Anna and the Secret Files 2

Our story began with my discovery of some very interesting files Anna's husband had left on a system, files he'd desperately needed me to delete. I'd deleted them, but I'd kept a copy .. because they were files of Anna having all sorts of sex! Showing them to her gave me the leverage to get her to give herself to me. Holding her naked in my lap, we watched a video together. We discussed some of the things we were watching, and I learned more about Anna's sex life .. and that of her family as well! Then, excited by our play and remembering her passionate sex with the two young men in the video, she pleaded for me to take her to bed.--- after sex in bed ---Lying beside my shapely naked daughter-in-law and leisurely stroking her body, I was satisfied for the moment with the pleasures she'd so eagerly given me. But I was curious about this very sexual family and I asked Anna to tell me more about Allan's plans for her to have sex with her young son Bobby.She explained her husband had already started to increase the sexual intimacy with their c***dren. Her son, following his father's orders, now regularly came in to the bathroom to watch her taking showers, or even to join her in the shower. Some mornings, lying in bed with her, Allan would send one of the k**s, usually Bobby but sometimes his daughter Bonnie, to bring him coffee .. and then would pull the covers off to reveal their mother and him naked in the bed. Then he'd make their son or daughter sit and chat about what their day would be like, ignoring their inevitable stares at his and Anna's naked bodies.He'd also stopped closing the door to their bedroom, and had told her to leave it open all the time, even when she was dressing or undressing. "He told me that all the privacy and secrecy about our bodies, even the sex we were having, wasn't really fair for the k**s. He thought they needed to know about these things. So the more casually we could treat our bodies, even the sex he and I were having, the more they'd get used to it, the easier they'd accept it and have a good healthy attitude about it."She explained that often when Allan and she were having sex at night, he would have the nightstand light on. This wasn't unusual, he'd always done that, because she knew he liked watching her, looking at her body, especially if he was playing with her, with bondage or with toys. But now, with the bedroom door open all the time, anyone in the hall could look right into their bedroom, right at the big double bed! And she was sure her c***dren had been doing that, sneaking out of their bedrooms to hide in the dark hallway and watch everything that happened on their parents' bed."So Bobby's been spending a lot of time with you naked. In the shower and whatever? Okay, I guess that must be a lot of fun for Bobby!" She nodded, "Oh yes, he really likes looking at me when I'm naked.""What has Allan been doing with Bonnie?" That was their teenage daughter. "I'm suspecting he hasn't neglected her 'education' either, right?"She nodded, "That's right. Bonnie's been taking showers with her father for months now." She frowned a little, "And I'm sure those showers include Allan and Bonnie soaping and playing with each other, just like he told me to do with Bobby.""You've seen them together? Doing that?" I asked.Anna shook her head. "Allan hasn't let me watch the two of them, but I can hear Bonnie's giggles sometimes over the sound of the shower. And when they're done, when Bonnie comes out of the bathroom .. she acts guilty or embarrassed, her face is flushed." She glanced at me, "She usually just covers herself with a towel, which I think turns her father on. But I've seen her sometimes: her nipples will be hard! And Allan .. well, he'll just walk out naked, he doesn't care if the k**s are watching. And he'll have .. well, he'll have an erection, and he doesn't even try to hide it from me." She glanced at me, "I mean, why else would he have an erection when he's taking a shower with his daughter? Maybe just from him looking at her naked, because I know that makes him excited. Of course I could understand that: Bonnie's very pretty, and her figure is really developing!" She frowned again. "But I think all the excitement, for both of them, is from playing around together in the shower."The c***dren were encouraged to run around the house barely dressed or even naked. Bonnie particularly liked to show off her new thong panties and very transparent bras her father had bought for her. Anna also knew her husband had been watching porn with his daughter; she'd caught them several times cuddled together in her husband's big armchair, a blanket covering them, watching adult films.She had received an unexpected delivery from a shipping company. It was addressed to her husband but, unthinkingly, she had opened it to find sex toys: a large dildo, an anal plug, and nipple clips. It also included a very transparent sort of body suit .. but with the groin and breast area cut away, obviously intended to be very revealing.She wondered about the contents: her husband already had almost identical sex toys like these in his ample collection, toys he regularly used on her to excite and pleasure her. And the body suit looked a little small for her, sized for a much slimmer figure. Curious but not wanting to anger her husband or possibly spoil a surprise gift for her, she'd carefully taped the box back up and had left it on his home office desk. He didn't make any mention of the shipment, and she certainly never got any surprise gifts. Nor did she see any new toys in Allan's toy box. She'd wondered: were these for some girl friend or mistress, some other woman her husband was seeing? Or .. were they for her daughter, part of the teenage girl's sexualization she was sure her husband was performing?Later she'd searched her daughter's bedroom and had found the toys, unwrapped, hidden in the young girl's nightstand. And the body suit, apparently already worn, carefully hidden in her underwear drawer.Anna was also sure her husband was already introducing Bobby to porn on the Internet. She'd seen them sitting together looking at very explicit images on the PC screen, and the interest and excitement was obvious on her young son's face. Allan had explained he was just trying to give his son some sex education .. but Anna knew it was more than that. As she'd mentioned earlier, she knew her husband wanted her to introduce her own son to sex .. and as soon as possible too! So this was obviously part of Allan's preparations, to get the young boy ready for pleasure with his mother."So you pretty much know Allan is going to want Bobby to have sex with you, with his mother. Are you going to have problems with that? Having sex with Bobby, that is?"She shrugged, strangely casual about the knowledge that she would be having i****tuous sex with her own son. "I don't think so. I suppose Allan has a better understanding of what Bobby is going through as he grows up. So maybe he doesn't want Bobby to have all the confusion that I understand young teenage boys have." She glanced at me, "And being horny all the time. Do you remember it like that?" she asked, smiling a little as she reached out and stroked my cock familiarly. "Were you horny all the time, always thinking about sex?""Well, yeah, pretty much," I confirmed, responding to her strokes with my own fondling of her exciting body. "If I'd had a sexy woman like you around for sex .. even if just every now and then, not every time I wanted it .. that would've been absolute heaven!""Well, I can understand that," Anna agreed. "Actually, to be honest with you .. I'm kind of looking forward to Bobby having sex with me? I mean, not just once, but regularly? Maybe then we could be close again, like we used to be." She frowned, "He's been so rebellious and hard-headed lately, never wanting to do what I tell him, always wanting to argue or disagree. Maybe if I can use sex with her as a carrot, you know, a reward? That might make him try harder to get along with me, make things easier for me as well.""I agree," I said. "I know he'd a be a lot happier having regular sex .. and I'm sure you could use it to reward him for behaving better."But with Bonnie, it sounds like Allan has his own plans for your daughter's sexual education. Indeed, it seems to have already begun. How are you feeling about that?"Anna shrugged. "Well, he's been having sex with other women for a long time now, I know that. He used to try to hide it, but he hasn't really bothered with that for years. And that's all right," she explained. "I preferred him being open and honest with me, rather than all the silly lies and excuses when he was gone so late, or when he wasn't at work during the day, but no one at the shop knew of any service calls."I'm actually glad we're having more of an open marriage at home or at parties with other people, with other men having sex with me and with Allan having sex with other women. At least he's at home or with me and I don't have to worry about him." She grinned at me teasingly. "And I'm certainly getting a lot more sex than I would just from him!" She shook her head. "Some of the parties, there may be two or three other couples, maybe three or four single men! Allan always makes sure we invite many more men than women when he wants the party to be a sex party." She shrugged, "I don't mind, I guess, but sometimes if a woman is new to this sort of party .. and she realizes that all these men will be using her .. sometimes they look worried .. at first anyway." She smiled at me, "Once it begins, after two or three men .. even the shy woman will start to enjoy herself, especially if she sees the other women enjoying themselves."Oh yes, the men and Allan too, they want to enjoy all the women. But sometimes .. I don't know ..." She blushed and glanced at me. "The men often seem to .. well, want to have sex with me more? Maybe it's because I can't help it, I get so excited?"I smiled at her: there was no question she could really get excited! I'd seen that just with me, as well as in the videos I'd seen.She blushed a little and then shrugged. "Well, that is just the way I am. I really enjoy sex, men, and when they get me really excited .. well, there's nothing wrong with that!" She smiled shyly, "And everyone seems to like it too! I never get any complaints!"I grinned at her, giving her cunt a soft squeeze. She sighed a little, enjoying the stimulation, and then continued."So I didn't really mind the chance to have more sex with more men at the parties. Allan knew I was enjoying that, so I guess he wanted me to have even more, not having to wait for parties or for him to find other men. I think maybe also so I wouldn't ask any questions about any girlfriends he had, or going to have sex with some of his friends' wives which I think he was doing too."So he brought Martin over to enjoy me one day ...""Martin?" I interrupted. "Your nephew? My grandson?" I remembered then: one of the videos had Martin, my 17 year old grandson, having sex with Anna.Anna nodded, "Uh huh. To have sex with me. Allan just brought him in, and I thought Martin was just there to visit or help Allan .. but Allan told him that Martin could have sex with me if he wanted, do anything he wanted!"Her eyes were distant as she obviously was remembering the occasion. "So when Martin finally believed that Allan was serious, Allan had me undress right there in my kitchen! And then he had Martin take me into the bedroom and he watched while we had sex the first time. And then Martin spent another hour, I guess, having fun with me." She glanced at me shyly, "Of course, watching us made Allan excited, so I was having sex with both of them. But even when Allan was tired and left to watch TV or something, Martin was still excited enough to do it with me two or three more times!""After that, Martin would come over during the week, just to have sex with me. And then he started bringing Jimmy too!" Jimmy was Martin's big husky best friend, a year older. "My god, when those two come over, they must fuck me for two or three hours straight! I don't know how many orgasms I have!""So they're still coming over?" I asked, curious as to how this sensuous woman would handle two very horny young men. "How often are they coming over?""Usually twice a week," Anna replied, "when Jimmy has a day off from work. Sometimes three times if he doesn't have to go in until later. He always picks up Martin and they come over together; I think they like having sex with me together, so they can take turns or fuck me together.""Together? They were taking turns in the video we were watching.""Well, yes, that day. But that was when they were first starting. Now that they are more expert with how to pleasure me and enjoy themselves, and they know for sure that I will let them, that I will never object to anything, they do whatever they want.""Anal? Oral? You enjoy both of them at once?" I asked, and Anna nodded. "Of course! I find it really exciting, especially if I am riding on one and the other is fucking me from behind, you know? With his cock in my ass? I love the feel of two cocks inside me! Or if one of them wants me to suck on him, they sometimes use a dildo or a plug, you know? So I'm full everywhere!""But again, getting back to your daughter, Bonnie." I had my own interests in the sexy young teenage girl, and wanted to get a clear idea of where she would be fitting in this family's sexual activities. "You aren't concerned about her having regular sex with her father?"Anna shrugged. "No, not really. If she's having sex with her father, perhaps she won't be silly like so many girls and wanting to have sex with whatever boy is showing her attention. And she'll know all about birth control and everything. Plus .." She glanced at me and then continued. "I have a feeling Allan will be wanting her to have sex with Bobby too. And maybe with other men when they're here having sex with me, maybe Martin and Jimmy since she already knows them. And if she watched them having sex with me first, she'd be more willing to let them do it with her too, I would think. Allan was talking once about how hot it would be to watch both of us, my daughter and me, being fucked here on the bed together, what a really hot video that would make! Or both of us tied up and men taking turns with us. Or even .." she glanced at me again. "Well, her and me having .. you know, sex together? Lesbian sex?""This is something you enjoy? Lesbian sex?" I asked.Anna blushed, "Well, I mean I enjoy men much more, you know? I love cocks inside me, sucking on them, everything!" She glanced at me, "But .. when I was younger .. one girl I was good friends with, we were, well, you know, curious? We didn't have sex with men, not yet anyway, and we both heard about how girls would .. play together?" I nodded and smiled, reassuring her, and she continued. "So we .. kind of played around, to see what felt good, what this talk was all about. We both agreed we could try anything we wanted, but we would be very honest and tell the other if something felt good, or not." She smiled, her eyes going distant for a moment. "We learned a lot, my friend and me. And yes, it was something I enjoyed then .. and probably would now if I had a woman or even a young girl like Bonnie to play with." She looked at me again, her thoughts back in the present. "So, yes .. I would not have a real problem with lesbian sex, even with my own daughter. Especially if she enjoyed it too."She glanced at me. "Are you interested in this? I understand some men are very excited with what they call girl-on-girl? Would you want to watch me having sex with another woman?"I shrugged, "I guess so, if I were totally worn out with having sex with the two of you myself! It would give you something to do, to stay excited, while I recuperate! And it would probably get me excited again, enough to enjoy you again anyway!" I grinned. "But to watch, rather than enjoy you myself? Normally I would say no, not so much. Although an excited woman is always interesting to watch, whether I am having sex with her or someone else is.""Well, I think Allan is very interested in such a thing!" Anna said. "He was suggesting at the New Years party, well, the orgy afterwards, that two girls play with each other." Anna smiled, "I think maybe one of them might have been interested .. but there were so many men still wanting us, and only three of us women .. so it didn't happen. And when all the men were finally tired, when they had enough of us .. we women were tired too. And I think Allan was too worn out and drunk too, to think of girl-on-girl sex then."Wanting to focus more on Anna's deliciously developing daughter, I showed concern: "You know, with Allan cuddling and playing with his daughter in front of the family, and with what you've told me about their showers together. And now the sex toys, the sexy outfit, especially if he's using them on her, or if she's wearing the outfit, using the toys in front of him." I looked at her frankly, "He's grooming her for sex, you know. This isn't just education."Anna sighed and nodded, "I know. I can only hope that he will be careful, that this being so intimate with her father, sex even, is not upsetting for Bonnie! She is a good girl, I know, and she really loves her father .. and her brother too, although sometimes she doesn't act like it." She smiled, "And I know she really likes snuggling with her father, all the attention Allan has been giving her. So perhaps if they do go on to sex .. well, I suppose I wouldn't mind so much."I nodded, "I understand it can be a good thing, but the father must be very careful. And not be too selfish or possessive! Bonnie must still have her own life, her own friends .. even boy friends!""I understand that," Anna replied. She looked thoughtful again. "I have perhaps put this off too long. I must take Bonnie to see her doctor, to get birth control pills for her." She glanced at me, "This is a difficult thing for me, you know. What will the doctor think? That I know my young daughter will be having sex? This is even i*****l, I think; would he tell the police? Or refuse to have her or me as a patient?"I shrugged, "This shouldn't be a problem. She's having periods, I'm sure. So just tell him you want the birth control pills to have her periods regular, so she won't have cramps. And to help her complexion. Even if he suspects something else, that will give him the excuse he needs for the prescriptions."Anna smiled and gave me a quick grateful kiss. "Yes,of course! Why did I not think of these things? I have heard women before say that these things happen with the pills, that they even take them just for that!" She kissed me again, "Especially teenage girls for cramps .. and acne! Such a clever man you are!"Smiling happily, Anna began gently squeezing and stroking my cock, obviously intending to reward my cleverness. She continued with our conversation though, obviously wanting to work things out in her own mind. This interchange with me was apparently helping her a lot."Well, with Allan wanting me to be more intimate with Bobby, maybe that will help them both, Bobby and Bonnie, accept what is happening? Sex with their own father and mother, I mean." She frowned, "I was getting worried, all this attention from Allan with Bonnie, I was afraid Bobby would feel left out, that he wasn't getting attention too. So maybe ..." She looked thoughtful. "Maybe if I started showing Bobby more attention, you know, doing special things with him like Allan does with Bonnie ..." She glanced at me. "Sexy things even? I know that's what Allan wants me to do, so I should maybe start doing that now? Even if Bobby is maybe too young still for sex? Do you think this would make Bobby feel more included, that he is special too?"I nodded. "I think that would be a very good idea. I could suggest you start wearing sexy clothing in the evenings, a transparent nightgown, and cuddling with Bobby just as Allan cuddles with Bonnie. And when he is used to the cuddling, make a more intimate game of it, have him fondling your body, your breasts, even your cunt. Under a blanket or something if he's embarrassed about these things in front of his father and sister. Although I think he has a good idea what his father and sister are doing together, so maybe he doesn't care if he is seen playing with you." I grinned, "Or maybe he would even enjoy it, the showing off that he could play with you too just like his father does!"I reached out and casually squeezed Anna's vulva, provoking a smile and suggestive lift of an eyebrow from the sensuous woman. "And you could start fondling and stroking his cock. Even if he might not be old enough to have a full erection yet, it'll still feel good to him.""Oh, I think there would be no problem with Bobby having an erection," Anna replied. "I've seen him in his bedroom looking at magazines friends have brought. He is having erections, no question; he is even .. you know, playing with himself? Moving his hand on his cock?" She reached down and squeezed my softened cock gently, smiled as it hardened from her touch, and gave me a few teasing strokes."And I watched him one night when he thought we were all asleep, sitting naked and watching porn, you know? Porn on the Internet, I think, or maybe it was something he and his father had put on the computer. So he has interest in women, in sex .. and he has erections already too! That will not be a worry."Although ..." she paused and looked thoughtful. "I do not know if he is having climaxes, you know, coming? Would a boy masturbate, perhaps because it feels good, even if he can not come?" She looked thoughtful, "I will have to start looking more closely at his laundry, his sheets, his underwear.""Well, it sounds like he will be ready to start cuddling with you, even playing with your body. That's good," I said. Teasingly I suggested, "But about his being able to climax .. perhaps if you sneaked in to his bedroom one night, used your mouth to pleasure him? I'll bet you'd find out in a hurry if he could come or not! I certainly know you're expert at that!" I smiled teasingly, reminding her of our very exciting sex that we'd just finished.Anna blushed, "Oh I could never do that! I mean, with Bobby. Suck my own son's cock? When he was sleeping? When he woke up, I know he would wake up, what would I say? How could I explain that?"I grinned at her embarrassment. "Well, maybe you're right. Maybe you should just wait a bit, until after he's been playing with you. Maybe you can be playing alone with him, you both be naked .. and THEN suck his cock!"She blushed again, but I could see her expression become thoughtful, the tip of her tongue darting out u*********sly to lick her full lips.I continued, "He's already seeing you naked in the shower; he's seeing you naked and having sex with his father, although I gather he hasn't seen you having sex with other men, right?"Anna shook her head. "I don't think he has seen me do anything like that, not yet anyway." She looked concerned, "At least I don't think so! If Allan has been showing him those videos and pictures, the ones like you have ..."I shook my head. "I don't think so. I didn't see them on your PC anyway, so he must be keeping them at work or on his laptop or something." I smiled at her reassuringly. "They're pretty .. well, pretty explicit, really obscene actually, for a young boy with no experience to be looking at. Especially of his own mother.""Do you think I should show him those kinds of pictures, those videos? Of me having sex with other men?" Anna asked. "I mean, he has certainly seen me having sex with his father ..." She blushed and glanced away. "And .. well, I must confess, maybe with me having sex with other men at parties too. I think Bobby and Bonnie have both been sneaking looks at the parties when we thought they were asleep!"I grinned at her reassuringly. "Well then, there won't be any surprises, right? But yes, I'd suggest you DO show him those pictures and videos. Be sure to make it clear to him though, that the sex with other men is just for fun, that you still love his father and will always be his wife .. and Bobby's mother!" I smiled reassuringly as she nodded. "We don't want him to get confused."Anna nodded, the concern leaving her eyes."I agree," she replied. "Him knowing other men fuck me will maybe keep him from thinking he is going to take his father's place in my bed! But I'm not sure of the best way to .. you know, start doing more sex things with him." She sighed, "He's so young, I still think of him as my little boy, even when he's in the shower with me, playing with me, even getting me excited!"I nodded understandingly. "Well, once you begin cuddling with him, it won't be much of a change for him to start pleasuring you, and you to be pleasuring him! Especially if he's already interested in sex as you say. You should be able to find out when you're playing together, just what he's ready for .. masturbating him, giving him oral sex, even letting him push himself inside you .. or even fuck you!" Anna blinked at that, and I saw a flush spread from her face down over her full breasts as her eyes went a little distant. I wondered what images were flowing through her mind at the thought of sucking off her own son .. or of her actually fucking her!I continued, "That'll send a message to Allan, that you're unconcerned with what he plans with his daughter, that you plan to have your own fun .. with Bobby and with the other men Allan insists on bringing to the house.""Well, I will try. I do worry that he will become angry with me or his father, if he knows there is so much sex and pleasure in the family, and he doesn't have his share!"My sexy daughter-in-law's hand was getting entirely too exciting as she continued to almost u*********sly stroke and fondle me. Kissing her warmly, I pulled her full body over onto mine and felt my cock press up against her warm wet cunt."Enough talk of your c***dren, of your fucking other men. It's time for you to fuck ME again!"[to be continued]