first bow job in public

After a few months working for BR I was sent to Cardiff for training. The guys there weren't any different from the ones in the dept that I worked in. Every mess room had heaps of European porn mags. Cardiff, famous for rugby and it's castle, also had a soft porn theater, called the Prince of Wales. It was right in the heart of the city, just 5 minutes walk from the main railway station and right besides a main shopping street.One pay day a group of fellow workers suggested going along after work and for some beers after that. Being part of a gang of men, and in railway uniform, I had no trouble being admitted, even thought I was only 16 at the time.The theater was grubby on the outside and even more grubby on the inside. As expected it was full of 'dirty mac' brigade. There was about 10 of us railway men and we were noisy to say the least, so much so that quite a lot of the macs got up and left. In the end we were asked to leave and went off for our beers.What this event had done though was make we aware that I could actually go and see women getting fucked on the big screen. No more X rated films for me - now I could actually see the real thing (even if by today's standards it was very tame.I returned one afternoon after work, but this time in normal clothes, no railway uniform and was promptly turned away for being too young and told never to return! But I'd tasted the cherry and I wanted to see more, again and again. So I left it for a while and next time I went it was back in my railway uniform. This time the woman just took my money and I climbed the stairs up into the darkness.For a over sexed 16 year old this was heaven, proper fucking on a big screen. Sometimes it was full and you'd end up having someone sat besides you, usually having a wank! and sometimes it was almost empty. The first time I saw a woman there I was actually embarrassed and I left soon after she came in. However the second time a woman came in, with a bloke, I was at the side of the theater and felt secure enough to stay and watch what happens. There's no doubt she was there for a good time and one by one different blokes came and sat besides her. I wasn't sure what was going on as I was too far away to see but experience now tells me she was wanking them off.One afternoon I went in, uniform on as per normal, and when I got in and my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see a gang of blokes around what I instantly took to be a woman, (Although I couldn't see her). By now I was confident enough to go and see what was going on. Sue enough at the center of the group was a woman, on her knees sucking off one of the group. This was a first! I'd seen women wanking off customers but not sucking them. I was a mixture of excitement and fear. Excited at seeing this, and so close, fear at being caught in the Prince of Wales when the mac brigade were being sucked off.Soon the bloke she was sucking says he's about to cum and she pulls back and he shoots his spunk, or at least that what I think happened. Being dark it wasn't that easy to actually see. But no sooner than he'd cum, he steps aside and someone else is at his place, getting his cock sucked. Soon, he says the same and she pulls back her head and he shoots his spunk.There's no doubt that I was totally turned on by this. The fact that I was in a group of about 6 to 8 men, most with their cocks out, slowly wanking to keep them hard, all waiting for their turn, didn't seem to matter, I was like rock. So it was, for the fist time ever in the Prince of Wales, I got my cock out.Without knowing it I somehow found myself behind the next bloke getting his blow job. I was so keen to see what was going on I was almost leaning over his shoulder."Fuck off mate and wait your turn" he said to me. Not that I had to wait long, because he was soon done."come on then railway man, seeing as you're so keen" said the woman on her knees who was now just in front of me. Before I had time to even be afraid of what was about to happen, my very first public blow job, she was there, holding my cock, licking around my helmet.Now I'd had a girlfriend do this in the past, but it was in my bed, all private. Now I was getting a blow job and I could just about reach out and touch half a dozen other men! You'd have thought that I'd have gone limp, but quite the opposite, I was rigid, a steel beam wouldn't have been harder.She now took me all the way in, so much so that I could feel the wetness of her face, the cum from all the other men, squishing between me and her face. Fuck, even that couldn't make me lose any stiffness, more like it turned me on.She held me with one hand as she slid up and down my shaft, then she curled her fingers so her nails ran along my shaft. Fuck that was a first and no soon than she started to do that I could feel my cum rising. I'd be amazed if I'd lasted more than a few seconds. My balls tightened and with light speed my cum shot up my shaft and into her mouth.She shot back and said something about not cuming inside her mouth, but she hadn't released her nails from my shaft and more cum was on it's way. Again with super youthful force another load hit her square on in the face. To me it felt like a massive load and she squeaked out something in surprise.I asked her to do it again and she moved forward and squeezed her nails in hard to my rod like cock. Not that she had to because load number three was already on its way and that soon spattered her face. Now I was done. Some bloke said, "well done railway man" or something like that and the bloke that was behind me almost pushed me out the way to try and add his load to mine.I stood aside and watched as he and others tried to copy my load, none did, and I noticed that she did the same to everyone, suck them so deep that she wiped the previous mans cum all over the current fucker. (so pity the bloke who was behind me).After she'd done everyone, including I think some twice, she collected some bags, brought out a flannel, wiped her face and just walked off. Some blokes soon walked out after her and I waited for a while before walking off. Getting outside I looked down to see a white massed mess on my black surge uniform. I can tell you the 5 minute walk back to Cardiff central where I could go and clean off 6 or more other men's cum was a very quick and embarrassing walk!