Awakening My Trans Nature, My Seventh Experience

The next day I went to a sex shop sufficiently far away I would not be recognised. It was an Aladdin's cave and I must admit I got quite hard seeing the toys, lingerie, BDSM and other paraphernalia. After 10 mins waiting for the shop to empty I went to the counter and asked for some anal lube and a small butt plug and dildo. The guy behind the counter looked at the list and then at me and shouted behind him to a stockroom "Shona, another one your lot!" A female voice shouted back" probably a Walt, a fantasist, is there in a minute." The guy looked at me, sucked his checks in and said "probably better if you had not heard that." Shona appeared, a young, tall, thin but curvy girl wearing a real shaping corset over a lot of black clothing. She had facial piercings which were very exotic in the 1990's, what was most arresting were her eyes which were heavily made up and seemed to pierce through you. This was aided by her eyebrows being severely plucked and a thin black arch. I showed her the list from the box. She looked at the paper and then at me “You are not from here, yet you came such a distance to buy these items. Are you embarrassed by what you are and might be?" The guy laughed to himself at this unusual sales pitch. "No, not at all." I stammered "OK" she continued "you got a credit card?" I nodded, “well I might be induced to do you a discount for all the 3 levels of this kit" she sounded dismissive "It's a waste of time then" I said sadly. "No, not at all, with a proper mistress reinforcing it's a solid foundation, " I nodded "It’s a small world you might be joining, we could well be meeting socially" The way she said it made it sound unlikely."She came out from the counter, looked me up and down, "34 chest, 30 waist, and size 9." she said "Great judge of horse flesh our Shona" said the guy. Shona disappeared into the back and reappeared a minute later. "OK put these on, there’s a changing cubicle over there while I find the items" she pointed with a finger to a small cubicle. "For 2 reasons, one I order you to do it and two you want to do it, go, go now, do it." I took the pile and went in. I stripped naked and put on a basque, g string, a long black wig, thigh length boots with platform heels and a feather boa. The mirror showed a passable girl if very tarty. "OK come out now" Walking in platform boots was surprisingly easy and I walked to the sales area witht he pornographic mags and toys. "Wait there by the open door while I get the goods." People walked past and could clearly see me but it was quite arousing and exciting. After a couple of minutes a couple came into the store they were both well-dressed but the woman took charge and briefly looked at me. "Hi Shona, we have kept our appointment, are they in?" Shona came out with 2 small packages" yes arrived today, they are fiddly to put on let me show you." At this she took out of one box what I would later find out was a CBT. Shona knelt by me and pulled my panties down, exposing my cock and balls. With a practised hand she cupped my balls and passed a plastic ring over them against my crotch. "Now you may need lube for the next bit. The sub may be aroused too" she said and pinched my scrotum, the pain made my dick deflate. Better, better." and put a moulded shield of a flaccid cock with a slit to pee from over my dick and taking a small padlock locked me in chastity. It felt odd but not uncomfortable. "Do you think you can do that?" the woman said to the man "Yes Mistress" the man said they paid for the CBT and took the other box. The woman looked at me "one of your subs Shona? Might be able to use another sub for a session I have planned." “Early days for this one, not part of my stable." "Shame, shows potential." She reached into her handbag, pulled out a lipstick and wrote a number on my chest "when you are more experienced and get permission call me, babe." She tweaked my nipples and they walked out."See that was not so difficult was it. I work in Brighton too, use that shop from now on." I got changed back into my male attire and paid for the items being handed a big black plastic bag. I stood there waiting "Yes" said Shona "what do you want?" "Can you unlock me now please?" "Subs would pay good one for what you have just had. I will be in Brighton store tomorrow. Dress appropriately. Come in and I will release you. It will do you good a young lad like you, no morning erection for you, consider it part of the first level." The guy laughed and clearly I was locked in chastity of the rest of the day.At 8 pm that night there was a knock on my door and the landlady came in. "Heard about your little shopping expedition today. Let’s make the most of it, strip and put a pair of heels on" I did so and stood in front of her. She held the CBT "good, let’s start getting your little clitty tamed. Get me the anal plug and the lube." I did so. ""Kneel on the bed on all fours and part your legs." She squirted some cold lube on my hole and I feel it dribble down my balls. "Relax and push out" and she took what was not a very large plug really and gently inserted it into me. The feeling was odd but soon made way to some lovely sensations when I moved slightly. "Lie on the bed and hold the bed rail" I did so and she produced a pair of handcuffs locked me to the bed. Taking a vibrator from her bag she turned it on and ran the tip down my body. I squirmed with anticipation and joy. "No, no you don't, you have to learn to be a good gurl." She placed the tip of the vibrator on the tip of the CBT the vibrations were lovely and I got really excited but then I tried to get hard and could not and felt frustrated "Little gurl want to get hard well, little gurl has to learn self-control. Mistress has to teach her bitch self-control." Laughing she put the vibrator against my flaccid dick and I squirmed again "Feel that butt plug inside you, enjoy that, learn to get pleasure from your ass, being penetrated." Several times she put the vibrator on my caged dick and eventually I was shocked to see a little precum leaking out."Good I think you slut are receptive to the first CD now."She took the first CD out and put it in my CDplayer, tied a pair of socks around my eyes to blindfold me and set a pair of headphones over my ears. "Not too loud is it?" "No" I said. "Good for I have set it to repeat. I will back in a couple of ours to release your hands. Do not worry pet I have a pass key." With that she pressed the start button.To be honest I was not and remain a big believer in hypnosis but do think it reinforces underlying desires and cannot really change you against your desires. However it was fun and certainly did advance me on wards to a place I was probably going anyway. It was an induction into a trance like state where certain commands are introduced and reinforced. So I was asked to imagine walking down a long staircase by which time I was sleepy. I do remember saying "slave belongs to Mistress," "Mistress owns my body," slavery is pleasure," "I'm a little gurl," " I want to be owned." When I awoke later I did feel light and refreshed and relaxed. The bed was slightly wet with presume and the butt plug felt very comfortable. Mistress came back and untied my hands, removed the headphones and told me I had made a good start. It was only then I noticed the amount of precum which had leaked out of me caged cock.I had strange dreams the next day and woke up feeling frustrated for some reason even more than the CBT would have expected. I had to sit like a girl to pee and this made me feel strangely happy and relaxed.