At Tim and Rebbeccas II

I watched as she squeezed and massaged his balls with one hand and slid up and down his dick with the other. She told me to feel his balls. I ran my hand over them, they felt like a squishy balloon with two little pecans in it. He jumped when I squeezed them. Not so hard Rebbecca said their sensitive. Using both hands I massaged them like she showed me. I seen liqud run out the tip and pool. Rebbecca said to have a taste. I leaned over and put my tounge on his dick head. I looked up and said it's salty. She smiled and asked, do you like it. I said I don't know, she laughed and said give it time. Then she took my hands and wrapped them around his dick. She moved them up and down. Tim closed his eyes and leaned his head back. Rebbecca said, that's it just like that. I moved my hands like she told me as she reached down and stroked my little dick. After a few minutes Rebbecca said to spread my legs wide. As I spread them she opened a drawer in the side table and pulled out a tube. She squeezed out so cream on her finger and rubbed my butt hole. My legs started to shake as her rubbing started to feel good. She said why don't you lay on my lap. She picked me up and laid me across her lap and said to keep stroking Tim. As I stroked him she pulled my legs apart and rubbed my hole again. She squirted some cream on my butt hole and pressed against it. A warm feeling came over me as she pushed her finger tip in me. After a minute she pushed in farther. Soon she was moving it in and out of me. My butt felt good as she continued to add more cream and push in and out. Tim started to moan as I stroked him, Rebbecca said to move my hands faster. As I slid my hands faster more liquid came out of his dick and run down it. Rebbecca said it's almost time and slid me closer to Tim. She said to lift my head till I was over his dick. I felt pressure on my butt hole as she pushed a second finger in my butt. As Tim's breathing quicked he said to open my mouth. He pushed my hands away and stroked himself faster. My head swam as Rebbecca pushed her fingers in and out of my butt. Tim held my head and moaned louder, then liquid shot out and covered my face and mouth. I gagged as his cum hit the back of my throat, but he held me over his dick till he finished cuming. My body began to shake and my dick throbbed. I felt my butt hole squeeze and relax aroud her fingers as she moved in and out faster. When I came back to earth Rebbecca pulled her fingers out of me and rubbed my back. Good boy she said. My butt felt funny stretched and full of lube. Tim got up and went for towels. Rebbecca rolled me over and asked, how was that. I said it felt good, she smiled and licked Tim's cum from my face. Tim came back and wiped me clean and Rebbecca wiped her fingers. I asked her to wipe my butt, she said not yet sweetie. We went to bed and they laid on either side of me. Rebbecca offered me her nipple and pulled me to her. Tim moved closer and rubbed my butt hole, then slid his finger in me. As he moved his finger in and twisted around he said sweet dreams. Sucking her nipple she stroked my dick. I closed my eyes and thought can it get any better