Dethroned 2

"No, you are now just a whore and my prisoner", Joshan answered coolly, "You would do well to remember that. After our little party last night I did some exploring down here and found some new toys for us to play with. I may not understand the way many of them work but I'm looking forward to figuring them out." Leering down at the wet naked girl still tied to what was left of the cot, the big jailor stroked his hardening cock. "I've a fair bit of work to do, so why don't you use that pretty little mouth of yours to take care of my little problem here instead of spouting useless threats". He knelt beside the broken down cot near her head and slapped her face a couple of times with his huge prick. "Open wide whore."She answered by clamping her mouth shut and turning her face away, an act of rebellion that earned her a fist into the soft flesh of her belly. Two more blows and she curled up as much as her restraints would allow and emptied what few contents were left in her gut. Through her tears she saw the fist raise again and she relented. Opening her mouth as wide as it would go she allowed the big guard to feed his monster prick into her mouth. She gagged on the musty smelling piece of meat that her captor pushed into her throat. She winced in pain as he gathered her hair into his fist and used as a handle to guide her mouth up and down his sweaty prick. Two more calloused hands roughly m*****ed her tender breasts, two more were forcing her bruised thighs apart. The disgusting jailors equally offensive goons had joined in. She could feel the one between her legs line up his cock with her dry entrance. He tried to push in but she was too dry to admit him until she heard the glob of spit splash onto her slit. He rubbed the head into the spit a couple of times and forced his way into her aching cunt while his partner tortuously twisted and pulled on her sore nipples and their boss fucked her throat, forcing more of his foul tasting meat into her with each thrust."Ready for breakfast, whore", the burly jailor hissed before forcing even more of his cock into her throat and holding her in place as he shot his load directly down her throat. She thought that she might suffocate or even drown before he stopped shooting his seed down her gullet. Finally though he pulled his softening prick from her mouth, only to have the guard who was fucking her pull out and take his bosses place in her mouth. The third guard took his place between her thighs and drove his cock into her snatch to the hilt. "Oomph", she groaned around the stiff prick in her mouth as he bottomed out in her pussy. As one guard battered her pussy like a man on a mission to only cause her pain the other fucked her mouth until thankfully he soon filled her throat with another load of foul tasting goo. Once his cock began to soften her third assailant pulled his cock from her tortured pussy and he too shoved it down her throat, fortunately he only lasted a few strokes before his load of hot gooey seed joined that of his friends in her gut. She wanted to puke but the fear that this may indeed be her only nourishment for the day compelled her to keep it down. "Get her cleaned up and a bowl of porridge from the kitchen," Joshan growled.While his men gleefully scrubbed down their prisoner with rough brushes, leaving no part of her skin not red from the abuse, the jailor began going through the log book, identifying each prisoner and the crimes that they were being held for. The cells were occupied by one murderer, two r****ts, five thieves and thirteen others who were being held for supporting or being related to others who had supported the rebellion. He brought his findings to his general, Adunynn who ordered new trials for those convicted of real crimes, the political prisoners he ordered to be moved to the former queens chambers where they were to be treated as guests of the palace. Sometime after the mid day meal Adunynn made his was down to the dungeon to check on his prize. He found her strapped naked face first to a large oak cross, angry red welts striped her lower back and the soft globes of her ass. More than a few of the whip marks oozed blood from where the flesh had given way and it mixed with fresh semen where it ran between her thighs. "Joshan, do not damage her too badly, there are a lot of families who will need the coin we make from her cunt.""Of course, my lord, just giving her a taste of what she'll get should she not cooperate tonight.""Very well, and will she behave tonight?"Joshan took a wicked looking whip from off the wall, "Answer him slut, are you going to behave?"She sobbed in a whispered voice, "Yes sir".The jailor cracked the whip against her ass, "Louder, so our sovereign can hear you!""Yes sir", she cried, fresh tears streaking her face."And the men that buy your pussy tonight, what will you give them?""Anything they want."Adunynn smiled. "Make sure that she is cleaned up and smelling pretty for our guests." With that taken care of he made his way to the armory. The armorer was an older man with white hair and beard who obviously struggled as he knelt at Adunynn's feet. "Stand Sir Laury, you cannot show me your wares from down there." He extended a hand and helped the old man to his feet.The armory was a large room lined with racks of swords, axes and spears mostly, standard fair for the time, most looked to be in great shape. On a shelf in the corner he found about a dozen weapons that he didn't recognize. "Sir, Laury, what are these", he asked lifting what appeared to be an oversized spearhead with a short length or chain coming from a small hole in the side.The old man took the object and with a crooked smile he pulled the chain causing three small blades to pivot out from the shaft of the object. "These are dragon claws. Back when dragons roamed the kingdom these would be fired from a ballista and if they pierced the dragons hide the ropes would be used to extend the barbs so that it couldn't be pulled out. That way you could keep the b**st from flying off before you could kill it.""There are no more dragons.""True, but they can also be used to fire grappling hooks over walls during a siege, just dull the tip so it doesn't stick into wood.."Adunynn had a thought and with a wicked grin he asked if he could take one."Of course sire, everything in here belongs to you now."The young knight returned to his chambers to get ready for the evening meal and festivities. A few of the nobles from the closer provinces had arrived to pledge their fealty to him and he had invited several of his senior officers and his ministers to sup with them as well. The dining hall was already filled with his guests when he arrived. Serving girls weaved between the tables filling flagons with beer and wine while trying to avoid the groping hands for the male guests. A trumpet announced his arrival and all of the merriment paused. The room stood as one and bowed at his entrance. "Sit, my friends", he called out the crowd. "My apologies, Lord Wellace, it appears that my bugler has scared the piss right out of you."The fat nobleman looked down at the growing stain in his lap from the beer that he had spilled. "Sire, he did startle me a bit, and made me spill some of that delicious beer, which should be a crime.""Shall I have him hanged", Adunynn asked. The room got silent and the bugler looked as if he might actually piss his breeches. Realizing that many of his guests really didn't know him or his sense of humor, Adunynn added with a hearty laugh, "I suppose that we can pardon the boy this time." He spotted a serving girl near the oversized noble and ordered, "Bring Lord Wellace another beer and a cloth and do be sure to dry up as much of that beer as you can from his trousers."The shy brunette refilled the lords flagon and began to rub her towel across the front of his trousers. It was hard to tell who was blushing more by the time she was done, her or the nobleman whose crotch she was drying. The growing lump in his lap however was very obvious."I do think that she may have missed a spot", Lord Malfadore shouted across the room.Adunynn answered, "If she cleans him anymore, poor Wellace may have another mess in his trousers to take care of."That drew a loud round of laughter from everyone in the room but Lady Wellace who glared at the poor serving girl.Dinner consisted of roasted venison and bear along with potatoes and vegetables and fresh bread along with copious amounts of beer and wine. After dinner Adunynn beckoned them all to follow him to the throne room for the evening's entertainment. Next to the dais, directly under where the kings body had hung the day before, stood a large object covered with a linen cloth. Had the procession into the chamber been much quieter, a soft sobbing would have been heard from beneath the fabric.Once the assembled guests had taken their seats Adunynn stood up from his seat on the throne. "My friends, many of you had sons, and husbands and brothers who fought to make tonight possible. The tyrant is dead, his life taken by his own hand rather than face the justice of the people. Just as we were denied our right to see him face that justice, many families will be denied the safe return of their young men. Young men from both sides who fought and gave their young lives, many of whom were pressed into service of whichever army happened to occupy their village at the time. The queen however has promised to atone for those lost lives by paying each family for their loss. All of her possessions, her jewels, her fancy clothes, her families gold and all of their holdings have been confis**ted to be sold off and the monies acquired will go to the families. Still a debt remains, so what are we to do?" With a nod from his sovereign, Joshan pulled away the fabric, revealing the large wooden cross that had been recreated in the throne room, tied to the cross member was the queen. The assembled crowd gasped at her nakedness. "So with nothing left to offer, the queen has offered us the last asset she has left, herself. Tonight, and every night until her debt is paid we will be auctioning off her body to five lucky men to do with as they please. The royal family have been fucking the people for generations, for the highest bidders comes the chance to fuck them back!"The bidding began slow, but the beer and the wine that flowed freely slowly eroded the crowds inhibitions and soon rowdy shouts of bids were being called out from the crowd.The former queen watched the bidding in horror as one man after another leered at her naked body and shouted out their offer. As the bidding continued the fat jailor fondled her breasts and fingered her pussy. Ashamed, she could feel her pussy begin to respond to his touch, getting wet and opening like a flower under his fingers. Her nipples grew firm and stood erect atop her firm breasts. The more her captor m*****ed her body the shallower her breath became, she moaned softly."Our royal whore grows ready for you," Adunynn called out to the crowd. "Who among you will part with a few coins to be the first to taste her prize?"The first waves of her orgasm began to radiate from her loins as once again her body betrayed her, she was going to cum in front of this crowd and there was no way to stop it. Her head rolled from side to side and her thighs spread to allow the jailor better access to her clit. Finally with a scream and her hips bucking against the calloused hands of her tormentor, her orgasm washed over her driving the bidding into a frenzy. After her body seemed to stop shaking and her cries turned to soft whimpers, Adunynn called for the last bids and a dozen men shouted out their final offers. The top five winners proved to all be local lords who were willing to pay handsomely for a chance to use the queen. "Lord Malfadore, you have won the right to take the royal whore first, followed by Lords Jamiston, Freely, Welliston, and finally Lord Wellace will have a turn."A table was placed in the center of the chamber and two of Johan's men untied the queen and laid her onto it. Lord Malfadore was a smallish man with a crown of graying hair surrounding his balding pate. He stripped off his trousers as he approached the table. She watched as his hard cock was revealed, it wasn't much bigger than her husband's had been and she was relieved at his small size and yet a little disappointed. She felt his fingers tweak her sensitive nipples, causing her to cry out in pain and pleasure at the rough treatment. The little man ran his hands down her body as he moved to between her thighs, he looked a little nervous as he took his place at the end of the table where it became obvious the she was placed too high for him to enter her. She almost felt sorry for him as the crowd laughed at his predicament, it didn't last long. The two guards roughly rolled her over and dragged her body down off the table and down to the floor on her knees. She felt on hand on her hips as the other rubbed the head of his small prick up and down the wet furrow of her twat, seeking her entrance. He pushed all the way in with one push and she gasped at the sudden penetration.Lord Malfadore relished in the sensation of her tight canal engulfing his cock, he'd secretly lusted after the queen for years and would have gladly parted with more coin for the chance to have her. His cock may have been smaller than some but he used it with piston like force as he pounded the sweet young pussy. He didn't last long before plunging his cock in as deep as it would go and filling her with his seed. The queen, felt him stiffen and she could feel the hot cum filling her as his cock twitched inside her hole. She felt him pull out, and she was raised back onto the table. Lord Jamiston was already at the table with his cock out. She could see that he wasn't much longer than Malfadore had been, but much thicker. He wasted no time grabbing her by the hips and sliding her ass to the edge of the table. His prick stretched her as he pushed it into her tight canal. He was not gentle as he forced her knees up against her chest and pounded into her. She could feel every ridge of his fat prick as it pummeled her tight pussy and it drove her to the edge again.Lord Jamiston, sweating profusely, felt the walls of her cunt contract and begin to clench his rod as the queen began to cum. He slammed into her harder as the royal cunt milked his cock. The sight of her highness thrashing below him drove him on and soon his balls were boiling with his cum. With a low growl he let it go, adding his seed to that of Lord Malfadore's. When the last few drops oozed from his prick and it began to soften he pulled out and stepped aside for Lord Freely who was waiting behind him stroking what appeared to be a large snake hanging down from the front of his trousers. It was easily double his size and secretly he was glad that he had gotten to the queens snatch before that thing had a chance to stretch it out.The queen, who hadn't looked down as they switched places felt the pressure of the next cock at her entrance and readied herself for another go, only two more after this, she thought. She could feel her entrance stretching as he pushed, my god, was he shoving his fist into her. She craned her neck to see what was being forced into her battered pussy and she gasped in shock and fear when she saw it. It was easily longer than Joshan's and as big around as her wrist. Luckily she was still sloppy wet from her orgasm and two loads of cum which provided plenty of lubricant for the python that was entering her abused hole. Where the first two lords had fucked the queen like horny young squires getting their first piece of ass, Lord Freely took his time riding the queen's cunt. Slow and steady he slid his huge piece of meat into her enjoying the twisted look of pain and pleasure on her face.Adunynn watched the first couple of minutes as the well hung lord savored the royal pussy and then scanned his assembled guests. Most were watching intently, a few of the younger men visibly stroking their cocks beneath the tables. Two of his serving girls had found themselves on their backs on a table while a couple of his commanders thrust between their thighs. A couple more seemed to be waiting in line for their turn at the serving girls and a pile of coins were stacked next to each of the girls.The queen came two more times before Lord Freely made his contribution to the seed in her womb, Adunynn could see the small river of cream that flowed from her gash as he pulled free of her. The young lord smiled an apology to the burly man waiting behind him, as if to say that he was sorry for ruining the pussy that they had paid for. Lord Welliston, grinned back with a look that said it was ok then slammed his prick into the gooey cunt of his queen. He pumped in and out a few times then urged the sweaty, exhausted girl to roll over onto her belly with her feet on the floor. He placed his hands on her back and held her down as he pushed his slimy cock back into her.The queen felt her latest assailant lining up to fuck her again, but then her eyes grew wide as he started pushing in. This time it wasn't her poor pussy that was being violated but her virgin asshole. "No, please don't", she cried and tried to clench her butthole closed but it was too late. Having used the goo that filled her cunt as a lubricant, Lord Welliston had already pushed passed her sphincter before she'd a chance to stop him. She screamed as he rammed his cock home in her incredibly tight ass, again and again. The pain was almost unbearable, as was her shame as she looked out at the crowd who were cheering him on. He fucked her ass hard, each stroke burying his cock to the hilt, driving her thighs into the edge of the table and flattening her breasts into the surface.The lord looked down lustily at the soft white globes of her royal ass, the angry red welts that criss crossed the lily white flesh intrigued him and the vision of her tied to the cross being whipped excited him. He carefully aimed a couple of loud smacks across her ass, making sure that his fingers crossed a couple of the deeper whip marks. Each slap brought with it a most satisfying yelp of pain from the bitch. A few more well placed slaps along with their accompanying cries and he could no longer hold back. His cum flooded the tortured ass of the young woman who lay sobbing below him. When he pulled his softening prick from her tender ass he grabbed a handful of her and wiped his dick clean before moving back to his seat.All eyes turned to Lord Wellace, wondering how he would wrap up the festivities. He looked almost reluctant as he stood up from his chair, it was then that most of the crowd noticed Lady Wellace. She had stripped all of the clothes from her large body and now led her husband by the hand to the table that held his prize. Most of the crowd had not even noticed that it had been Lady Wellace who had been bidding. The table creaked as she lifted her huge frame onto it laying onto her back. Her lumpy pale flesh resembled that of a beached seal, her breasts reminded Adunynn of two overly ripe melons. Lord Wellace sheepishly grabbed the queens hair and lifted her head so that his rotund wife could maneuver her fat hairy pussy into place. "Lick my pussy whore", she commanded as her husband lined up behind the young girl. The queen was beyond resisting now, she stuck out her tongue and began to lap at the nasty gash before her. The huge noblewoman tasted of musk and sweat and piss but she licked away mindlessly. The lady's husband had obviously decided the her ass looked less abused than her pussy and was furiously fucking it with punishing strokes. The obese woman grabbed her hair and guided her mouth where she wanted it to go. "Suck on my clit you slut", she heard and obediently she drew the slimy nub into her mouth.Everyone in the hall was now transfixed by the show taking place on the table. Even the two serving girls had flipped over so that they could watch the Wellaces abuse the queen while the soldiers behind them still used their holes.What Eldon Wellace lacked in size and confidence he made up for in stamina, he pounded the queens ass through two of his wife's orgasms before unloading his nuts into her colon. As he pulled out and his wife rolled her fat ass from the table a round of applause broke out in the large chamber. He smiled and bowed to the crowd and his wife gave an awkward curtsey as they headed back to their seats. The well used queen just lay there face down on the table, exhausted with cum flowing from both of her holes and down her shaking legs. Her last memories of the evening were of being unceremoniously carried by two guards out of the throne room and of the usurper asking the raucous crowd if they had enjoyed the first night of the queens repentance. The crowd cheered and then all was black.