Enslaved Chapter 31

Quentin heartily concurred in this decision. After all, was he not the one who had been ‘deceived’?“How did you enjoy dealing with Julia?” he asked. “As much as you expected?”“More,” replied Glenda. “Isn’t it lovely to be able to go on giving it to them when you can see and hear they’re right at the end of their tether?”“It certainly is,” agreed Quentin with a smile.“Any plans for the rest of the day?” enquired Glenda.“Maybe Havers and I will do a bit of rough shooting,” answered her husband. “How about you?”“I think I might have Melissa amuse me a little later on,” answered Glenda. After all the excitement of that morning, she felt she needed some release.“Why not?” nodded Quentin. “That girl certainly knows how to use her mouth!”It was Glenda’s turn to smile. “I noticed that on the screen this morning,” she said.“Ah-ha . . . so you were looking in?”“For a little while . . . yes . . .”Quentin was quite unconcerned by this announcement. Indeed, he seemed rather pleased. “Anything goes here,” he said.“Quite so . . .”Rosalie came into the room to clear away the dishes. “Everything OK?” she enquired.“Fine . . . fine . . .” replied Glenda. “Rosalie,” she asked, “would you like to join me later in a little session with Melissa? The boys are going out shooting.”Rosalie’s eyes brightened and her cheeks coloured slightly with excitement. “Very much, Glenda,” she answered happily.“Right then,” said Glenda, “get rid of these few chores, then come up to my bedroom.”“Sure thing, Glenda . . .”Quentin lumbered up from the table and headed for the library.“Think I’ll take a glass of port,” he said. “Ask Havers to join me when he can, Rosalie. I want to speak to him to organise our afternoon out.”“That will make a change?” laughed Glenda.Quentin chuckled as he disappeared from view . . . and the two women, feeling an inner glow of anticipation, looked at each other understandingly.“Enjoy yourself this morning?It was something like an hour later and Quentin asked the question. He had just missed his first grouse but seemed unperturbed.“Sure thing, Quentin,” answered Havers. “It was out of this world. Can still hardly believe it happened. That a girl of Melissa’s class can be made to do such things!”“With the right environment and proper training, a girl can be made to do anything,” replied Quentin smugly.A grouse came across low and fast and Quentin got it with the first barrel.“So it seems,” nodded Havers, jowls quivering. He could almost still feel Melissa’s mouth and tongue working between his cleft. And she had gone on to do even more sexily exciting things!“I didn’t quite believe it myself at one time,” said Quentin. He ejected a spent cartridge and re-loaded. “You take the next bird, Havers . . .”“Thanks, boss . . .”I’ve got a lot to thank this man for, thought Havers. I must be sure to keep on the right side of him.“There’s one . . . to your right, man!” said Quentin sharply.Havers fired and missed. “Damn,” he said. “Haven’t touched a gun for months.” The two men trudged over the moor in silence for a while. Then Havers spoke. “OK if I have Julia tomorrow?” he asked.“Ask me tomorrow,” replied Quentin huffily. “Concentrate on your shooting for the time being.”“Sure thing, boss,” said Havers quickly.From time to time Quentin liked to show who was boss. Both of them knew it.Within a minute, Havers had bagged two birds, one with each barrel.“Great shooting!” cried Quentin.The happy good humour which normally reigned between the men had been restored.Very well, said Havers to himself, I’ll ask him again tomorrow. There was no real hurry, he reflected calmly. But he had to admit he was much looking forward to fucking the arse off that shapely young beauty!Quentin winged one and got one . . . and Havers was effusive in his congratulations.At Cragness, Melissa had been summoned up from the slave quarters to Glenda’s bedroom. Quentin and she had agreed that this would entail no security risk worthy of the name.It was Rosalie who had gone to fetch the girl and she was in a high state of excitement . . . scarcely able to believe it was all happening. In the slave-quarters, Rosalie glanced almost apprehensively at Julia. The girl was lying face down on her bed, still half insensible it seemed, moaning softly. Rosalie shuddered at the sight of the lacerated flesh.Poor girl, she thought for a moment . . . and then her pity was overwhelmed by sadistic pleasure. The girl deserved all that was coming to her! She was a loser . . . and Rosalie was a winner!Melissa knelt submissively waiting.“Stand up!” rapped Rosalie sharply. How lovely it was to order a classy bitch like this around! Rosalie had been taking orders from such women for years! The urge to do something . . . to get some revenge . . . came suddenly to Rosalie. As Melissa stood up, she slapped the girl’s face.“You still look too arrogant to me,” said Rosalie. “I know your type!”It was sure that Melissa did look a little arrogant but that was natural to her features. She simply could not help it.“No, Miss . . . I . . . I am not arrogant,” replied Melissa, scarcely flinching under the slap.Rosalie slapped the girl’s face again. As hard as she could.“Don’t argue with me!” she snapped.Melissa’s head jerked sideways. “I . . . I b-beg pardon . . . Miss . . .” she said with the utmost meekness.“I should think so!” What a figure this girl’s got, thought Rosalie enviously. The sort most women would give their eye-teeth for . . . and one which drove a man mad. But now what could she do with it? Quentin - and even Havers, it seemed - fucked her whenever they liked. Apart from two buck niggers on that awful ship, so she understood. “But you were arrogant, weren’t you?” insisted Rosalie.“Y-Yes . . . Miss . . . I suppose I was . . .”“Used to ordering people about? Getting your own way?”“Y-Yes . . . M-Miss . . .”“But now it is you who are ordered about?”“Yes . . . Miss . . .”Rosalie was fast beginning to understand about the pleasures of power. I can say anything to this girl, she thought . . . make her do anything . . .“Kiss my feet,” ordered Rosalie suddenly.Without hesitation, Melissa went on to her knees and began pressing her lips to Rosalie’s white, high-heeled shoes. Rosalie looked down at the smooth back, the swelling hindquarters, and sighed contentedly. At last she was a boss lady!“Have you been fucked today, Melissa?” asked Rosalie, feeling the thrill of being able to do any such thing.“N-No . . . Miss . . .” came the answer from the crouching figure.“Stand up, Melissa.”The girl stood erect, tall and graceful. A truly beautiful woman.“What has happened today then, Melissa?” demanded Rosalie, smirking into the girl’s face . . . knowing how a woman must feel at having to answer such questions.“I . . . I sucked . . . my Master. . .” replied Melissa in a low voice.“And . . . and the other gentleman . . . Mr H-Havers . . .” Rosalie’s smirk broadened into a wide, happy smile. “Lucky you!” she said.Briefly, Melissa’s lips twitched, but she made no reply.“Well, there’s a change of scene coming for you, girl,” said Rosalie.“Your Mistress wants you for SOME fun and games. And so do I!”Again Melissa’s lips twitched and horror flickered briefly in her dark, despairing eyes.“I . . . I understand, Miss,” she replied in a tight voice.“Follow me, then,” said Rosalie. “You are to have the honour of being taken to your Mistress’s own bedroom.”As she trailed Rosalie up to the main house above, Melissa’s features showed no particular sign that she was sensible of that honour!“You took your time!”Glenda was sprawled naked on a pile of cushions on her wide, wide bed.“Sorry . . .” said Rosalie quickly. “I . . . I was chatting with Melissa.”“Chatting?”“Well . . . you know . . .”Glenda smiled briefly. “Yes . . . I suppose I do know,” she said.After all, Rosalie was entitled to a little private fun. “Get your clothes off, my dear . . . I can see that Melissa is aching to please us!”Melissa, in fact, was kneeling humbly at the foot of Glenda’s bed. The safest place and posture, she calculated. In the hands of two such women, how careful she had to be! They were like two great, sleek cats waiting to pounce upon a harmless mouse . . .Trembling with unsurpassed excitement, Rosalie removed every stitch of clothing. It was always marvellous to have the attentions of a new girl. But these circumstances made it all the more marvellous!She slid on to the bed alongside Glenda and found a pair of welcoming arms. She kissed Glenda on the mouth and was kissed back. A glow of sex-pleasure was instantly fit within her. Her limbs entwined with those of Glenda.“Us first?” she asked.“No,” replied Glenda. “We’ll have her tongue each of us in turn. About a minute or so at a time. To warm us up nicely.”“Lovely idea . . .” sighed Rosalie.The two women turned so that they lay flat on their back on the bed, with thighs parted. Only their shoulders and head were turned slightly towards each other. They smiled and kissed gently, looking into each others eyes.“Melissa . . .” said Glenda. “Me first . . .”The beautiful naked girl slid on to the bed between the eagerly waiting thighs. If Glenda could have seen Melissa’s face, she would have noted a similarity of expression to that when Melissa had been servicing Havers that morning!“Are you coming again?”“Yes . . . oh . . . yes . . .” Rosalie’s voice was tight with the intensity of her pleasure.“Good . . . good . . .” Glenda was sucking her companion’s nipples avidly.“Ohh . . . ohhhh . . . isn’t she m-marvellous? You. . . . hhhhaaahhhhh . . . you’d think she l-loved . . . doing it . . .”“She has to make it seem that way . . .”“Oohh . . . darling . . . go on sucking my tits I . . . hhhhaaahhhhhhh . . . I’m on . . . the b-brink ooohh OOOOOHHH . . . HHHHHAAAAHHHHH NO . . . OOOOWW! OOOOH . . . I’M COMING . . .!!!”Rosalie threshed on the bed, eyes wide in staring ecstasy. Between the clamping thighs, Melissa’s tongue went on working until the prolonged spasm had finally passed.“Nice?”“Mmmmmm . . . Heaven . . .”A little contented pause.“Now you can suck my tits again, darling . . .”“I’d love to.”“Melissa . . . I haven’t finished with you yet. Get your tongue in, girl!”There was a look of almost desperate weariness on Melissa’s distraught features. Her jaw and tongue ached abominably yet, she knew, to fail her Mistress now, could earn her merciless punishment.So, somehow, she forced herself on. Disengaging herself from one pair of thighs, she crawled between another. This would be the third time Melissa had brought Glenda to a climax.She prayed it would be the last!“Have a good afternoon?”“Great. Must have got over a dozen brace between us. And you, my dear?”“Lucky you! Women are more fortunate in that respect. They can go on and on.”“Even we get tired, Quentin. It’s quite an emotional experience.”“May I ask who gave them to you?”“You may. But why the sudden interest?”Quentin shrugged. “Just making polite conversation,” he said with a smile.“Melissa brought me to three. Rosalie to one.”“That girl good then?”“Who . . . Rosalie?”“No . . . silly . . . she loves you. I mean Melissa . . . who certainly doesn’t!”“She’s very good,” replied Glenda, with a proprietorial sort of smugness.Quentin nodded approvingly.“I’m glad,” he said, after a few moments. “She sucks a man superbly, too. And, as a fuck, she takes an awful lot of beating.”“She takes an awful lot of beating - period.” answered Glenda with a wicked smile. But Quentin scarcely seemed to notice her attempt at a witticism.“All in all,” he said musingly, “I think it can safely be said that Melissa is worth every penny I paid for her!”Havers was in two minds that evening.The afternoon in the open air seemed to have stimulated him greatly. In every way! So, despite Melissa’s attentions of the morning, he felt very much like having it off. Julia would have been his first choice, but he didn’t want to ask Quentin again so soon after a refusal. Besides, it would be more enjoyable to have the girl for a first time when her flesh was back to a more pleasing condition. So that left Melissa. Here again, after the morning, Havers reckoned he might be pressing his luck if he asked Quentin for her again.The boss could get a bit prickly on occasions.It was a problem to which there seemed no happy solution. But Havers went half way to solving it by drinking the best part of a bottle of excellent Scotch whisky in his own quarters . . . and fantasising happily about the days, weeks and months ahead. Specially did he like dreaming about the times when Quentin and Glenda would be away. Then I will be in sole charge of those two beauties, he said to himself with a rapturous inner glow. Then I’ll be able to fuck either, or both, of them as many times a day as I like!Or, at least, as many times a day as I have strength! And, if either of them displeased him in the slightest, he was permitted to make them squirm with pain . . . Just think of that! Think of that!Havers did just that . . . and the repressed lust in him became uncontrolled. There was only one thing to do!Pulling off most of his clothes, Havers slumped on to his bed . . . and at once began to toss himself off. Soon his criminal-face was a bestial mask and he began to groan horribly.“OK. Havers, you can deal with Julia now.”It was the following afternoon and ‘time of suffering’ stipulated by Glenda had elapsed.“Deal with her, boss?” A lecherous grin had at once spread over Havers’ features.“I mean give her the healing treatment, man,” answered Quentin a little gruffly. For no particular reason he was feeling rather edgy and out of sorts.“Sure thing, boss,” nodded Havers, sensing his mood. He wiped the grin off his face. It looked as if he might have to wait for Julia for another day or two yet. No point in getting on the wrong side of Quentin. Still, he thought, as he made his way down to the slavequarters, I’ll be able to have a nice feel of her.As Havers entered the bedroom, he saw Melissa seated on a dressing table stool, brushing her rich, dark auburn hair. He was momentarily fascinated by the sight . . . the intimate womanliness of it. Then the girl slid submissively to her knees before him breasts bouncing slightly. What it must be, he reflected, for her to have to pretty herself up . . . for the sole purpose of further degradation!“Alright, Melissa, carry on,” he said, trying to sound masterful.Obediently, Melissa resumed her seat. Havers saw the swelling spread of her soft, white bottom as she sat down again. What a magnificent bottom that was! He remembered how it had felt, wriggling against him. Melissa began to brush her hair again. In the mirror, her almost classically beautiful face was impassive. The corners of the wide, sensual mouth were a little turned down, the wide-set, dark brown eyes were dull.On the other side of the room, Julia was kneeling . . . waiting.Havers simply crooked his little finger and the girl came off the bed moving gracefully towards him, hips swinging seductively. His eyes fastened on the smooth, mound . . . and the neat, inviting sex lips.“Still burning?” enquired Havers in a ‘how-do-you-do’ sort of tone.“Y-Yes . . . Sir,” nodded Julia.“A lot?”“Yes . . . Sir . . .”“Only to be expected, after a birching,” said Havers. “Not to mention what you got across those nice long thighs of yours!”Julia’s face puckered briefly. “Yes . . . Sir . . .” she whispered.“Show me your bottom, Julia.”Oh God . . . what it was to be able to give such an order! Knowing that the girl was going to carry it out! Havers licked his lips as Julia turned around and, without further order, bent over and touched her toes. For good measure, she even straddled her thighs wide. Havers licked his lips with even greater relish . . . and moved close. He felt Julia flinch involuntarily as his hand just lightly touched one buttock cheek. It was remarkably hot and the mass of thin weals were a deeper purple colour then they had been originally.“I bet you’ll be glad to get some ointment on there,” said Havers.And he meant it! A birching like Julia had received was quite something, en if it were possible for her to receive a more severe one. Havers was beginning to understand how these women could be made so submissively obedient!“Yes . . . Sir . . .” he heard Julia whisper.“Not to mention here,” went on Havers, running a hand up and over the ridges of pain encircling one of Julia’s thighs.“Oooow . . . aaah . . . oh . . . y-yes . . . y-es . . . S-Sir . . .” she gasped.Havers gave the tender bottom a none too gentle slap . . . and Julia gasped even more loudly.“Come along then, my girl,” ordered Havers marching out of the room.Julia stood stiffly erect and, with features tense, followed after. But, at least, some relief would be soon at hand . . .. They entered the treatment room.“Up you go!”Julia knelt momentarily on the edge of the table. Oh what a backside that was! Certainly as good as Melissa’s. Then Julia spreadeagled herself face down and Havers secured the straps to wrists and ankles.“First the nasty part,” said Havers jovially as he approached with the pink liquid . . . the first stage of treatment. He saw Julia’s white teeth clenched and her eyes screwed tight shut.“Eeeeeeggghhhhhhh . . .” Julia began to scream immediately the liquid went on. And she went on screaming. While she screamed, she squirmed frantically. And went on squirming.Both the screaming and squirming intensified as Havers’ hand went down and under the girl’s cleft. Just where Glenda’s rod had cut most cruelly of all . . . just where Julia was most sensitive of all!Frankly, Havers was a little surprised by Julia’s excessive reactions. It was rather as if she were being punished all over again! Perhaps, he thought, it is just as bad. He let it go on for a while before he picked up a jar of ointment.“Now the nice part,” he said, in the same kind of jovial way. Then he began to smear the white ointment on lavishly all over buttocks and thighs.Julia’s screams died and became long, moaning sobs. She didn’t care how Havers mauled and probed her lasciviously. She didn’t care about anything . . . So long as the ointment continued to go on . . . So long as the awful burning-throbbing pain went on easing . . . No . . . for the moment, absolutely nothing else mattered!Julia spent two six-hour sessions on the treatment table before she was fully recovered. But when she had, as ever, her flesh was back to its original condition . . . soft, smooth and creamy-white.“Ready for anything again,” said Havers as he ran his hand lightly over the girl’s bottom as he was releasing her. He was amused to feel the nates give a convulsive twitch at his words. Then he gave them a little slap. “Up you get, my beauty,” he ordered. He smiled lecherously as Julia stood meekly before him. “I’ve got some news for you,” he added.Full, ripe lips trembled very slightly.Havers went on smiling.“I asked your Master for permission to fuck you,” he said. Julia flinched as if struck in the face. “What do you think he replied?”“I . . . don’t know . . . Sir . . .” The voice hardly more than a whisper.“He said: go right ahead Havers . . . that’s what he said. Something else, too. Like to hear it?”“If . . . if you t-think I should . . . Sir”.“Oh I do, Julia . . . I do. He said, if I didn’t find you completely satisfactory, I was to let him know. In which case, you would find yourself over the punishment block so fast your feet would hardly have touched the ground. What do you think of that, Julia?”Havers patted the girl’s flank in a possessive fashion.“I . . . I q-quite under . . . understand, Sir,” said Julia weakly.“So you’ll do your best to please me, eh?”“Oh yes . . . yes . . . Sir!” Julia’s voice was louder; there was no doubt she really meant it!“Good . . . good,” nodded Havers. “lead on then, my girl, straight to the Playroom.”Julia turned obediently, placing her hands on top of her head in what was obviously a deliberately submissive gesture. Havers’ eyes were hot upon the shapely, naked creature just in front of him. Was it his imagination or was not Julia swinging ‘her hindquarters in a more suggestively seductive manner than usual? Havers quickly decided she was. He grinned. Already the girl was starting to ‘do her best’!Once in the Playroom, Julia slid down on the circular bed and it took Havers about thirty seconds flat to get his clothes off. Then he moved to the bed where Julia was posed provocatively, one thigh drawn up, the other lying flat, her depilated, ‘young girl’ sex invitingly displayed and proffered.“How w-would you like me, Sir?” asked Julia in a soft voice.The effort she was having to make to control her true emotions was evident from the timbre of her voice. “I mean . . . in what p-position . . . do you . . . do you want me . . . to . . . to fuck me?”It was one of the nicer questions Havers had ever been asked! But it was one he found it impossible to answer. For Havers wanted the impossible . . . he felt he wanted the girl all ways at once! On her back . . . on all fours . . . on top of him . . . and in all sorts of other positions as well!“I’ll make up my mind about that a little later,” he said thickly as he fell upon the lush nakedness beneath him, burying his face in the juddering breasts, urgent hands mauling everywhere. To his surprise and delight, Julia did not recoil in the slightest. On the contrary, he felt her posturing and wriggling her body as if she were receiving the greatest pleasure. Her arms and legs embraced him, as if with love, and Havers felt the hairless mound pressing and rubbing against his stiffening organ.“Fuck me . . . fuck me . . . I . . . I’m d-dying for it . . .” The words were a breathless hot whisper in his ear.“Yes . . . yes . . . I’m going to fuck you . . . my beauty . . . fuck the arse off you!” panted Havers in reply.He felt a cool hand grip his solid erection, firmly but gently.“I w-want this . . . I want t-this up . . . up me!” gasped Julia. “It’s a l-lovely big . . . h-hard . . . cock . . . and . . . I want it!”My God, what a girl, thought Havers . . . both his mind and his loins seeming to glow. It really did seem she meant it! “Right . . . you’re going to get it!”Havers simply couldn’t wait a moment longer. Position . . . finesse . . . nothing mattered. He simply had to ram in. At once!As he gripped the softness of Julia’s buttocks, lifting her up a little off the bed, he felt her hand guide his throbbing knob right between -her soft-warm sex lips.“Fuck me . . . fuck me . . . hard!” came the panting whisper.Havers thrust fully into the hilt . . . and was surprised how ready Julia felt for him. He gave a little groan of pleasure as he savoured her.“Aaaaahhh . . . you beauty . . . you little beauty.”Julia began to squirm and undulate her body.“I . . . hhhaahh . . . am . . . your s-slave . . . who . . . hhaaahhh . . . is . . . is honoured to . . . to be fucked by you . . .”Havers grinned grotesquely. Then he began to ram in and out with a****l brutishness. To his delight, he found Julia fully and instantly co-operative, skilfully giving him everything her lovely young body could. Her sex was a shaft of sweet, wriggling succulence.Her hot flesh seemed to palpitate against his. And she squirmed and gasped as if in the extremes of sexual joy!“Oh . . . oohhh . . . that’s lovely . . . l-lovely . . . fuck me harder . . . harder!”She must mean it! She must! Surely no woman could act like this!The idea drove Havers on to new frenzies of thrustin lust.“Y-yes . . . hhhhaaaahhhh . . . yes you’ll . . . get it . . . hhhaaahhhhh . . . harder!”“Oooooohhhhh . . . that’s lovely . . . so l-lovely!”“Hhhhaaaaahhhhh . . . oh . . . w-what a fuck you are . . . what . . . hhhaaahhhhh . . . a m-marvellous fuck!”Havers was suddenly lost.Nothing on earth could hold him back.He began to make sounds like those of a hungry pig just led to a full trough.Snort . . . snort . . .“Glll . . . umph uugh . . . gluph . . . ggggllllll . . .”His mouth was slack and wide, saliva a wet sheen on Julia’s smooth white shoulder.Snort . . . snort . . . snort . . . snort . . .Julia’s bottom, still gripped, was jerking wildly back and forth.“Uuuuugggghhhhh . . . hhhhhaaaahhhhhhhhhh . . .”Sounds of pain, rather than of pleasure . . .Urgent sounds . . .Snort . . . snort . . . snort . . .Snort . . . snort . . .Snort-snort-snort-snort-snort . . . snort . . .“HHHHHHAAAAAAAAA . . . HHHHHAAAHHHHHHHH!”A juddering white hulk of flabby male flesh . . . Jetting the liquid of its disgusting lust into succulent, squirmingfemale depths . . .Shuddering . . .shuddering . . .And still snorting pig-likeBut now slumping down . . . eyes glazing over . . . mouth still slaveringGroaning . . . almost whimpering . . .Slowing . . . subsiding . . .A final snort . . .Moaning . . .Hulk of flesh now still . . . but twitching like cattle flesh troubled by summer flies . . .Sighing . . .Sighing . . .Slaked . . .Utterly slaked . . .Lying there, still on her back, crushed by the mass of disgusting, sweating, fat, male flesh, Julia could see her own face reflected in the ceiling mirror.She could see it, only partially hidden by Havers’ shoulder.The dark, blue-green eyes were wide. So wide that the whites could be clearly seen all round . . . The nostrils, too were wide . . . The mouth was twisted. Twisted as if in contempt, but it was, in fact, in revulsion . . .She was looking at the hopeless face of a woman who had given her all to an obscene brute of a man who revolted her to the depths of her being!