Ella had just finished a very demanding and gruelling week at work and had decided to take herself of on a trip abroad to get some sun and relaxation. She had never travelled on holiday alone before so was a little apprehensive, this was a real last minute thing and she was looking forward to it immensely. At the airport everything went smoothly and she was soon on her flight bound for the CinqueTerre, the Italian Riviera. Ella was ultimately heading for The more rustic Riviere di Levante, she had heard of the breath taking views and more secluded ambiance this area had to offer, she just wanted to get away from everything and particularly didn’t want guys hitting on her every five minutes! Two and a half hours later she was on a coach heading for her hotel. Starting to relax and get in the holiday spirit Ella studied the other people on the coach, there was only 9 people on the coach, four couples who seemed wrapped in each other and one other girl. It was the girl that caught Ella’s eye. It wasn’t the fact that she was alone, it was the look she had given Ella as she boarded the coach, there was a spark a direct eye contact, Ella physically felt it, some sort of connection? She couldn’t put her finger on it? She now stared at this girl with wonder. Why did she have such an affect? Why had she looked at me that way Ella thought, why am I feeling this way? Ella realised she was almost turned on by this complete stranger! The girl was sitting one row forward across the aisle and Ella could only see her shiny, jet black hair and her smooth olive skinned leg that was visible beneath her short summer dress. Elle found herself fantasising about running her hand slowly and lightly up that lovely long leg……What am I doing Elle thought? I’ve never felt this way about a woman before! What is going on! But she couldn’t stop, in her mind her hand was going higher and higher up this shapely smooth leg, her fingers grazing this complete strangers panties. Then Ella became aware of the heat emanating from her own sex, she was desperately turned on, she didn’t know why, it was just happening! Oh my god! Thought Ella, I have got to do something about this! Without thinking she looked around, she was the last person on the coach so unless anyone looked back no one could see her. Ella slipped her hand under the hem of her short skirt and felt the damp heat emanating from her. She was not messing about, she had a fire that had to be put out, and soon! Jamming her fingers between her legs Ella squeezed her thighs together tight, the pressure on her clit was wonderful, she opened and closed her legs several times and the pleasure shooting from her pussy to her brain was electric! It was not more than 2 or 3 minutes and Ella was on the verge of cumming, she started to stroke her swollen clit and that was it, her eyes closed her head went back and she bit her bottom lip to stifle the low moan trying to escape her mouth. Slowly Ella came back to earth after one of the fastest and most intense orgasms she had ever had!Slowly Ella bought her head forward and opened her eyes, she was staring straight into the eyes of the girl who had caused all this in the first place! Ella looked quickly away, shy and embarrassed at just getting caught red handed openly masturbating in a public coach by the very girl she had been fantasising about! Holy shit, what have I done Ella thought and looked out of the window for the rest of the journey, not daring to look across at the girl again. 5 minutes later the coach pulled up at the hotel, Ella made like she was looking for a misplaced item until all the people had got off and gone their separate ways. The hotel was lovely, just as she had hoped, quiet, secluded, beautifully adorned with flowers and soft furnishings. The path to her room lead around a large crystal clear pool to her very own small chalet nestled in a very secluded part of the hotels grounds. Inside it had one of the largest beds she had ever seen, with crisp cool white cotton sheets, she was in heaven. The only thing that troubled her, she just couldn’t shake the girl on the coach from her mind. A quick shower and take a look around Ella thought to herself. The shower felt great after the long journey and Ella let the warm water cascade over her slim young body. The girl from the coach still in her mind. Running her soapy hands over her body Ella imagined the stranger cuddling up behind her, soaping her breasts, stomach, going lower….. Fuck! What’s wrong with me Ella screamed in her head, I’m not even gay!...... Am I?Confused now, Ella’s feelings were in turmoil. She decided to dress quickly and go for a little look around and maybe find a quiet café for a bite to eat? She didn’t bother with a bra, far too warm for that. Her summer blouse and short skirt were just what she needed, and she looked great! Full of confidence, Ella walked down through the narrow streets and colourful houses to the coast. There was only a small beach here but as it was early in the season very few people were about. The lovely part about this place was the secluded coves along the rocky coastline, Ella was looking forward to exploring these and maybe getting a suntan with no white bits. She walked on slowly along the beach front, past the little restaurants and bars until she ran out of beach and just gazed at the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. All her troubles just melted away and she could feel her heart and her mood lift, with a gentle smile coming back to her she realised she hadn’t eaten since this morning and it was now 8pm.Finding a small, idyllic, tavern with seating out on the street, Ella sat down with a view across the sea. It was still warm and the sun was still up but had just begun to kiss the horizon. She asked the waiter for a menu and a large glass of wine, the waiter politely obliged. Ella was reading her menu, not sure what to order? When a shadow came over her, she looked up straight into the eyes of the girl from the coach!! Would you mind if I join you the girl said? Wha, er, na, n, no, no of course not Ella stumbled. I saw you on the coach didn’t I? Said the girl, Ella remembered the girl had watched her cum! Her nipples instantly popped and strained against her light cotton blouse, she blushed and wished she’d worn that bra!The girl smiled and held out her hand, hi my names Abi. Ella took Abia’s hand and immediately felt how small and soft it felt. Oh, er, hi, Ellan! Ell….Ella, Ella! Pretty name Abi said. Ella couldn’t believe it; she had gone completely to pieces! Why did this girl have such an electrifying effect on her? She couldn’t even speak properly! Ella needn’t have worried though, Abi was totally charming and put her at ease almost immediately. The two of them hit it off straight away, they just clicked! It was clear that Abi was very interested in Ella, she explained that she had taken a holiday for almost exactly the same reasons Ella had, looks like they would have a lot in common. They ordered their food and as the girls ate they found themselves captivated by each other’s eyes, both of them openly admiring the body and looks of the person opposite them.Time had flown by, the table was littered with empty plates and glasses. And it was time to leave. I am thinking of exploring the coves tomorrow said Abi, me too! Ella said, would you like to go together? Ella, couldn’t believe she had just asked this girl out! She knew it was an innocent request, but already her mind was seeing the possibilities of being alone with this beautiful, olive skinned girl in a secluded cove with golden sands. Abi leaned forward and softly kissed Ella on each cheek, Ella wished it was on her lips. Tomorrow could not come fast enough for either of them!End of part 1Part 2Abi’s hotel was very similar to Ella’s except it was rooms rather than chalets but every bit as beautiful. Abi was just beginning to stir in her bed, the first thing entering her mind was Ella. Abi, just like Ella, had never been so taken with a person in such a short period of time. Lying in her bed Abi thought back to seeing her on the bus, watching Ella touch herself. Abi didn’t know that the reason Ella was touching herself was actually her! Abi stretched out in her soft bed and lightly stroked herself around her dampening pussy, she desperately wanted to touch herself too, but also wanted to save herself for whatever may come of the day. Abi shuddered and forced her hands from her sex. She was meeting Ella at 10.30 by the edge of town, she had better start getting ready.Ella was a little early and was watching the road when Abi rounded the bend. Oh god, she’s here! Ella thought and she looks good enough to eat! Just then Abi saw her and waved, skipping over and planted a kiss directly on Ella’s lips! It was supposed to be a friendly peck but both girls lingered just a little too long for a peck! They parted slightly looking into each other’s eyes, they knew they were going to kiss again and there was nothing either of them could do to stop it! Abi slid her hand under Ella’s long brown hair and held the back of her neck, looking directly into her clear hazel eyes leaned in and they exchanged a long soft kiss, tongues gently exploring each other’s lips. They parted slightly, two more quick pecks and they broke apart. Oh my god! My first proper girl kiss said Ella, and I definitely liked it! The girls walked off together towards the cliffs, Ella was in a bit of a trance, her mind reeling. She didn’t notice Abi drop behind for a few seconds, suddenly Abi caught up, slipped something into Ella’s hand and skipped on ahead. Ella looked down and gasped, a small pair of panties were in her hand!!! She looked up just as Abi flipped the hem of her short summer dress to quickly flash her smooth tanned bottom! Abi!!! What are you doing? What? Abi said innocently. You are turning me on sooo much! Ella said. Reeeaaallly? Abi said as she bent over, making a deliberate act of picking a small flower from the ground. Ella gasped as Abi’s full ass and pussy came into view framed beautifully by her short skirt! Just a quick peak as Abi was up and walking again, leaving the sight of her pretty behind seared into Ella’s brain!Abi made several more excuses to flash Ella before they came to an idyllic secluded cove. Wow, this is paradise Abi said as they stood together on a small warm sunny beach, looking out across a crystal clear, turquoise coloured bay. They were completely alone! Ella reached out and took Abi’s hand as they continued to gaze out across the sea. There was that odd moment, when they both knew what was going to happen but didn’t know how or when? Ella turned to Abi and pulled her close, they kissed again. The kiss was comfortable and passionate, neither of them wanting it to end. As Abi’s tongue searched Ella’s sweet mouth Ella ran her hands over Abi’s short summer dress, knowing she was naked underneath was driving Ella mad! She slid her hand down over the hem of Abi’s dress and then slowly back up under her skirt. The feel of her smooth, firm, backside was electric. Abi swayed and moaned into Ella’s open mouth. Both girls were starting to breath harder, their passion for each other was slowly mounting. Ella’s nipples were rock hard and her pussy was on fire as she continued to stroke Abi’s smooth ass. As they continued to explore each other Abi reached up and cupped Ella’s beautiful small tits, feeling the hard nipple under her palm she gently tugged it several times through Ella’s thin cotton blouse, sending shocks through her body and causing Ella to bury her head into Abi’s neck, moan and press her burning sex against Abi’s thigh.This is paradise thought Ella, warm sun, golden sand, clear sea and a stunningly beautiful woman in my arms, I am surely in heaven! Abi too was thinking exactly the same and things were beginning to get hot now! Ella slid her hand around Abi’s thigh and gently over her mound, Abi’s knees buckled slightly and she pushed into Ella’s fingers. Ella seemed to instinctively know exactly what Abi needed, she teased her clit until Abi was panting into her neck, she could feel Abi’s excitement building and was determined to feel her cum while they were in each other’s arms and she was very close now! The heat coming from Abi’s pussy was incredible, her juices were flowing freely now and Ella felt her clit stiffen slightly. Almost, Ella though, she’s almost there…. Oh fuck, I am going to make this beautiful girl cum with my fingers…… She’s there! oooh fuck I want to be in you she thought. Abi tipped over the edge into a crashing orgasm, clamping down on Ella’s fingers as she slid two of them deep into Abi’s creaming, soft, hot, wet pussy.Oh god…… oh god……. oh god, fuck…… fuck……..Amazing! Abi, breathed breathlessly into Ellas ear. She took hold of Ella’s hand and bought it to her mouth, slowly liking her juices from one of her fingers, Ella drew her hand back and did the same, slowly sucking her other finger into her mouth. Ohhh, Abi, you taste like honey. I want to taste you…... now!End of part twoPart threeIn their secluded cove, Ella did just that, while they stood she slipped Abi’s little summer dress of and in hailed sharply, she was stunning! Every bit as beautiful as Ella had dared imagine. As much as Ella desperately wanted to jump on her there and then, but also, she wanted this moment to last as long as possible. Slowly she started kissing her way down Abi’s body, lingering for just a while on Abi’s lovely breasts, teasing and nipping each nipple in turn and sending little electric shocks through Abi who was moaning quietly. Ella went lower, little butterfly kisses, teasing Abi like they were old lovers. She traced her tongue around Abi’s navel and continued down! Her moist tongue teasing Abi still. Licking slowly back and forth across the top of her burning slit, then around the edges. Abi was on fire! She couldn’t stand it any longer, she had to feel Ella on her! Reaching down she put her hands on the back of Ella’s head and pulled her teasing wet tongue onto her burning pussy. Ella got the hint and tasted Abi directly from the source. Both girls moaned out loud, Abi because her fire was finally being quenched and Ella because she could not believe she was finally, for the first time tasting a girl. It was like nectar to Ella, she could not get enough and licked hungrily at the feast before her. Long slow licks, sawing her tongue from the bottom to the top. Each time Ella’s tongue travelled down she was greeted with more sweet nectar, she was addicted! Ella slid her hands up the backs of Abi’s smooth legs until she had one soft ass cheek in each hand and she pulled Abi into her as her tongue entered her for the first time. Abi’s fingers dug into the back of her head, she could sense her urgency as she tilted her pelvis, thrusting her greedy cunt into Ella’s hungry mouth and Ella loved it!Although this was Ella’s first time with another girl, she knew instinctively what she would like if it was done to her so she did just that to Abi. She attacked Abi’s swollen little clit, first of all licking, nibbling, sucking, then she settled into a slow rhythm. Oh…….Ohh…..Oh…… Yes….Yes….There….Don’t stop….Please don’t stop! Abi was getting close now, so Ella moved one hand around and slid two fingers deep into Abi’s warm, wet pussy, she felt Abi clamp down on them and her legs shook. Ella didn’t stop, she slowly increased her rhythm on Abi’s clit and wriggled her fingers deep inside teasing Abi’s G spot! That was it, Abi began to shake uncontrollably, bucking her hips and moaning as the biggest sweetest orgasm of her young life crashed over her like a wave on the golden beach. Her legs buckled and she dropped to her knees right in front of Ella and pulling her in a tight embrace. Abi was panting, aftershocks still shooting through her pussy, her head on Ella’s shoulder quietly sobbing, the emotion going through her had been overwhelming and it had to come out.The girls slowly parted and looked directly into each other’s eyes, they knew this was special, they knew this was love!After a long tender kiss, they stood up, Abi, still a bit shaky held tight to Ella. They desperately wanted to carry on exploring each other but sand was now getting into places that neither girl wanted it. Let’s swim Ella said and lifted her summer dress over her head. On seeing her exposed for the first time Abi sighed, oh Ella, you truly are beautiful, I am so lucky. You and me both Ella smiled, last one in the water’s a sissy she said and ran for the crystal clear sea.