Cocksucker, A Journey..

My sex life had seen diminishing returns ever since she'd said 'I do'... before we were married we were shagging each other like rabbits, but afterwards it seemed like the thrill of the chase was gone, and then once we had k**s her days (and middles of the nights) were focused on their care and her sex drive diminished. Then when she returned to work, she had to concentrate her daily hours of motherly care into what seemed like minutes it diminished more, and when menopause hit early it really crashed. ("Darling, could you scoot over? I'm having another hot flash and when you're this close it's just unbearable.") From having oral sex or full sex almost every day before we were married, to a couple times a week, to once a week, to once a month and now? Well, I couldn't remember the last time she'd given me a blow job, and sex was maybe every three months. Or so. On the occasions when she remembered that's what couples did.2. I WAS HAVING MY OWN MID-LIFE CRISIS Truthfully, the effects on me culminated with my wife's menopause. I wanted more sex and I wanted her to see me as desirable. I figured that by losing my slight beer gut, dressing better and being more romantic... I would rekindle a flame in our marriage... but I didn't make any progress. For every good thing I did, I found an accidental way to annoy her. ("You want to kiss me after doing THAT?!") Thus, instead of rediscovering romance and passion with my wife, I found myself constantly just trying to get out of the doghouse. This was playing hell with my self-image, and when you don't love yourself...3. I STARTED READING ONLINE PORNAlthough I'd always enjoyed porn, now it was hard to find opportunities to watch it with three k**s and a wife, all with functional ears, in the house. Erotic literature, on the other hand, was a sly way to get my porn secretly. I found quiet times when I could read a variety of themes including: lesbian, gangbang, i****t, and interracial. Yet, as I read more and more, especially from writers I really liked, I would read everything they wrote including gay stories... which although I wasn't gay, nor was I originally even curious, did draw me in in a much different way. 4. I DISCOVERED COCKS FASCINATED METhis led to my noticing the many different sizes, shapes and colours of cocks... each seeming to be like a snowflake... no two ever the same... while I found most vaginas looked the same and all were an enigma to me.I never looked at gay videos, but I did read gay stories and when I did watch gal and guy porn I spent as much time checking out the guy's cock as I did the chick's tits, ass and legs... although I still ignored the pussy most of the time.This led to me mostly watching blow job scenes where I became fascinated at watching the cock slide in and out of the girl's mouth. I noticed how the cock pulsed in a woman's hand or mouth just before it erupted. I stared as cum shot out and splattered someone's pretty face.Ironically, I couldn't tell you what the guy's face or bod looked like... guys didn't turn me on at all... I wasn't gay... I loved women, I loved my wife. But... I was discovering I also loved the beauty of a cock.LENGTHS:I liked the variety of lengths. While the average cock size when erect was 5.1 inches (yes, don't ask me why but I actually did look that up), they really did come in all sizes. Some were porn star long, some were little boy small and then there fell (or rose) the majority, that ranged within the ends of the spectrum. And although I had a five and a half inch cock, just above average, I was somehow getting obsessed with bigger cocks. I mean the horse cocks in porn seemed a bit extreme, but a good seven plus inches had me intrigued and envious. To the point I wondered if having a couple extra inches would have helped my sex life (this came to a head one evening when my wife and I were out with friends; the alcohol was flowing freely and at one point my wife agreed rather loudly with one of her girlfriends that yes, size mattered... a lot... and yes, her ex had had a huge cock... and had even used her hands to show the damn guy's extensive length to our friends). Alas, in one night I had developed a size complex. Ever since that night, whenever I read erotica, watched porn or examined cock pictures I focused on cocks from 7-9 inches in length.GIRTH:Although this varied less extremely than length, a cock's girth became incredibly important to me. A woman's vagina was only so deep, and the majority of her erogenous stimulants were on the outside or in the first couple of inches inside... but enormous variety could be found in how wide a cock could stretch a pussy. Not surprisingly, the same intriguing variety could be found when someone was sucking a dick and it was spreading their mouth as wide as possible.SHAVED:One thing I noticed in porn once I started focusing on the cock was that almost every man's cock was shaved. This seemed to really enhance the size of the cock, making it stand out prominently. I had considered shaving my cock, but worried what I would say when my wife questioned why I'd done that. Yet, without a doubt, a cock was even more beautiful when shaved completely free of pubic hair.SHAPE:While I couldn't tell the difference between a dozen pussies, I found that each and every cock had a variety of distinct markers (besides length and girth). The majority were reasonably straight, yet some had a distinct curve (mostly up, occasionally down or to the side). I wondered if an upward curve would enhance the possibility of stimulating a woman's g-spot or perhaps anally hitting a man's prostate (although I had no personal interest in anal sex).CIRCUMCISED VS UNCIRCUMSISED:This next demonstrates how far I was travelling from my 'I'm as straight as an arrow' posture, yet ironically I was still clueless about how much my inclinations were changing. Although I was circumcised and in all my fantasies the cock before me was circumcised, I'd be lying if I told you the thought of serving an uncircumcised one didn't appeal to me too. The reality was that an uncut one was more sensitive for the man and would offer a completely different cock sucking experience to the other man... I mean to the woman... I mean... oh hell, I don't know... that said (whatever I just said), I figured that if I ever did suck cock I would start with a circumcised one before shifting to the more complex experience.BALLS:Although I'd never paid attention to the balls, and never had mine pleasured, when watching porn and seeing a shaved ball sack,I became intrigued by the erogenous zone that my wife and prior partners had always ignored. Like the diversity of cock, the balls were another complex addition to the fascination of a man's nether region.COLOUR:Of course, unlike pussy which is always pink, cocks come in different colours. There is the legendary and powerful beauty of a black cock (the ultimate taboo being a white man sucking a black cock), as well as the dark skinned cocks of various Indian groups, but even as features of white men the cock could be any of a wide variety of shades of colour... making each one even more unique... the emergence of each cock into view was like unwrapping an unpredictable new present for the first time.CUM ERUPTION:Although I hadn't tasted cum yet, which I was sure would have a variety of tastes (as pussy could), I was even fascinated by the visual ways that cum exiting the cock varied. It could shoot out like a cannon in big gobs, or it could ooze out like lazy toothpaste from a tube... and of course every variable between. The first rope could shoot out in a thin stream, there could be three (or even up to eight) ropes exploding out, and even the colour of the cum varied somewhat to the discerning eye.Again I want to stress I wasn't gay. Nor did I have any intention of doing more than being voyeuristically fascinated and slightly curious about what it would be like to suck a cock... But, of course, once a dangerous idea is planted in your subconscious it's impossible to erase or ignore... and as I learned, the curiosity slowly evolves into fascination, and eventually it unfolds into desire.5. WE GOT NEW NEIGHBOURSWhile I was engaged in my mid-life crisis, exacerbated by my wife's menopause, and complicated by my new fascination with cock, new neighbours arrived across the street.They were quite a bit younger than we were and newly married. But although we'd spent dissimilar numbers of years on the planet, we men hit it off right away... mostly because we both cheered for the same football team and we both brewed our own homemade beer (men have only a few interests so when you find another guy who shares two of yours you latch onto them).My wife (Sandra) and his wife (Andrea) also hit it off as they were both English teachers and Andrea had already gotten a job at Sandra's school, and thus we four had tons in common even with a double-decade age gap (Both Sandra and I were 42, while Andrea was 21, Mike 22)... and although my wife was still pretty, Andrea was a complete knockout (red hair, green eyes and from Ireland... her accent alone got me hard, as did her huge tits, that seemed crazily disproportionate on her tiny 4'9" frame).Thus, that summer (they moved in in late June) we had barbeques together, a couple of dinner parties, a games night, and we even went to a Broadway show together. We'd agreed to take a trip to Vegas in November.Of course I drooled over Andrea in a bikini, which she wore all summer; I also couldn't help but notice that Mike seemed very well-endowed in his very tight trunks. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious what his cock looked like (although no more curious than I was about seeing Andrea's tits... I was an equal opportunist pervert at least).Until now... my obsession with cock, the fantasy of perhaps one day sucking cock, had been based on pictures of cock, videos of cock and reading stories about cock... but now I was suddenly fascinated by a real cock: an 'up close and personal' cock, so to speak.This led to a more in-depth research about my feelings... feelings I needed to keep carefully in check as I sure as hell didn't want to sabotage my newfound friendship (at my age finding new male friends who are not co-workers is rather difficult).6. I DISCOVERED A FORUM ON LITEROTICA CALLED 'The Straight Guys that Fantasize about Cock Club! Part 2'My favorite erotica site is Literotica, and I was browsing the site one day, often enjoying skimming but never responding to forums like:'Pretty Girls With Cocks' (the she-male idea also intriguing, although somehow that felt more like cheating than perving on a guy),'"Go To" Video Clips' (which is where I often went to discover new clips, especially before my newfound cock obsession),'Moms and Daughters 2016' (I mean who isn't turned on by the idea of a daughter dominating her mother sexually?!?!?),'Getting Covered in Cum' (I've always found girls coated in cum to be super-hot... even though now I was wondering what it would be like to get coated in a few loads of cum myself),'The New and Naughtier i****t Thread' (although I would never commit i****t myself, the taboo aspect of it is incredibly hot).And then I found 'The Straight Guys that Fantasize about Cock Club! Part 2'.My cock hardened just at the title.I clicked on it and read the purpose of the thread:"The Men who Crave Cock but aren't attracted to Men Club!"This is a club for all the guys that have no interest in men but are completely turned on by COCK! If you aren't sure whether you belong here then here are a few questions that can help answer that question for you. - Do you absolutely love women? (God yes. I love my wife, even if our sex life has become almost obsolete. My fetish, nylons, still made my head turn when I saw a woman wearing a pair and my cock hardened. Women were sexy... they were perfect sexual beings except in one BIG (hehe) way.)- Do you love the sight of a nice cock?(Of course, although recently 'drool over' may be a better description.)- Do you fantasize about cock? (Only when I'm awake... well, and in some of my dreams.)- Have you thought about stroking, sucking or fucking a nice cock? (I'd obsessed over stroking and sucking a nice, big, hard cock, although the idea of getting fucked by one didn't do much for me.)- Do you find yourself having little to no attraction to men but being unable to explain why you are so turned on by cock? (That sentence defined me at the moment. I didn't find men attractive, so I couldn't for the life of me explain why I was turned on by cock.)Curious, I began scrolling down through posts:One of the first things I noticed as I read post after post, besides the fact that there were apparently a lot of us 'curious' straight, usually married, cocksuckers, was that the majority of the posters seemed to be forty or older. Each seemed to be married, their sex life usually dull, bland or non-existent, and out of the blue (usually triggered by porn) they became curious and then obsessed by the idea of sucking cockLike me, they hadn't done anything more than fantasize about it, but also like me each one seemed willing to do it if the right opportunity presented itself.I also noticed that quite a few wished their wives would be the ones to lead the way to the taboo task. Many men were too scared to admit to their wives that they even had such urges, because it was considered wrong by society, or it questioned the public stereotype of masculinity, or their wives would feel unattractive.This made me ponder what percentage of men actually had these feelings and if peer pressure allowed them to open up about them, would it be as taboo? It is also strange that in this case the traditional double standard goes against men (as it is no big deal for two women to lez out... and it seemed actually to be encouraged by much of society...).And although most guys focused on sucking cock, a few wanted to be pegged (a term I had never heard of until then... which in case you don't know is being fucked in the back door by a woman wearing a strap-on... something I could never fathom my wife doing) and a few wanted to be bottomed (fucked by a dominant man).And although the idea of getting pegged interested me slightly, I wasn't sure I could allow a man to fuck me. That said, the response by one reader did cause me some thought:As far as top or bottom (or perhaps it should be described as using your prick or your bottom), I believe many of us, if given the opportunity, would like to give the bottom a try first, primarily because we've all experienced the "fucking and getting sucked" aspect of sexuality, and are curious as to what it would be like if we were on the other side of that exchange. Not that we wouldn't take the top role if our partner wanted to try the bottom stuff himself...Until that moment, I had never really considered the idea of getting fucked. And although I was way more excited about sucking cock, I'd be lying if I denied that the thought of getting fucked (either by a strap-on or a real cock) was now lingering in the back of my mind.I also learned two great new terms:1. For straight guys who were curious about sucking a dick: 'oral-curious'.2. For straight guys who just suck cock (although it could also be for guys who occasionally take it in the ass): 'heteroflexible'.As I pondered why all this was turning me on, I read a comment from the moderator of the forum Mr. Briggs:I think a big factor is how much big cock we see in online porn. It's just in your face and celebrated everywhere you look. The girl's reactions are the key. They also make cock sucking look fun. They look possessed and look like they are craving cum and in a weird way that's how I started to feel. That is a big factor in the inner mind. Seeing so many cocks and reading stories about gorgeous huge cocks really plant the seed.As I re-read that comment again and again, it made more and more sense. I'd watched hundreds of hours of porn in my life, and although occasionally that included lesbian porn, the reality was that without my noticing that viewpoint, not only had I seen hundreds of women sucking and fucking, I'd also seen hundreds of cocks getting sucked, and hundreds of cocks fucking.With that in mind, I couldn't help but wonder if I even had a chance... if most men really have a chance. Psychologically, the reality is that we're constantly conditioned to admire the power of cock.Women drop to their knees for cock.Women worship cock.Women eagerly devour cock.Women make sucking cock look like the most exciting thing ever.And eventually it makes sense that men who use their cocks on others would be intrigued to explore dick power from the other end.Unfortunately, I was only a few pages into the 52 plus pages of the forum when my wife called me to go and fix a leaking faucet... even when she didn't know she was doing so, she was wrecking my sex life.7. JERK OFF BUDDIESA couple days later, I headed over to watch a football game at Mike's on his 60 inch 4k projector which was fucking awesome (this season I had watched every New York Giants game on it).Out of the blue Mike asked me a question that opened the door slightly to making my cock sucking fantasy a possibility."So Rusty," he said during the first quarter of the fourth game of the season (we were off to a 2-1 start), "can I ask you a personal question?""Sure," I nodded, surprised by the question, as all our conversations had been about sports, cars, barbecuing and how impossible it was to understand women (especially our wives)."How often do you and Sandra have sex?" Mike asked.I joked, although it was the truth, give or take, "Every second full moon."He laughed, but seemed to be wanting to have a serious conversation, as he continued, "Seriously, did you find the sex got less often after you got married?"I nodded, "Exponentially, especially as the years went by, and really especially after we had k**s.""That's what I was worried about," he sighed. "We only do it like once a day now."I choked on my beer. When I recovered, I asked, "Are you complaining that you only have sex once a day?""Yeah, man," he nodded all serious and concerned. "It used to be two or three times a day on average, sometimes more.""You are the luckiest man alive," I said and meant it. "We really do only have sex once every few months.""No!" He gulped with a look of utter dismay on his face."Yeah," I nodded, before adding, "and oral sex is once a year on my birthday.""You're k**ding me," he said, aghast at such a thought. "I deposit a load in her mouth almost every day, although the amount of facials I give her has definitely dropped.""She lets you come on her face?" I asked, the idea of his gorgeous redhead coated in cum making my already hard cock flinch in my pants."Of course," he replied, as if it was a silly question."I have never come on a woman's face in my life. Couldn't even fathom bringing it up," I said, another of my many fantasies never fulfilled."I don't think I've ever dated a girl I didn't shoot a load all over," he said, as if reflecting back on all his previous women."Apparently I was born a couple decades too early," I joked, envious of his busty wife and his abundant and kinky sex life.He shrugged, before asking, "So you really only get laid a few times a year?""And that's in a good year," I only partly joked."What do you do?" He asked."A lot of self-love," I shrugged, comfortable to admit that after the secrets we'd already shared.He nodded, "Yeah, I usually blow a load on my own every day too."I laughed, "That's the first thing we've found in common today."We watched the rest of the first half, which ended up tied 9-9 (a weird score, but we'd settled for three field goals and they'd gotten a touchdown and a safety), when Mike said, "You know, you have me worried. Sandra is still pretty hot. If she doesn't put out, that could be me in the future.""Possibly," I nodded, "all my buddies tell similar stories of a better past than their present.""Fuck," he sighed. After a pause, he asked, "At least tell me she takes it in the ass?""Fuck no, I tried sticking a finger in her once and she almost ripped off my testicles, and that was when our sex life was still pretty hot," I answered, yet one more fantasy never fulfilled."Shit man, you deserve better," he said, before saying, "all this sex talk has got me horny. Want to watch some porn and let a load go?""What?" I asked, hearing him clearly and yet stunned by his words."What? Have you never jerked it with other guys?" he asked, looking at me as if I was an alien from another planet."No, can't say I have," I admitted."It's not gay or anything," he said, "just two guys watching porn and jerking off. In college it was a regular occurrence.""We went to different colleges," I joked, remembering how guys didn't even dance together in the 80s."Well, I'm watching some porn and jerking off," he declared. "If you're uncomfortable with that, go home and come back in fifteen."Before I could respond, he pressed a button on his remote and seconds later some chick was on hands and knees being fucked by two guys, as she bounced back and forth like a rocking horse.He tugged his shorts down in one quick movement and began stroking his cock, which was already hard.He had a BIG hard cock... and his cock area was completely shaven.I'd be lying if I said I didn't stare: his cock was a good eight plus inches. He luckily didn't seem to notice my stare as he asked, "Are you going to join me?""Fuck it! Why not?" I shrugged, both because I was horny and I because I wanted to spend more time checking out his massive dick.As I fished out my cock, I continued to take long lingering looks at his dick while he watched the slut on TV take two dicks... luckily still oblivious to my fascination with his cock.As I began stroking mine too, my eyes shifting back and forth from the television to his cock, he looked at mine and surprised me again as he complimented, "Nice cock."Those are words that I'd never imagined I'd hear from another guy, but it also wasn't true in comparison to Mike's majestic monster. I couldn't help but laugh as I retorted, "I thought so before I saw your monster. How do you even walk around with an elephant trunk like that?"He laughed, "I got lucky I guess, although yours is thicker than mine."I responded, without even thinking as I stared at his long cock, "Yeah, if we put our two together we'd have the perfect cock."He chuckled, as he continued stroking his cock, "Yeah, I wish I was thicker.""And I wish I was longer.""God, we're like women comparing their racks," he laughed."I guess so," I laughed back, finding it so strange and yet exciting to be talking so casually while we each had our hard dicks out."Ream my ass," the porn star screamed, now getting double penetrated."Oh yeah," Mike groaned, "nothing hotter than a chick getting dp'd.""Except a chick getting triple teamed," I added, trying to sound as cool as he did.He nodded, as he watched the scene, "Except a woman getting triple teamed by other women.""Except a lesbian orgy," I countered."You win," he declared, as he began beating his cock faster, even as he reached for the tissue box that he'd courteously placed between us. (The impeccable host! LOL!)I did the same thing.He furiously stroked himself, watching a hot porn slut take two dicks.I furiously stroked myself staring at his cock as the idea of leaning down and taking it in my mouth popped into my head.I couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to have a dick in my mouth... especially a dick that big in my mouth.I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be on my knees in front of him sucking his cock.I couldn't help but wonder if I could take the whole shaft inside my mouth.I couldn't help but wonder what he would do if I asked to suck his cock.These taboo thoughts had my balls boiling and I grunted and came, catching my load at the very last second in the Kleenex."I'm close too," Mike groaned, as he watched the girl on the television bounce back on the huge cock reaming her asshole, unaware that I'd come while staring at his cock.I couldn't help it, and I kept watching him jerk off, wanting to see this beautiful cock erupt."Oooooooh," he grunted, as he suddenly came, too quick to catch the first rope that shot straight in the air.I wondered what it would taste like.He caught the rest of his load in a closely-held tissue much to my disappointment, undeniably enjoying watching cum shoot into the air out of the majestic cock.Once done, he laughed, "I never catch it all.""Does Andrea?" I joked."Usually, or she cleans it up off the floor with her tongue," he said rather matter-of-factly... not at all bragging."No way," I said, envisioning the beautiful redhead on all fours licking cum off the floor."She's pretty insatiable," he nodded. "I guess she must be," I said, as disappointment washed through me watching him put his cock away... which led to me doing the same thing.Oddly, he then wordlessly turned the game on (we had missed a field goal) and we didn't mention sex again for the rest of the afternoon.8. STORIES FROM STRAIGHT COCKSUCKERSOf course, every day after that I kept thinking of his cock.My cock hardened whenever I replayed seeing Mike's huge dick.I went online and researched some more. I was fascinated by reading posts from a secret sub-culture of men with varying degrees of gay curiosity or action.I also read about guys who liked to cross dress or be sissies (especially on Tumblr where sissification was rampant). And although I liked seeing a woman in nylons, and liked the feel of them on her legs, I wasn't interested in cross dressing or drag queens (although I'd be lying if I tried to tell you a shemale wasn't pretty fucking hot... someone who was feminine in looks, shape and persona, just with a cock instead of a pussy).Yet, this sub-culture of men who oxymoronically called themselves straight cocksuckers was what I always ended up going back to. These men dated women, were married to women, liked women, were disinterested in men, but loved sucking cock.This seemed to be me... or potentially me... even more so since I'd seen Mike's cock and all my inner fantasies were triggered... I wanted to suck cock.I found another site where men talked about sucking cock and the thrill that came with it. Some truly fascinated me:I'm straight and suck cock!Now some of you extremists or homophobes will call me a faggot or gay or sissy or any of the other callous and derogatory terms used for gay men, but the reality is I am 95 percent straight, which rounded up is 100.The truth is I love women. I love their beauty; I love their bodies; I love their femininity; I love eating their pussies and fucking them; I love the sounds they make when they come all over my tongue or my cock.I also don't find men attractive... at all. I mean I can tell that Brad Pitt is an attractive man, but he doesn't get me hard. On the other hand, if I saw his cock I would likely get hard and hope he was too.I can't explain it.Two years ago the idea of sucking cock would have made me shudder with disgust. Not because I'm homophobic, just because I'm straight. I'm fine if you do it, but it just isn't me.Yet, one story I read included a straight man sucking another man's cock and a seed was planted unnoticed by me. I mean the story turned me on, but I assumed it was because of the wife who got double penetrated later. But as the days passed, I gradually began wondering what it would be like to suck a cock.At first I pushed the idea out as silly and gay, but the idea resisted getting pushed away, and instead the seed began to grow.I began reading stories where men sucked cock, always searching for straight guy stories... who under the right impersonal circumstances explore sucking cock.Before I knew it, I was only reading stories about straight guys turned sausage gourmet... And having intense orgasms as I fucked my Fleshlight.Eventually, I sucked a cock. Thank God for Craigslist. I sure couldn't say to a buddy, 'Hey, I'm kind of curious about sucking cock, can I snack on yours?' Although I imagine many guys after the initial shock, would be like 'go ahead!' (There would be nothing better than a buddy who would be willing to allow you to blow a load down his throat any time you wished.)I was nervous, and ended up going to a guy who was staying at a hotel. At the time I was forty-two and the guy I met was twenty-one which somehow added to the excitement, even though I didn't understand why at the time. Now I know giving yourself to a younger man is one of the most natural, exciting things to do as you accept that the hierarchy that runs society (younger eventually replacing older) works in the sexual arena too.I asked for the lights off and when I got to the door I paused. For every straight man pondering whether they are a cocksucker I have two things to say to you:1. If you're reading this right now, either you are a straight cocksucker or will become one (until you try it you will become obsessed with the idea... and once you take that first hard cock in your mouth you will accept without reservation what your deepest hidden desires were... and deep down inside you're a straight cocksucker).2. You will pause and second guess your decision at the door. I chickened out a few times after agreeing online, and I even drove to a house, chickened out and drove away, before finally allowing the inevitable to become a 'fait accompli'). When you pause, take a deep breath, accept that you have to find out once and for all, and then walk inside... once you get into the room your natural inner cocksucker will take control, problem over.I too paused.I took a deep breath.I paused once more and before I could summon back up all the reasons this was a bad idea, I pushed my way past the slightly opened door.He said, "Come here."I did.Nervous as hell.Excited as hell.When you're in your forties it's tough to have new experiences, to be nervous and excited at the same time (it happens when you first have sex, when you first get a job and when you first decide to become a parent... but then these defining moments, these releases from prevarication, become few and far between).He was already naked and had kindly placed a pillow on the floor where I was expected to kneel.Which I did.He pulled his towel away and I was staring at a hard cock. The first time I had ever stared at a living hard cock this close.I'd be lying if I claimed my own cock, still in my pants, didn't instantly, secretly, salute him."Go ahead," he offered, knowing this was my first time.I had one more chance to not become a cocksucker.I had one more chance to turn and run and return to my vanilla, predictable life.Yet, any reservations were gone as I stared at the cock before me. It wasn't huge. Average size. Under six inches. But it was beautiful and it was beckoning me to it.My brain shut off and I focused on the task at hand... or at mouth in this situation.I took it in my hand and stroked it slowly before leaning forward and taking a cock in my mouth for the first time.To call it cathartic doesn't do it justice. There are a few moments in life where the world just makes sense. Where you know, without a doubt, this is one of the core purposes of your life.I wasn't a man... I wasn't gay... I wasn't a woman either... I was simply a cocksucker... I was simply where I was meant to be... on my knees... sucking a cock attached to a nameless, faceless, man.Instinct took over.I bobbed.Slowly at first, trying to get used to my mouth stretched in a way it wasn't used to. But as my mind turned off and I became a straight cocksucker, my body took over and I bobbed faster... wanting to be a great cocksucker and wanting to earn my first load of cum.I won't bore you with the play by play, but in little more than three minutes, the stranger finally said casually, "I'm going to come."A rush of excitement coursed through me at hearing words I had said to women many times. The title of my Craigslist ad was 'I want to suck and swallow for first time' and thus I lived up to the ad as I kept bobbing, eager to swallow that first load.I wanted to feel cum shoot in my mouth.I wanted to feel it glide down my throat.I wanted to taste it.I wanted to savour the unique texture that women often complained about.Moments later, I retrieved my first load of creamy cum, although it exploded in my mouth and down my throat so fast I didn't really get to taste it at all, or analyze the texture... although it still felt utterly epic and thrilling as I once again accepted I loved cock and had now proven that I loved cock sucking.Once done, I simply stood up awkwardly said 'thanks', and walked out the door. So different from the endless aftermath of sex with a female who wants to share deep secrets and cuddle.That said, be warned this will likely happen to you, because as you get back in your car and realize you have just sucked a complete stranger's cock and swallowed his cum, you will almost certainly feel a rush of guilt.You may suddenly feel insecure.You may question your sexuality.If you're married or have a girlfriend, you may feel like you cheated.These are natural reactions and will most likely go away once you accept you're not gay, but a straight cocksucker, and trust me you are not alone. There are lots of us and those men who aren't, are often either denying their curiosity, or are an alpha male who would use you in an instant if they knew who you truly were.Hopefully we will one day live in a world where you can just be an open straight cocksucker who doesn't have to hide their inner hunger for fear of societal ridicule.Because in the end, no matter how guilty you feel at first, you will always end up searching for more cock. ONCE A COCKSUCKER ALWAYS A COCKSUCKER!!!!!....As I read this vivid testimony, my cock was rock hard as I imagined the exact same thing happening to me.I couldn't believe how accurately that man had described how I felt.Intrigued, I read more. Many were short generic statements like:-I love sucking cock.-All guys will want to suck cock at some point in their lives.-Sucking cock will eventually lead to taking it in the ass, which will make you gay.-It's 2017, and sucking cock and taking it in the ass is in... being straight is out.There were a few anti-gay insults too (most of them with spelling errors), but eventually I read another post that intrigued me.Relax: Sucking cock isn't cheating!!!If you are straight and married or in a relationship with a woman, one of the ideas that may hold you back from exploring your desire to suck cock is cheating.If you kiss another woman you are cheating.If you kiss a guy you are cheating.If you fuck a woman you are cheating.If you fuck a guy you are cheating.If you eat out a woman you are cheating.But if you suck a cock you are not.Sound ludicrous?Perhaps.But the reality is that this is an activity your woman can't give you. Oh sure she could wear a strap-on, but a fake cock cannot replicate a real one. It may be the right shape, but your mouth will never mistake it for the real thing.Now is getting ass fucked by a man cheating? I don't know, it's kind of grey because a woman can peg you, but a strap-on again can't replace a real, throbbing, pulsing cock (but that is a different conversation for another time).One definite truth is that your sucking on a cock is the one act that can't be replicated on a woman.She can't offer you a pulsing, throbbing cock.She can't supply the sweet cream that comes from a man's balls.Lastly, she can't understand the inner cravings of a man towards a cock. She sees a cock as a baby maker and a pleasure wand... while you see it as a gift from God.Should you tell your wife you want a big dick fucking your face?Probably not, unless for some reason she mentions it. (If by some miracle she does, by all means draw her out on the subject. You may become very glad that you did!)But no, unless she brings it up, some things are better left unsaid.She'll never understand your need to be on your knees with a cock in your mouth, just like you'll never understand how she can enjoy spending hours at a time on the phone.We men are sexual creatures and will be until the day we die.........This one fascinated me too. I was worried about cheating, but his logic did make sense. Although I still wasn't sure if I could do it when the time came.Could I suck Mike's cock if he offered it to me?As I pondered this, I found another writing that intrigued me.I'd choose dick over pussy I love my wife, I really do.I also still get sex regularly, so my obsession with sucking cock isn't from some sexual neglect from my wife (truthfully, I sometimes wish she didn't want it so often).The reality was I didn't even have interest in sucking cock until one day during a bachelor party where one thing led to another and I ended up sucking a guy's dick in the bathroom. I was drunk as a skunk but still knew a whole new life had been opened up to me.And now I'll fuck my wife and then go and suck dick if any of my four regulars beckon me. I have even left my wife during a movie to blow a guy in the bathroom, snuck out after bedtime on the excuse of a night call (I'm a plumber... yes I get the irony that I love draining pipe) and even ditched her during her 40th birthday party to suck not one, but two cocks. My reality is that the choice between cock and pussy isn't even a contest.I crave cock, I don't crave pussy......Although I couldn't have fathomed choosing sucking dick over fucking my wife a little while ago, now I likely would suck a cock over screwing my wife if the opportunity arose.9. TUMBLR TEMPTATIONAs I recalled Mike's cock and the fact he was completely shaved... I ended up googling cock pictures. Before I knew it, I was on Tumblr and scrolling down through pictures and gifs of cock after cock.As I stared at one cock after another, once again confirming my awe that every cock was unique, my mouth watered. I loved staring at the wide range of cocks... although they all seemed to be large.Big cocks getting sucked by women.Big cocks getting sucked by men.Big cocks fucking women.Big cocks fucking men.Big cocks shooting all over a woman's face.Big cocks shooting all over a guy's face.In the end, it didn't matter who was sucking, who was getting fucked. I watched the cock.I watched the cock slide in and out of a mouth (guy's or girl's mouth didn't matter).I watched the cock pound in and out of an ass (whose ass it was didn't matter).I watched cum erupt out of each cock... watched the cock pulse... watched cum geyser into the air....As I kept scrolling, besides finding pictures, there were also occasionally some interesting quotes that either turned me on or confirmed my thoughts:-'I exclusively jerk off to cock now' (which I seemed to be doing myself).-"Here's what I learned: when a woman sucks your dick, she's doing you a favor. When a man sucks your dick, he's doing himself a favor." (In retrospect that definitely seemed to be the case with my wife now and I wondered if that hadn't always been the case; while if I sucked a cock, say Mike's, I would indeed be doing it for myself!)-Men are far better at sucking cock because they understand the equipment and also just love to suck cock. Women, on the other hand, treat sucking cock like a chore (Oh my God, does that describe my wife perfectly... although when we were younger she seemed to like it... was it all just part of the act?)Anyway, not to bore you with my inner psychological state of mind, but this was my mental state when I headed over to watch my 3-1 Giants (a big 23-20 win last week) play on Mike's big screen.10. A TRADITION BEGINSWhile he was his normal relaxed self, I was a bundle of nerves. Was he going to suggest we watch porn again? Was I going to be able to see his cock again? Did he have any clue of the anxiety and excitement that was jittering around inside me?As he handed me a beer, he asked, "You okay?""Um, yeah, sure," I nodded, sure not going to tell him I was just excited about the possibility of seeing his cock again."Think we can win today?" he asked... we were playing the hated Patriots, who were undefeated."If we maim Brady," I joked."Good game plan," he approved."I should be coach," I laughed, a little too loudly.We headed to the living room to watch the game, which started well for us as we were up 10-0 after one. During the second quarter, Mike said, "So I have quelled my worries for a while.""A ten nothing lead against Brady isn't enough," I responded, especially since they were at our 23 yard line.He laughed, "True enough, but I meant my sex life.""Oh," I nodded, as my eyes glanced down at his crotch area without me even realizing I was doing it until I noticed my eyes were fixated."We've had sex a few times every day this week," he said."That's exactly me too," I joked, before adding, "minus those few times every day.""Not once?" he asked."Does masturbation count?" I smirked.He laughed, "Well, that just isn't right.""Tell me about it," I sighed heavily."I got a wake-up blow job this morning and I fucked her at lunch," he said."Swallow or facial?" I asked casually, although I was really curious."Cum is a great breakfast snack," he joked.I said, maybe too hungrily, "I imagine so," although luckily he didn't catch on to the fact I was wishing that load had gone down my throat."So I may have to get Andrea to open up your wife," Mike said."That isn't possible," I said. "Andrea is quite convincing and completely bi," Mike revealed."And you're okay with that?" I asked."Oh yeah," Mike nodded. "Nothing hotter than having two girls eating pussy in front of you.""You've seen Andrea eat out another girl?" I gasped, my cock suddenly super hard."A few times," he nodded. "She loves eating pussy, almost as much as she loves sucking cock.""No wonder you married her," I joked."She has said she thinks Sandra is pretty hot," Mike said."She still is," I nodded, "although she doesn't seem to think so.""Andrea will help her rediscover her sexuality," Mike promised, before cursing, "Fuck!"I had forgotten the game was on, but our ten nothing lead had evaporated with back to back Brady touchdown passes. "Fuck, I hate Brady.""Me too," he nodded, as he stood up to get another beer.His cock was sticking out of his sweats and I asked before I even had time to think about it, "How can you be hard after shooting two loads already?"He shrugged, "Talking about lesbian sex always gets me hard.""I can't recall the last time I shot two loads in a day," I admitted."Well, it's almost half time," he said. "I'm going to grab us two beers from a new batch I made and then let's bust a nut.""Sounds great," I nodded casually, as my hard cock flinched in my pants at the idea of seeing his cock again.Once he was gone, I adjusted my cock and watched as we pulled within one on a long field goal that hit the cross bar and just fell over making it 14-13. I called out, "We got a field goal."He returned with beers as he said, "Well, we're competitive with the Patriots. That's a great sign.""Yeah," I nodded, as he handed me a beer, his crotch briefly right in front of me. "Our offense looks good, although our defense hasn't been able to make the big third down stop.""Brady is tough," he said, as he sat down, as I downed a big swig of beer to control my sudden thirst.We watched the last couple of minutes and sighed in relief when time ran out on Brady just out of field goal range.Mike pressed some buttons and soon the porn was on. This time it was two hot girls in a sixty-nine. He pulled out his cock and said, "Lesbian sex is fucking hot."As I glanced at his cock, I pulled out mine as well while I concurred, "I always thought so too, but I imagine after seeing it live, porn would be less thrilling.""Porn is always thrilling," Mike said, as one girl screamed, "That's it, suck on my clit.""True enough," I agreed, as I stared at his cock and his hand stroking it.Mike said, "The only thing hotter than two chicks munching on each other, is two chicks sharing my cock.""You're shitting me," I said, stroking my cock."Oh yeah, I've had Andrea sucking my cock while her friend sucked my balls," he said, glancing over to me, which made me quickly take my eyes off his cock."You are the luckiest guy alive," I said in awe of his sex life and his cock."I sure can't complain," he said, returning to watching the sex scene, while I returned to watching him stroking his cock."You better not," I said. "The majority of us aren't even close to that lucky.""I'll help you with that," he promised."That would be amazing," I said, although I was thinking of him offering me his cock to suck... and not Andrea and my wife munching cunt (although I wouldn't refuse seeing that either)."Oh yeah," he nodded, pumping faster. "A guy should never be kept from living out his fantasies."Again he was saying one thing while I was hearing something completely different. 'My biggest fantasy is sucking your cock... swallowing your cum.'I chuckled as I admitted, "I've long given up on living my fantasies.""Dude, don't say that," he said, as he stroked himself and glanced at me.I quickly glanced away, but was sure that this time he'd noticed my attention on his cock. I stammered, "The older you get the less likely things are likely to come true."Mike said, as if offering his cock to me, "Sometimes you've just got to reach out and make it happen."Was he implying I should just bend down and suck his cock?Or was he just telling me to be more aggressive with my wife?"Oh yes, fist fuck me," the woman screamed."Oh, there's something I haven't done," Mike said, returning to the TV screen.I joked, "Hard to believe there's something you haven't done.""I'll have to fix that," he said, as he sped up his jerking off while focusing on the fist pumping in and out of the blonde.He stared at the female's fist, I returned my stare to what was wrapped in his fist as I stroked my cock furiously too... imagining having the balls to just reach out and make it happen."Oh fuck," he groaned."Shit," I groaned too as I watched his cum shoot out of his cock, mine following seconds later.We both cleaned up as he said, "God, that was hot."I enthused, "I couldn't agree more," although we still weren't talking about the same thing.Like last week, once the game was back on we didn't talk about sex anymore, although we swore a lot as New England took over and went on to win 35-20.As I was leaving, Mike said, "Live out your fantasies, Rusty. Regret is a terrible thing."Coming from someone way younger than me, that seemed strange advice, as I answered, "I wish I had your confidence.""Just take what you want," he said, unaware that he was offering his cock to me.I smiled, feeling oddly giddy at responding so brazenly since he wouldn't catch on, "I may just do that.""You'd better," he said, as I headed back home.That night, I jerked off a second time imagining I had bent down and taken his cock in my mouth... wondering if any of his advice was aimed at me sucking his cock... although it seemed unlikely, even though I couldn't help but think once or twice he'd caught me checking out his dick.11. WOULD BEING A COCKSUCKER SPICE UP MY MARRIAGE?As I read more online, I actually read about cuckolding, which didn't turn me on... I didn't want my wife fucking some other guy... eating some pussy sure... but fucking someone else... no! Plus, although I wanted to suck a cock, I didn't want to play second fiddle to some other man in front of my wife. The idea of some guy fucking my wife while I watched or sucking a guy's dick after it had been in my wife wasn't appealing at all.But... the idea my wife might enjoy watching me suck a cock... well, that did turn me on, even if it seemed even less likely than the Buffalo Bills ever winning a Super Bowl.Yet, as I continued reading online, I kept uncovering more possibilities.After I ran across this comment from a woman, I began looking for more feminine comments:My husband craves cock. I have no problem with this. In fact, I think it is fucking hot. Knowing that my strong fireman husband gets turned on sucking another man's cock or being fucked in the ass (especially by a twink) is a huge turn on to me. Watching a cock fuck his face is sexy as hell, and watching a cock plow his ass is better than any porn movie.Although getting ass fucked wasn't for me, encouragement from my wife would be amazing, although I couldn't imagine my wife thinking the same thing. Yet, this first woman wasn't the only one.When my husband first said to me that he was curious about sucking another man's dick I was appalled. I questioned our entire relationship and my own inadequacies as a woman. Thankfully, the internet helped me understand that this wasn't uncommon. Eventually I accepted that if he didn't try it, he would always be curious and this lack would likely have a negative impact in our marriage. So, I found a guy for him. Oddly, searching for a guy was fun... it was like dating all over again. In the end, I picked a big dicked guy so that if my husband was going to suck a cock he would be going whole hog. And although I didn't fathom I would ever find this hot... watching my man on his knees bobbing on a big cock turned out to be the hottest thing I'd ever seen. Now the first Saturday of every month I bring home a new cock for my man to suck.And....There is nothing hotter than a man sucking cock.And....At first I wasn't sure what I thought of it. But once I saw him sucking cock I was hooked. Seeing my strong man submitting was awesome. The only thing hotter is when he is on all fours and I peg him. A man giving his ass to a woman, especially if that woman is me, is the ultimate turn on.As I read these and many more I couldn't help but think how hot it would be to have my wife support me in this sudden obsession. Yet, I knew there was no way she would be at all interested in such a thing.As I did more research I discovered one more interesting new thing... and unlike cuckolding which seemed to take away from a man's masculinity, this seemed logical... especially considering my wife's (and many other men's wives') lack of interest in sex in general.12. b*o-JOBI found this fascinating.The definition of a b*o-job was something that wouldn't have made any sense to me a year ago, yet with my unfolding fascination with the idea of sucking cock and all my research it now made perfect sense.A b*o-job was oral sex between two heterosexual friends. This instantly made me think of Mike. Would he let me suck his cock... give him a 'b*o-job'?This led me to reading about straight guys who suck cock on the side.Sex is sex... and if you can find a suck buddy, then life is perfect.It compensates for the decline of your sex life with your wife.It removes your temptation to cheat on your wife.You suck him, he sucks you.Life sucks... and that's a good thing.And....I had been sucking cocks at gloryholes for a few months (which is risky I know, but it was the only guaranteed cock I could find) when one drunken night I ended up sucking off a poker buddy. Ever since, every Monday night I tell my wife I'm off to play poker but spend the majority of the night under the table sucking off all four buddies (usually taking a couple loads from each before the night is done).And....Women don't understand the never ending sexual desires of a man. No matter what our age, we're always thinking of sex. And as a woman's sex drive seems to shrivel up and die as she ages, ours never diminishes (at least mentally... even if getting it up gets tougher). So when the wife quits sucking, we're naturally going to have to find an outlet. It starts with porn, but that only opens us up to wondering why every girl but our wife is an eager cocksucker. Thus we eventually begin to crave sucking cock or getting our cock sucked. And once you discover that 90 percent of men over forty have pondered sucking cock, finding a suck buddy is relatively easy... although scary at first. You can't just say to your buddy, 'Want to suck each other's cock?' Although I would imagine that if you asked at the right time, the answer would be yes 90% of the time. Because as I mentioned, men are always horny and always want a pair of lips wrapped around their cock.For the next few days, and one extra day, we were playing the Monday night game this week, all I thought about was the idea of a 'b*o-job' even if it was just one sided. Oddly, although I desperately wanted to suck a cock, particularly Mike's cock, I didn't get particularly excited thinking of having a guy suck mine.13. A LOVE FOR COCK IS CONFIRMEDA wave of disappointment washed over me when I learned Andrea was still home.I don't know why, but I somehow felt like today was the day... the day I would finally suck a cock... Mike's cock.Yet, that suddenly seemed unlikely with Mike's wife home... although checking her out was definitely enjoyable in her tight jeans and even tighter sweater that showcased every curve. The only way it could have been better was if she:a. Was in stockingsb. Suggested I suck her husband's cockShe brought us appetizers during the first half as we scored a couple early touchdowns and led the Redskins by eleven after one. A couple of minutes before the half, Andrea brought us another beer, bent over giving me a great view of her fine ass, before kissing Mike. She said, "I'm going to pick up some more beer and pizza.""What kind do you like?" Mike asked."Any kind," I answered."Sausage?" Mike questioned."Yeah sure," I nodded, even though I was thinking of a very different sausage.Andrea left just as we took a 21-6 lead.Mike said, "Man we are really on tonight.""Yeah, offense and defense," I nodded.As the half ended, Mike asked, "Want to watch some porn?""Sure," I nodded, acting casually.He put the porn on. This time a brunette was bobbing on a big cock. He pulled his cock out like he had the last two times and stroked it.Like the last two times, I stared at his cock as I fished out my own.Like the last two times, while he watched porn I watched his hand stroking his cock.After a couple of minutes, as I imagined leaning down and taking Mike's cock in my mouth he said, "Go ahead, Rusty, do it."I stammered, as I broke my gaze off his cock, "W-w-what?""It's obvious you want to suck my cock," Mike said."I-um-well," I babbled; the moment I'd fantasized was finally here, but now I didn't know how to deal with it."Have you sucked cock before?" he asked, as he stood up and moved in front of me."Um, no," I answered, my hunger for cock still there, but the moment seeming so surreal I couldn't comprehend this was happening."But you want to, don't you?" he said, as he stood in front of me, his hard cock still sticking out of his pants, level with my open mouth.Although I was ready to suck his cock, I wanted to suck his cock, I was worried about his wife. I asked, "What about Andrea?""That's why I sent her out," he said, slowly stroking his cock directly in front of my enraptured face."Really?" I asked."Yeah, it's obvious you want to suck my cock, and I love having my cock sucked," he said."But won't Andrea think you're cheating?" I asked, suddenly tentative, even though I wanted to just lean forward and take that magnificent cock in front of me into my salivating mouth."What she doesn't know won't hurt her," he shrugged."Really?" I questioned."Some of the best blow jobs I've ever received were from guys," he revealed."You're bisexual?""No," he shook his head, even as he stroked his cock slowly, as if hypnotizing me. "I don't suck cock. But I do have a few b*o's who love sucking big dicks and I just thought you were one of them."Deciding it was now or never, I said, "I am," before letting go of my cock, which I hadn't been stroking, just holding in my hand, leaning forward and taking his big hard cock in my mouth."Oh yeah," he groaned.Although by now I'd watched hundreds of girls suck cock, and I'd been fantasizing about it for a while, I couldn't possibly have imagined this was what it would feel like.'Natural' is the only word that could even vaguely explain what I was feeling.His cock felt so good in my mouth.It was so hard and stretched my mouth wider than I had imagined... which made me wonder how my own thicker cock would stretch a mouth.I did what a cocksucker does... I began bobbing... slowly... trying to get used to a movement I'd seen often on camera but never done before... surprised that with only three or so inches in my mouth I already felt completely full. I couldn't fathom how I would possibly get the entire shaft in my mouth.He said, "Oh yeah, take your time, b*o."And I did, an exhilaration coursing through me as my own hard cock flinched in the open air as I gradually tried to take more and more in my mouth. I wasn't even thinking that it belonged to Mike, it was just my newest friend named Dick.I could feel the pulsing veins; I could feel the ridge between his shaft and cock head; I was in wonder of the majesty of the male organ... especially this hard, warm, pipe organ.So hard.So long.So thick.So magnificent.Sucking cock was everything I'd imagined and yet so much more... although the position was awkward... and it was then I realized what was wrong.I pulled back and slid down onto the carpet... on my knees... like a traditional old school cocksucker.He smiled, "Getting comfortable?""Yeah," I nodded, before taking his cock back in my mouth.Instantly this felt even better.I couldn't explain it, but being on my knees just felt right. In all my fantasies I had been on my knees and once I was on them for real I felt I was at home. I know that may sound silly, but as I resumed bobbing there could be no better way to describe my feelings other than 'naturally at home'.For a couple of minutes, I bobbed back and forth, eventually taking more and more of his cock in my mouth until I had six inches in there... just two more to go... although I wasn't sure I could. His cock seemed so long and the idea of two more inches seemed more like ten.He groaned. "Oh yeah, I'm getting close."Those words excited me and I shifted my focus. Instead of attempting two more inches in my mouth, I focused on making him cum.I bobbed faster, wanting his cum.I bobbed eagerly, craving his cum.I bobbed desperately, crazy for his cum.God, did I need to swallow his cum!"Oh yeah, keep going," he moaned, and after a couple of dozen more bobs he warned, "Here it comes."And one final bob was all it took before I tasted my first load of exciting cum. It felt so good to feel the warm liquid pouring into my mouth and down my throat, although truth be told, it flowed so quickly that I barely got to taste it."Ohhhhhh," Mike groaned, as I swallowed all his cum.I slowed down, milking his cock for the last few bobs before he pulled out and said, "Thanks, Rusty, that was great."The act done, I wasn't sure what to say. I nodded, "Yeah, it was."He put his cock away and asked, "Want another beer?""Um, yeah, sure," I nodded, and as I stood up a mixture of feelings coursed through me stemming from the fact that I'd just sucked a cock and swallowed another man's cum, so now what? I felt satisfaction... trepidation... accomplishment... bliss. I zipped my pants up and sat back down, reaching over and turning the game back on.Oddly, when he returned and handed me a beer he said nothing, just sat back down and watched the game... as if nothing had happened.Not even five minutes later, Andrea returned home with pizza and my wife. A chill went up my back at how close we'd come to getting caught. Or perhaps not: I don't think I was supposed to see this, but soon after she got home, Andrea gave Mike a subtle, questioning look. Mike nodded slightly. Not surprisingly, he was deadpan; acting completely nonchalant. I had no idea what could ever faze him, but it would never be anything remotely trivial! Andrea was just as cool, lightly discussing favourite pizza toppings with Karen. I thought I understood what had passed, but I wasn't sure and I was left with questions in my head.And for the rest of the football season I sucked his cock every Sunday.14. ADDICTED TO CUMYet, eventually that wasn't enough for me. I craved Mike's cock in my mouth, I craved his cum gliding down my throat.So, after swallowing his load one Sunday I casually said, "You know if you ever need to deposit a load any other time just let me know.""Good to know," he nodded, as he returned his attention to the game.I figured he was just happy with the weekly blow jobs, but a few days later he texted me: Come to my garage. I need help with an oil change.I laughed at his sly wording in case my wife read this, but I knew instantly what he was implying.I replied I'd be there in five.I told my wife I was going to help Mike with his car and she didn't blink an eye... why would she?I went to his garage and walked in.He actually was working on his car. I briefly wondered if I'd read his message wrong and he really did need help... although any guy can do his own oil change.He confirmed my first thought by saying, "Hey, happy you could make it. I was hoping to take you up on that offer.""I'm happy you did," I said, although unsure what to do... in his living room we now had a routine. Half time came, he whipped out his cock, I moved to the floor in front of him and sucked until he came in my mouth. No words were spoken, just a silent understanding that he needed his dick sucked and I wanted to suck it."Andrea's gone to some Tupperware party and... well... I need to drop a load," he said rather matter-of-factly.I didn't hesitate, my hunger for his cock and cum taking control like it did every Sunday. I walked over to him, dropped to my knees and fished out his cock as he leaned back against the front of his car. ""Oh yeah," Mike groaned, as I took it in my mouth, "it's great to have a cocksucker right across the street."Until now the blow jobs had been occasions for soft groans, the odd compliment and warnings when he was about to come... never had he called me any names.Oddly, being called a 'cocksucker' turned me on. The label made it seem official somehow, and if I was a 'cocksucker' I wanted to be a great cocksucker.I bobbed on his cock hungrily, wanting his gooey cream to fill my belly... I was addicted to the unique taste and texture of cum, and every time I was done I wanted more."Oh yeah, I think I'll be texting you to come blow me often, maybe even at work," he said, as I focused on his cock and nothing else.As I kept bobbing he asked, as he pushed my head and eager mouth back so his big, hard cock slipped out, "Would you like that?""God yes," I answered without hesitation, knowing I would do anything to suck his cock and satisfy my cum addiction.As he slid his cock back in my mouth, he added, "I also have some buddies who would be more than willing to offer you their cocks if you need more."That idea startled me. First, because our unspoken bargain was discreet, although a bit risky, considering his wife could come home and catch us (if she didn't already know), and my wife was just across the street, but sucking strangers' cocks was risky. Second, because stepping across this new line made me more than just a friend giving a 'b*o job, it would make me a 'cocksucker'. Third, it would help solve my insatiable hunger for being on my knees sucking cock and swallowing cum. Trepidation, deeper commitment and satiation. One minus, one mixed, and one big plus!I didn't respond, my head spinning with these pros and cons... I set them aside for now and focused on extracting the creamy dessert that was boiling in his balls."Oh yeah, I bet you would love to come over during poker night and just sit under the table and suck cock after cock," he continued. "It can even be anonymous, if you're in place under the table before the game starts, and you stay there all night."That idea had my cock about to burst in my pants... especially if it could be discrete. Without even knowing I was doing it, I moaned on his cock in response."Our next poker night is on Thursday if you're interested," Mike offered, before adding, "but I need to know soon... the Craigslist ad is already up."I wondered what he meant by that, but I sure couldn't ask with a mouthful of big hard cock."But first let's get this load out of me," he groaned, as he, for the first time, began bucking his hips as he began to fuck my face... not roughly like in the porn movies... but definitely in a 'I'm going to come soon' sort of way.I kept sucking, wanting... no, needing this load, even though it had only been a couple days since I'd gotten my weekly dose."Oh yeah, here it comes, cocksucker," he grunted a few strokes later, as his cream shot into my mouth and slid down my belly... my craving for the moment satisfied.As he quit bucking his hips, I resumed sucking, wanting to extract and savour every last drop of his addictive cum.When he pulled out, he asked, "Hard?""God, yeah," I nodded, still on my knees."Stand up," he said.I quickly did, so horny that I was willing to get a blow job from him... something he hadn't done before, never once returning the favour.He fished out my cock and began jerking me off as he asked, "So do you want to be the poker night cocksucker?""I think so," I groaned, his hand feeling so good."Sorry for calling you cocksucker, but if you decide to perform at poker night, you'll be degraded and called names," he explained. "So I needed to give you a chance to learn how you felt about it."I can stay hidden under the table though?" I asked, the only real concern I had was someone knowing I was the evening's cocksucker."If you wish," he nodded."And what is this Craigslist thing?" I asked, as my balls began boiling."Every week we put up a Craigslist ad for a poker night cocksucker," he explained. "You'd be surprised how many people respond... guys and girls.""No way," I said, shocked that someone would respond to such an ad, even as I was already leaning towards agreeing to do the exact same thing."Oh yeah, sometimes we get twinks who suck cock or take it in the ass all the time, sometimes we get straight married men like yourself, sometimes we get married women, sometimes college girls, and once even a shemale," he explained casually."Wow!" was all I could say as I was about to cum from another man's hand, although I sure didn't want to get fucked... that would definitely make me gay... sucking cock was just my giving into a submissive side I didn't know even existed before suddenly I was living the role."Yeah, I thought it was pretty crazy the first time," he nodded."I'm about to come," I groaned."Finish yourself off," he said, as he let go of my cock rather quickly. I replaced his hand with mine... desperate to come, which I did a few seconds later all over myself.Once I was done, he asked, "So are you in?""Yeah, I think so," I nodded."Stop by at 6 and we'll go together," he said, as he put his dick away."Okay," I nodded, excitement and trepidation swirling through me. Sucking one cock was not gay, but sucking four cocks including three strangers' cocks was a whole different thing. Plus, I sure as hell didn't want to be mistaken for a twink who took it in the ass."Don't worry, I'll make it clear you're only a cocksucker," he said, reading my mind."Cocksucker," I repeated, "that makes it sound so much worse."He shrugged, "Not really. You like to suck cock, no more, no less. In my circles it's just descriptive, not pejorative.""I guess," I said, having just come and swallowed a load, I wasn't horny or craving cum... instead I was suddenly insecure."Dude," he said, "don't be ashamed. There are tons of straight, married cocksuckers. Men like sucking cock or getting their cock sucked. You're one, I'm the other."I explained, the conversation surreal, "Well, I just don't want to become gay.""Do you find me attractive?" he asked."No, although you're good looking," I answered."Do you want to kiss me?""Not at all.""Do you want to kiss my wife?""Um, I...." I began, not sure how to say it."Let me re-word. Who gets you hard, me or my wife?""Your wife," I admitted."Then you're not gay, you're just a straight cocksucker," he said matter-of-factly."That is an oxymoron," I joked."It seems to be, but since you want to eat pussy, fuck pussy, but suck cock it's a perfect description," he said."I guess it is," I laughed, the conversation weird and yet true."Want a beer?" he asked.I joked, "Yeah, I'd love one."And just like that I was no longer a cocksucker, but a regular guy hanging out with another guy.And that was now my life...I was a straight cocksucker and I was fine with that.