With a stern'er than normal face, a brisk walk and a wildly raised voice i yell, "You better not of hit my car or you'll never see sunlight again motherfucker!" --- Now let me pause and start by saying i'm an extremely nice fella, till my pride, my valued cohorts, my property, my money, my feelings or my life is encroached upon. Notice that order - Issues -enuff said. ANYWAYS.. this guy instantly starts acting like a monster just surprised him, with exaggerated face responses, backing up, waiving his hands saying "NO no NOOO your cars fine man fine fine i promise. Wait stop i'm here in peace.." Waving his hands he paused and took a gasp as i had stopped just 10 feet from him and he said "Wow i knew this would be strange but its going real bad, real bad. I'm sorry i shouldnt have followed you here ill be leaving" and tried to slide along his jeep to get in the drivers side."Stop dude, right there asshole cuz your not fucking leaving - and if you manage too, you wont get out of the city i promise you. I fucking promise you! Now talk! Followed me?! You followed me??"He trembled a bit, this guy was around 50, middle-management type, popular business office haircut from 2008, dressed like he emptied the J Crew catalog.. he said "This is gonna sound fucked up.. its about my wife.." I then froze, inside mainly, all my "kill, maim, destroy" gears stopped, and the "Oh Shit what'd i do" gears began. Within a millisecond a whirl of thoughts - Did i fuck this guys wife? Impregnate her? Did i mess her up emotionally in highschool??? Did i cut her off on the highway... WHAT?! So i replied with a hard swallow and a much more considerate tone, "Whats going here exactly?This guy eases up his 'OH Shit' face and cracks a half smile, his whole demeanor changed. "Look i'm sorry obviously i shouldnt have spooked a guy like you i apologize.. your cars fine man, badass as always.. i just wanted the light here for.. protection basically till you got back.. its rough around here - scary down here you know. But but but a guy like you dont care about that huh?" "Ah i'm about to get mad real fast here man are you fucking with me? Someone put you up to this? Sounds like you know me, i dont know you, but i will soon." I proclaimed as i took a photo real close to his face."NO hey.. i'm like a fan man. I do kinda know you. Everyone knows you. You stand out in this city if you havent noticed. My.. Wife notices, you've noticed her before she got super hot that night.. she's.. a fan.." He ended with and funny face and cheesy toothy grin, as if waiting for me to understand. "You know, happy wife, happy.. ha ha.. uh Are you ah, like have you...ever.. um...are you bullish? Like ever bulled before or.. want or yeeah.." He finished with a bashful appearance on his face while trying to read me.WHAT THE FUCK is going on here i'm thinking.. did i really just go from war-on to being approached by a what..? A swinger? A real live cuckold? I grinned in a narcissistic manor i'm sure, and said "you want me to fuck your wife or something??" "Lets say i said yes... Would you be opposed to that?"Standing in a tomb of parking structure having this wild ride the last 4 minutes, this "oh wow" moment had my head swimming - i replied "I dont know, i like a certain type of women. Clean, Classic beauty, thicker.." Trying to be polite for once in this exchange. Just then the back door opens to the Jeep, startling me to "put-up-my-dukes" in defense at first, but within a second i could see a pair of small sparkling red shoes, then a set of long thick legs clad in almost see-thru white nylon.. and then there she was. A lovely, vintage faced women around 40, her hair looked to be a wig in full big victory curls with bows, her dress was a baby-doll style that seemed to stop above the knee. Way above the knee. It was mainly made of little light baby blue and white squares.. she was dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and it was damn sexy. "Well.. what do you say sir?" He chimed in as i admired her, with my head tilted like a dog with an interest in something. She's clean and never strayed from me since highschool till now. You are number two""Bullshit" i exclaimed. "That cute and, forgive me Dorothy, but that old and been with one person?""I swear it. I wouldnt be here now if he didnt want it so badly" she spoke up."Here? Now?" I requested flashing a smirk."Here, anywhere you want really, anytime you want really. But she wants it raw man. Loves cum more than air.." He raised an eyebrow like he was big shit. Just then the women scooted out to the edge of the cargo area.. i recognized her. She was a clerk at a local law office. We cross paths. Shes sexy in a toned down vintage style every day it seemed. Always great to catch a glimpse of her MILFY booty on occasion. A large smile came over my face. She spoke up with a sultry, purposely old-fashioned naughty tone, "I like now.. and i like later.. Get me? Now come get me" She had her feet on the bumper, sitting on the edge of the truck with both hands on her knees. With a little enthusiasm she used her hands to open her legs in a sexy motion. Full Stocking lingerie with an old-style panty that taughtly covered her round maturing mound. I could see she was plump, and skin that looked like cream milk.. classically as pale as her stockings. Like a dirty episode of Mad Men right there in front of me. She motioned for me to come closer, glancing at her husband his face was beaming. Beaming. He waved me toward her like ushering someone to their seat at a theater. Looking at her she went from sitting on her butt with feet on the bumper to laying on her stomach with her ruby red heels pointing roofward in one fast spinning motion. She opened her mouth with the cutest facial expression and made a "Uhh?" noise. Now - Its hot like fire today, i've been walking all over downtown Detroit, I've had adrenaline sweat, heat sweat and leather seat sweat.. so the last thing i want is to ruin this girls roll with a funky dick. "You dont want that Miss, its probably pretty sweaty.. Spin your sexy ass around" i told her."Nuh Uh" she grunted with her mouth still wide open and pointed to her mouth while winking at me with a serious burning desire. Compelled now, i unzipped as i took the last few steps towards her. Taking a moment to make sure i wasnt about to be jumped or tricked as i looked around, her man said "I'll just go up here and leave you two" and walked towards the drivers seat. Just then i felt her cool hand reach into my unzipped but still fastened pants. I turned to see her fish me out and take me into her mouth. Straight to the bottom and started a deep repeating suck till my dick sprang to life. Fully hard she couldnt stay that deep very long but she went at aggressively. Moaning while she sucked and pulled on my balls. She reached thru my legs, grabbed my ass and started ramming me into her mouth. Thru a mouthful of dick i heard her mutter "Fuck my face! Fuck My Faaace! So i did. Harder than i've ever rammed it into anything. Her pulling, and crashing her head into me.. i noticed the air freshener around the mirror swinging wildly. Then i noticed her husband watching her ass and my face back and forth.. so i pounded her mouth harder. I felt it coming on strongly when i gripped her head and gave her even more assistance to reach the bottom and stay there until i blew in her mouth so hard she pulled back coughing. Snot or cum filled the edge of her nostrils, her eyes watering, gasping.. She swallowed hard, wiped her mouth and let a gut-driven growl "Fuck yeah" she said looking at me with craze in her eyes. Near a****listic was her face, she NEEDED THIS."Fuck yeah, Honey?" Her husband asked loud and silly from the front seat.She looked at me with even more intent and let a low but firm, "Fuck. Yeah." and bit her bottom lip excessively hard, dragging it under her teeth in slow motion. SHE WAS IN NEED. With authority i simply raised my hand near my face and made a spinning motion with one finger and raised my eyebrows as i dipped my head from looking at her man to looking at her. She sprang to life and spun right around. She got settled low and wide and reached back to flip her dress bottom up. Her ass was wide, curving hips, thick thighs bowing outward with small arching calves, a small waste with deep dip in her lower back flaring out to extra sized legs. She was lovely. I reached for her crotch and started rubbing thru her cute panties. The harder i rubbed the more she groaned and bucked back against my hand. I heard a few snaps and her panties fell to floor of the cargo area, laid out like a diaper shape with snap buttons. I quickly sank two fingers in her. Slimey and slippery i could feel the thick strings of her pussy juice stretch when i removed my fingers to stir her clit. I reached down to wet my dick with her juice and proceeded to enter her. Stopping about every inch to tease back and forth until i sank to my nuts. She felt good. Warm inside, cool outside, big soft butt slamming against my stomach and thighs. I'm not very huge, average i'd say, but i was folding up with every push, she wasnt very deep, and decently tight. I was just getting a groove when she arched her back down and her head upwards.. she barred down against me, letting out a loud moose-like moan and i felt a thick muscle push me to the bottom of her hole with force. It tried to push me out but i managed to plunge deep a few more times and let go at the back of her. Only a few gushes came out of me before her thick muscles pushed me completely out as she dumped a large amount of liquid out onto me, the truck floor and even the parking spot. Gasping and moaning she collapsed heaving. Her back moving with every large inhale and exhale. After a moment of admiring i looked up to see her husband getting out. Stepping back to zip up, i nod at her husband and let out a breathy "whoooow! Thanks for that brother ha ha ha.""No no thank you man. For real. If you ever wanna tear it up again let me know.." and handed me a nice paper stock card with meh gold gilding on it... Blah Blah Blah Attorney at Law it reads. "That i can do" i replied with a grin. Looking at her she was still breathing heavy. Heaving to be honest. "Honey you were great and you are one sexy kitten" i finished off by leaning into the truck and giving her a love pat on that fabulous ass. and walked on to my car. Starting my car i sat for what seemed like minutes just thanking the universe for putting me in these situations and using every single wetwipe, napkin and whatever else to dry off before heading back to my GF for the night. I put the car into reverse and pulled back only to see the husbands face deep in her crotch while she still lay heavy breathing laying on her stomach. He raised a hand back and waved without raising his head at all as a roared off. What a day. Guess I am Bullish after all. I'll be calling.-The YANKYPANKY