Dear Diary - Pick up date not a normal date

As you know if you have read any of my profile post I should have been born female in every aspect of the word except for a few male hormones that screwed everything up (LOL). Anyway, There was a gay, transvestite lounge/club a few town away that I used to go to often. This was an upscale lounge not the seedy dirty places I used to seek out. We all knew each other and occasional a stranger would stop in which was totally fine. This one night I walked in, the doorperson (Andrew) took my hand and kissed it as he always does “gorgeous Michelle” he said, I gave him a quick peak on the cheek wiped my bright red lipstick off saying “And all this could be yours if it was not for that slut” I nodded to his lover sitting at a booth. We laughed as we always did. I made my way to the bar my black 2 ankle strapped high heels clicking on the floor . I could feel eyes burning in me as the guys watched. I was wearing a black long sleeve “A-line” dress that fell just below the knees, jet black seamed stockings, the heels, A thick red belt around my thin 26” waste, an auburn wig in a page boy cut, A red satin choker around my neck, blue eye shadow with dark red overtones. Black mascara and eye lash liner.I sat at the bar crossing my leg and of course have to tease a little. I pulled my dress up so it d****d over my thigh showing the clasp and a little of the straps of my baby blue corset I had on. Thee were pink roses embroidered on the straps just above the clasp. Fran the bartender walked over sliding a glass of white wine in front of me saying “from the man at the end of the bar” I looked and smiled at this handsome well dressed man in his mid to late 40”s He nodded back raising his glass as I did. I took out a cigarette, Fran quickly ignited his lighter and I leaned in. “What’s his story: I said to Fran, “he is hear on business till the end of the week. Fran replied. “tell him thank you and give him a kiss for me” We giggled Fran saying I only wish he’s a doll” Fran delivred the message and in a few moment he was standing next to me. He put out his hand “I’m Tom” he said I put hy hand in his “I’m Michelle glad to meet you“. He sat next to me his eyes glued on my stocking tops and garter straps. He said “I know you get this all the time but you are so stunning and nothing but class.” Oh thank you I said and kisses his cheek again whipping my lipstick from his cheek.Talk, talk, talk, laugh, laugh talk . “I’m staying at the hotel down the street care to join me for a night cap” I’m thinking to myself why in hell did it take him so long I could have had is cock in my mouth an hour ago” In his suite I sat on the sofa as he poured the drinks. He stood over me leaned down and kissed me. I pressed my lips to his parting them and darted out my tongue. He sighed as his tongue slide over mine. Locked in an embarrass making out his hand slide under my dress stopping to caress my garter straps . So pretty he whispered take off your dress honey he said. I stood up taking off my let and unzipping the dress teasing him all the time. I stepped out of it as it fell to the floor. Spinning around like a school girl . He wiggled his finger to me to come to him. Standing in front of him he put his hands around my waste. So pretty scanning my baby blue corset with the red embodied roses and the white lace trim. I brushed back my hair “you like sweetie” I said. Without saying a word he slowly pulled down my jet black panties. OH MY God he let out OH MY GOD as my little bald smooth clitlet appeared. OHHHH so smooth and soft he moaned as he slide his hand over it. He took it in his mouth as his hands ran over my legs and ass. Oh you naught boy I said as he slide 2 fingers inside my girly hole. . I pushed back on them as the 3rd then 4th finger slid in.. Finger fucking me and sucking for a few moments he pulled off and out and stood up. YES I though my turn to get his cock./Wrong he told e to lay on my belly asI dad he slide one of the pillows from the sofa under me (good going to get fucked) Nope. He took off his suit jacket hung it on the chair and took a scarf out of the inside pocket. He kissed me telling me to be a good Gurl as he tied the scarf over my eyes. My head buried in the sofa ass up looking so inviting. Waiting to feel his cock drive in me WACK WACK WACK WACK WACK the sting of his belt rips across my ass WACK WACK WACK. Kicking my legs trying to block the strap with my hands he kept pulling them away WACK WAC WACK. Each time I moved my hands back the strap would rip acoss the back of my thighs and legs . WACK WEACK WACK 5-10-15 of them at a time one after the other. I could feel my ass and legs start to swell. I was not a stranger to being beaten . Ws beat almost every day after school by the boys then by my master then by sadistic men on the streets, Had bones broken ,my clitle left useless and limp from being so beaten I needed operations to fix the damage a perverted SADO man did to me.Anyway, WACK WACk then he lifted my head took off the blindfold. I saw the thick black leather strap in his hand folded in half.He sat on the arm of the sofa his hard cock sticking up like a stature. “BLOW MW SLUT” he ordered. He pushed my head down ramming his cock in my mouth “SUCK IT SLUTY SUCK IT” (that’s what I wanted to do as soon as I saw him but not this way)I started doing what I do best bobbing my head up and down on the ridged cock. My ass and legs on fire I know I am bruised and welted and think I can feel a few gashes that had been split open.Sucking licking making love to his cock WACK WACK WACK WACK. Out of no where the belt ripped across my ass WACK WACK I’m blowing this guy as he sits on the arm of the sofa and he is beating me with a strap. “YOU FUCKIN GPIG SUCK MY COCK” he screams WACK WACK. The strapping so intense I an feel my skin rip apart as it dug into my soft ass and thighs. (I am thinking how many stitches it will take to close the gashes up. After about a half hour or so he showed no signs of Cumming no pre-cum not a leak nothing and he never stopped strapping me. READY FOR THIS bet not, he started to yell “SUCK MY COCK LIKE I HAD TO SUCK MY DAD AS HE BEAT ME “ OVER AND OVER CALL ME DADDY TELL ME YOU LIKE SUCKING MY COCKWACK WACK WACKHe unloaded with one of the biggest cum loads I ever had it just kept flowing form his cock stream after stream of cum filling my mouth SWALLOW IT LIKE I HAD TO DO. I SWALLOEWED AS MUCH AS I COULD ONE OF THEONLY TIMES I could not take it all it was so much. He pushed me away stood up went to the chair and sat. He start to cry his face in his hands sobbing like a baby. He kept saying “I’m so sorry I’m so sorry” I got up my ass and legs lie they went through a grinder. He looked up at what he did. ON MY GOD IM SO SORRY as he criedI went into the bathroom and cleaned up tears in my eyes as I tended to my wounds. They were not as bad as I though only a few gashes but my entire ass and the back of my thighs were bruised raised red welts and on fire. I composed myself and walked out, There he was still in the chair tears in his eyes. He said he was so sorry then told me what his father used to do to him. His father was a drunk and would beat his mom, sister and him. He would make them have sex with each other and him then beat them while they were doing it and degrading them. I told him he did not have to do it that way I would have let him do what he wanted and it would have been pleasure for both of us.He stood up to hug me. OMG his back, ass and legs were covered in scars where his dad beat him. I wrapped my arms around him kissing him. I whispered in his ear “make love to me like I know you can” I took his hand and went into the bedroom, let my dress fall to the ground one more time. We kissed then started to make out with as we fell to the bed. His cock was rock hard as he raised my stocking clad legs and slowly fucked me even though my ass and legs were on fire and hurt so bad I did not want to disappoint him. We spent the night together ending up cuddling while we fell asleep in each other’s arms. He woke up with my mouth sliding down over his cock sucking his early morning stiff rod. We went to dinner the next night (no sex) and kept in touch for years after that.Well just another diary entry to remembers