- Spread your legs.Frightened look at her husband. He tells some long and convoluted anecdote at the other end of the table. As if hypnotized opens her thighs, immediately I felt like my fingers slipped under her panties. Hardly time to hold back, not to oyknut. The result was a gasp.Finger walked along the slit up and down, and sinking lower, entered into you. You bit her lip, trying not to give anything of his fortune, knowing that more and more wet. I'm five feet from your husband, you have your finger, while he cheerfully chatting and nothing suspect. The thought all your excitement pulled into a tight knot, and you realize that you finish. Covering cloth person going through spasms of pleasure, trying to hold back the moans.Feeling your condition, slowly remove the pin from you. Quickly finishing his glass of wine you got up and went to the balcony to get a little freshen up and get over it. After some time, well come to himself, coming back into the room. The guests began to disperse. After seeing the last couple, we stayed three: you, my husband and me. I'm not in a hurry to leave. Your husband, having seen that the guest should be something to do, pulled out of emergency reserves a good single malt Irish whiskey and proposed to continue the event, even though it is already noticeable reeling. Your feeble attempts to reason with him were unsuccessful, and her husband, seated in our chair, muttered something about lemon and stomped into the kitchen. You sit almost in front of me and almost physically feel my eyes on my feet. This gets. In your head even I wondered a bit tease me and you just spread her legs. But shame immediately overcame and blushing, you tried to give this kind of accident.Quite unexpectedly, I got up from the chair in two steps separating us overcome space, and stooping, kissed you on the lips. As in a dream, we hear, as a husband slams the door in the kitchen refrigerator. In spite of everything wanted to prolong this moment, and you kissed him, lightly touching my lips tongue. Immediately moyyazyk invaded you, passionately caressing and exciting. A familiar wave of excitement passed through the body. I pulled away from you so abruptly, and sat in a chair just as Oleg returned with a bottle, glasses and lemon on a tray.Already after the second toast your husband started to fall asleep. At some point, he finally passed out and snoring. You asked him to help carry him into the bedroom. Having laid it on the bed, are you bent down to take off his shirt and pants. Buttons and buckles did not want to listen to. I went over and took the waist and held her close. One hand stroking his stomach, the other lifted her short dress. The picture is very impressive: you stoop down and trying to undress her husband, and this time you rear paw another. Here is my hand fell on the ass and squeezed the buttocks. The second front has fallen panties, immediately arranging a fire there. Turned inside out, you turned to me. I immediately pressed you to him and began to kiss.- Wait, not here, - your words sound like a complete capitulation.Your words affected me like a red rag to a bull:- Here and now - I abruptly turned his back to you, and bowed. You had to use his hands to the bed, where he lay her husband lest he fall.Hem thin silk dress was sharply bullied you back, panties pulled down to his knees, and you could feel my hands. One crumples bare buttocks, the other fondles pussy front. Two fingers easily penetrate into your lubrication, causing a muffled groan. Her husband moved in his sleep. You froze in fright, even a little excitement is gone. But I immediately bit his earlobe and you earned your fingers in your pussy.How did you started up! Maximum caved get light out of my hand tremors, is hosted in your crotch. Slap on the bare buttocks sounded very loud in the bedroom, but we do not care anymore. You just allow to realize all my wishes. Fingers left your pussy and then burst in your mouth. You suck them, feeling their own taste.A moment later, a sharp movement I unfold you to face him and put on his knees. You look from the bottom up in my eyes as I unbutton his pants and pulled out his penis. Obeying my view you reveal demanding lips. Head immediately slipped into her mouth. Smooth skin head slides on the language, getting to the throat. My hand holding you by the hair and sets the pace. Occasionally I take out a member of his mouth, to cuddle up to your face with their eggs. You kiss and lick them, knowing what they hardish touch, touching their hand. Excited his debauchery, with a member of another man in the mouth, a meter away from her sleeping husband, you end. Even without touching to yourself!Seconds later, a member of pulsed in your mouth, releasing a thick salty cum. Catching his breath, helping you to rise from his knees. Taking the chin, I stare at you. Confused, you lower your eyes, feeling on the lips of my seed drop. Lick their language. I kiss you on the lips.- You were great, thank you, - my voice hoarse and low on excitement.Shifting from foot to foot, you got rid of panties that still hung on you, and drew back the dress.- I need to take a shower - you're talking about, and slips into the bathroom.After a while you go out, wrapped in a towel. I'm waiting for you in the room with no shirt and sipping whiskey. Towel tucked in on you a little bit and I think with interest focused on your bare feet.- Come, - authoritativeness of my pitch, not accustomed to the objections just hypnotizes you. Deciding that tonight you belong to me completely ready, you are approaching, passing herself getting rid of sheets. My hands immediately captured your breasts and buttocks, lips closed around the nipple. Caress so for a while, I get up and put your knees on a chair, his hands causing stretch in the back of it. Are you looking forward bent. Yet, when there is not seen her husband, easier for you to relax. You do not turn around, ready to do anything that I want to do. And yet, when I felt my lips and tongue on my ass, it was unexpected. My hands pushed the buttocks and his tongue was walking along the crevices. At some point I touched his tongue to the anus. Do not restrain a shiver, you moaned softly:- You are welcome. - She did not really understand what you're asking.And a second later my erection came into you. Fucking you in that position, I was massaging your finger a second hole. It's nice, but you're worried that I want anal sex. But this night from you nothing depends. First finger penetrates into your ass. You feel yourself filled directly into two holes, it is so unusual. Soon a member of the vagina left and headed in the ass, you had tried to wriggle out, but a ringing slap on the pope brought you back to the starting position. My hand rested on the lower back, causing bend more, and began to enter the member in the ass. Going in you completely, I started to move slowly, and after a minute, did you know that you can finish with a member of the pope. With one hand I squeezed your chest, and it happened. You can not drown out their moans and twitching in my hands ... in the throes of orgasm, as if through a veil feel a member of the reduction in his ass. Yatozhe finish.Husband of our noise did not wake up.Then we have a few drinks. We talked about some nonsense. Before leaving for her husband in the bedroom, you yourself went to the chair and knelt down, gave me a blowjob. I sat in the chair legs apart and went through your hair. Before we finish, I stood up, dick popped in your mouth. A second later flew sperm on your face. It was now a little warm drops slid down his cheek to his neck and numb in the valley between her breasts. Again excitement. Lowering his hand between her legs, you touched the clitoris, and perhaps presenting as now vygldishso hand finished.Taking a shower, and wished me a good night, you went to bed to her husband. Feeling both the priests slowly follows my sperm.