Eva naked in the city - 2

The boss says to me:— You know it’s customary for waiters and waitresses to share the tips.— Yes, of course.A beautiful naked girl enters the room. This is Aicha.The boss tells her:— This is Eva, she will replace Odette.We kiss.— Happy to meet you, Eva.— Me too...She is taller than me with bigger breasts, naturally, and her pubis is as smooth as a wet bar of soap.She takes a very good look at me and says:— You're cute, but...She stares at my crotch, then turns to our boss who asks:— Can you take care of that area?— Yes, she says, and asks me to follow her.We go up to a small room. There are an average bed and a sink. No wardrobe.She tells me:— Show me your armpits.I raise my arms high and cross my wrists. A very symbolic position.She applies some cream with a spatula and tells me:— It has to settle. We're going to take care of your pussy.She puts a towel on the bed on which I lay with my legs wide open.She looks at me and says:— What a bush! You will see, it will be hyper sensitive once shaved. You will come instantly if someone grazes you there!I look at her with big eyes. She says:— I'm k**ding. It's an image. But you have to make love when you have been shaved, it is quite an experiment.She applies a lot of cream. OMG! Even with hair, I am hyper sensitive.It should take 5 minutes.I lift my arms again and she removes the cream and hair with a spatula.Farewell beautiful hair!Then, it's my pussy’s turn. She removes the cream from my pubis and then clears the inside of the thighs. Then she focuses on my pussy lips:— Oooohhh!— You're very sensitive...— Yeah... that area is...She removes all the cream, I bite on my lip.— You're really sensitive...— Sorry…— Don't apologize, it's good to be warm-blooded.As I wriggle a little, she adds:— Even very, very warm!She cleared everything away and rinses me with a washcloth.Without hair, it's true that... it's too much! She realizes that I am more and more aroused.She laughs, then puts the washcloth under cold water, saying:— It's better like that, huh.— Yes, sorry, but it's so... sensitive...She gives a small pat on my pussy saying:— Here it is, it's all clean.I climb on a chair to look at myself in the small mirror.— Oh! It's so indecent.I am now as hairy as I was when I was 5 years old. As I am thin, you can see the beginning of my lips and I even feel like you could see the slight bulge of my clit. — It's really nice of you to do it. Say, the boss seems nice... does he want to have sex with the new hires?She answers:— You know what it’s like. But, he doesn't want too much. Every day, one of us blows him. He calls it the "Right of the first night” like in the medieval times when the Lord of the castle had the right to be the first to fuck the young bride. In return for me who is not entirely legal here, well, he takes care of everything. Does that bother you?— No, not really. I kind of expected that.She takes me downstairs.With each step down the stairs, my thighs press against my pussy a little and it does feel good!When we get downstairs I tell her:— You can see the beginning of my slit. It’s embarrassing. — Don’t worry, I was embarrassed too at the beginning.We get behind the bar and a dozen men, i.e. 24 eyes, are focusing on my pussy.Everyone feels the need to make a comment:— Oh, poor little b**st, where is its fur?— She's going to catch a cold.— It's cruel, poor little kitty.They are having fun.I said to them,— I am embarrassed.A customer says to me:— You are indeed terribly indecent.— Don’t say that please!— I am just joking, you're really cute. Especially when you're going to bend down to pick up something on the floor.I did not think about that!After that the game is, of course, to drop things on the floor and I fear that soon my back will hurt. I take advantage of the fact that the boss went down the cellar to look for something to tell them:— If I show you everything, will you stop dropping everything?"— YESSS!!OK, I turn my back to them, spread my legs, I remove a little bit of dust on my left foot then on my right foot.People are clapping and cheering and whistling "For Eva’s pussy, hip hip hooray! ".I hear the boss come back, and I immediately pick up an empty glass.He asks:— What is going on here?Nothing, we are talking football.He heard "For Eva’s pussy, hip hip hooray!".He turns to me:— Were you showing them your pussy?— No, sir, I haven’t done anything.— It's true Leon, she did not do anything!He grumbles a bit, but I'm sure he finds it entertaining.The customers who need to go home give me nice tips.Someone even says:— It's for you. And thank you for the wonderful show.I smile and say:— Thank you, you are really nice, but it's just a pussy, there are many around here.— A pussy and a great ass.That is true.He shyly pets my ass... and I let him do. The boss cannot see us.It quickly becomes a habit, if I receive a good tip, I let them play a little bit with my ass. The only problem is that it turns me on! I have to play with my pussy before I come right in front of the customers.I say ask the boss:— Can I go pee?— Of course.I go to the toilet, give a kiss to my right middle finger, I love it.I come in three minutes. Phew... I needed that!As I leave the toilets I bump into Aicha who is looking after the restaurant. I blush instantly.She is surprised and asks:— What's wrong with you?And then she understands and laughs:— Too sensitive, huh?—… Yes…I'm calm now, my pussy is sleeping and purring.I go back to work.Provided we are allowed to visit the toilers from time to time, I have a feeling that me and my pussy we are going to enjoy this place. Chapter 2 - Mademoiselle Chris In the evening I meet Leon's stepdaughter.Aicha says to me:— She's the real boss. She's called Chris, but we call her "Mademoiselle."At the moment she is standing at the door to greet. Her hair is blond but certainly dyed. She must be my age and she is pretty. And, of course, she's naked. My eyes immediately focus to her pubis. I'm sure she has a very dark pussy when she is not shaved.I start the conversation:— Good evening Mademoiselle, my name is Eva, your stepfather hired me and...She looks at me in the eyes and finishes my sentence:— And you have no experience... but to compensate you don’t think twice to show your pussy to our customers.Her tone is very firm.Of course, I quickly blush. I lower my eyes and whisper:— Uh... this is the first time... but I will make...— As far as I am concerned you can serve on all fours as long as the customers and my stepfather are happy.Under her gaze. I find myself in the harem. She can see that I am my troubled. She even seems to find it very amusing. Yes, but I am standing naked, even more than naked considering my pussy is completely bold, in front of a woman, also naked, who has the look and tone that can trouble me just there between the thighs. Yes, there, the naked and so sensitive area. Did she understand what was going on? Surely, for she says to me: "Do you do everything you are told?" — Yes Miss. — Very good, I like obedient girls. It’s hard to play the warrior, when inside, I am just a naked slave! She adds me: — Aicha will explain what you have to do. She takes a look at my groin and asks, "Did she shave you?" — Yes Miss. She puts the back of her hand on my pubis: — It's very sensitive, at first, eh? I am almost losing my voice and end up whispering, — Oh... uh... yes, very, very... — Only one solution, at first: going to the toilet to masturbate. I am turning completely red. Does she know? Her hand leaves my pubis, because customers arrive. I can move. Aicha witnessed the entire scene. She tells me:— She made you feel uncomfortable?— Well, still, she would not move her hand from my groin.— You're too sensitive. Come on, I'll introduce you to the others.There are two other waitresses for the restaurant, Helena, a girl from the East. She is busy placing bread baskets on the tables.Suzy, who is from Béziers is on leave today.Helena and I kiss each other.She tells me:— I'm glad you're here.She has a Russian accent and she is nice.I cannot help but look at her pubis to see if her pussy lips are as visible as mine.She laughs and says: — At first, we all do that.To following."Eva naked in the city." ebook 2,99 e and paper 6,99 e is here : Read it, you will love it.