Daddy's Girl

We have always been close and she still comes up and gives me hugs for no reason at all. Sometimes when we watch TV at night she will snuggle in close to me. She would lay her head on my shoulder and snuggle tight to me. A few times she fell asleep against me. I know it is wrong but the feeling of her warm body against mine can be very exciting. More than a couple times it has caused my cock to stir. After she goes to bed I am left with the choice of a cold shower or a hot masturbation session. I didn’t know at the time if she knew what she was doing to me. I started to suspect something when she started wearing less clothing around the house. One morning as I was having my coffee she came into the kitchen wearing just a nightshirt. As she moved around the kitchen I could occasionally get glimpses of her body through the thin material. Once she reached up to the cupboard while standing in front of me. This caused her shirt to rise exposing her ass which her panties did very little to cover. Damn, that girl is gonna give me a heart attack I thought.One evening we both came home from work and after supper settled on the couch to watch a movie. It was a warm night so she was wearing just a pair of tight shorts and a halter top with thin straps over the shoulders. I was thinking to myself that this was most likely going to be another masturbation night.After a bit Tammy turned to me and complained that her shoulders were hurting from work and asked if I could rub them for her. I figured this would be harmless enough so why not. She turned her back to me and I began rubbing her neck and shoulders for her. After a couple minutes of this she moaned a little and told me how good it felt. She leaned back a little bit and I found myself looking straight down her top. She had nice full breasts and it was impossible not to notice that her nipples were rock hard. Yup, this is definitely gonna be a masturbation night. After a few more minutes she shrugged her shoulders a bit and the straps fell off the shoulders. As I continued the massage she would occasionally moan softly. I also noticed that her top had slid down a bit. To the point that I could make out the tops of her areola. My cock was starting to throb at this point.Then suddenly she sat back up quickly and I thought, Thank God. I was starting to worry that I would explode in my pants. I thought it was over at this point but Tammy had other ideas. She turn and looked at me while fixing her straps. “That was great daddy, but my back is a bit sore as well.” “What do you need?” I asked. Tammy looked me in the eye and said, “I was thinking that if I went upstairs and laid on the bed, you could rub my back for me.”Now let me tell you that my head was reeling with all kinds of possibilities at this point. But I tried to be the sensible one at this point. “I don’t know if that is a good idea honey.” “Oh please daddy. It will make me feel so much better and help me to sleep tonight.” Of course she gave me that sad pout that she knew full well I couldn’t resist. Damn, so much for sensible. “Ok sweetie.” She smiled and kiss my cheek. “Oh, thank you daddy. Just give me a few minutes to get set up and I will call you when I am ready.” Then she hopped up and took off upstairs.As she was upstairs I sat on the couch and tried to think of how I could extricate myself from what was quickly becoming a dangerous situation.After about 15 minutes I heard her voice calling. “OK daddy, I’m ready.” So off I go upstairs. Tammy’s door was slightly open and I could see a dim light coming from the room. When I opened the door I was greeted with the smell of incense and candles which were lit around the room. I only had a couple seconds to process this as what really caught my eye was the sight of my beautiful girl laying on the bed. She was completely nude except for a towel which covered her ass. My head was screaming “Get out, now.” But my feet clearly weren’t listening as I kept moving towards the bed.Tammy was laying across the bed with her head on one side and her feet dangling off the other. Her arms were folded under her head. As I looked at her I could make out the swell of her breasts along her sides. Now, I should have hightailed it out of there but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave.I asked her where she hurt and she told me that it was the center of her back, from the shoulder blades down to her lower back. I see that she had left a bottle of massage oil on the bed for me. I am starting to suspect there is a plan in play here.I took the bottle and put some oil on my hands and rubbed them together to warm it. I hesitated for a second but then my hands began working on her back. She moaned as my hands made contact with her skin. Her body felt warm and soft under my hands. I slowly worked the oil into her back.I was standing at her head and working the oil into her spine. As my hands moved lower she moaned a little. I pour some oil directly on her back and continued to rub it in. The towel covering her behind stopped at her lower back so I could just make out the top of her crack as I massaged her. I wasn’t sure but I thought I could see her grinding her pelvis into the bed as I moved lower. I was leaning over her body and I thought I felt something brush against my cock. When I looked her hands were laid on the bed above her head but not moving so I just wrote it off as incidental contact.I poured more oil on her back and continued to rub it in. Some of the oil had started to run down her sides so I slid my hands along her side to work it in. This brought a loud moan from her when my fingers moved along the side of her breasts. My cock was throbbing at this point and all I could thing was this needs to end soon so I can go and jerk off. I was working on her spine some more and worked my way down until my hands were just above her ass.Finally I stood up and said, “There baby, how is that?” “That feels great daddy. Would you mind rubbing my legs a bit too.” I was hoping to get out of there and escape to my room, but I sighed and said ok.I moved around to the other side of the bed, put some oil on my hands and began rubbing her calves. As I massaged her calves I was trying very hard to focus on what I was doing, but the warmth and softness of Tammy’s flesh under my hands was a major distraction. Occasionally I would glance up at her behind under the towel. Even though the towel covered her ass (barely) I could see that she was grinding her ginger hair pussy onto the bed. I eventually left her calves and moved up to massage the back of her thighs. I knew this was getting very dangerous but I doubt I could stop myself now. I poured more oil on her thighs and massaged them, one after another. As I rubbed her thighs she was still moaning and grinding. Then I realized that her legs had parted slightly.I moved my hands higher and massaged more, my hands working the flesh at the back and along her inner thigh. Her legs parted a bit more and now I could see under the towel and make out my babies pussy. From what I could see ginger hair pussy. Her legs parted a bit more and now I could see a bit of dampness forming along her lips. I stopped what I was doing and stared for a minute, unsure what to do next. I felt something on my arms and realized that Tammy had reached back and was now pulling my hands up to her ass. My hands moved up uner the towel and I was now cupping Tammy’s ass cheeks.Tammy now pulled the towel off and threw it on the floor. I looked up at her and asked, “Are you sure baby.” She just smiled and replied, “Yes Daddy.”I picked up the oil and poured some all over my baby’s sexy ass, then continued the massage. Tammy went back to moaning and grinding as I rubbed oil over her ass. I was completely lost in the moment watching my baby squirm on the bed. I applied some more oil and watched as it flowed over her ass and down through the crack of her ass. I rubbed the excess oil into her behind and then let my fingers slide down through her crack. She let out a deep moan when my fingertips made contact with her anus. I left my index finger there and let the tip move in little circles around that puckered hole. “Oooh daddy, you’re so naughty.”My hand moved down lower until my hand was cupping her pussy. Her pussy was soaked with a combination of the oil and her own personal lubrication. Using the heel of my hand I pushed against her mound and moved my hand in small circles. This drew another moan from Tammy and she was now grinding her pussy on my hand instead of the bed. I was now completely intoxicated with the smell of her sex. I pulled my hand up and slowly inserted one finger inside of her, soon followed by a second. “Oh yes daddy. Play with my ginger hair pussy.” We were both lost now. There was no denying what we wanted. Tammy had pushed back so she was on her knees now and my fingers were sliding in and out, covered in oil and my baby’s pussy juice. I turned my hand so the heel was against her clit and my fingers pressed up against her pelvis. It may have been a few years but I still remember what worked. My fingers found the magic spot and rapidly tapped against it while rubbing my palm on her clit. As turned on as she was this had the desired effect almost immediately. Tammy’s entire body tensed up for a second and then began to shudder. It was like an earthquake. It began deep inside her and then rose in intensity until her entire body was shaking. “Oh FUCK! Oh fucking god!” she screamed. Tammy buried her face in the sheets and bit into them as her hands grasped whatever she could of the bed. This went on for several second until she let out one final scream and collapsed on the bed trying to catch her breath.I sat back a bit and watched my baby as she lay on the bed moaning and breathing hard. I could see her body rise and fall with each breath as the last vestiges of her orgasm subsided. As I sat there and watched I came to realize what had just happened. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself. I wasn’t sure what to do next so I slowly started to rise from the bed.Tammy obviously had other plans. As soon as she felt the shift of my movement on the bed, she turned and grabbed my hand to stop me from leaving. As I was on my knees on the bed she rose to her knees as well and moved up against me. I could feel the heat of her body as she reached up with her hand and pulled my head down so we could kiss. Softly at first but then with building intensity as her tongue pushed its way into my mouth in search of my own. My arms wrapped around her body as we continued this passionate tongue exchange. One arm wrapped around her while the other moved down to cup her ass. When our kiss broke she looked up at me and said. “It’s ok daddy. I want this. I want to look after you.” Looking into those beautiful eyes I knew I was lost now.Slowly Tammy began removing my clothes. Kissing my neck as she unbuttoned my shirt then running her hands over my chest. Moving lower she ran her tongue around my nipple then pulled it a bit with her teeth causing me to gasp. She looked up at me grinning and said. “Stand up daddy.” I stood on the bed and she ran her hands over me, sliding down my chest to undo my belt.She undid my belt and let my pants fall to my feet, so now I was just wearing my shorts. Tammy pulled out the waistband and slipped her hand in to take hold of my cock then pulled my shorts down to my ankles, never letting go of my cock in the process. I braced myself on the ceiling and kicked of my pants and shorts so now was totally nude in front of my baby girl. Tammy meanwhile was slowly moving her hand up and down and admiring my hard cock which was standing proud at a full 8 inches. Tammy looked up at me with a grin and said, “It’s so hard. Did I do that daddy?” I just nodded back at her.Tammy moved my cock around to study it from different angles which was driving me crazy with lust. Finally, she looked up at me and slowly touched the tip of her tongue to my cock. She licked around the head and ran the tip of her tongue over the slit causing me to shudder. Tammy just smiled at me, knowing full well she was driving me crazy. Then she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and ran her tongue all over it. Her tongue felt like velvet on my cock. I knew it was going to take every ounce of strength, not to cum in the first few minutes.My baby clearly knew what she was doing. She alternated between sucking the head and licking up and down the shaft. Each time she took it in her mouth she would try to take a little more inside. Clearly not the first cock she sucked. She obviously knew about coating it with saliva to lubricate it in her throat. Her saliva had completely coated my cock now and my baby girl was a beautiful mess as she licked every bit. After a bit she pulled off my cock and held it in her hand as she licked and sucked my balls. “Oh my God Tammy you are amazing.”Tammy just smiled up at me and then went back to work trying to deep throat all 8 inches. She would work for a bit trying to get more and more into her mouth and then pull off to catch a breath, but she was determined. She took more and more until she had all but the last half inch or so. She tried to go deeper but just couldn’t get that last bit in her mouth.Finally she gave up and pulled off of my cock. My beautiful girl looked up at me and asked, “Will you fuck my mouth daddy? I really want you too.” Now who could resist that. I took her chin in my hand and used my thumb to open her mouth as I slid my cock inside. Holding her head in my hands I began moving my cock in and out. Slowly at first but gradually using more force and speed. Tammy didn’t shy away one bit. Her hands were on my ass pulling along with each thrust. I could feel her nails digging into my ass. Then she took one hand and played with my balls using her fingernails to tease the scrotum. “Fuck baby, I’m gonna cum.” Once she heard that Tammy pushed her head forward and I felt her nose against my stomach. My baby had done it. She had all my cock in her mouth and throat. I didn’t have much time to be amazed because as soon as my balls hit her chin my orgasm began. “Oh fuck baby!” I could feel the load of cum shooting out of my cock and down Tammy’s throat. I pulled back a bit but Tammy didn’t let me get too far. My cock continued to unload its contents into her mouth and throat and my baby took every drop without hesitation. Not sure how long this continued as I think I blacked out for a second from the pleasure. When I came to my sense I was still standing on the bed with my hands holding the ceiling for support. I looked down and saw my beautiful girl sucking the last drops of cum from me and licking my cock all over to clean me off.When she was done she wiped her chin and looked up at me asking, “Did that please you daddy?” I didn’t really have the strength to answer so I just leaned down and gave my baby a kiss. She still had a bit of my cum on her lips but I didn’t care as I kissed her. As we kissed I fell forward and we both collapsed on the bed.We lay there for a bit trying to catch our breath. Tammy lay with her head on my chest. After a couple minutes I felt her hand on my cock again. She lightly ran her fingertips up and down the shaft, occasionally tickling my balls as well. To my amazement, my cock reacted almost immediately. I didn’t think I would be able to get hard so soon after cumming but my baby knew just how to stimulate me.Taking hold of my cock Tammy looked up at me and said, “I want this inside me daddy. Will you fuck me please?” There was no way I could say no now. I started to rise on the bed but Tammy just pushed me back down. “I want to ride you.” She said.Still holding my cock Tammy positioned herself over top of it. She started by rubbing the tip over her pussy to get it wet with her juices again. Then she slowly lowered herself on top of me. As she settle down on me she let out a long deep groan. “Oh baby, your pussy feels so good.” She smiled and said, “I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist me.”Placing her hands on my chest she began rhythmically grinding on my cock. I could feel her pussy pull up until just the tip was inside her then she would reverse and lower back down. Her pace was intentional and agonizingly slow but the feeling was unbelievable. Gradually she increased her pace. The whole time she watched my face to see my reaction. I was content to let her do all the work at first. After a bit I slid my hands up her thighs and around to hold her ass. She leaned forward to kiss me while bouncing on my cock. I tightened my grip on her ass and matched her movements with my own thrusts. I used the tip of my finger to tease her anus at the same time which seemed to increase her pleasure. At least the moaning in my ear got a lot louder.After a few minutes of this she lifted back up and sat back on my cock and placed her hands behind her on the bed. This gave me a clear view of my cock as it slid in and out of her pussy. My cock was coated with her juices now. I placed my hand on her stomach and used my thumb to rub her clit as she rode my cock hard. That was enough to send her over the edge again. I could see her eyes roll back and she howled as she came again. Her body began to shudder like before. I could feel, and see her juices flowing over my cock as she came over and over. After a minute she rolled off to the side and collapsed on the bed to catch her breath again.She may have needed a break but my cock was still rock hard and needed more. My baby wanted to get fucked and that is just what she was going to get. She was like a rag doll when I rolled her onto her stomach. Then I got behind her and lifted her hips so she was on her knees. I believe the term is, “head down, ass up”. I positioned my cock and without hesitation sank the full length of it back inside my baby’s tight pussy.There was nothing subtle now. I had hold of Tammy’s hips and I was driving my cock deep into her pussy over and over. After a few minutes I reached forward and took a fistful of her red hair and pulled her head back. “Is this what you wanted baby?” I asked. “Oh God. Yes daddy. Please fuck me. I am all for you. Only for you.”“That’s right you are baby. This is my pussy now to fuck whenever I want.” I figured she opened this door so why not go all out. “Yes daddy. You can have this pussy any time.”I still had hold of her hair and was fucking her hard. Occasionally I would slap her ass while I fucked her. I knew I could last too much longer so I pulled out and flipped her over onto her back. Looking down at my baby with a look of pure lust I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and sank my cock back into her. We were both covered in sweat from our efforts and I lost count of how many times she had cum. I was pounding my cock into her like a jackhammer. I could feel the tightness in my balls and knew what was coming. “I’m going to cum baby. Do you want it?” She was gasping but she managed to say “Cum on my tits please daddy.”Not one to disappoint my little girl, I pulled my cock out when I felt the explosion coming. Almost immediately it began shooting its load over my baby. The first shot got on her tits and up to her chin as well, but it wasn’t done there. My cock continued to spurt another 3 or 4 long ropes of cum over Tammy’s tits. I was surprised there was so much since I had already cum once tonight. When it finally subsided and I was able to focus again I was treated to the sight of my beautiful girl, smiling up at me while she rubbed my cum into her breasts. I leaned down and kissed her again.Neither of us had moved at this point. The room was filled with the heady scent of sex. When we finally caught our breath I got up off the bed and reached my hand out to my baby girl. “Let’s go get cleaned up baby then we can get back to bed.” Tammy got up and followed me to the shower, both of us knowing that our relationship was going to be very different from here on out.