Ana and her short red dress

That night at the club Anita and I had danced for hours; but now I was feeling tired; so, I sat down at our table and quietly sipped my drink as I watched her enjoy herself alone in the middle of the dance floor.I watched my wife dancing in a sexy way. She was shaking her curly blond hair; her large braless boobs were bouncing and swaying in her tight dress.That short red dress soon got her plenty of attention as I knew it would. A tall and huge muscled black guy danced over to her grinning. She grinned back and moved closer to him, turning her back on me as she did so.They got closer and closer to each other until finally they were touching; their bodies bumping against each other as they danced. My sweet Ana’s round ass jiggled and shook, the red material of her tight dress barely covering it and leaving nothing to the imagination.I saw the guy’s black hands reach around my wife's waist while she ran her hands up his bare arms and hooked them around his neck. He obviously saw the green light and slid his hands around further and down until he was cupping her perfect round ass cheeks. I could see Ana pushing her body tightly into him, her legs now parted slightly to allow enough room for his thigh to grind against her crotch.As they danced like this a small crowd of black men gathered round them, still dancing, watching another hot white wife looking for some black cock. Then I saw the black hands travel up my wife's back before moving down again, gradually lowering the zip on her dress.The red material spread slowly apart, revealing first her naked back glistening in the flashing lights and then the top half of her ass encased in her see-through, red lacy panties.I looked at the faces of the men surrounding her; their eyes glued to my wife's backside.The music changed and Anita's dance partner spun her round so that she was now facing me. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open and her hair wet as she ground her ass back into the black guy's crotch. The black man had a grin on his face that threatened to split it in two and impossibly it seemed to grow wider as he leaned forward slightly, slipping his hands underneath Ana's dress…My wife reached back and crossed her arms behind her partner's neck as he pulled her back into him.Ana was smiling now, still open mouthed and I could see why. The black guy's hands were inside the top of her dress mauling her round boobs.I decided that things had gone far enough. I did not want my sweet Ana to be fucked by a bunch of black men there in the middle of the dance floor; so, I stood up and moved forward; but as soon as I reached them I was stopped by two huge black guys in suits."Sit down white cuckold" One of them growled in my ear.I complained struggling against them, telling I was leaving and needed to get my wife out of there."Just sit down, relax and enjoy the show. Your slutty white wife is not going anywhere; she is enjoying herself" The second man said and laughed.Then both guys pushed me back into my seat and then returned to stand guard over the dance floor whilst watching Anita’s performance.Ana's movements had changed. Instead of the smooth motion dancing, her head now was jerking back rhythmically, the top half of her body rising and falling slightly in time with the bumps. The guy's body was jerking in time too so it was pretty obvious he was fucking her from behind.My cock was like iron as I watched my wife get fucked on the dance floor.That black bastard fucked my sweet wife for at least five minutes before I saw his expression changing. His teeth gritted, he grimaced as his movements sped up until finally he stopped and gasped, relaxing his body.No sooner had he finished filling my wife’s womb; she was grabbed by another huge black guy. She laughed as he took her, getting her ready for a dose of his big black cock. This time the guy had his back to me so I could see pretty much everything.Ana was bent over as before. Her dress was pulled up over her waist and her panties nowhere to be seen. She was grinding her ass in small circles, beckoning his cock towards her, her wet and wanton pussy desperate to be filled to the hilt once more.The new black took hold of his large thick black cock and began to stuff it into my wife's cunt. Even with the added lubrication of the previous guy's spunk it was still a tight fit. I could see her struggling slightly at first, a pain expression on her face. But then after a few long strokes she settled down and began to grind her ass back into him again as he fucked her wildly.I jumped as I heard a voice laughing in my ear:"Your white married bitch really loves black cocks…!I looked round and saw an elegant bald black man in his mid-fifties. Then I knew he was the club’s owner…I turned back to the dance floor just in time to see my wife being led away by several huge black men; her red dress loosely hanging off her sweating body. She wasn't struggling and when she briefly turned to look my way there was no recognition, just glazed eyes and pure panting lust.Then she was gone, lost in the crowd.The guy that had been most recently fucking her was laughing and doing up his pants, he took a brief look in my direction, burst out laughing again then disappeared into the crowd too. I guessed he must have cum inside my wife as well.The old man approached and laughed in my ear again:"Do not worry, little white cuckold… my boys will take good care of your white cunt married bitch. They all are going to have a nice little party in the back room before they bring her well used white cunt up to my bed…" I turned angrily towards him, but then I was grabbed by the two black guards before I could move. As I was led away I heard the old man laughing again and yelling to me:"You will get your slutty little wife back…but she won't be the same; now she is a big black cock whore…"The guards pushed me into a taxi parked outside the club."Take the white cuckold home; then come back and ride his wife to him" The second man told the black taxi driver, as all them laughed.The black started the engine: "Where do you live white cuckie…?"