Ana playing again in Jamaica

My sweet Ana insisted that summer holiday to spend few days again at the sandy Jamaican beaches. But I knew she was thinking not in the sunny days, but in some black dicks she would meet there…We arrived on Friday afternoon and spent the day relaxing and enjoying the sun at the beach. The hotel was celebrating a new anniversary and it had a big party on Saturday night. The main show was around a band of drummers. The black leader of that group had Ana’s complete attention. Her stare accompanied by her standard comment that "He is so handsome!" started me knowing that my sweet wife had already selected a new black lover…Ana seemed captivated by that black guy in particular. I thought I could actually see her squirming in her seat as she watched and took pictures. The show actually was quite long. These guys were working hard and their flawless black skin glistened with perspiration. It was like they were working towards a massive group orgasm.I was just sitting there watching this very erotic display, wishing my wife would understand that I would be happy to let her have this experience. I kissed her neck, all the while caressing her back, letting my hand drift lower towards her soft and fabulous round ass cheeks. I could feel my dick was hard as a rock while I sat there, thinking Ana would be fucked by that black guy later on.She finally noticed me adjusting my confined erection and slowly moved her hand into my lap to confirm my excitement. Ana put her finger inside my zipper and held my rock hard dick. She smiled to me and then she kissed me back. She whispered in my ear:“I want that black dick for me tonight… would you let me have it?”No answer was needed. She wanted him and she knew that I wanted her to have him. We both returned our attention to him. For his next solo, the black guy moved directly in front of us. He danced and ground his hips just a few feet in front of Ana this time and her gaze went up and down his body, but stayed for an extended time on his crotch, and for a good reason. Apparently the only thing he was wearing was the thin shin length bottoms and bouncing against the cloth was the head of his huge black cock. Anita gasped when she realized how big his cock could be…For the balance of the show, the black guy made frequent eye contact with my wife and often with me as well. At first I wasn't sure why, until I realized that he knew I was her husband and he was looking to see what my reaction was going to be. I was sure that she was not the first white wife that came to the island looking to fuck a black man and I'm sure that he also knew that I wasn't the first cuckold husband that was here to watch either. He just seemed to want to make sure that I was as OK with this as my obviously aroused wife was.Once I realized that he needed a signal, I stroked her shoulder and smiled at him, giving him a slight nod. Finally the show ended. Ana stood up, still looking at me. My hand lowered to her round and perfect ass. I caressed her bottom while she smiled at me somewhat nervously. I watched my wife moving away from me, balancing her nice round hips as she approached the black guy.I saw the two of them talking for a while and then they moved away from the crowd and went over to the bar. I was now only a few tables away from them; with Anita sitting on a bar stool with her side to me. The black man was facing her and I could see that her dress had hiked up when she sat down and her legs were pretty exposed. I could also see that the black man had his hand on her bare thigh and was moving it slowly up and down as they talked.It looked as if they were in deep conversation and he was very close to her, now letting both of his hands roam all over her. Anita had a few more drinks while she sat talking to the black man. Finally he made the move, asking her to go to our room. She nodded smiling and stood up. He put his hand around her waist and they started to walk down the path towards our room. I watched them and then Anita stopped, turned around and looked back at me. The look was: "Are you coming?" Turning away again, they walked down the path in front of me. I could clearly see that his black hand was now cupping her soft round ass…I opened the door and invited them to go inside the room. The black guy smiled and just said to me: “I'm going to fuck your wife"…I kept silence and they acted as if I wasn't even there, talking and laughing. We opened a bottle of red wine. Then he grabbed Ana’s hand and pulled her up off of the couch and they danced closely for a bit. He pulled her close and grabbed her ass with both hands and pressed his lips to hers. Ana kissed him back.Then he made Ana sit down on a chair. He backed away from her and then he put his hands into his waist band and dropped his pants to the floor. I was behind him and only saw the reaction on my sweet wife's face to what she was now looking at. Then I turned around him and saw and incredible eleven inches hard black dick hanging between his thighs…He took it with both hands and approached to my wife’s open lips…“You will suck it, white bitch and you will show your cuckold husband how bad you want my black dick…” He told Ana, as he smiled…Slowly, as if hypnotized by the sight before her, I saw Ana’s hand reach out and take a hold of that big black cock hanging so close. It was already getting even harder. I saw she could smell. He was damp and sweaty from his performance. He was musky. I could tell her pussy was damp. Her panties were soaked for sure and she squirmed on the chair. I knew she wanted that black man to take her. She wanted to be taken right there in front of me by this incredible black dick.Ana looked up at him; still holding that magnificent cock in her hands. He reached out and placed his hands on her shoulders and gently guided her to her feet. She stood still holding him and then he lifted her dress up and pulled it over her head. Then he dragged her panties off her body."You have a nice sexy body, white bitch… I will enjoy it very much…”They humped at each other as he grabbed hands full of her ass cheeks and humped his cock against her pussy lips. Soon enough he put his hands on her shoulders, gently guiding her to her knees. She understood what this black man wanted and his need and continuing to hold his gaze she slowly fell to her knees before him. She stared at the thick veined big black cock before her. Finally taking her eyes from his, she fixed her stare at the sight before her. Tentatively, she reached a hand out to hold the big black cock before her. One hand was not nearly enough. So as she began to pull on him, she took her other hand to help. Both hands were still not enough to cover him completely and she pulled at him making the big cock flex and pulse."Suck me, babe… show me your skills…” The black guy said softly.Ana nodded, glanced at me and turned back to him. Opening her mouth, she tentatively licked that thick head of the cock in front of her. I could see that she was immediately being rewarded with a clear stream of pre cum.She took more of the cock head into her mouth while continuing to jack him off with both hands. Then she redoubled her efforts, trying to take more of the big black cock into her mouth while jerking on it with renewed energy.Suddenly he stopped her and pushed her away.I saw that Ana had a wild look in her eyes; a look of lust and excitement.The black man stepped forward and there was the massive hot black cock. My wife once again took the head of his huge black cock into her warm and welcoming mouth. She sucked it for a long while.Suddenly he told Ana to get onto the bed. The black guy then told me:"It's time for me to fuck that slutty married white pussy”He stepped over to the bed ready to fuck my eagerly awaiting wife.Anita lay on her back, legs spread slightly as that huge black man got on the end of the bed. My view from the left side bottom allowed me to see the side view and also see all the way up her legs. He crawled between her legs, his massive hard black cock almost dragging on the sheets…He reached out and touched her raised knees. I could see that she was trembling in excitement. Then she felt the black man gently reach out and touch her. He applied very gentle pressure to open her legs wider and expose her wet cunt to him. I could smell her soaking wet pussy and I'm sure he could as well. There was no doubt that she was ready. She was so fucking wet. Her pussy lips were red, pulsing and waiting the friction from his penetration. Her breasts were full and her nipples were hard.The sudden unexpected contact with that black skin made her jump. Ana opened her nice eyes and looked over to me; as she was asking my permission to continue.The black guy took my silence as permission and looked smiling to me.Soon his thick cockhead had pushed all the way inside her, stretching and distending her labia and opening her up until the bright red and pink colors were on display. I moved and put one hand on her mound to hold her down. Then he pushed more of his big black cock into her. Her hips had now begun to move upwards on their own to try to take still more of him. Slowly he began to push at her as she raised her hips and the result was that even more of the big black cock began to go inside her. At that moment, Ana’s eyes turned to me and then moved to that huge black man who was owning and enjoying her body. My wife’s arms finally relaxed and reached out to hold her lover as he just let gravity do the rest of the work, by relaxing himself and pushing his black cock deeper into her. As each inch of the big black cock pushed deeper inside my wife, she became more animated. She was instinctively humping her cunt up to him while she made whimpering, panting and grunting noises. She had let herself go and now she was his to do with as he wanted.I watched them as their passion grew. He took her slowly, but deliberately. He would withdraw almost his entire cock from her, her cunt seeming to cling tightly to it and not wanting to let it go, almost turning her inside out. He would just leave the fat cockhead inside her; then he would slowly push all of it back into her until their pubic bones met where he would grind himself hard against her clitoris.He continued this slow but deliberate fucking while she rose to one massive climax after another, again and again shaking from her deepest parts, holding him tightly while she squealed in delight, desperately trying to suck or kiss any part of him.As the first set of her many orgasms washed over her, he began to increase his pace. He increased just a little at first, but enough to arouse my lovely horny wife once again into another series of shaking orgasms…Her body was reacting to every movement of that huge cock inside of her. As he increased his pace, I could hear the squashing and sucking sounds of the big black cock pounding hard into her soaked cunt. There was a huge puddle of wetness under her ass as both their fluids combined to completely drench the sheets under their bodies...He reached under her and grabbed hold of each cheek of her ass with his hands and increased his tempo pounding his huge black cock into her even harder. She was pushing back at him and in turn Ana grabbed his ass cheeks to try to pull him deeper inside her wanting cunt…I knew Anita was getting close. She was in the middle of one more huge full body orgasms when she begged him to cum deep inside her cunt…I saw his muscles tighten and he grabbed her ass tightly again leaving bruise marks on her and then, with one final massive thrust of his big black cock all the way inside of her, his cock exploded. Ana screamed with the climax as her cervix was being battered by his blunt cockhead. That black bastard continued shooting deep inside of her.He growled as he hammered his big black cock into her again and again as my loving wife screamed in delight. He continued to pound his big black cock into my wife's cunt again and again, as he deposited still more semen within her with each stroke. Gradually his pace slowed, but he would still drive his cock deeply inside her cunt, and twitch his cock to expend any last drops inside her and then hold it inside her womb until the next twitch. Anita lay underneath him looking fully contented and exhausted. The black man's cock softened somewhat, but never seemed to completely go limp. Eventually, after they both seemed to have caught their breath, he began to kiss his way down her body and as he did, his cock was slowly removed from her pussy. The sheets were a thick mess of slime under her ass. Ana made no attempt to move, she just lay there; her beautiful shaped legs spread wide; cum dripping out from her pussy lips…But that black bastard was not done yet. He soon moved over Ana and grabbed her by the waist, making she turning down onto the bed. She fell on her hands and knees, with her nice round buttocks exposed in the air.This was a very quick one. He furiously pounded my wife only caring about his orgasm this time. Nevertheless, she pushed her cunt back at him as her orgasm built. He was the first to pop and once again he delivered another heavy dose of sticky semen deep inside Ana’s womb.His mighty orgasm fueled hers and then both of them once again screamed though another series of violent legs shaking orgasms…They lay together for a long time after their second coupling. Finally, the black man stood up and announced that he had to go…After he left, Ana remained naked in bed, still lying on the soaked sheets. At her urging, I sucked her as best I could but when I tried to mount her, Ana pushed me away and told me that she was too sore for more fucking. I woke first the next morning. Ana was close to me, still lying on those wet sheets. Her open legs revealed by the daylight a lot of dried fluids all over her body, mostly in her shaved mound and pussy lips. There was cum in her hair and bite marks on her tits and neck. Hand prints on her legs and hips. My sweet wife opened her beautiful eyes, smiled to me and said:“Hope you have enjoyed the show last night, because tonight… we shall have a second chance again with that huge piece of black cock…”