."Oh my god," she gasped, pulling her cum soaked fingers from underneathher body.She was finished but I was only beginning.Reaching out, I grabbed Kate's shoulders pulling her back onto my cock."Uhhh," she moaned as I impaled her with my dick. "Yessss."Again I pulled her back, eliciting the same response."Yes Nick! Fuck me! Use my ass! Use me like a dirty little slut!"I continued fucking her asshole as she stuck her fingers into her mouth,moaning like a whore as she sucked them clean of her juices. I wasnearing the end and Kate's dirty talking was once again doing the job.forcefully, I slammed my hips into her, pinning her petite body flatagainst the floor. grabbing a handful of her silky, wet hair I placed myface next to hers, speaking directly into her ear."I'm going to cum in your asshole!" I said through clenched teeth as myhips continue to rise and fall, violating her body there on the bathroomfloor of her husband's house."Y..e..s....s....s," she managed to stammer, her voice broken up by myrelentless pounding. "Ccccuuuuummmm iiinnnn mmmmyyyyy aaaaassssssss!!"With one final thrust that completely took Kate's breath away, Iunleashed a torrent of hot cum into her virgin asshole."Oooooohhhhh," she moaned quietly as the fucking of her ass wasgradually replace by the gentle pulsing of my cock squirting cum insideof her.I took a much needed deep breath and peeled my body off Kate's. My cockslipped from her ass, followed by a thin rivulet of cum which drippeddown onto the wet tile floor. Slowly, Kate regained her composure andgathered enough strength to pull her ravaged body up to her feet."Fuck, that was hot!" she said pulling her wet hair out of her eyes.I nodded in agreement picking up the bottle of lotion from the counter."This actually works pretty good," I said, inspecting the bottle. "Lookspretty fancy though.""It is," Kate confirmed with a naughty giggle."What's so funny?" I asked, casting a suspicious glare her way."Oh nothing," she answered. "I was just thinking about what my husbandwould think if he knew that the hundred dollar lotion he bought me wasbeing used as lubricant so that his wife could get fucked in the ass onthe bathroom floor!"I just laughed as I set the bottle back on the counter."Well," Kate began, grabbing a white bathrobe from a hook on the wall."I think I worked up an appetite. Are you hungry?""A little," I answered. "I think I'm going to hop back in the showerfirst though. Why don't you go ahead and I'll be down in a bit.""Okay," she agreed, giving me a peck on the lips. "I'll have a snackready for you."As Kate walked out, I stepped back into the shower. After a refreshingten minutes later, I dried off, wrapped a towel around my waist andheaded back downstairs.I made my way back to the living room, expecting to find Kate, but shewas nowhere to be found. I walked through another set of doors into alarge kitchen, again expecting to find her, but again, no luck."Kate!?" I shouted."In here!" came a reply from another doorway to my right.As I walked through the doorway, following her voice I came into a largedining room lit by an ornate chandelier hanging from the ceiling. in thecenter of the room was a huge, deep red, very expensive looking woodentable surrounded by matching chairs. And sitting atop that veryexpensive dining room table was Kate, completely naked."Hey sexy!" she said with a mischievous smile, spreading her legs wideopen. "I have your snack all ready for you!"I smiled back at her and walked towards the table."Aren't you tired yet?" I asked jokingly as my dick began to grow onceagain, forming a ridiculous looking tent under the towel around my waist."I just can't get enough of you," she stated, calmly reaching dow to rubher hairless pussy."Why?" she asked, lifting her leg to give me view of her asshole. "Don'tyou want this?"Kate pursed her lips together in a sexy pout and reached under herraised thigh, sliding her finger into her tiny hole."Ooooooh," she cooed, slipping her finger in up to her knuckle. "I canfeel your cum in my ass."My heart began to race as I watched the scene unfolding before me.Taking the towel from my waist, I tossed it aside, eliciting a lustfulgaze from Kate, who began to eye my cock hungrily. Casting a wickedsmile, she pulled her finger out of her ass and held it up to my view. Icould see that it was covered in the glistening sheen of the cum I hadrecently injected into Kate's ass. Then, with her eyes transfixed onmine, she parted her lips and placed the finger into her mouth, suckingsensually."Mmmm," she moaned in approval, licking my cum from her finger. "I lovethe taste of your cum!""Now," she continued, pulling her finger from her mouth. "Get Over Here."In a flash I was at the table, dropping my face to her pussy. I managedto get in about three flicks of my tongue before Kate stopped me."Uh uh," she said, tilting her hips upwards and pushing my head downlower. "There."I happily granted Kate's request and began poking at her exposedasshole with my tongue. She immediately began moaning and grabbed myhair, pulling my face into her ass."Fuck yes," she said, running her hands through my hair. "Lick myasshole! Stick your tongue up my ass!"I tried to make my tongue as stiff as possible before stabbing at herlittle pink hole, bobbing my head back and forth. Kate grabbed herankles and laid back, pulling her legs out wide into the full splits.Eager to please, I pushed forward harder, feeding more of my tongue intoher hungry butthole. I continued tongue fucking her anus for a few moreminutes before moving back up to her pussy. I wrapped my lips around herclit and sucked it gently as slipped my middle finger into herwell-licked asshole. The combination of my cum and saliva had turned herass into a tight, but slippery tunnel and my finger slid in and out easily.Without waiting for further instruction I stood up and pulled Katecloser to the edge of the table as she remained in the splits position.She looked up at me and flashed one of her sexy smiles as I placed thetip of my dick against her eager asshole."Yes," she agreed. "Stick that thing up my ass again!"I was a little surprised at how dirty Kate was becoming. Since I hadfirst arrived at her house I had witnessed her transform from a sexy butclassy woman into a lewd, sex starved cumsut!"Oh yeah!" she howled as I slid my cock right up her ass on a river ofmy own cum.I wasted no time in fucking her ass and immediately began thrusting inand out, gazing down in amazement as her tight little hole repeatedlyswallowed up my cock. Kate lifted her head and strained to see, as shepulled her legs farther back."Oh my God, I can see it!” she exclaimed. "I can see your cock slidingin and out of my ass!""Do you like it?" I asked, my dick pumping in and out of her like a piston."Yes! It looks so dirty! Oh, fuck me Nick! Fuck me like a whore! Fuckmy ass on my husband's dining room table."Hooking my hands under her thighs, I began to pull her firm little bodyto meet each thrust of my cock as Kate continued to spew profanity fromher sweet little mouth."Fuck yes! Oh my God Nick, your dick feels so good in my ass! The nexttime I eat dinner with my husband at this table I'm going to think abouthow you fucked my asshole!""Fuck," I groaned. "I'm going to cum! Where do you want it?""In my mouth!" she shouted with enthusiasm. "I want to taste it! Cum inmy mouth!"I pulled my dick from Kate's ass with a wet "pop", as she scrambleddown from the table top. Dropping to her knees, she grabbed my shaftwith one of her tiny hands and sucked my dick into her warm, waitingmouth. She bobbed back and forth on my cock a couple times before thefirst stream of cum erupted forth, splattering the back of her throat.She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure as she milked the hot loadfrom my dick, swallowing every drop of the creamy liquid. When I wasfinally spent, she gave the head of my cock a teasingly flick of hertongue before letting it fall flaccidly against my leg."Damn girl," I gasped. "You really are going to wear me out."Kate giggled and rose to her feet."And just think," she said, giving my balls a playful squeeze. "We stillhave all weekend. We can do it in the hot tub, in the pool, on thebalcony......"Kate's voice trailed off as she walked out of the room. Calmly, Iwalked over and picked up my towel, wrapping it back around my waist. Iwasn't sure if I was going to survive the whole weekend, but I waswilling to give it a try. After all, what are friends for?The End