Episode 61: Alia and Naked Attraction

Tee was cute, black and pure lesbian – Alia loved her permanent big grin, stunning high breasts with the most gorgeous nearly-flat nipples, smooth skin and succulent cunt. Two of Alia’s fingers were resting inside Tee after bringing her to a heavily-muffled orgasm – Tee sunk her teeth into Alia’s upper arm as the waves of joy took her over the edge.“Thanks babe, I fuckin’ needed that” said Tee when she got her breath back “I know it’s not cool to discuss TV shows, but I’ve just gotta tell you ‘bout this one last night. It’s called ‘Naked Attraction’ at midnight on channel 47 – I’d only gone downstairs for a drink and there was my Mum watching it, sprawled out on the sofa, half naked, commenting on all the girls. The show is fuckin’ weird – there’s six contestants –all butt naked in glass cubicles that get gradually revealed to the hot lesbian. You first get to see their legs and their fuckin’ muff, then their tits and finally their faces. She has to discard one at each stage and after she has stripped off gets to go out with the winner. Mum was drooling over this one with an amazing thigh gap – big enough to get three fingers in with her legs closed. I had no idea my Mum had turned into a fuckin’ lesbian again.”“err that’s really yucky, watching your own mother masturbate, and being a lesbian; I’m just glad I’m a 50-50 bi-sexual. You really must try some cock – you know my greatest fantasy would be to have Uncle Mack deep in my arse with you sucking my cunt in a proper 69”.“...and then you want me to suck him clean when he fuckin’ pulls out? No way baby, I’m not falling for that old one. If he wants to fuck my mouth, he just has to fuckin’ ask”.“OK” replied Alia “he’s taking me home this weekend – be at my house at 6 o’clock and you can cum too”.“Ho ho – I see what you did there” smirked Tee, biting Alia’s shoulder again as her fingers explored the insides of her own panties.We’ll gloss over the awkward conversation between Uncle Mack and Tee’s mum, where he had to promise not to take her virginity; Alia knew exactly how Tee had passed that milestone several years ago and which dildo had done the damage. Even before they had arrived back at Uncle Mack’s flat Alia had taken him in her mouth and the girls were swapping his pre-cum over the back of the passenger seat. Tee was being a complete prick-teaser, flashing her bare pussy on the back seat, running the tip of her tiny vibrator over her hard clit.“Can you stop for some new batteries please Uncle Mack – I might let you insert them if you’re good”.“Slut” said Alia, clambering into the back seat when they stopped at the petrol station for fuel and batteries.When Uncle Mack got back to the car the girls had stripped off and were making out on the back seat –the car filled with the unmistakable scent of fresh teen pussy. Uncle Mack picked up the discarded vibrator, sucked off the delicious pussy juice clinging to the tip and inserted the fresh batteries. Tee was underneath, with Alia on top – her cunt was already occupied by Tee’s mouth, so the only accessible hole was Alia’s tightest little butt. The tip of the spit-moistened vibrator ran around the puckered brown skin, dipping gently inside her as Uncle Mack managed to restrain his initial enthusiasm and allow his hot niece time to adjust to the insertion.Alia moaned into Tee’s wet cunt as the vibrator did its job, bringing her to the edge of her first climax. Tee happily completed the task with a combination of fingers and tongue that her mother had demonstrated the previous evening in front of the TV. “Suppose you fink you’ve got the fuckin’ right to fuck me now” Tee stated after untangling her arms and legs from Alia “well tough titty – you’ll need to do better than a few lousy vibrator batteries and making my girlfriend cum on my face. Tomorrow you’re gonna buy us some hot undies and I’ve always wanted a giant strap-on fuckin’ dildo”.Uncle Mack knew the ideal stall in the covered market for rude underwear – he often paused on his way past to the office, wondering who wore such revealing garments – now he had the perfect opportunity to dress up two gorgeous teenagers before fucking them stupid. After a half-naked breakfast; Alia and Tee had borrowed two of his shirts after spending the night together in his bed, while he was f0rced to wank and sleep on the couch; then he watched them dressing - hiding their cute arses inside clean white shorts.The girls were like little k1ds at the underwear stall, picking up every pair of erotic panties to hold in front of each other, wondering how their damp pussies would feel in the soft fabric. “Got these in a size 8 Mister”? laughed Alia “they’re only to cover my arse, not hers as well.”They had picked a boys boxer-style short, very low on the hips and wide-legged to allow good air flow through the legs. A black pair for Alia and a white pair for Tee to contrast with her dark wiry pubes.“Got any crotch-less styles in our size?” demanded Tee “you know the sort where this pervert can still see our cunts with them on”.“We don’t get much call for those here” he replied “but I can sell you some scissors, so your little girls can cut their own. Tee and Alia kissed, hands exploring inside each other’s tucked-in shirt. Soon the buttons were all undone and their young tits fully visible to the stall-holder.His attention was only dragged away when he realised Uncle Mack was talking again “... so where can I get a dildo for these little beauties”?“Um, I’ve got this adult-sized black double-ender; it might be a bit too big for their young pussies. It’s only £5; do you think they want to try it for size? There’s a changing room out the back; I don’t usually allow customers to try out the sex toys, but I’m willing to make an exception, provided I can watch.”“Sounds perfectly fair to me, lead the way....come here girls!”Tee was out of her shorts and feeding one end of dildo into her cunt before the stall-holder had time to grab some lubricant and his camera. Tee lay back on a pile of boxes in the changing space, half the dildo emerging from her cunt pointing straight up in the air.Uncle Mack gave it a quick handjob with some lube – the closest he came to actually fucking Tee that weekend – and helped his lovely Alia open her legs wide to slide down on it. The girls looked gorgeous joined at the cunt by the giant black dildo – most of it disappearing inside Tee as the camera clicked away.Alia slowly bounced up and down on the fattest cock she had ever taken cuntally, stretching her pussy wide, fingering her clit to ease the pain.“Give me your fuckin’ cock Uncle – I need something hard to suck on, while I cum on this bitch’s fuckin’ amazing prick”.Uncle Mack had never heard his niece swearing quite so fluently, so dropped his trousers to silence her.She could certainly suck well, taking his cock to the back of her throat with hardly a gagging reflex. Alia never stopped bouncing on the black dildo until Uncle Mack unloaded a mouthful of cum into her, then she collapsed from a complete sexual overload.Tee was f0rced to bring herself off with the dildo, while the stall-holder filmed and finally coated her young tits in his spunk.He never even charged Uncle Mack for the panties or dildo that the girls loved so much.“I don’t suppose that lesbian pair on the TV show had this much fun” added Tee wiping the sperm off her tits “Alia, perhaps I’m ready for some of your Uncle Mack’s cock now”.