My favorite place is the cinema, this probably goes back to our early days when most couples did the same, it wasn't unusual to see groping couples, and I would occasionally get a flash of stocking tops and suspenders, my wife knew if this was happening as I seemed to get harder when she was wanking me, it occurred to me that other men thought the same so I made more of a show touching my wife.She was unaware at the time and I did it as discreetly as possible, of course things changed as time passed women wore different clohes, so getting a view became more rare.I decided that people watching us had become an obsession with me and the cinema was the best place as they were close and in semi darkness, I explained how I felt and would like her to show more when we where there, she immediately agreed which shocked me but pleasantly.In the back of my mind I really wanted to watch her being fingered while I wanked off, b u t I thought take things slowly. We chose an older cinema for our first attempt, we didn't fancy a porno with loads of men watching and wanking, we sat and looked around the film was a bit sexy so we thought we might get a few single men there, a few couples and singles. We waited for the film to start, I put my arm around her and opened her blouse, no resistance her white bra stood out in the dark I pulled the cups down and played with her nipples keeping an eye open for watchers but no takers, she said there was a man on his own a few rows down, she suggested she walked past him to see if he was up to anything, she returned and said I think he's wanking at the sexy bits why don't we move down, we walked down as if we had just arrived and sat one seat away saying how dark it was, she took her jacket off her blouse was still open we got straight. down to business, her nipples were still hard and the man glanced over I smiled and he knew it was ok to watch. I whispered he's watching are you alright, yes she said carry on my zip was soon down and she was wanking me, he moved around for a better view.I pulled her skirt up passed her dark hold up stockings to the crutch of her knickers and ran my finger over the material she felt damp and I pushed a finger in, he was openly playing with himself, she looked around and watched him and opened her legs more. A second finger went in and she groaned, we both could hear her wetness, we had forgotten where we were by know but we didn't really care.I slid her knickers down past her stockings, our friend was still wanking my hand was moving faster the site of her with her legs open and her knickers stretched between her stockings, I couldn't stop myself coming, she shuddered and went limp. Our friend soon got up and without a word, we left and went home, she said she had loved the experience would you have let him finger you, yes. Maybe next time.