Exchanging T-Shirts Cost us our Virginity. Thanks

My sister has a hot eighteen year old friend. When the girls walk anywhere they cause grown men to stare and stiffen. They even cause my shorts and Dad’s to tent when we see them sunbathing in our garden. Dad says that their bikinis are too small. I don’t think a bikini on a stunning body could be toooo small. I’m Dave, little b*o. Just before my s*******nth birthday I have an almighty bust-up at home and storm out almost knocking Julie over as she calls for my sister. “Sorry” and not even looking back I huff away to go to my “quiet spot”. Me and my sister would go to this spot by the river when we want to be left alone or go fishing. This secluded spot is on private land so I am guaranteed to be left alone. I’m still contemplating my dispute with Dad when I hear some girly giggling. Dam, I’ve no doubt my sister and her friend has come to torment me further. “Hi Dave,” they snigger as the come into view. “Hi Girls. I’m not good company. So if you’ve come to bug me be warned.” My sister Dawn says, “No we’ve not. It’s just that Julie (she has the biggest tits of the two) wants to read the slogan on your T-shit. She couldn’t read it as you stormed passed.” I turn around and for the first time notice that we are all dressed the same, shorts and T-shirts. I inflate my chest and they both laugh at the image. It’s a horse mounting a mare and underneath it says, ‘it’s the only way to start the day!’ Well that’s why my Dad went berserk. These two beauties just giggle before Julie (redhead, tight teen figure and oh so long legs) requests, “I would love that T-shirt. Can I have it? As my sister is there I bravely say “You can have mine if I can have yours? You know a swap?” “But…. But I don’t have anything underneath,” Julie blushes. I have already seen four nipples poking prominently through 2 T-shirts so I know they’re braless. “Neither have I!”I laugh. Dawn then breaks the impasse by saying, “Come on Julie you known you want it. Get your shirt off.” “But Dawn, no man has ever seen my boobs. You know that.” Without a further word Dawn, my sister grabs her own shit and in one smooth motion peals it off. My jaw drops as I take in the sight of my first set of real boobs; even if they belong to my big sister. “Well get it off,” Dawn says. Julie hesitantly slips it over her head and hiding her nipples behind her arm, hands me her shirt. “Now you Dave,” Dawn instructs. Off it comes and as I hand it to Julie, Dawn grabs it. My sister now pulls her best friends hands down exposing fully her large boobs. I’m rooted to the spot as I marvel at their topless bodies. After a shit start, could this day get any better?Dawn must have planned this as she now grabs my hands and places them on Julie’s tits. I’m spell bound as I fondle my first set of boobs. As I weigh them in my palms my sister suggest that I may like to tweak the nipples, pull them and squeeze her friend’s breasts. “See what they taste like?” Dawn chuckles. So bending down I suckle my first nipple. Julie moans her approval as I feel my sister pulling my shorts and pants down. My dick has never felt so hard as my sister starts wanking me. Julie’s moaning is exciting me causing me to feel my balls begin to boil. I thrust involuntary as spurt after spurt arch to the grass under foot. Dawn cheers as I continue to please Julie. My controlling sister grabs my hand and places it on Julie’s bald pussy. I don’t know when she lost her shorts and panties! Finding my first pussy had me at half-mast instantly. I explore her teenage labia and start sliding a finger into her moist and surprisingly hot young pussy until Dawn says, “Don’t push deep. You don’t want to take her cherry with your finger?” I decide to concentrate on her clit which I easily find. I stop kissing Julie when I felt my dick being engulfed in a warm moist mouth. Looking down I see my sister looking up into my eyes, smiling. Once more my sister takes the initiative. Oh gosh does this feel good? Julie feeling a little left out grabs my head and pulls me back for a passionate kiss. Dawn feeling me getting close to losing another load stops and watches her friend and little b*o groping each other.Seeing that my impending orgasm has declined she whispers into her friend’s ear. Julie nods. Dawn turns her around and bends her over. “Legs further apart,” she commands. I automatically move forward to hold her hips. Dawn’s hand is opening Julie’s sweet petals. She takes hold of my dick and guides my dick towards Julie. My sister’s fingers gently touch the sides of my dick-head as it slides into Julie’s tight virgin pussy. When my dick-head is firmly slotted in Dawn says, “Do little thrusts to coat your dick in pussy juice.” Dawn is only inches from the spectacle of my dick fucking her friend. She reaches under her friend and gently holds my ball sack. Julie starts, “It’s too tight. It won’t fit. It’s tooo big.” My sister encourages me on. My dick soon glistens with pussy juice along half its length. This lubricant eases Julie’s discomfort and now she’s cooing with pleasure. Dawn sees my dick stop. I hold firm against the obstruction enjoying the tight hot sleeve my dick is in. “Dave I want you to take your dick almost out and stop,” Dawn instructs. I do as I’m told and wait. Again Dawn whispers in Julie’s ear only this time loud enough for me to hear, “Do you want Dave to take your cherry?” She nods, “Yes. Yes Please.” My sister continues, “It’s going to hurt a little. OK?” A nod from her friend. Dawn smiles at me and looking into my eyes she says, “Drive in firm and don’t stop until your balls hit home,” With a firm grip I slide forward and hit the barrier. Pulling on Julie’s hips I break through with a pleasurable moan from me and a cry of pain form Julie. “Hold it in deep and let Julie calm down,” my sister suggests. A minute or two later and I’m fucking her with long slow loving strokes. Julie is enjoying her first fuck as she is now pushing back as I thrust. I pick up the pace as Dawn encourages me to fuck her friend faster. Without warning Julie stops pushing back and I’m about to stop when Julie says, “Fuck, Julie’s nearly there. Keep going. Harder.” Her friend’s pussy clamps down on my dick hard, then it goes into spasm. Her groans of pleasure are clear to both of us. I drive through her very tight pussy’s grip and pull her hard against me. My dick explodes, firing my sperm deep into Julie. I slowly fuck her sweet pussy as rope after rope of sperm is deposited. I only stop fucking my first pussy when my dick-head goes ultra-sensitive. My sister is delighted with her/their plan and congratulates Julie on losing her virginity. She starts to pick up her t-shits to dress when I suggest. “Well you’ve seen me naked! Fair’s Fair!” My sister shrugs her shoulders and drops her pants. She has a small landing strip of blonde hair, such a contrast to Julie’s. Seeing my big sister naked for the first time has my dick back to full stretch. Isn’t youth great! Dawn leans back against a tree and does that ‘come here’ with her finger. When I’m standing astride her parted feet and with my hands on her hips, she pulls me close. “If I was still a virgin I would have taken you myself!” she says before slipping my dick into her pussy. She kisses me as I’m allowed to plough a few strokes in my second pussy of the day/life. As I start to fondle her boobs she breaks the kiss and pushed me away. “You stay with Julie. I’m sure she will find somewhere for this big dick,” my sister says as she dresses then leaves.Julie and I have a leisurely fuck in various positions and as the sun clouds over we agreed to meet again. As I dress I realise for the first time than Julie’s T-shirt is way too small. She laughs as my chest stretches the fabric almost to breaking point. Dad will at least be happy I changed my T-shirt! Never the less I proudly wear this t-shirt and strut down the road as a mark of my new found manhood. Julie says she will wear my T-shirt to bed when she is alone and randy. Even though I can’t wear her T-shirt I still have it to this day. If you like this storey please let me know.