Boy Toy

She worked cleaning house of rich white women. She was good and they paid her well. I would go along to help her as I was so much taller than her I would get the high spaces. As for being tall and skinny with an abnormally large cock my mom said it would all work and I would soon be proud of what I had. One afternoon we were cleaning the house of this white woman. She was pretty and I figured a few years older than mom. Very high class and fancy in the way she dressed and acted. She had a friend with her who was just as classy as she was. They were talking to us as we worked. I could hear them talking to mom but was not sure what was going on. Then mom came to me "Honey, these ladies want to see you, they offered alot money to see, you know, see you. I had told you some day the girls will like what you have and that day is today. Go in there and let them see what you have. It is alot of money. I will be right here with you so don't worry." I was nervous as I thought they would make of me. But mom pleaded with me and I wanted her to be happy and I knew we always needed money. I went in the room and stood there. The ladies had me undress. When I dropped my pants they gasped. Mom smiled real big. "Can I touch?" The woman asked me. Her name was Nora. I looked at mom and she nodded and I said yes. The woman knelt down and fondled my cock and balls ever so gently. The other woman did the same, her name was Kelly. As they played with my junk it started to get hard. They marveled at how large it was getting. That was the first time in my life someone was impressed with my body and did not make fun of me. The bigger and harder it got the more they played with it.I liked what was happening. Even mom was happy. "I can't get my hand around it!" Nora said with a smile. "My god, it is so much bigger than my husband's, I have never seen one so big. I wonder what that would feel like?" Kelly said. With that said it got o quite and everyone looked at each other. "Can we?" Both women said at the same time looking at mom. "We will pay more, just to feel it inside, if will even fit." Kelly said. "Can you this monster going off inside of you? It will blow your head off!" Nora said as she squeezed my cock. "It would shoot right out my nose. It would feel amazing. I am so wet just thinking about it." Kelly whispered. "Well what do you think, Will? The ladies want to feel you inside them, are you okay with that." Mom said as she nodded yes. "Sure, I am good with that" I said not sure what was about to happen. Nora stood up and undressed quickly with Kelly doing the same. Both women looked really good naked. Slim, toned white bodies, nice tits and neatly trimmed bushes. I could smell their vaginas. which made me even harder and more horny. They had me lay on my back and Nora straddled me and hovered right over my cock as Kelly held it. It was as if I was some kind of toy they had just got. A boy toy. Nora lowered herself down onto my cock as Kelly held it. "Nora had to work her self down on me as my cock was so large. She had gotten about three quarters of the way down and could not go any farther."Oh my god, that feels so amazing!" Nora said panting heavily. Watching her pale white pussy swallow my black cock was really cool. She just sat there, then moved up and down slowly. "Get up Nora, let me feel it before he cums." Kelly said still fondling my balls. "These are so full." Nora lifted herself up and switched places with Kelly and Kelly slid down my pole. "Holy shit! I can not believe how good this feels." Kelly said as she worked herself all the down my rod. Her wetness soaked my balls. "Dang bitch, you have a loose cunt to be able to take that large cock." Nora said with a laugh. "It feels so good, I am about to cum." Kelly said as she swirled her cunt around my cock. My cock head was pressed tightly against the top of her vagina and as she worked her self to her orgasim she was getting close to my own. I was not sure about what I should do when I came when Kelly yelled out "I am cumming!" Her pussy clamped tightly around my cock causing me to explode. I tried to hold back but could not, rope after rope shot into her. "I can feel him cumming! Oooohhh myyyy!" Kelly screamed out as she thrashed about. After a minute or two I had stopped squirting into her and her orgasim seemed to be done. Kelly lifted herself off of me. Cum was every where. My cock was still semi hard. "That was the most amazing fuck I have ever had. Please tell me Will that you fuck me again." Kelly said out of breath. I could not wait to fuck Kelly again. And hearing her say that just made my cock even harder. Nora grabbed my cock and straddled me and quickly lowered herself onto my slimy prick. She went to town like a mad woman in heat. After a minute or two of riding my dick she reached a screaming orgasim and I filled her womb full of my spunk. "I never knew black cock could be so incredible." She said as she lifted herself off of me, her gaping cunt dripping my cum. After several minutes of catching their breath we all dressed and the ladies gave my mom a check. Once home mom asked me how it felt to be desired by the ladies. "Mom it as great! I can't wait to go back over there next week. But what about you? You had to watch all that?" I quizzed. "Well I am so horny right now I am about to pop. I am going to get into the shower. Watching all that has really got me going. I hope that you feel better about yourself now. Those white ladies will be dreaming about your cock for the rest of their lives. I did not know how big you were. Now you can be proud of what you have and can laugh when those boys make fun of your cock now." "Mom, you want to feel it?" "What? oh no, no, really? you would want to do that with me? Will we could not do that, could we?" I could tell mom was wanting to get off. "No, I have to get in the shower." mom said and turned and left the room. I followed her into her bedroom. "Mom, I know it has been a long time for you and you have done so much me and then what you did for me with Nora and Kelly. You had to stand there and watch me get those ladies off. No one has to ever know, it will be our secret." I said softly as I began to kiss my mom. "Well, I would like to know how that monster of yours would feel deep inside me squirting away. I mean watching those two white ladies go crazy made me very wet and horny." Mom said as I started to undo her top. Within seconds I had her naked. I was not sure why I wanted to fuck my mom, maybe after what just happened with the white I felt empowered. Mom was petite and her boobs were smaller and her dark bush was not neat and trim. But she was just as wet and her pussy smelled just as good. I pushed her onto the bed on her back and mounted her. She had to guide my cock into her tight pussy. It took a little to work my self up into her and she was only able to take half my rod. I slow fucked her for only a few seconds and she came easily. As she came I drained my balls deep inside her. I fucked my mom all the time after that. It was like we could not get enough of each other. I also fucked Kelly and Nora every week as mom cleaned the house. Sometimes mom joined in. The ladies got to where they ate each other out and got into each other as much as they got into me, or I got into them. They even brought some of their friends into the mix. By the end of summer I was getting so much old white married pussy I did not need to worry about the girls my own age.