Dressed like a girl V

So we walked to my house in a group. No one noticed that I was wearing a dress,they just seen a group of girls. When we made it to my house Ann and Megan helped me climb the fence. Ann said they'll knock on the door and ask if my mom saw their dog,and I can go to my room and change. I said ok, and went to the kitchen door and waited. When mom went to the front door I went in and ran to my room. I pulled the dress off and laid it in the closet, then pulled off the bra. Looking in the mirror I was shocked when I seen the make-up they put on me.I put my clothes on and went to the bathroom. I washed my face and pulled the ribbon out of my hair. After dinner I changed into my pajamas but they didn't feel right. I found the bra and leggings, put them on and went to bed. The next morning I dressed and went to school. Ann asked if I was wearing my panties, I said yes and pulled my shirt out showing her my bra. She hugged me and said good. During lunch Ann came over and said I should come over and try on some more dresses. By this point I was enjoying girl clothes and said ok. After school Ann waited for me and went went straight to her house. We went to her room and she said to hurry up and get my clothes off. She smiled when she seen I was wearing my leggings. She went to her dresser and took out a one piece swimsuit and said to take off my panties and put it on. We looked in the mirror, I said I looked silly in it.She said I looked cute,then told me to try on her bikini. I put them on and looked in the mirror. Ann said try this and put two pair of panties in the top,making it look like I had boobies. We both laughed. The door opened and Victoria and Megan came in. They took one look and said no way. Victoria said she brought me something to wear, and pulled out a matching pair of panties and bra. They were pink with little yellow flowers. I took off the bikini and was going to put on her lingerie when Megan asked what that was I had between my legs. Victoria said it was a nasty boy peepee. Megan laughed and asked if she could touch it.She reached over and rubbed her hand over it. She said it felt funny, Victoria said don't play with it because it gives girls babies. I took the underwear from Victoria and put them on,tucking my dick between my legs. Ann said to get some toilet paper and put it in the bra. Megan left and came back with it. They added a little at a time till they agreed with how I looked. Ann handed me a night gown and I put it on. Victoria said I looked funny, but Megan said I should wear it tonight and tell them how much I liked it. I said ok and took it off and put on my clothes. After a while Ann's mother came in and said my mom wanted me to go home. She looked at me a little funny as I went out. When I got home my mother said said to start on your homework. When I was sitting down, mom asked what I had on. I completely forgot about Victoria's bra and the toilet paper. She said to take off my shirt, I was embarrassed about it but took it off. Moms mouth opened when she seen it.She asked what I thought I was doing with it on. I told her everything that had been going on and I liked girls clothes. She looked confused for a couple of minutes, then said it was ok.After dinner I went to my room and took the night gown out of my pocket and pulled it on. I went up front to show her how I looked. Mom said if that's what I wanted to wear we should go shopping this weekend. I said really, and hugged her. She said you know we can't go to the store here,we have to go to the store a few miles away so no one she knew would see us. I said ok.