Adventure with new guy

When he arrived I noticed he was looking thinner then in the picture he sent me, I thought he was going to be taller but anyway he was looking like a nice person, now time to meet his sexual side mmmmmmm. we walked through the buildings apartments until we get to the one his friends lives, we were going to use that apartment that his gay friend borrowed, we walked in, it was a small department little messy to me but was fine I was there to have fun, not to judge anybody. So he saw me a little nervous I guess because he offered me a glass of water, I was not nervous just that I’m a little shy at the beginning but once I feel comfortable I get crazy mmmmmm. He tried to be nice and asked me: do you want to watch a movie? and I said oh no!!! then I was sitting on a chair and he grabbed my hand and said then let's go here and guided me to the bedroom. he got ready some condoms and lube packages, mmmmm he had in mind so much fun and was excited to start all that fun, we spend 3 hours together. We started undressing just leaving our underwear on and for pure casualty we both had a red underwear with black on the edges and I told him wow like if we agreed to wear same color. Then he lay on his back and I lay on his body, we started kissing passionately I was kind of sitting or riding his cock, he slide his hands in my underwear grabbed my ass cheeks and was also fingering my pussy mmmmmm, we did not stopped the kissing we also kissed on our neck and chin, sticking tongue in the ear mmm mmm. Then he wanted me to go down on his body, I made my way down kissed on his chest and nipples when I reach his cock we took his underwear off and I was able to suck on that great cock, looking fine and hard, with a good size mmmmmm yessss. I sucked him slow moving my tongue all over from tip to balls, then I wanted to take it all in my mouth for sure I tried, it made me chock and had my eyes watering but I like it so much, mmm wow!!! I sucked on him for a good time when he finally felt more comfortable he started playing with my hair and using his hands on me to push my head down and make me deep throat his cock mmmmm yesss that was hot!!! We kept doing it and also taking little breaks just to let me catch my breath and I could continue deep throating yeahh!!! I looked at him and he was enjoying it, then he asked me to move to one side and keep sucking on him so he started playing with my pussy fingering it and at the same time jerking my hard clit off by this time I still had my underwear on, he moved it to the sides and played with my ass and pussy, took off my underwear and while being all naked he started to spank me on a hard way it really hurt he also grabbed my ass cheeks with his hands, kept playing like this for a good time mmmmmm yess spanking, grabbing my ass cheeks, spanking again and like that. Damn there was a moment I was thinking I wish this could stop just for a little time because the spanking was hurting but in a pleasurable way mmmmmm. He pulled me coser to him and started to bite my ass cheek, I was now laying on his belly and leg, I mean my ass was to his face and my head to his cock mmmmm I was still sucking on him when he asked me to stop because he did not want to cum yet. I was just there laying on his body while he kept playing with my pussy put some saliva on his fingers and use them on it, jerked me off and bite me all at the same time, that was skillful, after a while like it then he wanted to change positions and now I was on my back and he was between my legs that were wrapped around his body and sometimes just spread or on his legs just resting, he was like in the missionary position and his cock was just laying on my body sliding on my balls and rubbing against my hard clit and well you know just pressing against me while kissing me passionately and there was a moment he laid on me and use his mouth and tongue all over my face and neck also and when he got to my ear and his tongue was sticking inside it, damn!!! That was driving me crazy I felt something like I didn't feel before I’m not sure how to explain but was giving me some pleasure to the point that is great to feel mmmmmm can that be called orgasm? I guess… He was doing a great job grabbing me against him, he was taking me and owning my body, wow mmmmmm, I was moaning and enjoying it so much, my breath was sounding like exhausted but liking it. after a while he whispered into my ear: do you want me to wear a condom? I said yes please… and he got it, put it on and was putting lube on his cock, then he used his fingers to put some lube on my pussy but at the same time he started sucking on my cock and I was like ohhh wow and moaning more, the feeling of it was great!!! I'm glad he took the time to do it I love when I’m being also please on what makes me so hot and wet yeahhhhh. He was ready to fuck me and I was still in the same position, with my legs spread and he was sliding his cock in me first slow and then deeper and faster mmmm yessss!!! He grabbed my legs up and fucked me more, while that I was rubbing my hands on his legs he was like kneeled, I was looking at his face and I was smiling at him, I also rubbed my hands on his belly area, chest, and grabbed his arms just feeling how firm they were mmmm I like that. It was getting harder and deeper and kissed me passionately from time to time and we were in that action until he was getting closed to the end and I had my legs on his shoulders so with my feet (I was wearing socks) hold his head and face and also saying yess!! it feels so good!!!! and things like that until he was about to cum, he came inside me in the condom of course, we kissed again and slowly his hard cock was sliding in and out and grabbing me against him, unit it gets soft and he kept sliding in an out until it was out, I saw the big load in his condom, I was tempt to suck on it but he cleaned it to quickly. We took a break he was laying on his back and I was laying on his chest. We talked for a good time I might think 20 minutes or so. well after talking for a good time I said to myself ok, already gave him time to recover so let's do something to turn him on again, and I moved up and starting kissing him, this time just part of my body was on his I was more like on a side but kissing passionately and also with my left hand grabbing his cock and playing with it that quickly got hard again mmmm yesssssafter a little more of making out he asked me if I wanted to ride him and excited I answered: ohh yes I do!!!! So we had our riding session, his cock was feeling good in me, and I was moving so well on his cock, with my movement riding that cock the bed was moving too, he was saying ohh wow you are so good on this and I was saying that it was feeling so good in me, so we kept doing this for like 15 or more minutes mmmmmm I was moving back and forward while riding him, I was also moving up and down and a combination of up, down, back and forward, I had sometimes to put my hands on his chest to lift myself up a little and I also put my hands on his leg to give more support. I was crazy riding his hard cock ohhh wow!!! while I was doing it he grabbed some lube put it on my clit and jerked me off, he made me cum in a few mmmm mmmmmm, my load was on his belly mmmmthen I kept riding him so good and fast and doing my job for more time, there where times when I lift up my butt to let him push his cock up inside my pussy, wow that was great, then I kind of got hard again and kept jerking off my clit, after a while I got tired, the position made me feel exhausted and I was sweating so much, he asked me if I wanted to take a break, I said yes but only of this position because I want to continue and he said oh yes just from this position and so he wanted me on all four and I did that. I was on all four at the bed's edge, while he was standing on the floor, he slide his cock in and out first slow and then faster and faster. then go to slow and changing to fast and like that damn this guy last a lot to cum, I was with my head down my butt still up, it was great!! the last few minutes he was shoving so hard and grabbing me from my hips, then from my shoulders and finally he was able to cum after a while mmmmm again in the condom in my pussy. Maybe next time I will suck on his cock the rest of cum today I was just knowing this guy we might meet next week ohhh yeahhh. that was hot!!! and was feeling o great to have my pussy used did not end sore like in other times but satisfied very satisfied mmmmmmmmm.