December holidays part 3

I arrived there after 7pm and her dad opened for me inviting me in for a drink as Jessica was still getting ready. After about 20 minutes of chatting to her parents she came out of her room looking drop dead gorgeous. She was wearing a knee high blue dress that hugged her body and ass. It had a built in push up bra and she worelight colour stockings with blue high hills. Her hair was down and straightened and her makeup was done. Even though she was on her period I wondered what underwear she had on and i immediately thought about wanting to fuck her. Her parents complimented her saying she looks lovely and I agreed as she really did. We then said goodbye to her parents and made our way to the car. I opened the door for my sexy lady in hope of getting brownie points and a blowjob. Once in the car and driving I said to Jes fuck you look sexy in that dress. She smiled and said thank you and I then replied if you weren't on your period I would immediately take you somewhere where we could fuck. She smile and said once I'm back I'll dress all sexy for you. I smiled at her and we then soon arrived at the club a bit after 8pm.We walked in and got a drink and throughout the night most of the guys stared at my sexy lady. Slowly but surely our friends started to arrive. Caitlyn arrived with James looking hot as ever also dressed to kill, she gave me a firm hug hello and I really couldn't wait to see her again either naked on a bed. After everyone arrived and we all greet and got a drink we made our way onto the dance floor and had some fun. Jes and Caitlyn danced together and I pictured and perved about having a 3 some with them. A bit late and last to arrive was my friend Dave and his girlfriend Olivia a pretty bodied brunette, who found us on the dance floor. After a while of dancing most of us moved outside for fresh air where Dave and I chatted and he invited me to sleep over by his house the next weekend the 17th and 18th of December as he would be home alone while his parents are away as well as his girlfriend Olivia. I was rather keen for that and said I just need to check with my parents but didn't see a problem. It soon reached psst midnight and we all made our way back in and onto the dance floor for a few more songs before heading our separate ways for the holidays. Dancing with Jes grabbing her sexy ass I saw Caitlyn looking our way while dancing with James. We made eye contact and smirked at each other as we both knew we would see each other soon.Just after 2am Jes and I started saying goodbye to everyone and a little while later we were in the car on our way home after a good night out. Horny as hell I asked her if we could stop somewhere for her to suck my cock and she said sure my love. We went to a mall which was obviously empty at this time of the night and once parked I pulled my pants down. Jes wasted no time bending over and taking my cock into her mouth which quickly grew. Suck it baby suck it I told her and she deepthroated my hard cock. She sucked me hard up and down and then I groaned as my cock shot my cum into my girlfriend's mouth. She sucked me dry and then swallowed my load. I pulled my pants back up and neatened myself before heading to drop her at home.Giving her a kiss goodbye, she then got out the car and I stared at her ass in the sexy dress she wore as walked into her house and then I slowly drove home myself while thinking about the sexy naughty looks Caitlyn gave me while we danced with our other halves and I really couldn't wait to spend some time with her again. I was soon home and in bed where I decided to stroke my cock. Closing my eye I pictured Caitlyn and it wasn't long till my cock exploded as I pleasured my selfish ending a good Saturday night out with a good blowjob and a wank to finish it off.End of part 3