Dreaming and Hoping my Phantasy becomes reality

- After a year of dreaming and phantasizing about it, 6 Months ago i started secretly trying on different garments and I love the feel of the Dessous, high heels , short tight skirts, all woman's clothing. When ever I am dressed in woman's clothing I act like a girl - I want to know the feeling , how it is when another person with a cock starts putting his hands on my body and sucking my dick, and i would like to know the feeling of having a cock in my hand and maybe my mouth (with your help)I also like :- example Master / Servant, I would like to be the servant zhe first time, i think i could obey and serve my Master well. I can also be Dominent as well as Switching.- , I love eating pussy and swallowing all her juicies, in any situation and at any time + I. Also like blindfolds, handcuffs, dirty talk, SM, Ropes , tied up, spanking and lots moreI met a girl who also has been looking for a man that she could dress up as a girl to be her lesbian Girlfriend for 1 night out.. After talking we decided to meet the first time in a Hotel. She would bring all she could to transform me and I should bring what I had. After we met we started out by shaving my legs and arms completely, than she started to help me put on make up. After the hair and make up was done on both of us we had to get dressed. I put her clothes out in the living room what I wanted her to wear and she put mine out in the bedroom, to surprise each other (Bilder Galerie has a folder od what we wore). Before we went out she made it clear that I was her servant and have to listen to every word. To start out I had to eat her cunt until she cam in my mouth. We went out on the town having a good time picking up different women and just having great sex escapades in this city ( we were alittle away from our area , no one knew us). One of the girls had the idea back in the hotel to have a great lesbian orgy with different toys. I started to get worried but my Mistress said to shut up and just do what she says.After we got started in this orgy all the girls realized I was not a woman, so I had to satisfy all of them, afterwards, my Mistress held me tight while the ine girl fucked my ass with her strap on. I also had to start sucking a strap on.Than I thought we were finished as they ordered room service but little did I know I was paying. But not with money , they grabbed my head and forced his cock in my mouth and made me suck it after a few minutes they haeld me and he fucked me in the ass.The next day we were going home and we enjoyed our night out that we were going to go out the following weekend for the whole weekend. We were both going on a man hunt who would get fucked first