Claire's confidence

Now don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with Angela as a person but she was going through some issues that made it hard for her to be around. Angela and Claire had been good friends for a number of years and had gotten the job at the camp together to have one last summer before going into adult life. Angela had a definite alpha personality and tended to dominate any conversation that she was in. Claire was no pushover but I did notice that she was a lot more subdued when Angela was around as opposed to when we were alone.The problem with spending 3 hours in a car with Angela was that she was suffering her first ever rejection and she was not taking it well. She was used to getting her own way but was struggling to cope with the end of the only relationship she ever had. Her only boyfriend, Mark, (they had started her freshman year of High school) had just told her he wanted out of their relationship. The funny thing was that Angela had pretty much caused the relationship to end. She had decided at the start of the summer decided that she and Mark should "have a break from each other" supposedly to test if they really were meant to be together. Apparently Mark (who I never met) was dead against it but Angela always got her way. Which is why it was so ironic that at the end of the summer that Mark told her (via email) that he had met someone while they were on their break and he wanted to formally end their relationship. Angela took it very hard, I think she thought Mark would be begging for her to come back by Summer's end. Claire tried to be a good friend but Angela made it very difficult. She was very emotional and would lash out at Claire which made Claire very upset. I think Claire and my new relationship was rubbing a bit of salt into Angela's wounds. Angela was always going to drive Claire back to her folks house at the end of the summer as they lived about an hour away from where Angela was going to start her first teaching job. So the three of us had a very quiet ride back to Claire's house. Claire invited Angela to stay the night when we got to her house but Angela wanted to push on to meet up with her parents who were going to help her find an apartment near the school she was set to work at.As soon as she left Claire and I were pulling of each other's clothes. After a summer of limited alone time, which usually meant sneaking off into the woods, the freedom of a whole house was an amazing aphrodisiac. Claire had cute little B cup breasts with amazing little dark brown nipples that always seemed erect. She had a sexy round ass and her pussy had the longest inner lips I had ever seen. She was very self conscious about them but I found them so desirable. To finally be able to see them close up in the light of day was heavenly. As soon as our clothes were off I laid her on the kitchen table and sucked those lips into my mouth. I lapped at her her pussy until she came, calling my name. Breathing hard, she sat up and took my cock into her mouth. She grabbed my ass and pulled me willingly into her mouth. I stared down at her as her mouth engulfed my cock. She stared back into my eyes as my cock erupted into her mouth. It was the beginning of a great few weeks. Claire really seemed to come into her own, she had been a shy tentative lover when we had first got together but during those those weeks of playful exploring I saw a whole new side to her. As her confidence improved so did our sex life. The next few weeks, exploring each other's bodies was absolute bliss. We couldn't keep our hands or mouths off of each other. I loved to 69 with her on top, I would bury my face in her gorgeous ass. Sucking on those pussy lips and licking her from clit to asshole, which she loved (much to my delight). She took delight in exploring my body and more than once she had woken me up with her mouth around my cock or balls. She loved to get me hard and then we would fuck ourselves into exhaustion.About three weeks into our exploration we got a call from Angela. She had moved into her apartment and was feeling a bit lonely and wanted to know if we wanted to visit her for a night. Seeing how tense things had been on the trip up, I wasn't that keen but I could tell Claire wanted to go so we agreed.Angela had moved into a small 1 bedroom apartment not far from the school she was working at. It was not much of an apartment, a small kitchen and living area that had a futon couch and a small tv that had no reception and was only there so Angela could watch some DVDs on. A tiny bedroom and bathroom were off the lounge. We met her there and then went to a nearby diner for lunch. Angela seemed like a different person. The moody emotional girl who had dropped us off seemed to have gone but she still wasn't the same alpha personality from the start of the summer either. Her ego had taken a bit of a hammering but she was at least not bursting into tears or making angry outbursts. Claire to had changed, I only really noticed it when she was back talking with Angela, she wasn't the quiet meek one in the relationship, they were equals.After lunch we went back to the sad apartment. I then came up with a truly great idea of getting some fixings for margaritas and we spent the afternoon getting hammered and watching Angela's Dvd collection. Well, I started watching DVDs, the girls chatted away like two long lost friends. While they chatted I started a Seinfeld marathon. The girls would have forgotten I was there if wasn't for a particular scene catching Angela's eye. It was the episode where Jerry was asking Elaine if she has ever seen someone who wasn't circumcised, when Angela suddenly blurts out "I've never seen one that was circumcised. I've only ever seen the one and he was untouched."Claire then just says "Sam is circumcised, you should show her yours." Both girls were giggling like crazy. I figured they were just fooling around but my attention was no longer on Seinfeld but on their conversation."I loved Mark's cock" said Angela. "I loved when he did me from behind. I miss the sex more than I miss him." " I love getting fucked from behind" Claire was slurring "and I love my mans cock." We were all sitting on the one couch, me at one end and Angela at the other with Claire in between. Claire started rubbing my thigh as she spoke. I could feel my cock starting to swell. Not wanting to embarrass myself by getting a boner in front of Angela I jumped up shouting "more margaritas" and went into the kitchen.I mixed up three more margaritas and could hear a lot of giggling coming from the lounge room. "Hurry up margarita boy" I heard Claire call. "You're needed in here."I came back in, carefully carrying three very full glasses. Claire was waving he hand at me to hurry up. I stopped in front of them holding the glasses out when Claire reached forward and pulled both my shorts and boxer shorts down to my ankles. It took me moment to register what she had done, if I hadn't been concentrating so hard on the drinks I probably would have jumped a mile. Instead I just stood there frozen, still waiting for the girls to take their drinks. "There is the best circumcised cock I know" I heard Claire say."I can see why you like it." Angela giggled. She reached up and took one of the margaritas from me while Claire took my semi hard cock in her hands and began working it until I was at full erection."Nice and big" Angela said. Claire slipped her hand down to the base of my cock. "It's nice and thick down here, it feels great when I'm riding it." I couldn't quite believe what was happening. I was still standing there holding both my and Claire's drink. Angela was sipping hers while Claire was jerking my cock right in front of her. If I had of been sober I probably would have blown all over both of them right there but I'd had just enough alcohol to get hard but not cum too easily.Claire stood up and mercifully took the glasses from my hands and pushed me down onto the couch, where she had been sitting right next to Angela. I glanced briefly at her and saw that her eyes were still fixed on my cock. Claire took Angela's hand and wrapped it around the base of my cock. "Can you feel how thick that is?" She asked in a very breathy voice.Angela simply nodded and was slowly running her hand up my shaft. "Can you imagine how good it feels to ride this cock?" Claire said to Angela. Angela and I had both been struck dumb. Claire had a look in her eye that had both Angela and I holding our breath. Without waiting for a reply Claire stood up and pulled her own shorts and panties down. Both Angela and I just stared at her pussy. Angela still had her hand in my cock. Claire turned around and lowered herself onto me, placing her hand over Angela's so that Angela was the one feeding my cock into Claire's pussy. "It really fills me up" she cooed. She started to slowly lower herself up and down on my cock. I saw Angela move her head close to the point where I could feel her breath on my balls. "This is so hot" I heard her whisper.Claire said "you need to feel what it's like" and with that she stood up and pulled me into the bedroom. I followed her little bare bum onto the bed where she pushed me onto my back. I pulled my shirt off and she did the same. She lay beside me naked and stood my cock up in her hand. She called out the door to Angela who was still sitting fully clothed on the couch "come in Angie, come and see for yourself."Barely trusting myself to breath I watched as Angela stood up and came to the door. She had stopped staring at my cock but was now staring intently at Claire. She slowly pulled her clothes off. She had a terrific body, big perky breasts and a flat stomach. She slipped her panties off and revealed a small patch of blonde hair above her pussy that matched the hair on her head.She climbed into the bed and climbed over me, Claire still holding my cock rubbed it up and down Angela's wet pussy. Finally lining it right and Claire slowly lowered herself into me. All three of us groaned as she sunk all the way down to my balls. Claire's hand had been on my cock but was now rubbing Angela's clit. They looked into each other's eyes before leaning forward to one of the most erotic kisses I have ever witnessed.Claire then straddled my head blocking my view but presenting me with an equally wonderful view. Just like when we would 69, I buried my face in her ass, licking her with as much passion as I could muster. Angela had started to ride me, I could still feel Claire's fingers at Angela's clit.Claire changed her angle over me so that I was now just licking her asshole. I heard her whisper to Angela "he's licking my asshole right now. Has anyone ever licked your asshole?" I heard a negative grunt from Angela. "You're going to love it" whispered Claire.It was all to much for Angela who started cumming, grinding herself on my cock. I went back to Claire's pussy and together all three of us started to cum. We collapsed together in one sweaty heap. Claire pulled both me and Angela into her arms and kissed us. Claire turned to Angela and said "we will let him get his breath back and we can switch places."