farmyard 4

A slight breeze played through her long blonde hair and rustled the hem of her thin, white cotton sundress. At 5'11" tall, she had heard all the humorous height comments a person could imagine. She was a statuesque beauty, with a trim, firm body, and a personality best described as fun-loving. She looked across the empty pastures with a sense of awe. Although her husband, Richard, and she owned 200 acres of land, it never ceased to amaze her that they were lucky enough to have found this ranch. Her reverie was broken by the sound of sudden activity in the barn, across the graveled driveway. A slight shudder of excitement ran through her.Jackie looked past the barn at the collection of vehicles parked here and there along the driveway. She had no idea there would be this many people. A shudder ran through her as her eyes fell upon the two pick-up trucks with horse trailers attached to them . . . Richard had been thinking about getting a horse or two, maybe even studding a few horses out, if he could manage it. There were no stud ranches in the area, and he figured it would be a lucrative project. They had no a****ls other than three dogs, so the ranch was basically going to waste. It had taken them two years to clean up the old place after they had bought it at a land auction. Now it was time to decide how to make the ranch work for them. Richard and Jackie had been online looking for a website on the subject of horse breeding when he discovered the site.¨ He chatted easily with her as the page loaded, their attention distracted from the monitor. When they turned back to the screen, Richard gulped and Jackie gasped. There on the monitor before them were several photos of women having sex with horses. They stared in silence at the monitor for several seconds, each literally not knowing what to do.Richard looked over to his wife. Her eyes were riveted to the monitor. He studied her face, trying to gauge her reaction to the pictures. Her eyes were wide open as she stared ahead. Her cheeks were flush and her lips parted, in a half-surprised oval. He decided she looked for all the world as if she had stumbled upon a couple making love in her back yard. He followed her stare to a close up picture of a very large equine erection being guided into a reclining woman's vagina. The huge, gray penis had split the woman's vulva and at least three inches of the organ were obviously buried deep inside the woman.Richard quietly cleared his throat, causing Jackie to turn her attention back to him. Her eyes reflected her surprise at the content of the pictures, but he thought he saw a glimmer of excitement in them as well. While her eyes studied his, he clicked the power button and the screen went black.They sat in silence for several seconds before Richard finally spoke. Well, that was different.¨Jackie smiled and shook her head. To say the least . . . I had no idea people actually did that.¨Well, it would appear they do. It would also appear they enjoy it.¨She chuckled briefly as her husband stood up. Think I'll get a drink then head for bed, you want anything?¨No, thanks. I'm fine,¨ she said as he turned the corner and walked down the hallway.As his shadow disappeared in the direction of the kitchen, Jackie reached over and turned the monitor back on. She marveled over the photo until she no longer heard her husband's footsteps on the kitchen's linoleum floor. She then rose and turned it back off, then headed down the hallway to the bedroom.Richard was already in bed when Jackie came out of the bathroom. Although they had been married for seven years, he still thrilled at the sight of his wife's nude body. He watched her gracefully walk over to the dresser to remove her earrings. He marveled at the smooth skin of her tight buttocks. Traveling up her spine, his eyes darted to the side to take in the reflection of her pert breasts as she raised her arms to remove her earring. Jackie smiled at his reflection as she watched his eyes roam over her body. She looked directly at his eyes and cocked her hips to one side. She giggled to herself as she watched his eyes suddenly leave her breasts and move to her buttocks. He smiled to himself as he figured out her game and looked into her eyes in the mirror. They shared a chuckle as she turned to him and hopped into bed.Jackie quickly slid under the covers and cuddled up to her husband. Laying one arm across his chest, her hand gently held his shoulder. He was immediately aware of her firm nipple against his chest as she snuggled closer. Adjusting his arm around her, he was able to gently stroke her spine.Had you ever seen anything like that before?¨ Jackie quietly, almost timidly asked him.Like what?¨ He replied.You know,¨ she continued, like those pictures on ¥the site.'¨No, I hadn't, but I've heard things like that go on.¨Jackie lifted her head off his shoulder and looked at her husband. Really? You knew about things like that?¨Well, not personally,¨ he quickly answered. But I've heard stories. You know, like about the Donkey Shows down in Mexico.¨Jackie blushed slightly, then asked, They actually have those? I always thought that it was just a story. I didn't think they actually did it.¨Well, I've never been to Mexico, so I don't know if they really have them. I tend to think it's all just a story too.¨ Jackie laid her head back down on her husband's shoulder. Why do you ask?¨ Richard asked her after a second.Jackie didn't move. Richard swore he could feel her catch her breath for a split second. Just curious, I guess,¨ she said after a long pause. I'm still kind of stunned by those pictures.¨Maybe a little excited by them too?¨ He asked.Jackie's head flew up off of his shoulder again. She saw Richard smiling widely and slapped him playfully on the chest. He shouted a laugh as she nudged him in the stomach with her elbow. She playfully slapped him again. He pulled his arm form beneath her and, laughing, rolled over on top of her. Scrambling and giggling, she tried to withdraw, but she reacted too late. Richard grabbed both of her wrists and pinned her to the bed with his body. As he guided his lower body between her legs, his cock grazed her pubic mound and slid between her labia. He suddenly stopped laughing and looked deeply into her eyes. Her pussy was absolutely soaked.Those pictures did excite you,¨ he said calmly.Jackie felt her face redden. She searched her husband's face for any reaction at all. Her husband was looking at her in a way she hadn't seen before. There was none of the revulsion or disgust she had feared. The look was more one of wonder. They stayed in that position, frozen, looking into one another's eyes, for what seemed like hours. Jackie began to relax when she felt his penis begin to twitch between her labia, then begin to thicken. Her hips rose of their own will, causing the very tip of Richard's throbbing cock to easily slip inside her.God you're wet,¨ he whispered. Those pictures really turned you on.¨Jackie blushed deep crimson, then gasped as her husband's rigid cock slid into her soaked vagina to the hilt. Richard held his position for several seconds, reveling in the feeling of her drenched pussy wrapped around his erection. He looked deeply into her eyes and began to thrust in and out of Jackie.The willowy blonde came unglued as Richard pounded himself in and out of her. She wailed at the top of her lungs as his rock hard cock pummeled her soaked sex repeatedly. Her hands clutched at his buttocks, guiding him upward, forcing contact between her rigid clitoris and his quickly thrusting shaft.He plunged into her deeper, burying himself deep in her vagina as the familiar contractions of her orgasm began milking his cock. Jackie screamed and thrashed beneath her husband as her climax crashed through her body. Her hips thrust back upward toward his as she rode out the convulsions gripping her. Her eyes grew wide as she felt the marvelous organ inside her begin to expand and throb. With a loud grunt, Richard erupted deep in her already soaked pussy.Jackie felt the very tip of Richard's cock explode deep inside her body. Richard's orgasm did not slow him down. If anything, he increased his tempo as he pumped what seemed like a quart of his hot semen into his wife. She bucked and gyrated her hips as a second orgasm washed through her tortured body. She wailed and moaned as the spasms rippled through her tummy muscles. Every nerve in her slippery vagina seemed alive with fire. Finally, with another loud grunt, Richard's hips came to a complete stop, and he collapsed on top of his wife.Jackie lay panting as her husband's cock twitched and throbbed within her. His more than ample load began to trickle out of her overfilled pussy. She undulated her hips as she wrapped her arms around him, snuggling his head between her still heaving breasts. The image of the reclining woman with the horse buried deep inside her flashed through her mind as she drifted off to sleep.Sometime during the night, Richard's cock began to grow within her once again. Jackie awoke to the delicious feeling of his stiffening member gradually growing. The picture once again filled her mind as she began to undulate her hips beneath her still sleeping husband. The cock stiffened rapidly, filling her pussy with its warmth. Richard sighed softly as Jackie gently grasped his buttocks, holding his body tightly against hers. Rolling her head to the side, she held his buttocks and slid her pussy back and forth against him. His cock did not withdraw from her, rather she pushed her cum-filled pussy onto it harder, only to release her muscles and allow it to slip back into its original position. As her hips undulated faster, visions of horses fucking willing young women flashed through her mind.As her excitement grew and her breathing became more ragged, the visions began to include herself. She pictured herself in their barn with a huge stallion poised above her. His huge cock already rigid and throbbing. She imagined the feel of it as she stroked it back and forth with her hands. She imagined it was firm, yet forgiving, with a leathery texture. She pictured sliding fully beneath the huge a****l and positioning the massive organ at her entrance.Jackie moaned and thrust her hips upward into her husband with greater urgency as the cock in her imagination penetrated her tiny pussy. The first tingles of impending orgasm stirred as the cock in her fantasy tunneled its way deeper inside her. Her imaginary horse began to thrust himself in and out of her as she rocked her hips faster and faster. Her husband's erection began to quiver as her orgasm began to wash through her. She bit her lower lip in concentration as the erection inside her again erupted deep within her. Her imaginary equine lover came.Jackie pictured the huge organ pounding into her as it erupted deep within her. She silently screamed to herself as her vaginal muscles convulsed around her husband's rigid cock. Suddenly he came as well. Jackie thrust her hips upward at a fevered pace, forcing Richard's still spewing cock as deep as it could go. She convulsed beneath her husband as his hot semen flooded her pussy yet again. The scene in her imagination suddenly vanished as her hips began to slow. When she finally lay still, she opened her eyes and looked at her husband.Richard lay atop his wife wide awake and smiling as he panted. She blushed as she realized she had become so deeply involved with her fantasy, she hadn't even noticed he'd awakened. Sorry,¨ she smiled. I guess I was having a horny dream.¨Very horny from the way you looked. I hope I was in it,¨ he teased as he slowly withdrew his softening penis from her flooded pussy.Jackie blushed but said nothing as Richard slowly rolled off of her and collapsed on the bed next to her. Turning her back to her husband, she smiled to herself as she cuddled against him. She wiggled her hips slightly as she felt his shrinking cock pressing against her spine. As she drifted off to sleep, she giggled to herself that he would be very disappointed if he knew the truth.The next afternoon, Richard walked out of the barn to find his nude wife standing on the porch with her hands on her hips. Although the closest neighbor was 3 miles away, it was extremely rare for Jackie to even consider going outside topless. Jackie stared after her husband as he watched her for several seconds.Jackie?¨ he finally said, hesitantly. What's going on?¨Without a word, she calmly walked over to the stairs and descended them. As she padded her way across the lawn, Richard couldn't help but watch as her breasts jiggled and swayed as she walked. He briefly noticed she wore a pair of sandals as she approached him. She briefly came to a stop in front of him. With a lusty smile, she took his hand and led him back into the barn.Jackie led her husband over to an empty stall and turned to face him. I went back to ¥the site,'¨ she explained as she unbuttoned his jeans. I found some movies of a horse fucking a woman and cumming inside her.¨Richard watched his wife in shock as his jeans fell to his knees. Jackie rubbed his stiffening cock through his underwear as she looked deeply into his eyes. Slipping her hands inside his briefs, she tugged them down so that his cock sprang free. Richard looked down to see she already had her hand between her legs, stoking her firm clitoris.I got so horny I had to come out here and do something about it,¨ she breathed as she stroked the length of his now rigid erection. I need you to fuck me, right here, right now.¨Richard didn't hesitate. Turning her around, he bent her over at the waist and slid his throbbing cock into her soaked pussy to the hilt. Jackie groaned as she clutched at the gate to the stall, thrusting her hips backward to meet his thrusts. Richard held her hips tightly and began to thrust in and out of his wife at a rapid pace, his balls slapping at her clitoris and engorged labia.Jackie moaned and shuddered as her husband's erect organ repeatedly filled her soaked vagina. Her knuckles began to turn white as she clutched at the gate. The sound of their bodies slapping together filled the barn as he pummeled his beautiful wife's trembling pussy.Fuck me,¨ ƒnshe breathed. That's it, fuck me hard!¨Richard had never seen his wife so turned on before in his life. Her head thrashed from side to side, throwing her blonde hair in every direction as he thrust in and out of her. Looking downward, he watched as his rigid cock repeatedly plunged in and out of his wife's body. A new thought occurred to him and he slid his thumb between the velvety cheeks and toyed with her virgin anus.Jackie groaned as she felt the very tip of her husband's thumb gently pry open her rear entrance. She slammed her hips backward, capturing more of his rapidly thrusting cock deep inside her. The thumb disappeared momentarily, only to find its way back to her tight passage, this time wet. She suddenly shuddered, then exploded in violent orgasm as the digit slid deeply into her ass.Richard watched in fascination as his wife convulsed in front of him. He tunneled his thumb into her to the hilt as she screamed out her climax. The added pressure of the thumb pressing against his cock from within her was too much for him. With a mighty lunge froward, he slammed his cock deep inside her and exploded.Jackie mumbled and groaned as she felt the lava hot semen race up the length of his organ and spew forth within her. Her inner muscles gripped at his erupting cock as his seed poured into her. Her mind was filled with flashing stars as she shuddered and bore down hard on the pleasure giving organ. She moaned slightly as the thumb once again retreated. She felt Richard hold her hips firmly once again as he held her tightly against him until finally his orgasm subsided.Jackie slid herself forward, withdrawing the softening cock from her flooded pussy, and leaned forward over the stall's gate. I want to get a horse,¨ she quietly said as she panted.Richard only nodded as he watched his semen begin to trickle out of his wife. She kept her back to him as he stood there, dumbstruck. My wife has just all but told me she wants a horse to fuck her,¨ he though to himself. Suddenly standing up, Jackie turned to her husband and kissed him. Pulling back away from him, she added, and I want to get one soon.¨Richard's eyes followed her nude form as she turned and strode purposefully out of the barn. He stood frozen in his tracks as his mind digested what she had said to him. That evening found them relaxing in bed after dinner. Jackie had spent plenty of time at the site¨ that day, and had practically ****d Richard when he came in for dinner. She had climbed up onto the dinner table and begged him to fuck her before they ate. He did not disappoint her.They had then gone online and she had shown him the movies she had discovered on the site¨ earlier that day. Sure enough, there were several movies of women having sex with horses. He looked over to another corner of the desk to see that she had also discovered a story page, and had printed up several erotic stories on the subject.Once settled in bed, he reached over and began gently stroking her tummy. What kind of horse do you want?¨ He asked.He felt her breathing catch momentarily. Her hips swayed from side to side gently, as if inviting his hand to travel downward. It did. I don't know,¨ she replied as his fingertip split her labia.Are we talking about a horse to ride, or something else?¨ ƒnHe asked as he focused his attention on her rigid clitoris.Jackie's breathing quickly became ragged under the stimulation the fingertip was creating. Something else . . . ¨ she whispered as her eyes closed.Richard raised himself onto one elbow as his finger worked her clitoris back and forth. She was blushing a deep crimson. He gazed down at her beautiful body. Her erect nipples stood firm and proud in the center of her wrinkled areola. Her chest heaved as the pleasure between her legs intensified. Sensing he was looking at her, she slowly opened her eyes and turned to meet his gaze.You want one of those big cocks inside you,¨ he whispered to her as they stared deeply into one another's eyes. Jackie inhaled deeply and exploded in orgasm. Her body jerked and convulsed as she stared into her husband's eyes. Yes,¨ she gasped.You want to have a horse fuck you,¨ he prodded.Jackie's orgasm ravaged her as she stared back at her husband, her eyes locked on his.Yes.¨Richard watched his wife spasm and flail before him as she came.Okay,¨ he added.She finally broke eye contact with him and slammed her eyes shut as her climax intensified. She wailed as the spasms overtook her. Finally she collapsed in a heap next to her husband. Richard cupped her pubic mound in his palm, and leaned forward to take a nipple in his mouth. Jackie's hand instinctively cradled his head as he suckled at her breast.After a minute, he withdrew and looked down at her once more. We'll start looking tomorrow.¨ He said.She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately. Breaking the kiss, she again looked him in the eye. Thank you,¨ she said huskily as she guided the tip of his erect cock between her thick labia. Now hurry up and fuck me.¨Richard awoke the next morning to find his wife already online. He half stumbled, nude, into the living room and stepped up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her as she sat in the chair in front of the computer, startling her.Sorry,¨ he mumbled as he felt her naked breasts resting on his arms. I didn't mean to scare you.¨It's ok,¨ she giggled. I made coffee already,¨ she added.Mmm, good,¨ he sleepily said as he released her and headed for the kitchen.Jackie swiveled her chair around and watched as her husband made his way into the kitchen. She caught a brief glimpse of his flaccid penis bouncing along as he turned the corner and disappeared from view. She giggled to herself at the sight. If she had a weakness, it was watching his organ dangle when flaccid, and bob sexily when erect. She held her position as Richard reemerged from the kitchen, holding a steaming mug well away from himself as he walked.Richard knew she was watching his penis, she always watched his penis when he walked around nude. He chuckled to himself as he reached the desk, and pulled up a chair. So, what are we looking at?¨ He motioned toward the monitor.Just looking at different breeds of horses,¨ she said as she swiveled her chair back around to face the desk. I think I may have found what I want.¨Really,¨ he said as he tried to focus his sleepy eyes on the monitor. What are we looking at?¨You're going to think I'm crazy, but I think I want a miniature horse.¨ She replied.Hmm, mini's are pricey, and you can't ride one.¨ He smiled. But that's not the point, is it?¨Jackie blushed at the last remark, but carried on. They aren't any more expensive than a full sized horse,¨ she explained, and there's actually quite a market for them. I found a ranch that specializes in mini's near Yuba City.¨Well, that's not too far,¨ he commented as he scrolled the page, looking at the pictures of the horses they had for sale. There were only two stallions available. You want to go this weekend?¨Sure,¨ she said quietly. I'll e-mail them.¨Richard stood and walked up behind her chair. Leaning over her, he cupped a firm breast in his hand and kissed the top of her head. Right now, I gotta get dressed and get to work on the barn or we won't have anyplace to put him.¨Jackie stared at the pictures as he withdrew and headed down the hallway toward the bedroom. Just the thought of one of those horses in their barn was again exciting her . . . Richard wheeled the truck and trailer off the road and onto the graveled driveway in silence. Jackie stared straight ahead as she rode alongside her husband. Her outward appearance was calm. Her insides, however, were in excited turmoil and her mind raced. They had gone to Yuba City to look over the ranch, and to see the two stallions that were offered for sale. Richard had taken a tour with the ranch's owner, while Jackie had stayed behind and checked out the horses. She'd had really had a difficult time deciding which one she liked best. After his tour of the operation, Richard had asked if she liked the horses. She had told him that she did, and their records indicated they were healthy. Her husband had then surprised her by turning to the owner and saying simply, Fine, we'll take them.¨Jackie's heart raced as they came to a stop in front of the barn door. As the sound of the truck's diesel engine finally died, she could hear the mini's moving about in the trailer. Just knowing they were there, and why they had purchased them, made her pussy moisten.Let's get them out of there so I can get the trailer cleaned up and returned.¨ Richard said quietly.Jackie nodded and opened her door. Richard caught her hand, preventing her from jumping out of the cab of the truck. Jackie looked at him in surprise.I love you, sweety,¨ he told her.She leaned forward and kissed him deeply, her tongue slipping from between her lips and chasing his. I love you too,¨ she replied as she broke the kiss. Thank you.¨ Richard smiled as he released her and opened his own door.That afternoon found the horses safely boarded in their stalls, well fed and watered. That evening also found Richard sitting in the chair in front of the computer, with Jackie impaling herself on his stiff cock as she watched a movie she'd found on the site.¨Richard held Jackie's bouncing breasts as he pulled her downward onto his lap harder and harder each time. Jackie stared in rapt fascination at the screen as a white pony thrust into a woman lying on a wooden bench. With her orgasm rapidly approaching, she reached between her legs and strummed her clitoris. The pony on the monitor came, filling the woman's slippery pussy with a tremendous amount of semen. Jackie wailed and came hard on Richard's rock-hard cock. Her hands flew to the arms of the chair as she ground her pelvis downward, forcing her husband's cock to roll and gyrate deep inside her. She let out a low, guttural groan as the head of the fabulous cock glanced off her inner walls. As her orgasm began to subside, she released her grip on the arms of the chair and held onto his hands, still firmly cupping her breasts.Ok,¨ she panted, let's stop for a second.¨Richard lightened his hold of her firm breasts as she leaned forward, sending his still rock hard cock deeper inside her.Mmm,¨ she whispered, as she moved his hands and stood up. Richard's cock slid out of her and slapped against his belly with a loud, wet smack. Let's go outside,¨ she panted as she took his hand. I want you to fuck me in the barn again.¨Richard, his throbbing erection still seeking relief, was in no position to argue. He stood up and walked with Jackie to the front door. She giggled to herself as she watched her husband's cock bob and wave in front of him as they walked down the stairs to the lawn. They paid no notice to the two dogs that came running around the house and followed them as they gingerly tiptoed their way across the gravel to the barn.Once safely on the barn's smooth dirt floor, Jackie quickly moved to the gate of one stall. Richard followed and stood behind her as she reached down and petted the neck of the sorrel mini-horse. As she bent down, her ass rubbed against his rock-hard cock, causing her to moan.Fuck me, Richard,¨ she breathed.He wasted no time at all in slipping into her to the hilt with one smooth thrust. Jackie groaned as she laid her head against the horse's neck. The scent of him excited her more than she would have imagined. Richard's thrusts were quickly bringing her closer to orgasm as the horse stomped a hoof.Richard held her hips in his hands and thrust in and out of her quickly. He'd never seen his wife so excited before, and her tight pussy had never been as wet. He watched his wife as she moaned and petted the horse, certain that her orgasm was rapidly approaching. He suddenly felt the familiar tingles of impending climax as he pictured the mini-horse thrusting his cock in and out of his wife. Jackie suddenly screamed out in orgasm as a thick, rough, very wide tongue slid along the exposed length of Richard's cock and d**g it's way over her overly stimulated pussy.Richard felt the tongue and exploded. Although surprised by the sudden added stimulation, his cock would not be restrained. He slammed himself into his wife and pulled her hips tightly against him. The tongue lapped at the area of their union as his hot semen began to trickle out of her spasming pussy.Jackie writhed and convulsed on her husbands cock as the tongue continued to bounce off of her clitoris. Her mind filled with flashing lights as the spasms washed over her. Her eyes slammed shut as one orgasm ended and another immediately began. Richard undulated his hips into her harder, causing more of their combined liquids to seep out of her. This in turn caused the tongue that was bathing them to lap at them faster. Jackie wailed as her climax washed through her body.As Richard's climax faded and his wits returned, he looked downward to find one of the dogs happily lapping at their still joined genitals. He shrugged to himself and enjoyed the sensations as the a****l continued to bathe them. He decided then and there that nothing would surprise him ever again.Jackie reached between her legs and discovered the furry muzzle which was the source of the added pleasure. Her eyes flew open as she recognized its origin. Richard backed away from her as she attempted to stand up. Oh my God,¨ she said.What's wrong?¨ Richard asked as he stepped backward. The dog followed him, still lapping at his cock.Nothing,¨ she replied, her eyes glued to the dog's tongue on her husband's cock. It was fantastic.¨ Richard finally guided the dog's muzzle away from his groin. Who would have thought . . .¨What?¨ He asked....That Sinbad's tongue would feel so good,¨ she replied. I had no idea he would even try that. He's never done anything like that before.¨Well, try it again,¨ Richard suggested. Just see what he does.¨Jackie nodded as she made her way over to a bale of hay. Quickly throwing a saddle blanket over the bale, she sat down and called the German Shepherd over to her. Sinbad quickly trotted over to her and immediately started licking the moisture off the insides of her thighs. Jackie's eyes flew over to her husband as the dog's tongue moved up her thigh and found her flooded pussy. Richard stroked his still rigid cock as he watched the dog lap up their combined juices.Jackie undulated her hips as the tongue slid inside her, scouring out more of the fluid. She angled her hips so that the base of the tongue kissed her clitoris as it moved in and out of her. Closing her eyes, she focused on the tongue and the sensations it sent through her body. Sinbad continued to lap away happily as the blonde undulated her hips. She felt the orgasm welling within her and wailed as it suddenly burst forward in a rush.Richard stroked his erection faster as he watched Jackie cum. Although he had seen her orgasm before, he'd never seen it from a distance. He watched her body begin to convulse as she balled up her fists and angled her feet downward. A thrill ran through him as her face and chest turned a deep red. He moved closer to her as he felt his own orgasm building.Jackie barely recognized the warm, wet droplets hitting her tummy for what they were. Opening her eyes, she discovered her husband standing over her covering her flat tummy with his cum. Her spasms intensified, forcing more of the liquid remaining inside her to the surface, where it was immediately removed Sinbad's thick tongue. Her pussy seemed to be on fire as the final spasms washed through her, leaving her a quivering mass lying on the hay bale.Enough,¨ she panted. Stop him.¨Richard, still recovering from his climax, stumbled to the dog and succeeded in pulling him away from his wife. The dog wagged his tale at him as Jackie collapsed with a groan. Covering her mound with a shaking hand, she gently probed at the engorged labia, gently calming her overly stimulated pussy.That was amazing.¨ Richard flatly stated.It sure was,¨ Jackie panted. I can't tell you how that felt.¨Maybe it's a good thing Boomer didn't decide to join in,¨ he chuckled.Jackie looked over toward the door. Boomer lay on the ground as if uninterested in anything. The large Labrador Retriever very rarely initiated any activity on his own, but rather seemed more content to follow the other dogs. Jack, an unidentifiable mutt, sat next to Boomer and watched the whole group. She decided she could never look at the dogs in the same way again. A new thrill ran through her as she thought about the many permutations the five a****ls, her husband, and she could manage, sexually.Richard knelt next to his wife and stroked her cheek. Are you ok?¨ He finally asked when she didn't respond.Jackie turned her head and looked at her husband. With a sigh, then a smile she replied, I'm wonderful. Thank you for allowing this.¨Richard chuckled, I don't think I could have stopped it if I had wanted to.¨Jackie smiled back at him and sighed. I'm a wreck.¨Standing up and taking Jackie's limp hand, he gently tugged at her arm. Come on, wreck, let's go back in the house and get cleaned up.¨Jackie slowly made her way to her feet, and hugged onto Richard for support. They made their way to the house in silence, each wrapped up in their own thoughts.The next two weeks went by relatively uneventfully. Jackie and Richard worked with the two stallions, basically getting to know each other and building trust between themselves and the a****ls. Jackie usually stayed nude, except for rugged work boots. She figured that it would be good to have all the a****ls used to her that way. Richard teased her about the boots, referring to them as her work uniform.¨Jackie also remained in an almost constant state of arousal. While they had not repeated their episode with the dog, Jackie wanted sex constantly. Richard was amazed that she wasn't sore after almost constant sex. She simply giggled and said that the tingles kept her going. He quickly told her he wasn't complaining, their sex life had never been better. She could only agree.They quickly discovered that both horses had separate and distinct personalities. Gerry, the bay, was the calmer of the two. He was also about two inches shorter at the shoulder than Tubby, the sorrel. At first, Richard was a little hesitant about what Jackie had planned for the two horses. He noticed the spirited behavior in both immediately. Jackie soon calmed his fears by the way she had with them. Spending several hours a day with them, both in the pastures where she exercised them, and in the barn where she fed and groomed them.Grooming and bathing them quickly became her favorite parts of their experiences with each other. She quickly discovered Gerry did not like having his tail combed out at all. Tubby didn't seem to mind a bit. At first both horses seemed a bit skittish as she stroked, brushed, or combed their sensitive underbellies. They both soon felt relaxed enough around her that they treated her ministrations with indifference.Richard spent quite a bit of time in his workshop and in the barn. He knew that for Jackie to carry out her plans, some special equipment¨ would be needed. Jackie laughed at him as he always seemed to have a tape measure, note pad, and a pencil with him. It was not unusual for her to be busy with something, only to have him walk up behind her and measure her leg. Or have her bend over forward so he could measure her torso. She had looked out the kitchen window one day to see him out in the pasture trying to measure the hind leg of the sorrel. Tubby was not cooperating, and led Richard all over the pasture, two steps at a time.Jackie walked through the barn to Tubby's stall just as Richard entered with a new bench. He sat it down against one wall opposite the stall gates and sat on it. Jackie smiled as looked at the bench. It was a bit lower to the ground than a bench would normally be, and it appeared to be thickly padded, with a black flannel covering. What appeared to be two wooden boxes were attached to the sides of the bench, running from leg to leg. She quickly deduced the horse's front legs would stand on the boxes, lifting his body into a more natural position, at the same time putting her further beneath the a****l. A slight tremble went through her as she realized it would be perfect for her plans. She looked back toward the door at what Richard had called the dummy.¨Basically, the dummy was a large, round, thickly padded bench. It was built from a plan he'd found on the Internet. He'd found a few references to semen collection, most commonly in European countries, and had even found some short video clips of the dummies in use. The idea was, the horse climbed up onto the dummy as if it were servicing a mare. In the videos he'd seen, the horse's penis was inserted into a device that encased it. He was then masturbated to orgasm and the semen collected in vials. Jackie shuddered once again as she looked at the small, padded platform directly under the main crossbeam that was to support the horse. The platform was intended to support her. Richard smiled at her as she grabbed her milking stool and opened the gate to Tubby's stall. Clipping a lead rope to his halter, she led him out to the center of the barn and sat her stool down. She then busied herself tying his lead rope to a post and grabbing his brush and curry comb. Richard watched on as she brushed the horse's flank and back. She then combed out his mane, all the while she rubbed his underbelly with her knee. She suddenly stopped when she felt her knee touch his sheath. Jackie calmly put down her comb and looked at her husband.Richard didn't say a word as he watched his wife. She seemed to be in the middle of a decision. Jackie leaned backward and looked beneath the mini-horse's belly. Swallowing deeply, she slowly reached out and touched the sheath.Tubby's ears perked up then fluttered as the woman gently began stroking him. She spoke calmly to the a****l as she felt a stirring of life within the furry pouch. Richard looked on in silence as the horse's penis began to slowly emerge from its protective sheath. He estimated it to be about 10 inches in length, although it remained flaccid. When he looked back to his wife, she was staring transfixed at the organ stretching out before her.Jackie's fingertips soon traveled to where the furry sheath met the bare shaft of the penis. Hesitantly at first, she ventured forward a bit and touched it for the first time. It felt warm and smooth. Tubby didn't move a muscle as she fondled rearward and found his large testicles. Her eyes remained on the stiffening penis as she explored him. The organ twitched, causing her to jump a bit. Richard fought to keep form laughing. A quiet knickering noise escaped Tubby when her fingertips moved back along the sheath and slid down the shaft of his penis.The blonde trembled as she wrapped her hand around the horse's organ for the first time. She felt herself moisten as the penis throbbed. She held her breath as if afraid to break the moment. Tubby turned his head back toward her as if to see what was going on back there, and where the sensations were coming from.Jackie slid a hand into her lap and teased her labia as she began to stroke the horse's cock. At first nothing seemed to happen, then suddenly it expanded and became extremely hard. Jackie dropped the horse's cock as if it burned her. She looked up at Richard in astonishment.Did you see how fast he got hard?¨ Jackie asked.Richard only nodded, his eyes still wide in amazement. Jackie looked back down and found the huge organ still fully erect. She again took it into her hand and discovered she could barely get her fingers completely around it. Marveling at the leathery texture, she slowly stroked the shaft, causing Tubby to hump his haunches forward.I need something to lubricate him with,¨ she said just barely loud enough for Richard to hear.Richard stood and slowly made his way outside. He was back in the barn before Jackie noticed he was gone. This is all I could find,¨ he said, holding a bottle of vegetable oil.Jackie held out her hands and Richard poured some of the oil into her palms. After coating her hands, she had him pour a little more into each palm. She then wrapped her oil filled hands around Tubby's throbbing organ. Richard knelt behind his wife and held her breast as the horse began to hump himself into her hands in earnest. Jackie's breathing became ragged as the horse masturbated himself. Richard reached down and found her pussy was absolutely soaked.Tubby whinnied and trembled as he thrust again and again. His whole body shook as he slammed himself forward over and over. Jackie watched as clear liquid began to flow from the huge cock between her hands. Suddenly, with a massive thrust, Tubby came. Jackie joined him.Richard merely held on as his wife bucked and gyrated on his finger. The horse whinnied loudly as the semen literally flew out of him. Large puddles of cum formed on the floor as he emptied his huge balls. The oily head of the huge organ suddenly flared out, becoming easily the size of a small tomato. His haunches came to a stop as his cock continued to pump gush after gush of semen onto the floor. Jackie grunted and spasmed on Richard's fingertip as the huge penis throbbed and shook in her hands. As Tubby's climax subsided, his penis began to soften. The still spasming woman leaned forward, and rested her forehead against the a****l. She reached down with an oily hand and held Richard still, enjoying the last waves of her orgasm as they washed over her.God. That was amazing,¨ he whispered in her ear. You think you're ready to fuck him?¨Not yet,¨ she replied as she watched the softening penis begin to retract back into its protective sheath. I'll do this a few more times with both of them before we try.¨Ok,¨ Richard whispered.Leaning back against her husband's chest, she said in a low tone, I need to prepare myself for them too.¨How?¨ He asked.Let's let the dogs sleep indoors tonight,¨ she said with a hitch in her voice.Dinnertime came and went without incident. Richard could tell Jackie was extremely horny, but she evaded him every time he came within an arm's reach. She was obviously saving up for later. This only helped to fuel Richard's passions, and soon he had a constant erection as his sexy wife paraded around the house nude. After dinner, they went into the living room where he sat on the couch while she went to the computer. Richard watched his wife's body as she got online. He noticed that over the past few weeks, her tan lines had faded, and her entire body had an all-over glow which contrasted with her blonde hair and neatly trimmed pubic patch. This only seemed logical as she rarely wore clothes anymore, either indoors or out.Ok, here we go,¨ she said.What?¨ Richard asked as he moved to a chair beside hers.Women with dogs,¨ she replied in a low tone.There, on the computer monitor, was a video clip of a large black Great Dane rapidly fucking a tiny Hispanic woman. The woman wailed and moaned as the huge dog repeatedly fucked himself in and out of her gaping pussy. The couple watched in awe as the base of the dog's cock suddenly began to swell.My God,¨ Jackie whispered.You sure you want that inside you?¨ Richard asked.Cum poured out of the woman as the dog dismounted. Mmm, now more than ever,¨ she replied. They watched several more clips that evening before deciding it was time for bed. Richard was almost completely undressed when Jackie joined him in the bedroom. She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his muscular body. Reaching down, she took hold of his semi hard cock and gently squeezed.I'm going to go to the bathroom and get ready,¨ she said quietly. Do me a favor?¨ Sure,¨ he said.Go let the dogs in,¨ she said as she released him and headed for the bathroom door.Richard watched her ass as she disappeared into the bathroom. He shook his head, smiling, wondering what his horny wife would think of next. Jackie walked out of the bathroom to find Richard already in bed. All three dogs were laying in various places around the room. She seemed to hesitate as she stood in the doorway. Suddenly, she strode purposefully to the bed and sat down. Richard watched her closely as she seemed to be deep in thought. Looking over and smiling at him, she finally said, Ok, you just sit there and watch, I want to do this myself.¨Richard nodded. Jackie crawled over him and sat on the edge of his side of the bed to give him a better view. After hesitating a second, she opened her legs wide, and snapped her fingers. Sinbad's head immediately rose and looked in her direction. With one hand, Jackie spread her thick, glistening labia while she patted her pubic mound with the other. Sinbad took the invitation without hesitation.Jackie inhaled sharply as the thick tongue sank into her soaked pussy. Richard felt his cock stiffen as the dog lapped away at his wife's pussy. She writhed under the wide tongue as it slid out of her and ran over her engorged clitoris. The blonde moaned and undulated her hips in an attempt to guide the tongue, but it went wherever it wanted to go. Jackie felt the frustration building inside her and decided that without her husband's creamy load inside her, the dog just wasn't as interested. She then made up her mind to skip right to the main event.Pushing Sinbad's muzzle away from her inflamed crotch, she slid to the floor with him. Sinbad nuzzled with her, his tail wagging in huge sweeps. The Shepherd still guided his nose toward her fragrant pussy, but Jackie wouldn't let him have her just yet. She held his collar in one hand, and guided the other beneath him. He stood still, his tail waving gently as she found his sheath. Jack looked on from in front of the bedroom door as she stroked the Shepherd. Jackie saw the pink tip of his cock begin to poke out of the furry pouch and knew it was time. Swallowing deeply, she rose to her feet, and again sat on the edge of the bed.Richard looked on, silently stroking his cock as his wife patted her tummy. At first Sinbad seemed confused by this new game. Finally he decided to take this invitation as well, and once more moved between the woman's legs. Jackie moaned as his tongue once again found her clitoris, but this was not what she was after. Nudging his muzzle aside, she again patted her tummy. This time Sinbad understood, and his forepaws landed on the bed to either side of her. Jackie reached down between them and wrapped her hand around his furry sheath. Immediately he went into action. His haunches flailed as he humped into her hand. She guided him closer to her soaked sex as her husband looked on.Jackie suddenly let out a stifled scream as Sinbad's cock penetrated her. The dog's lower half was a flurry of activity as he pounded into the wailing female beneath him. Jackie exploded into a series of orgasms, the likes of which Richard had never dreamed of. Her face, neck, and chest literally glowed deep crimson as the orgasms crashed through her body. Her hips remained tensed, but perfectly still as the dog fucked into her harder and faster than she had ever thought possible. Richard watched as his wife's eyes suddenly grew larger. He knew the knot was forming at the base of Sinbad's cock.Jackie squealed and climaxed violently as the huge knot suddenly slid into her pussy. It just as quickly slid back out, only to slam back into her. The constant stretching of her muscles caused them to contract with each thrust. Her orgasm ripped through her in a series of waves, each larger than the one previous. Each larger than any she'd ever experienced before.Richard looked beyond his wife as Jack walked over toward the bed, his stubby tail wagging. While Boomer seemed content to watch from a corner, jack was ready to join in the fun with Sinbad. Richard returned his eyes to his wife, and the dog who had collapsed on top of her, causing her to groan.He's cumming,¨ she whispered. He's cumming inside me. It's so warm.¨Sinbad finally rose above her and slid off the bed, his swollen cock slipping out of her flooded vagina with a slurping sound. He immediately began licking her pussy again, as if to clean up the mess he'd made. Jackie groaned again as she felt Jack's tongue join Sinbad's. Richard watched in awe as the dogs licked his wife through another shuddering orgasm.Oh, no,¨ she suddenly said to nobody in particular, Not again.¨Nudging both dogs away from her, she slid to the floor once again, this time on all fours. Jack immediately began licking her as Sinbad made his way to a suitable spot on the floor to lie down. Jackie watched his still swollen cock dangle beneath him and gasped at the size of his knot. It was easily the size of a tennis ball. She momentarily doubted if this position was a good idea or not. Jack decided it for her by quickly mounting her.Richard watched over the edge of the bed as Jack's rigid cock slammed into her on the first thrust. Jackie arched her back and threw her head upward as the mongrel slammed his cock into her again and again. She bit her lip in concentration and gasped for breath through flaring nostrils as the hot cock battered her pussy. She immediately felt another orgasm well up within her as his cock began to swell. Richard stroked his cock faster as he watched the dog bury his knot inside his wife's slick vagina with a mighty lunge. The blonde exploded as his incredibly warm semen suddenly gushed within her. Richard could handle no more. Slipping off the bed, he knelt in front of his wife. She opened her eyes as he stroked himself before her. She smiled at him, then looked at his rock hard cock, and opened her mouth. He needed no further urging. Jackie moaned as her husband's cock filled her mouth. She sucked greedily as Jack's knot swelled deep inside her. Her still spasming pussy milked the organ as the dog lay panting on her back. She had tied with him on her second attempt at a****l sex.With a loud grunt, Richard flooded her mouth with his salty load of semen. Jackie swallowed quickly to keep up with the flow, but trails of cum escaped the corners of her mouth. She again went over the edge into another orgasm as she felt her body being filled with warm cum from each end. Richard shuddered as the last of his semen dribbled out of his cock and onto her tongue. Pulling away from him and withdrawing his cock briefly, she swallowed again, then engulfed him once more. He groaned as she suckled at his softening cock.Jackie felt the dog begin to stir, and hoped hid cock had softened enough to be removed. Jack didn't wait to find out. He instead slid off of her back, his cock spilling out of her, causing her to shudder once again as the knot withdrew. Cum literally poured out of her pussy as he dismounted.Now it's Boomer's turn,¨ Richard suggested as his wife collapsed on the floor.I'm not ready for him yet,¨ she replied sleepily. I'd better wait until tomorrow.¨Richard helped her up and led her to the bathroom. Once she'd cleaned up a bit, she padded back into the bedroom and fell into bed. She cuddled up to her husband and kissed him passionately before quickly falling to sleep.Richard awoke to the sound of his wife moaning. Turning his head, he found she was not in bed with him. A quick look around confirmed she was not in the bedroom. Another moan came from the direction of the living room. He got out of bed and quietly made his way down the hall. His cock immediately stiffened as he turned the corner into the living room.Boomer lay on his back in the middle of the living room with Jackie, her back to the doorway, impaling herself on his huge, swollen cock. Jack happily lapped at her pussy from behind as she slid herself up and down on the fat cock. Richard stroked himself fully erect and entered the room.Jackie opened her eyes but said nothing to Richard as she ground her pussy onto Boomer s cock. He remained silent as well and slid his cock into her mouth once again. Looking over Jackie's shoulders, Richard noticed that Jack had lost interest in his wife's pussy. Seeing this as another opportunity, Richard wet a finger in his mouth and slid it along her puckered anus. Jackie moaned in approval. She concentrated on the sensations the fat cock inside her was creating when suddenly her husband's finger slid into her ass. She exploded in orgasm. Richard gently pressed his finger forward until it was buried deep inside his convulsing wife.Jackie bucked and groaned around the throbbing cock in her mouth as the invading digit began to slowly fuck in and out of her tight rear passage. Jackie had always though anal sex would be painful. She was surprised at how exciting it felt to be so full. As a new idea occurred to her, she pulled her mouth away from Richard's throbbing cock.Fuck me, Richard,¨ she moaned. My ass, fuck me. Both of you at the same time.¨Richard could hardly believe what she was asking for. He rose to his feet and disappeared into the kitchen. Jackie was still grinding her pussy onto the dog's cock as he returned, his own cock glistening with a coating of salad oil. He knelt behind his wife and held her hips. She stopped her gyrations as she felt the tip of her husband's cock touch her anus. Jackie's eyes opened wide as the cock slowly penetrated her. She hissed through clenched teeth as the organ stopped, then withdrew part way. Richard took up a slow rhythm as he slowly fucked more and more of his rigid cock into his wife.Oh, my God,¨ she groaned. Yes, all of it. Give me all of it.¨She wailed and orgasmed violently as Richard slid into her to the hilt and began fucking her in earnest. Boomer's cock swelled even more, trapping his knot deep inside her pussy as he started to cum. Jackie thrashed around under the onslaught of her husband's cock. Her body jerked and spasmed as the cocks filled her repeatedly. Waves of orgasm washed through her as Richard's cock began to expand. With a final lunge forward, he came, sending his hot semen deep into her body as the dog filled her pussy. Jackie's muscles spasmed around the two organs filling her lower orifices wildly as she came. With a final moan, she collapsed on top of Boomer.Richard shuddered as he slowly withdrew from his wife's no longer virgin ass. A whine attracted his attention and he saw Jack and Sinbad both waiting patiently by the front door. Smiling, he hurried over and opened the door to let them outside. Both dogs bolted out the door as soon as it opened. Richard heard a groan from Jackie and turned around. She had rolled off of Boomer into a heap on the floor. The Lab headed for the door and soon joined the other two dogs. Richard went to his wife and helped her to the bathroom.As they sat down to dinner one evening, Jackie quietly said, Tonight's the night.¨ Richard silently looked at his wife as she stared deeply into his eyes. I want to try one of the stallions. Tonight.¨ A sudden surge of excitement went through him as he nodded. She'd worked with the stallions for quite a while. He had watched as his wife masturbated each of the stallions to a messy climax, then had taken her himself, several times right there on the floor of the barn. They quietly discussed the equipment Richard had built to suit Jackie's intentions and how best to use it. Simply put, Jackie wanted to lie on her back and be serviced by the stallions, one after another.Several hours later, Jackie came into the living room and took Richard's hand. He knew he was being led into the barn and offered no resistance. He watched his wife's buttocks jiggle as they went down the porch stairs and crossed the lawn toward the barn. He smiled to himself when he noticed his otherwise nude wife wore only a pair of battered steel-toed work boots.Jackie immediately went to Gerry's stall. Clipping a lead rope to his halter, she opened the door. Gerry's muzzle immediately went to the woman's crotch. Jackie closed her eyes as she leaned into the stallion's muzzle, his warm breath tickling its way through her pubic mound. She turned her head toward the sound of her husband moving the bench into the center of the barn. He then went to a shelf and got a large bottle of vegetable oil. Pulling away from the horse, she led him toward her husband. Richard took the lead from his wife as she approached. Holding the stallion a fair distance from his wife, he watched as she lay down and made herself comfortable.Bring him here,¨ she whispered.Richard led the stallion over to the bench. Jackie guided the horse into a position which allowed her to reach under him. She had barely begun stroking his underbelly when his organ began to slide out from the protective sheath. Richard poured some of the oil into his wife's outstretched hand. Grasping the thickening penis, she spread the oil along its length.Gerry shook his head as the woman's hand traveled up and down the length of his cock. Richard kept the woman supplied with the lubricant as she stroked the stallion to erection. Once she felt the horse's immense organ begin to tremble, she released her hold on him and told her husband she was ready.Jackie rubbed her slick pussy with her oil-covered hand as Richard guided Gerry between her widespread legs. She shuddered as she heard the hooves strike the wood of the two boxes. Her eyes focused on the horse's organ as it neared her vagina. Taking the rigid cock in her hand, she guided the large head to her dripping entrance.Richard heard his wife groan as the stallion's penis entered her. To his credit, Gerry stopped moving as he felt his cock slip inside the woman's body. Jackie watched in rapt fascination as the first two inches of Gerry's sizable cock slipped into her. She wriggled her hips, reveling in the firm warmth the organ provided her. Gerry suddenly stepped forward, sending more of his cock inside her. The woman gasped as half of the penis disappeared into her soaked sex. Jackie suddenly exploded in violent orgasm as Gerry thrust into her.Richard felt his cock instantly swell to full erection as the stallion thrust himself into his wife. She came with an intensity he'd never seen before as the cock repeatedly slid in and out of her. It appeared she was taking about two thirds of the organ with each powerful thrust. Jackie convulsed under the a****l as her orgasms blasted through her.Gerry fucked into the female beneath him firmer and faster. The position of the woman was such that he couldn't bury his cock completely into her, causing him to try that much harder. Richard rubbed his rock-hard cock through his jeans as the a****l fucked himself in and out of his wife. With a low-pitched whinny, the stallion drove himself into her harder and faster, causing her orgasm to begin all over again. The horse's muscles flexed then tensed as he suddenly drove his cock into the writhing woman and froze.Jackie wailed as she felt Gerry's hot load of cum suddenly fill her pussy to the point of overflowing. The woman bucked her hips beneath the horse, driving his cum out of her as she forced more of his cock in. The sudden flaring of the crown of the penis buried inside her sent her into another gut-wrenching orgasm. The horse thrust into her with a final lunge and seemed to collapse above her while remaining on his feet.Richard unzipped his jeans to free his now painful erection as he watched the cum-covered cock begin to withdraw from his wife's vagina. As the stallion's erection faded, it slid slowly out of her, causing more of his load to pour out of her. With a final slurping sound, the organ slid from between her engorged labia and hung limply beneath him.He came so hard,¨ Jackie whispered as her husband led the exhausted horse back to his stall. That was amazing . . . A sudden groan from his wife caused Richard to look back as he closed the stall's gate. Sinbad had found her soaked pussy and was eagerly licking her toward another orgasm. The Shepherd lapped at the woman as she undulated her hips, moving his tongue to where she wanted it. As she approached yet another orgasm, the dog suddenly stopped licking and mounted her.Jackie's eyes flew open when she felt the tongue leave her quivering pussy. Seeing the dog jump onto her, she lay back down and reached beneath him, guiding his cock toward her flooded entrance. Sinbad slid into her easily and thrust himself in and out of her without hesitation.Richard watched the dog fuck his wife hard and fast as he moved over to Tubby s stall. She bucked her hips upward into the hard-thrusting a****l as she felt his knot slip in and out of her repeatedly. The dog humped into the woman harder and faster as his own climax quickly approached. Jackie wailed as Sinbad thrust himself into her to the hilt and came. Her hand clutched at the dog's collar, holding him deep inside her as his hot semen filled her already flooded pussy. She rocked her hips from side to side, reveling in the sensation of his knot spasming deep within her. Sinbad collapsed on top of the still moaning woman, her tight body supporting him as her inner muscles milked his cock.When Richard saw the dog begin to stir, he clipped a lead rope to Tubby's halter. He returned to Jackie's side as the Shepherd lifted himself and dismounted. Cum poured out of his wife as the cock fell from her pussy's grasp. Taking a breast in his hand, he teased her nipple to firmness.Are you ready for Tubby?¨ He asked.Yes . . . She replied. Hurry . . .¨Richard wasted no time in bringing the larger horse to his still panting wife. Jackie guided his muzzle toward her cum-drenched pussy. Tubby whinnied, obviously taken by the scent of the excited female in front of him. His large cock stirred on it's own. Richard led Tubby between his wife's legs and watched as she reached down and stroked the organ to erection. With a lust-filled smile, she guided the large head between her slippery labia. As soon as Tubby felt the velvety warmth surround his cock, he thrust forward.Jackie wailed as half of Tubby's cock slid into her on the first thrust. She lifted her legs, wrapping them around the horse's back as he fucked into her hard. Her orgasm built quickly, although she fought to keep from cumming so soon. A look of intense concentration covered her face as she reveled in the sensations the rapidly thrusting cock sent through her body. Richard absentmindedly stroked his cock as he watched his wife suddenly explode beneath Tubby's heaving body.Tubby whinnied loudly as the female's inner muscles suddenly clamped down on his throbbing erection. Driving his powerful haunches forward, he came as well. The woman beneath him screamed as his semen rushed up the length of his rigid cock and erupted deep inside her. He thrust himself into the woman repeatedly as his load spilled form him, flooding her pussy.Richard watched in awe as his wife's tortured body convulsed beneath the stallion's still thrusting body. Cum literally poured out of her as the horse drove in and out of her repeatedly. Jackie wailed and spasmed as the intensity of her orgasm threatened to make her pass out. Never before had she cum so hard or for so long. Her hips were a blur as they thrust back upward toward the horse above her, milking the last of their simultaneous orgasms from each of their bodies. With a final groan, she collapsed onto the bench as Tubby's still rigid cock sprang from her abused body.Richard immediately grabbed hold of Tubby's halter. As his wife lay panting on the bench, he led the stallion back to his stall and secured the gate. Turning around, he saw Boomer and Jack had joined Jackie and were each licking at her exhausted vagina. I think you might be too late boys,¨ he said as he saw Jackie paid them no notice. Richard took the dogs by the collar and led them away from his wife. After shooing them out of the barn, he made sure the door was securely closed then returned to his wife's side.Are you ok?¨ He asked as he gently stroked her tummy. Jackie slowly opened her eyes and smiled at her husband. Oh yes,¨ she replied. Now it's your turn.¨ Richard stood up smiling as his wife rolled over on the bench. I want you in my ass though,¨ she told him.The dogs outside lifted their heads in unison as a load groan escaped the barn, signaling that Richard had complied with his wife's request . . . Jackie absentmindedly slipped a hand under her dress and stroked her already soaked pussy. After finding a website that included a message board, she had made friends with a few people online. She eyed the horse trailers once again as she thought about what was about to take place.Richard had convinced her to let him videotape several of their encounters with their mini-stallions. Some of these tapes he had captured onto the computer for her to send to her online friends. Several of these same online friends were currently with her husband, in the barn with their four horses. She knew he was also setting up the video equipment.Are you ready?¨ Richard suddenly shouted from the door of the barn. Jackie said nothing. Slowly she withdrew her finger from her soaked pussy and moved toward the stairs. This is going to be one hell of a videotape,¨ she thought to herself. I can't wait to try the dummy.