Bath Time

The carpet is soft beneath our foot as I pull you towards the bathroom, removing articles of clothing as we go. The only sounds are the padding of our feet and our own heavy breathing. I stop at the door to the bathroom, you're completely naked now except for the jewelry you wore to work. I open the door.The only light comes from the several candles that are lit throughout the room, their light dances across the walls and mirrors. On the vanity sit two glasses of champagne and a bowl of strawberries. You smile in delight which quickly turns devilish. I let you step forward into the bathroom and follow you, shutting the door behind you. You're teasing me now, tossing casual glances over your shoulder while playfully biting into a strawberry. My cunt is practically dripping and my fingers itch to relieve the twitch, I refrain. Slowly, I walk up behind you and let your hair down, running my hands through it, and remove your jewelry one by one. The candles flicker and light dances across your skin. You lean back into me and I bite my lip, I casually reach around you (skimming your waist with my fingertips) and pick up one of the glasses. Still keeping an eye on you I slowly sip from the glass. You've picked up your own glass now as well as the bowl of strawberries, you're sitting on the side of the bathtub. Such beauty, I catch my breath. Once again my cunt aches for relief.Slowly, without ever looking away from me, you take a strawberry and bite into it, letting the juices run down your chin and drip onto your breasts. You smile and motion for me to come forward. Without hesitation I set my glass down and walk to you and drop to my knees. Your legs are on either side of me and your breasts hang in front of me, just at eye level. Without hesitation I start to lick the juices off. You giggle and grab a handful of my hair. I lick and twist and suck harder. Your moaning gets louder. My cunt is dripping. Finally I bite down just a tad too hard on your nipple and you gasp, yanking my face upwards by my hair. I wince but you seem to get off on it. I can smell your cunt, it's strong but sweet.The candles are burning low. You swing your legs into the bathtub and leave my kneeling there outside it. With a backwards glance you toss a bar of soap at me. I snort and roll my eyes. I carefully reach around you to turn on the water. I can't look at your face, if I do that I'll lose all self control.The water is warm as I run the soap over your skin. Soft circles across your back and finally to your front. Your breasts get harder the more I wash them. I rub your nipples more and you moan. Finally I slide my hands lower, brushing between your legs. God, my own cunt is twitching so bad. I want you...Your hips arch and your eyes close as I slide my hand lower. I tease you, sliding my fingers back and forth. Finally I push one finger through your folds. Your clit is so swollen, throbbing with anticipation. My own swells in response. I rub it softly, flicking it with my thumb. You moan louder. This time I'm in control. You lean back so I can reach farther and this time I place just the tip of my finger inside you. God you're so wet. I can't take it anymore. I roughly slide two of my fingers inside. You're so wet, your hips arch in response. I continue to pump my fingers in and out, your own hands guiding mine. I start to slide another finger in but change my mind, instead I press this finger just over your asshole (keep in mind I still have two inside you). Your breath catches and before you can stop me I force my finger inside. You gasp and I start to pump my arm with all my might. Your body writhes and you whimper, gasping and arching. You start to cum. Without hesitation I slam my fingers into you harder and I feel your body squeeze mine while you orgasm. I'm loving this.