Cruise Encounter (Episode 2)

I arrived at Carol's cabin, and hesitated before knocking. Was this a good idea? It had been a very long time since our affair.My cock was stiff at the memory of Carol riding me, she was a good lover; and the absence of a sex life with my wife made this all the more effective in giving me a strong erection.I tapped the door, gently at first, then a little harder. It was now late in the evening, and maybe Carol and her companion had gone to sleep.I was just about to give up and walk back down the corridor when the cabin door opened a little. A face appeared round the door - Carol's face, she looked at me "Yes? What do you want?"."Hello Carol, long time no see." I smiled.Recognition flashed across her face, and her eyes widened. "Ben, is that you?""Yes, it's me. I am sorry to disturb you, but I recognised you in the restaurant, and wanted to say hello, which - because of my wife - it is difficult to do on here." Would she tell me to go?"You had better come in." she opened the cabin door wide, revealing her to be dressed in a rather lovely nightie, her breasts pushing at the thin material so I could make out her nipples.I walked into her cabin and expected to see her companion, but she was nowhere to be seen."Where is your friend?" I turned to face Carol as she shut the door."Oh Jenny is doing here nightly walk/run around the promenade deck, she is a fitness freak."Carol sat on the bed (I noted one double bed, rather than twin beds), and she tapped her hand to indicate I should sit beside her, so I sat down.We began to chat, the usual and predictable chat for two people who were once close, but not met for a long time - how are you, and how have you been, what are you doing these days, and so on.We had parted on good terms, our affair had come to an end because I changed jobs and it became difficult to meet. There was no rancour, at least not on my side; so I told her she was still a very sexy woman, and enquired how she felt about me."Well, I did miss you and our love-making for a while, but we cannot live in the past. I still think of you fondly, and hope you fell the same.""I couldn't have put it better myself, I often think of our time together, and it still excites me." Carol glanced at my lap and her hand moved to my crotch, and before I knew it she was grasping my erection through my flimsy trousers."So I see, or rather feel!" A beautiful smile cam across her face, her eyes alight and suddenly we were kissing - tongues alive and playing together.My hand went to her right breast - proud under her nightie, and felt her nipple firm and erect in my hand.I broke our kiss, "Won't your friend be back soon?" worried that we could be interrupted at any moment."Oh no, Jenny will be another 45 minutes, plenty of time..." and she pulled her nightie up and over her head - she was naked in my arms, her shape, her skin much as I remembered, but maybe a few pounds more here and there.Having removed her nightie, Carol now set about removing my clothes, few as they were, just summer trousers and cotton shirt; she left the socks, but kicked off my sneakers.Then we became wrapped in each other, exploring, teasing, sucking, kissing.She bent and took my member in the mouth. Oh the joy, she had not lost the knack, and I lay on the bed relaxed (except for my erection) and wallowed in sexual pleasure.Two minutes more and Carol raised her head, and lay on her back."Ben, fuck me." was all she murmured.I positioned my member at her slit, she was so wet, I slipped in easily. Carol moaned softly, and I began to thrust..............My hands squeezed her breasts, while we ate each other, her body slowly gyrating beneath me.I tried to recall as best I could how she liked her love-making, and how best to make her climax. The most reliable way to make her cum, was to suck her pussy lips and clit, but I needed to cum myself first so selfishly I continued to fuck this sexy woman until I felt my moment, when I slipped out of her warm wet pussy and spurted my juice over her tummy and chest.Once spent I lowered myself on to her pussy using my tongue to flick her lips open, and expose her clit for me. I eagerly enjoyed her, and it was so nice to feel her writhe while I ate her seeping slit.All too soon, she shook and moaned and she came for me.We lay on the bed, one arm around her, her hand on my tummy, her breast pushing against my side. ... heaven.After five minutes, "Thank you Ben, as good as I remember." "As good if not better than I recall." I replied."Can we do this again, do you think?" Carol asked."Well, I would like to, but I cannot promise. I will try another night if you are sure?""OK, same time tomorrow or the next night, otherwise I will find a way of letting you know, what is your cabin number?" I told her."You had better go now."I wandered along the corridor, back to our deck and cabin, my mind in a dream.