Doing Her ( Fiction)

I would ask her to dress up for me. Shoes with high heels, black thong panties, matching bra, some nylon stockings, maybe even some garter belt. Short, tight skirt and blouse or corset, to wrap her body up.She would have to wear full make up, lipstick, mascara.. not because she is not pretty without it, but because I love seeing ruined make-up from all the sucking, choking, gagging and spitting on her pretty face.I don’t know where would we meet, if it would be private hotel room, car, someone’s apartment, or some club, pub, maybe even on the street… but I do know that time from the moment we meet, until I spread her legs, rip her panties and shove myself balls deep in her greedy, filthy cunt is measured in minutes, probably seconds. I might even surprise her, just by grabbing her in some narrow, secluded place, grabbing her from behind, throwing her to the ground and telling her to keep quiet, because her dream is about to get real…I wouldn’t give a damn if there were people watching us, watching me as I claim her holes and take her for my pleasure.To be honest, even if we were in some private place (hotel, apartment, house.. ) I would prefer if there was someone watching, through windows, from the backyard… just so people realise what a whore she really is.I think I would use a knife, to get rid of excessive clothes, and to make sure she realises that as of now, she is just an owned fucktoy, an object of pleasure and servitude is the only thing that should be of interest to her.I know for sure that I wouldn’t stop, not until she is ravaged, destroyed, exhausted.. I want to pull her hair and watch her eyes, as she struggles for breath while my cock is face-fucking her dirty mouth like it’s just another cunt.I would put a leash on her, and lead her, make her crawl on all fours, like a bitch in heat that she is. I would force her to kneel and worship my feet as I put my foot on her head, to make sure she knows her place. I would let her rub her insatiable cunt against my leg, and watch her as she squirms and begs for more, begs for the real thing as I hold her by her hair, forcing her to rub faster and harder. I know she would enjoy every slap, every drop of spit I would land on her pretty face while I force her to simultaneously rub her cunt and suck, lick and deepthroat my fingers.I would twist her nipples, until she cries in anguish. Twist them, pull them, bite them, lick them, suck on them… until I hear her begging, pleading to use her the way she was meant to be used.I am not going to be gentle on her. One hard, swift move and I would shove myself balls deep in her useless, pathetic cunt. I want to feel her wet, tight fuckhole wrapped around my dick, and I want to ruin it. I would make her ride me, take me from behind, fuck her in a missionary, raise her legs on my shoulders, spread her wide and slap her clit while I use her cunt…Her asshole is getting fucked too, probably much more than her pathetic cunt. When I am done with it, she won’t be able to sit or walk for days.. I would choke her, watch her as she tries to breathe, while I pound her whorish arse, and my balls slap against her cunt. I would fuck her ass with deep, hard strokes while I rub her clit and finger fuck her tight, needy cunt.Needless to say, before I cum I would make her do what every whore needs to be doing. I would shove her down and make her eat my ass. I want her tongue licking my ass and worshipping my balls, I want her lips kissing me, I want fist full of her hair, her tongue buried in my ass, her saliva all over my cock and my balls.