Class is in session

Jenna needed to pass Miss Neilson's class to graduate. It was in the bag for Nikki, she was on the honor roll. Yet here they sat, in the class room, busted for cheating. Whereas Nikki was worried about getting kicked out of school, Jenna just cared about getting out of there."That bitch needs to get laid!" Jenna said, angered. "Don't we all." Nikki replied. This caught Jenna off guard, because to be honest, she never thought of the nerd type of being sexual beings."What do you know about sex?" Jenna asked, laughing."That it feels great," Nikki replied, "To have something hard and steady in your pussy.""And when was the last time you ever had that?" Jenna asked."Lunch time," Nikki replied, "Granted it was just a couple of sharpies."Jenna was stunned. She was sitting there, listening to her classmate talk about masturbation. "And sometimes," Nikki said, leaning towards Jenna "You just want the taste of another girl's juices on your lips." She gazed about Jenna with a seductive look."C'mon," She said, running her fingers through Jenna's hair "You never thought about taking one of your fellow cheerleaders and fucking her with the handle of a pom pom?" Jenna was turned on, and caught off guard."And who wouldn't want to fuck Miss Neilson," Nikki said, leaning in, "Think about it, all the boys would be jealous."She kissed Jenna slowly, trying to get her tongue in Jenna's mouth. Jenna pushed off, saying she wasn't sure if she wanted this. Nikki caresses her breast, making her way down Jenna's body."Let's do this, and maybe, get Miss Neilson to join." She kissed Jenna again, who by this time was giving in to her own urges. Nikki slide her fingers and rubbed Jenna's pussy through her tight jeans. They kissed passionately right there in the classroom. Everyone was gone, it was after school. The only one around was Miss Neilson.It wasn't long before both 18 year old stunners were naked, and Nikki was giving Jenna the best pussy eating she ever had. Jenna could only think no boy had ever eaten her like this. She did what she could to keep from screaming. Nikki stood up and pushed Jenna's face in between her legs. And all of this time, Miss Neilson, the 40 year old stunner, was watching the girls, enjoying herself, her pussy causing her panties to be soaked. She locked the down behind her. As if she was giving in to her urges as well, she took off her clothes, and joined her lusty students in a three way lesbian action.Miss Neilson was blonde with brunette roots, and shaved between her legs. As Jenna's face was in Nikki's ample bush, Miss Neilson licked her from the rear. The continued until Miss Neilson went to her desk, and brought over a toy she used to relieve tension from the day. She slide the toy in Nikki's ass. Nikki responded with a squeal of delight. They took turns for the next hour licking each other, teasing nipples, and enjoying each other's juices. Miss Neilson gladly pounded Jenna's virgin anus with her toy. Jenna's legs began to shake. Between Miss Neilson toys her ass, and Nikki rapidly fingerfucking her, she couldn't take it any more. She erupted like old faithful, spouting her untapped girl juices all over the class room. The three lusty ladies collapsed in each others arms after that, and play fully kissed each other. They each got dressed. It was agreed that they'd never tell anyone else what happened here, and Miss Neilson happily overlooked the fact the pair cheated on a test. And before Nikki and Jenna headed off to college, there would be another threesome. But that's another story for another time.